What do I regret with my YouTube career? / QnA


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    1. Saiki K Fan


    2. Me Me


    3. mister gamer11


    4. Carter Nissen

      Loved this!

    5. Ryan Mullins

      He can't retire! He's the thing I have most in common when I teach 6th graders!

    6. Anthony Marquis

      Don't regret saying racist shit, uploading it, deleting it, and then fake apologizing for it?

    7. kartika sari

      108+ subscriber whaaaaaaatttttt??? but the viewer so different hmmmmm maybe theyre got bored on ur content?

    8. Min Lee

      13:40 I just feel comfortable watching your videos and I enjoyed it although honestly there are some videos I don’t enjoy but I still watch it cause idk I just feel comfortable. Is like coming home to watch your favourite tv shows and I come to watch your videos hhhh

    9. ASALI Online Tv

      I never met a lady playing minecrft

    10. k perk

      I feel kinda bad. I feel like he hates PAprom and being famous I mean I know he likes creating and stuff and interacting with us but hope he’s ok lol.

    11. AliveForWar

      4:18 I occasionally have those nights, how do you cope with it?

    12. Devansh Chauhan

      Biggest flex is that he legit makes vids as a hobby lmao

    13. Avika Seetlani

      Pewds literally rapped there 0:46

    14. Three Kings

      well done great work nice job

    15. Dianna Leon

      We need another Q&A!!

    16. WigglyJigglyTho

      Me when poods showed the book: Sniff it. sniff. it.

    17. Gustavos Lopex

      I sell afert years,more vídeos and perfcte

    18. Yan Kwong

      advice from Pewds: 7:46 Compliment your workout with literature 10:02 Maintaining Balance in Life: Setting a to-do list (everyday)/ Work first, play later 10:30 The norm does not determine what is right (drinking) 12:30 Money is a motivation 14:12 How to be minimalistic: Throw your shit away

    19. Judith Koch

      Nice lights

    20. Ihsan Fachry Arba

      can you guys tell me what book he mentioned at 11:20 ?

    21. Bo Beeba

      "I don't have any embarrassing stories" sh!ts in the shower.

      1. Samuel Trimble

        I’m glad someone else remembers😂

    22. BMO

      Every time I hear “hows it going on bros my name is PewDiePie” I get excited

    23. CsabaTOn [̲̅Y̲̅σ̲̅υ̲̅т̲̅υ̲̅b̲̅є̲]

      Who is this man?

    24. Ruxandra Neaga

      pewds, people don't necessarily like your videos, they like you and watching your videos for so long feels like spending time with a friend. it's weird to put it like that, but that's genuinely what it feels like :D

    25. MALSHOT

      Here is s question pewds What do i do if i cant be a member bc im broke

    26. Alex T


    27. Comilão

      That intro hits me hard than the entire vids :(

    28. Agustin Suarez

      yo when he said “i have no regrets” i started to laugh like an idiot 😂😂😂😂😂

    29. TheR4zy

      14:12 hmmmm what about the time ur teacher had to wipe yo ass. No hate just funny, I’mma big fan

    30. Evyavan Virdy

      why u with a moustache get a clean shave DUH

    31. Syamil Choo

      The best qna

    32. Mr. Aspen

      How do you even store all your video content? Hard drives everywhere?

    33. ZEKKEN

      You seem a little agitated in this video. Everything alright man?

    34. magic time

      I regret wasting 18 mins of my life watching this GARBAGE

      1. y12_gg

        Who will watch a garbage if he is not garbage(and yes I'm garbage stfu)

    35. Marią Cøøkies

      Ооо пьюдипай аААаАААаАААААаААаАА

    36. Goodguy Typhlosion

      Anime that is a must watch is Peter grill and philosophers time something like that i don't remember.

    37. كرنج مان - thunder sucks

      2:08 بيستي فاعل خير

    38. CHOCOBALL CHANWOO maknae on top

      am i gonna be glad that i cant relate to the "rich problems"? guess i'll be

    39. Dan Rovis

      Will u ever get a child and if yes will you give him your chanell.

    40. Elena E Rozario

      I absolutely had no idea pewds was into stoicism mainly bc i started watching him late. I love philosophy even though i'm not studying it, but i watch youtube vidoes on stoicism and other aspects of philosophy. And it's great to find out that pewds is into philosophy as well

    41. PaigeTheGalaxyGamer

      At the end he sounds like PrestonGames so much it’s scary

    42. Jeikarthik Pandi

      Pewds reading :What is the best memory that you had in your career? Me expecting: When I told that I had shit in the shower in one of my video.

    43. Jacob

      Read the title and immediately remembered him saying the n word

    44. Michaela Davis

      pewdie pewdie literature club

    45. Pio Jay Garinga Jr.

      this has a lot more advice than what my papa can even try to give me

    46. Kohliflie's Gedanken

      I love some of senecas quotes.. 👍What is your favourite?

