Woman Addicted to Eating Matressess


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    1. Linda Bargas

      Big Ed is back again on discovery plus !! Please do his again lol

    2. Sn1p ShadowZ

      Sponge cake

    3. Clabaugh Steven


    4. Onxit to the Exit

      Gay fries

    5. Pwned Parker

      This is “The Human Termite”

    6. Beep Boop

      The fries addict has a condition (if I remember well) that makes her taste things with extremely stronger taste. They tested her for it.

    7. Kayla Bell

      You had me geeking the whole time 😂😭😭

    8. Sushi Bear

      The worst part about the dry wall eater is that she has braces and she will stay in braces for longer lol

    9. PK FIRE 64

      "more fat and taste and flavor "

    10. Shanelly Pacheco

      Make and Ed update PLEASEEEEEE

    11. DerpGuppy Gaming

      To a the girl that’s addicted to fries, I have the same problem where: it’s hard for me to try anything remotely different, but I told someone in among us about this and he said the most inspirational thing anyone has ever directly said to me, his words were “there’s a whole ass world out there, and I can’t just have 30% of it”

    12. Lucia Isdale

      I'm addicted to eating dry wall ME : No wonder you have braces

    13. Dan's Stop Motion

      how tf is mr beast getting more views the him he got 2x less XD

    14. Lucia Isdale

      its Embarassing * Shows it to the whole world *

    15. Lucia Isdale

      Arent there like these wierd bugs in your matresses called bed bugs

    16. Katelyn Kingston

      Did she ever try bread

    17. firewithin_26

      I want that dude as my therapist

    18. Owen Donelle

      she really said "that's really bad" to cancer like no shit

    19. IMAGiiNE

      is It bad that it makes me want to throw up.....

      1. IMAGiiNE

        Ah no it gets worse

    20. Dragon Master

      she is probably already 85 or 100% mattresses foam

    21. nights fire

      Um am I wrong or is a square foot a square foot and width is always the same

    22. Caroline Tindle

      Sulfur burps/sulfur infections are so fucking sickening and miserable. I have a ton of GI issues and sometimes get sulfur infections and it's so, so awful.

    23. Miller Kids

      Big people. hehehhe.

    24. The Guilty Ant

      They said that you can't steal from a furniture store >:(

    25. thefirst last

      foam has good nutritional content tho......

    26. generation unafraid


    27. VentiNot Found

      I wouldn't be suprised if someone ate a whole ass bed

    28. Golden Llama


    29. Bell Sheep

      0:03 I ate my kids :)

    30. TheGamingGamer

      he has 2 dogs

    31. felix hartsuiker

      i feel like these kind of eating addictions would never ever happen in an other country than the US

    32. Liam Wraight

      how is the fat

    33. Tehzeebcool7284

      -eat matress- dont eat matress 🗸

    34. Mohammed Waleed

      pewds will be adeccted to eat mic you will see

    35. Michael 0_0

      She has eaten... 160 mattresses!

    36. noobish


    37. noobish


    38. Ariana G.

      now i want some fries

    39. Aron daboye

      honey where'd the bed go


      at 2:24 edgars sleeping in background

    41. Inpugnito

      She is a true, carpet eater.

    42. Natalie Davis

      i lost faith in humanity

    43. Ashlee Crump

      Aa yes I love to eat mattresse

    44. Chloe Bischkopf

      12:15 IM SORRY but she looks like a mattress

    45. Ashboss

      Naaaaa mate mattresses brav you cant

    46. Ashboss


    47. Kay Kremer

      sad story and i laugh cse of pewds

    48. rebecxallyynn

      french fries are good but not as good as mattress or dry wall...

    49. Ye Hua

      if i do this mom would murder me

    50. Megan Napper

      i want to spew all over this computer FROM JUST HEARRING ABOUT SOME ONE EATING A MATRESS

    51. Kenzelle Taylor

      Facts are you can live off just potatoes and water, so eating French fries everyday isnt particularly deadly.

