YouTubers Morning Routine..


4.6 ਮਿਲੀਅਨ ਦ੍ਰਿਸ਼350

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    1. some random dude

      PAprom's : I wake up at 6 am Me : Well I WAKE UP AT 2 PAprom's : 2 AM WTF Me : no pm

    2. forgivengamer 83

      4:51 if you’re not burning money why do you even have it?

    3. Norman BT'S

      When i wake up i'm like - what am i going to do now ?

    4. Alex Papingi

      Brushing teeth in the shower is something normal I think. And I absolutely hate when my sheets are not straight

    5. Respectful Rowland Arel Master

      god bless you and your family everyone amen🙏 and Congratulations to everyone who is early and found this comment”🏆

    6. Slice of anime

      "planet is dying but i feel Good" - pewdiepie 2021

    7. Francesca Tudisco

      15:16 ken thats called obsesive compulsive dissorder (OCD)

    8. Chaotic Cheese

      I wake up at 12pm 💀

    9. Akash Pallepati

      every time in videos ft ken I hear a WhatsApp notification.

    10. Muhammad Gulzar

      Insane vid bro keep it up

    11. Nick

      First person waking up at 6 Second person waking up at 5:30 Real anime lover you guys are sleeping?!

    12. Katia

      Pescatarian? The ocean is dying, how dare you

    13. Isabelle Siena

      Felix: I love running at night! Women: NANIIIII

    14. Lic. Wendy Espinoza

      Felix: what is your morning routine. Me: sleep.................................

    15. Jxblades

      I wake up after that it’s time for school I feel dead inside

    16. Oinkers

      I wake up at noon then wait till 1:00 pm to get out of bed I take my medication and play Minecraft then after Minecraft I am ready to play undertale or call of duty then I will go down stairs get some spinach and celery and eat it like a freaking groundhog then I will lay down and watch PAprom till I go to sleep and that is my pathetic life

    17. sands k


    18. Mana Silver

      12:38 that ping sound made me turn my couch upside down searching for my phone since I thought it was it


      Wake up at 12 and watch the all day

    20. Árni stefán Ólafsson

      Its not good to be in the shower to long 5 minets is perfetc over 20 min your hurting your skin

    21. capita720

      16:34 goddammit, thanks.. just spat pudding all over my notebook

    22. SwimmingBird

      He is NEEEEEeeeeexT!

    23. Joshua Mussasa

      Are you actually vegetarian?

    24. Joshua Mussasa

      You...are...dead. YOU ARE WHISPERING TO 4.5 MILLION PEOPLE!

    25. James Roysie de Rome

      I love the Ken videos :D

    26. DEERZ Nutz

      I’ve been wearing the same pair of clothes for 5 days😭

    27. kinsey norman

      Why do ppl complain about Ken 😞 I like the videos with him bc thier funny together and it makes more sense with two ppl

    28. PP sux

      Wait, is peeing in the shower no goody?

    29. No Name

      i wake up, fall back asleep and do that until i get annoyed and actually wake up, brush my teef wash my face get dressed, clean my house, eat, be with my dogs and cats, workout , read and yea

    30. Caiden Dillon

      Hell yea, One Piece! It’ll be definitely worth it Ken when you catch up 👍

    31. Bruno Olivaes

      react to a video from the maicon kuster channel plzzzzz

    32. Dayzer TV


    33. Nomadic_Bro

      Whys it 720p?

    34. Aaryan Lande

      15:11 I do that all the time

    35. Richard Moore

      If you have to force yourself to watch a certain video JUST to "catch up"? You know youre wasting your time

    36. Mudita Chaurasia

      Imagine being roasted by the world's biggest you tuber . That's when you know you Fucked up

    37. Mehranshi Khanna

      did someone else hear the whatsapp notification at 12:39?


      8:22 that ain't a bad idea.

    39. Kidnoob

      I wake up, eat breakfast, watch youtube vids for 30 minutes, shower, brush teeth, shave, dress up, go to work

    40. amber bretzman


    41. Shoyo Hinata

      wake up at 7:50 and then start online school in my bed at 7:55

    42. Ahmed Ebeid

      Doesn’t even surprise me how ken have a better camera than Felix

    43. anandita

      Fish is mest too but I'll take a pescatarian over an overall mest eater.

    44. Eren Yeager

      14:10 ken- The cut was funny lmao

    45. Chucklet Cake

      okay i feel better for not changing my clothes 3 days in a row

    46. Y11K

      I sleep 4 hrs 😭😭 and I either wake up at 3 or 6

    47. K - Pab

      Markiplier in thumbnail!!!!

    48. duke of hell

      Sometimes I'm too tired to read the subs like I can't even tell if it's English anymore and my eyes can't focus

    49. Sithija Anuradha

      I was wondering wether he is still shitting on the shower.

    50. Judith Lobo

      Felix he means 6:30 - 7:00 between that time not 6:37

    51. CJR 98

      Omg Felix and Mary in the same way I will get up out my bed at 3am to fix the sheets on my bed I can’t stand wrinkles

    52. clashoftash

      Pewdiepie and Markiplier: I love running at night! Women:

    53. PANIC

      I makeup fake mind scenarios to accomplish tasks too! 😂😂😂

    54. TheGreat KayDeeni

      Hm, PewDiePie has raced a woman with a stroller 😭😭😭

    55. Samaria Gaming

      PewDiePie: I care about other people Also PewDiePie: Make me feel better but the earth dies "HELL YAH"

    56. NHF chills

      15:00 i do that to ken

    57. just skate clips

      my morning routine is wake up at like 10 and then go back to sleep

    58. Hapsetshut

      my sheets aren't even on right half the time lol

    59. Hapsetshut

      Dude I just sit down in the tub, do ya'll not clean your showers?