    47. Maci Gregory

      please make a vid about or talk more about what you mean by “lit fit” or incorporating literature and fitness please pleaseeeee

    48. 77 HJ

      Felix can I have your occulus? I was looking at buying one the other day then realised I was poor

    49. Dzikri Maulana


    50. youssef ali

      شايفك يالي داخل تشوف تعليق بيستي التعليق في الدقيقه 2:06 يلا يعم اي خدمه

    51. Lukas Reimer


    52. Play Baron

      Pwediepie What is among us?

    53. Yousef Malak


    54. Faisal Gamer888

      2:05 Pisty 😍😍😘

    55. Rosejane31 Alta

      I’m glad he’s for the the most part, in a good place. When he’s happy we’re all happy.

    56. SuperXomar

      2:05 مين من فيديو بيستي


      2:8 iam pistawy

    58. cumclock

      but I’m buying for the games 🥺

    59. ttokki_b

      If he deletes his channel he will gain the 100Mil back in a day ☠️ people will find it

    60. Isela Garcia

      Do giveaways with stuff you don't want!!

    61. حمد سحاري

      وين العرب

    62. Afdal Aziz

      All of about retired ur content is so BadAss 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    63. Hope M

      It's good to see you being able to enjoy life to the fullest, I think you deserve it

    64. Carolyn Tetley

      The Sive LWIAY intro got me harddd looollll

    65. RossNate Berntson

      This vid was just a guy chillin and being cool. Very nice

    66. Wendy Jenisek

      How did you change your mindset on death? I’ve been struggling hardcore with that to where I’m almost in tears every night before I go to sleep

    67. sliman nd

      You think that u r a philosipher, u r not, sorry, u r a child

    68. sliman nd

      Qna from a loser

    69. Okami Shiro

      "sensational pleasures will never give you long-term happienss." me a depressed stoner: :')

    70. 小骏

      👈Challenge the most disliked videos…if you are interested, please come to my channel to see👀

    71. 小骏

      👈Challenge the most disliked videos…if you are interested, please come to my channel to see👀

    72. Jihyorno Jihyovanna


    73. Make Money Now

      Officially, you're one of my favorite PApromrs out here!

    74. Nogald

      Can i have one of the vr headsetsk?

    75. Isaac Fawver

      Love you pewds even tho you probably don’t look at old videos comments after a couple days. But do people try and get you to promote their product

    76. Karel Feril

      Pewds: "I don't yell in front of other people" Also Pewds: *yells at almost every video he posts that millions of people watches* 😂

    77. thegreenishcrab

      My name is jeff what is your name

    78. TTVpsychedelictrashpanda

      question for anyone. what inspiration or anything can you give for over coming mental illness and learning that being happy is a choice

    79. ghostdrain

      I love the jubilee vids

    80. Julieta Sánchez

      and if someone doesn't like it then they can leave, you'll find your platform will still grow just at a different pace and with different people. I think it's good

    81. Julieta Sánchez

      i LOVE the serious videos such as jubilee books anime reviews etc they're sooo interesting

    82. Queso Dilla

      I came here for the shower poop story...who knows what video I can find it on? Lol

    83. Musician Dudes

      Hello everyone , we make music with different musical instruments in our channel please come and listen our masterpieces and subscribe to us for good and quality music

    84. Artemis Amory

      We love your videos because we love you as a person!!! Can't wait for more literature videos YUSSS

    85. Angelica Rodriguez

      Pewdiepie you are the best you are cool 😎😎

    86. Dakier

      8:23 Whatsapp message sound

    87. mackandcheesie

      the broken lights in the background are bothering me

    88. Maverick Spearfishing

      A meme

    89. Prakhar Tiwari

      T series is winner You are loser

      1. Prakhar Tiwari


      2. Prakhar Tiwari


    90. Sandwich Boy

      I really like how Pewds just doesn't answer certain questions. "I have no embarrassing moments from my childhood."

    91. zui op


    92. Teamisto

      2:37 that's Estonia, not Sweden, Sive

    93. Cartoon Mar

      You are 108 million and I am 105 people😭

    94. 42 Keshav R

      0:49 _was he rapping_ ? _was it a hint for his new music video_ ?

    95. Latif rizki Ramadhan

      Hello pudidi

    96. Farzad Khademi


    97. Kristoffer Ellingsen

      this was nice.

    98. Wolf 144x

      The thing that keeps me going is knowing that after death, there is life. This isn’t all there is. That is what I believe. One day we’ll all see God.

    99. Marlondaydreams

      6:05 I definitely have noticed the difference and I like it. Your content isn’t necessarily better per se, but it has slightly different energy and I like it. Also very badass that you have basically “finished the game” and now you’re just fuckin around and replaying missions lol

    100. Timo Möllerhenn

      I'ld like to watch a philosophic vid again