    52. Cristina wood

      Doctors are scary, so of course we're gonna listen xD

    53. Salad Snack

      10:41 Ed eating a mattress 😂

    54. Javier

      just eat a really fluffy muffin

    55. Sea bear

      He should watch the Jabooty Dubs version of the mattress woman

    56. Kennedy Drane

      I used to snort glitter

    57. Kidnoob

      Jesus christ this woman’s family has THICK LEGS...like bruh

    58. Big Cookie

      i mean... shes starting to look like 8 mattresses.

    59. Dragon Khy

      These videos are hilarious

    60. 役に立たない

      I love mattresses

    61. begüm


    62. bigman pablo

      The ture crime is she's eating the french fries without ketchup

    63. Rafi Y.R.

      "I wonder if I can eat it",PU foam is made out of oil

    64. Keeva Grace

      Poggers for God...,..

    65. Dripsuke Swagshikata

      okay eating an eraser ....erm okay.... glue.....uh okay- SAND AND A MATERESS??? WTF?!

    66. Hannah Clare

      Can I just say this woman has expensive taste mattresses aren't cheap!

    67. Noell Zimmerdahl

      i wonder.. do she eat the springs too?

    68. Tralfazz74

      We're not insulting mental health issues. We ARE making fun of them

    69. Shepard Haggard

      pediepie: I can kinda relate to all of these the dark voice in my head: Is he hinting at something?

    70. Natalie Till

      dear god she lives in my city 😭

    71. yash verma

      she is the mattress

    72. Cavsome Sayre

      How thick is a 1 ft square mattress? 1sq ft. Address childhood sexual abuse first. Address trauma ...THEN address overeating and the mattress will disappear. I don't think he is an insurance drainer I mean I don't think he is a psychiatrist. "Eating dirt" won't kill you. But it does contain the nutrients we are all missing. 😮😮😮😮🙄🙄🙄They are called Gods' trace minerals. cha-rayssss meh neh rhalz I prefer Red#40 fries to dirt. "J, it takes 7 tries to accept a new food. But we'll keep this to ourselves. Wrong Dr. again. A nutritionist would check her calcium and vitamin D3 k2. Try foods with gypsum in it. A safe calcium supplement is equal amounts of powdered eggshells at the same time you eat eggs. Get in the sun every day.

    73. POPCORN115

      i ate pizza my strange addicted

    74. Flixy

      Previous pewdiepie and future pewdiepie just the camera difference please

    75. Warren Harrison

      Darwin: you do understand shes been selected.

    76. endefisto123

      10:47 thank you for that.

    77. Aaron Weston

      5:27 my face When my matress has been eaten

    78. Aaron Weston

      5:10 eats his matress

    79. William Pitcher

      When they have a pillow fight, she eats the pillows out of their hands.

    80. raluca constantin

      0:00 boat, where is the cat??

    81. ArshDoesntPlay

      If she gets pregnant 2 things will happen: -a baby will get annoyed for 9 months but will have a good sleeping spot -she will become thin because the mattresses will be GONE

    82. Willondilly

      wtf mastress

    83. Laerke Teisen

      FYI the lady died in prison for eating prison mattresses

    84. Caden barcel

      So this was the reason there’s a “Do Not Eat” Sign on my mattress

    85. ItsFenella

      I ate stone and I say DARNA

    86. Shayan Alam

      What happens if someone pees on the bed?

    87. Jabbers Art

      is this how extraordinarily pampered western society is now, crying over having to eat a blue french fry lol

    88. Striker

      Get this woman an air mattress

    89. Ttvjordan_savageJr


    90. Oil of Gladness

      She has braces and eats dry wall when the dentist tells u not to eat something as hard a a taki

    91. Nemesisfor Sure

      drywall > chalk

    92. neureul

      9:45 dog sleeping under table?

    93. Gamer

      Docter: its not good for u Her: *says in surprised voice* wow

    94. Drxpscope

      Jennifer already looks like a mattress

    95. Kalinna Vyacheslavovna

      Why am I crying lmao

    96. The Maelström

      *It’s really the bedbugs and pee stains that season a mattress to perfection!* *Chef’s Kiss... >MUAH< 💋*

    97. President Jefferson Davis

      Its like a pig- or an animal . Accurate