    60. Hapsetshut

      I get up every weekday at 10 am to watch Craig of the creek! On weekends I sleep in. And I go to bed every weeknight at midnight after 6 ep of JJBA on pluto TV except on thru. The Cyborg009 dub is on thru for some reason. And occasionally I'll watch an ep or two of the bleach anime cause that's on right after. God I love pluto tv

    61. Hapsetshut

      I like to switch between subs and dubs to get both performances. Normally I watch it on dubs first really really fast and then watched again subbed fast but I'll know basically whats going on cause I already watched the dub and I won't have to try and catch every word on the sub, you know like a crazy person

    62. Hapsetshut

      The disdain when Pewds thought Ken was watching dubs, beautiful

    63. Hapsetshut

      Wait, what is 16x's speed?! Cause netflix sure don't have it!

    64. Hapsetshut

      You fucking WEEBS! High school me is so proud of where we are in the world today with anime *single tear*

    65. what

      ''endless flex video''

    66. Sound Blankie

      Rise before the sun. Stretch. Meditate. Workout. Journal. Get after it. Everyday.

    67. Rangeroto

      Ken: Do you pee in the shower? Pews: 18:30 We all know the story pews

    68. Jerly 1

      I don’t wake in the morning Thats my morning routine

    69. William Tubbs

      I sooooo wanna be in a video with you guyss!!!! Omagaaaddddd we would crush itttttt!!!!!

    70. RACER™

      Shit, i miss when Alex Costa aka xXMadeInBrazilXx did cod gameplays instead of being a PAprom model

    71. webvermin


    72. roki balaboa

      I wake up

      1. Random guy

        No you don't

    73. Plocký

      I wake up at 12-16, watch youtube videos on my phone, check the news. Go to my desk play some games, then i go back to bed.

      1. sooraj dooba

        Aren't we all

    74. Lap TV

      Brushing your teeth in the shower is a certified trashy move

    75. SearFin

      wake up, take shower, go to school. Boom! Morning *claps* routine *claps*

    76. Display

      Like on the zombie scary music topic what if the zombies were the ones from the movie world war Z like when they are super fast and shit runni up walls and bullshit that would be scary af

    77. JR OG

      Bro if I had a alarm for zombies chasing me i would full sprint back to my house then have nightmares

    78. Bri P

      My mornings usually start with two or three dogs jumping on my face or nosing close to lick my face to tell me they want their breakfast. After they are fed and I have my shower, I brush my hair, get a batch of sweet tea going, make my food or coffee/tea and go eat on my deck or walk around with my cup while my dogs frolic so the sun dries my hair. Some days it is overcast or rainy so we can't do the outside frolic every morning, but we still go out on the part of the deck that is covered and enjoy the weather a bit.

    79. Carl Bryan-Brown


    80. ICE GAMER 67

      where the hell are the cat ears?!

    81. Andoy Doy

      Jesus Loves all of you

    82. In Flex

      wake up like 9 or 10am. make my bed. Take a 30min shower, brush my teeth. Make me somthing for breakfast and then play some random games or mixin music.

    83. Yavna K

      yo that candle is 129 euros. A freaking candle...

    84. Erik

      Showering for an hour is more strange than showering for 5 minutes tbh. Go in, do your thing and get out, is my shower routine. But I also pay to heat my water so there's that aspect too.

    85. Bikzente

      15:21 ken, you are not alone

    86. Mackenzie Clarkson

      5 minutes in the shower? Pshh.i don't even shower.

    87. アレクシウス

      18:56 psychopath...-

    88. Dj Auqland

      When i wake up i make yhogurt and eat it while whatching pewdiepie

    89. Celeste Akers

      The sheets have to be perfectly straight all the time otherwise it bothers me.

    90. TJ Killashaw

      This dude clearly hasnt watched seaspiracy

    91. caitolent

      My morning routine... wake up when I'm supposed to be logging into work, roll out of bed, log into work 2 minutes late, try to cope until lunch break.

    92. FannyZQ

      15:10 I do that!! Hahahaha!

    93. Labeeb

      Alex costa 🖤

    94. طه اليوتيوبر العاب وافلوكات


    95. Deadmanbich bich123

      I sleep in sweatpants and hoodies so I don’t have to waist time on putting clothes on in the morning cause it’s damn cold 🥶

    96. Moltas

      My morning routine consists of waking up at 05.30 too go up and pee and then go back to bed and sleep to 11.30 I follow my dreams literally and the best thing to do that is to sleep for atleast 12 hours during 24 hour period.

    97. eric vig

      i wake up when the fuck i want to and i go to bed when the fuck i want to...anyone has an issue with that i remove them from my life...thank you bitcoin.

    98. Nils s

      Meanwhile she just wanted a picture with her hero... 16:00

    99. olivia borden

      i brush my teeth in the shower too

    100. Judy Khatib

      Omg is pewdiepie doing snus?!