Woman Addicted To Eating Sand..


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    1. freckled cracker

      Honestly, screw the bee lady. She is literally killing thousands of bees.

    2. Liam Wraight

      husband: what do say movie popcorn? girl: S A N D

    3. Call of Mik3

      Thinking of drinking paint gave me a headache

    4. Gubbsimums gubbson

      @wilbursoot this is a wife for you!

    5. Bastian Schmidt

      Crazy to see how much our body can Handel. Man I thought if i get a little bit paint on my tongue, my tongue is going to fall of 😅

    6. Anonymous Raven


    7. Rats4 Life

      According to the video she has ate about 25,550 containers of the clay mask (365 times 15 times 7)

    8. iTheBunnyyGirl

      Why did watching this make me want to eat sand ;-; Next video: iTheBunnyyGirl is addicted to eating sand || My Strange Addiction

    9. kyle

      Imagine just ripping a bee's butt off

    10. Брат Стефи

      Tell me you're American, without telling me you're American..

    11. Gee Niel

      I'm crunching on jolly ranchers so I kinda get the 1st story

    12. IM A BEAST

      Has Wilbur soot seen this

    13. Kawaii Sushi

      Most sand paper isn't even sand.

    14. Juane Greeff

      Note to self: Never watch my strange addiction while eating cake and drinking a glass of milk

    15. Ace Estrella

      I wonder what her poop is going to turn out of, is it going to be like a sandpaper like poop? Honestly that'll hurt as frick

    16. gordon sanco

      the crunch is the worst part😰

    17. João Rotondaro

      She is actually Wilbur Soot

    18. Dandan Jesalva

      The fuck who those that

    19. Donella C

      That’s disgusting

    20. Bruno Olivaes

      react to a video from the maicon kuster channel

    21. Flossia

      Started the video like lol sand, by the end i felt a little sick thinking about the lass choking herself on that clay mask

    22. My Name Is Invisible

      Bee lady: *didn’t hurt the first time* Me: *feels like a tarantula bit me*

    23. CrazyGaming


    24. Sup

      I bet some of the sand she picked up has piss in it

    25. Diesel

      Imagine if killing bees were a crime. She would be in jail for a long time.

    26. Diesel

      Beard: Exists in the first 7 seeconds Beard after 7 seconds: Doesn't exist Beard after ad: Exists

    27. Whit tay

      In this case it's appropriate to say *She looks like she eats sand*

    28. TheFieryDemon

      This girl killed near 54,750+ bees...

    29. Parker Caple

      Why does bee girl not just step up to the real stuff and do hornets and she will probably sting herself one time a day

    30. Parker Caple

      I live in Kentucky and we don’t claim BEE girl.

    31. Snehanjali bhajantri

      How are they even alive after eating such shit

    32. Στεφανος Καραογλανης

      she mad fing beeeans wtf

    33. Chengyee123 Thao

      The girl with the bee stinging should just use yellow jackets. Rip 🐝

    34. Amin Når

      I literally couldnt watch or hear this soz

    35. ean

      isn't sand fish poop? im lost here 🚶‍♂️

    36. NagitosPoptart _

      surely when she puts that powder in her mouth and in her system, it’s gonna get wet and wouldnt it get hard again ? that can’t be good for you. could it create a blockage ?

    37. NagitosPoptart _

      she fuckin kills 15 bees a day.

    38. NagitosPoptart _

      there’s so much dirt in that sand and if she likes it from the playground, some kids couldve idk, pissed in that sand.

    39. Riaan Zakarna


    40. Infinitus

      I hate it how the lady who us addicted to paint teaches us how to eat paint

    41. Infinitus

      Se in this part 10:54 inthe mirror I the left there is a ps 5🤩😍

      1. AG 24

        Lol he is rich he can buy anything.

    42. L4ᑌr7ท

      Imagine eating wet sand and find out later that the wet was dog piss

    43. Yogurl Faith

      me, a 19 year old: (: pewds: you’re 19. i know u are. me: D:

    44. jewel rüsh

      When I buy a clay face mask, it SPECIFICALLY SAYS ON THE BOTTLE. NOT. TO. INGEST. IT.

    45. Faizal Ali

      i was wondering why she lowkey kinda cute then i realized she resembles Michael Clarke Duncan

    46. Glitcher Ray

      time to die if she kills 15 bees a day 😎😎😎

    47. Levent Tok

      happy ramadan, folks

    48. Tabby Rae


    49. Schleppy Silberman

      Getting some real Haitian mud cookies vibes from this one

    50. gustaf himler

      chickens also eat sand!

