YouTube Banned Me... (the truth) LWIAY #00139


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    1. Beefy Pasta

      *Felix enjoys all by himself* Me: is it possible to learn this power

    2. Gowtham Mahendrada

      FUCK U !!

    3. Sodium Gaming

      Anyone after tregareed insane

    4. Aldo Gunawan

      Help me to channel


      Happy birthday

      1. Shiva Giri

        Lmao whaaaaaaaaaat

    6. Me Me


    7. Christal Tales

      Omg he said don't, stop it!! Right when I was about to type happy birthday in the chat....😂 Omg and he said can you see me seconds before an add, just me?

    8. Elektro2rio

      I'm here coz of mrbeast

    9. RAGE WOLF

      When u come to know triggered insaan copied his title

    10. Triggerd Manu

      कौन @Trigged_insaan की वीडियो देख कर आया है 👍👍👍


        Abe triggered insaan hai 😂

    11. Shrawan Rawat


    12. Ss Gaming

      6:27 lokesh gamer 2.0😂😂😂😁😅 LoL

    13. ??

      What if pewdiepie is 75 years old man and posting his old videos

    14. Ali Haider

      Who is here from triggered insaans video🤣🤣🤣🤣

      1. LUCY Devi

        its me

    15. Manik Bhagat

      After triggered insaan video anybody else?

    16. Angel Bhola

      Who all are here after triggered insaan's recently uploaded video to see what it is..?

      1. Angel Bhola

        @Aaj 2 Baje tak Pionga 😂 main to yahan buss poochne aayi thi likes to mujhe chahiye hi nahi

      2. Aaj 2 Baje tak Pionga

        Aagae Likes ke bhikari

    17. Shashi Gautam

      Who came after watching @Triggered insaan?

      1. Pramod.pc5 Pramod


    18. Bilawal Shahbaz

      Happy birthday

    19. Action gamerz

      Who come here after watching trigger insaan video


      Who came after triggered insaan 😂😂

    21. ̇

      Trigger insanne

    22. Mohammed Ayaan

      Who is watching this after triggered insaan video


      Anyone here after Triggered insaan's video??

    24. JPlayz

      Happy Birthday Bro !! Very Great !

    25. Pinki Yadav

      Haappy birthday


      Who is here after triggered insaan video ??

      1. UJWAL K.V


      2. LUCY Devi

        its me

    27. Shreyansh Prakash

      Hackers run Google.

    28. Sumit Narayan

      I am here after Triggered Insaan's video!

      1. LUCY Devi


    29. keshav midha

      Who are here after triggered insaan's shadow ban

      1. LUCY Devi

        its me

    30. Dhanush P

      The intro was so epic😂😂😂😂

    31. DØÕM DUdê

      From triggered insaan

    32. Agent X Sayan

      Who is here after triggered bhaiya video

    33. akshat tewari

      Marziaaaaa check your whatsapp

    34. Gamepool Gaming

      Who is here after seeing triggerd insaan's videi

      1. Gamepool Gaming

        @Agent X Sayan nice videos bro

      2. Agent X Sayan


    35. Sima Saha

      Who Is After Triggred Insaan?😂

      1. Acedvin Gaming


      2. LUCY Devi

        its me

      3. Angel Bhola


      4. Liaquat Sahito SDC

        Me ✌

    36. Swati Lonkar

      Who after Trigged Insaan☝

      1. Elina Adm-156

        Me also

      2. tanishka shetty


      3. LUCY Devi


      4. Liaquat Sahito SDC

        Me ✌

    37. XEROX YT

      Who is here after triggered insaan shadow ban

    38. Ahmadgta5 Mujtabagta5


    39. Impale Gamer

      Who are here after triggered insaan's video lol

      1. LUCY Devi

        its me

      2. Liaquat Sahito SDC

        Me ✌

    40. Juttu Radhe

      i was hear after seeing triggered insaan

    41. The Rambo Man

      1:31 answer

    42. elizabeth Carlos

      I got my account retrieved by this great dude I was introduced to by a friend LULZSECHACKS on Instagram, he is legit and reliable.




        @Umang Poddar Pew die pie ke pass to youtube team ka number hai 😂

      2. Umang Poddar

        Its me...bruh coz heard the news that triggered insaan also shadow banned....bhai in dono mein kya comparision hai....pewdiepie bhaiya kaha aur nishchay bhaiya came to see pewdiepie bhaiya vedio of shadow ban...u same for that?

      3. LUCY Devi

        Its me

    44. Shafiq Ahmad

      pewdiepie and my birthday is st the same day

    45. Christian Lukas

      My account got suspended and a friend introduced me to LULZSECHACKS on Instagram who recovered my account within few minutes, I recommend his good and legit work...

    46. Christian Lukas

      My account got suspended and a friend introduced me to LULZSECHACKS on Instagram who recovered my account within few minutes, I recommend his good and legit work...