    51. Codex •_•

      Imagine putting sand on a sandwich

    52. zero casuality

      i like the fact that they add crunch effect sound in the original video whenever someone eat the sand like its a fucking asmr video

    53. zero casuality

      i already lost it when pewds point out the fact that she cant dip the tortilla chips in the sand like that because it wont stick, i mean damn girl, use a sauce or something

    54. rafiq daniels

      Bro wtf does she shit???????😂😂💔

    55. Your Mom

      "AND IM ADDICTED TO DRINKING PAINT" who else died there😂😂😂😂😂😂💀

    56. Your Mom

      Tht bee lady is crazy wtf

    57. Grimm.Llamas

      But... have you ever tasted a rock??

    58. Aaron C

      OCD takes many forms

    59. Aidan Wells-Rothwell

      “Bitches be crazy”. - Felix kjelberg, playboi carti

    60. john xaralambous

      if need a joint, you aint no addict... Right??.?

    61. Nomster Sama

      2nd time im watching this vid and its even better than the first XD

    62. Lisanneloves


    63. Jerry DaMan

      But I don't want a gamer girlfriend I want a gamer boyfriend

    64. Sydney Ulrick

      pewds shud make sand eating video??? pls

    65. TheLegend 27

      domino’s pizza 🍕 BOOM now you want pizza

    66. rxx

      pyro clone

    67. Anton

      how did these ppl survive??

    68. Anton


    69. Miranda Yount

      when i was a kid i ate the sand in a sand pit at a waterpark and tbh i can get this bc the crunch was a nice oral fixation but i wouldn't do it again now that I'm older lmao

    70. Kashan Malick

      I had to use VPN to watch this video lmfao

    71. Stefan Kostić

      Well my brother used to eat sand as a kid and nothing bad happened

    72. Panda Monium

      News: Bees are dying at an alarming rate and scientists can't figure out why. Margrette: *Monkey looking away meme*

    73. NobodysWaifu

      Sand is ground up rock over years of decomposition. Or something I might be wrong. But but why would you eat it?

    74. Artist Life

      Really took SANDwhich to a whole new level

    75. RieeBellaHoney

      Killing all those bees. Smfh. And Exactly Felix, btches be fckin crazy is correct!

    76. Edvinosis

      oops that wasn't sand.... Its grandma....................

    77. GGGlider

      This girl has grit...in her teeth.

    78. Leineadayes

      that fricking aztec clay powder mask thing

    79. TheNPC

      “Craziest Woman Ever Eats Sand”

    80. Mason C

      89790 gallons of paint she has consumed

    81. Gaming with Boondockpa

      paint the fuck im a fucking ten year old an ik that it has chemical fumes like gasoline and diesel why what the fuck

    82. YetiMan

      Wonder what the women's that drinks paint throat would look like

      1. Anonymous4045

        Spoiler alert; like paint

    83. Mikael Andersson

      I feel sorry for the bees

    84. The Jonin Cactuar

      Ok the clearly added on sound effects (Foley) of the sand crunching in her mouth is bothering me a million times more than the actual fact she eats sand. Why has there got to be such over the top gritty crunching sounds added? Fucking nasty!

    85. Isak Eriksson

      Har du en svensk kanal

    86. Razvan-Andrei Mitrea

      What the f*ck

    87. Dracky Dog

      Me looking at the thumbnail: thats weird Me watching the video: WHAT THE HELL!

    88. Sing

      0:00 *what did he just say-*

    89. Roosty

      I was going to get a snack while watching this, however...

    90. アレクシウス

      strange addictions = death....-

    91. name

      The world's dark side

    92. Mando811

      To be honest i was expecting some pervert

    93. TFXkyle


    94. KAylmerTT [GD]

      Wilbur Soot: Ur battle will be legend

    95. Iren Arushanian

      This shit just grosses me out

    96. Everybody 48


    97. Lmate_

      For me it is when pewds said i enjoy that paint kills my brain cells

    98. AnonAmos


    99. Potato_ Amira

      The bee women is killing all the BFFFTT ( the minecraft bee of hardcore plz dont let this comment be a dumb thing

    100. kokiy mary

      Innocent bees are killed by zombie 🧟.