    47. D4WNHUNT3R


    48. andurrahman akbar

      Epic intro

    49. Mark Saff

      I can't see this video

    50. Trust me

      Happy birthday pewds Sorry for wishing late

    51. Lâm Nguyễn Khánh

      4:33 me a real 9 yo who doesnt have weight to lift: 4:15

    52. UFO Sorcery Engineering

      the So WHAT?? Like a Corleone family

    53. Turbo Last Name

      Hey I can’t see the video.

    54. MaNemJeff Playz

      shoyo hinata

    55. Max ATlas

      It’s my birthday too :(

    56. Dope Desi

      Hi PewdiePie. You are the greatest youtuber because T series is a company. And Can u give me a shoutout pls pls pls! I am a growing youtuber and you are my inspiration!! Pls pewdiepie! Help me!

    57. Jv junior

      Happy birthday

    58. egroeG

      PAprom is stupiiid

    59. Nu Niang

      Happy birthday

    60. Johnny Phive

      I was so amazed by the intro because it was inspired by haikyuu 👁👄👁👍👍

    61. Donny Martin

      That jacket is so sick

    62. Three Kings

      well done great work nice job

    63. Pete Fein

      Happy late birthday

    64. GRR

      My account also does not appear on searches nor if searching with a specific video name, for example my latest "The Escape from Neverending Nights" (23.12.2020) is not found via Google.

    65. Romy Abou Jaoudé

      I accidentally skipped this video and happened to watch it on my own birthday

    66. Vitanimat0r

      Stop snaus Felix your mouth gonna die

    67. Sam?

      His threatening face looks like a robber that doesn't want to rob. "I don't want to do this men, but i need it"

    68. Shanpatrick Baker

      108 million subscribers for this content? Are you people serious?

    69. Manuel Tobias Sarmanella


    70. Grey Bunnie

      I still to this day never see pewd's videos pop up in my recommendations, and they're also in the bottom of my sub feed. And it's not like I don't watch him very much and that's why he's not recommended. I used to watch him every day, but I always had to search for his channel. His vids never showed up on the main page of youtube.

    71. Chad Buoy445


    72. Nayif Nubani

      you look like you are having second thoughts about stabbing someone (6:35)

    73. Nayif Nubani

      cant see or find this video Felix sorry.

    74. NightDragon


    75. CsabaTOn [̲̅Y̲̅σ̲̅υ̲̅т̲̅υ̲̅b̲̅є̲]

      Who is this enber? you are

    76. Abdulrahman Alashmali

      it banned my main account when i don't usually comment nor post vids. also i never cursed on the platform. idk why they did that

    77. Jena

      Laway means saliva in Tagalog

    78. Jeanetta TheKiwi

      I never understood going away parties. Are you partying because they’re finally leaving? Or are you partying because you’re sad that they’re leaving?

    79. milk _

    80. Eduardo Santiago

      The annoying cross obviously receive because shelf directly risk within a half botany. loud, graceful brick

    81. JoeyYourFriend

      Why my left ear not like enjoying this video when I already saw it

    82. Marko Grbavac

      I just came to the channel after a long time.For a moment I was like wtf, where are one BILLION SUBS ?!

    83. Елена Вотякова

      Тут есть русские?

    84. LaughingYeen

      *Pewds:* "This is the problem being a Swede, we are the least threatening people of all time." *Gustavus Adolphus:* "U WOT?"

    85. Roman Latham

      Like a good neighbor... Felixes Alphorn is here

    86. Samme Lundmark

      Snusar karln???

    87. Greg Chapman


    88. Signe Linderholm

      6:43 - But hey, just go back a few hundred years to when we where *da BIG bois* ...I remember hearing in class that the danish people used to say “ät upp din mat nu, annars kommer svensken”...

    89. Honya Khalid

      This man have 108 mil brothers

    90. Alexis Trevino

      Happy belated birthday Felix!!

    91. CertifiedDoc

      Okay, that was the best Cocomelon intro.

    92. Dakota Rowe

      He literally released an among us video today a month later.... CRINGE

    93. Papyrus Undertale

      MY BIRTHDAY IS ON THE 25!!!!!

    94. Aman Mishra


    95. namjoon ah

      i see that haikyuu shit bruh :))))

    96. Mere Skillz

      Honestly if they shadow banned you, they'd lose so much fucking money lol. Worst business decision they'd ever make besides the new monetization laws.

    97. itellyou

      Русские есть?)

    98. Teds World

      Does Pewds still live the UK and is that a real Flick Knife? Shadow ban will be the least of your worries if the cops see that. Heck they even tazer blind men for having a walking cane thinking its a samurai sword!

    99. Raditya dzaki wardana


    100. Aaron Leitel

      i see the video?