We are NOT the neighbours kids..!


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    1. Joyce Costa

      best collab

    2. Sankalp Bhirud

      22:26 Jack swore and it wasn't censored out

    3. JifJif 88

      I liked how Edgar fell on pends in the intro 😂

    4. xtravagentK

      Ahh, in Canada we call a naggin, a mickey.

    5. FanFictionneer

      The pub thing with old guys sitting there and drinking all day is a thing in Belgium too. We call them all cafés though.

    6. メRel3NT

      I feel the reason those Americans do this because they hate America and want to leave.

    7. Elma

      Ben elma

    8. John Kristian Brandli

      Im new to this Channel but i subbed so we can beat t series👍

    9. MasonHasLowIQ

      Sponsored by bandicam

    10. Zola Morelli

      HE got esposed for using bandicam again LMAO

    11. Blue Yoshi

      Sean and Felix: roasts Americans Me: knows that I shouldn’t take that personally

    12. Shadow Sky

      . 📈 📈 📈 Stonks 📈

    13. aj j2

      It's 40 minutes and it still felt short lol

    14. Tomato Soup

      My ideal party is just playing Smash bros and Mario party

    15. Henri Walter

      kann mir jemand alle tropischen wälder auf der welt aufzählen

    16. LaurenIDK XD

      8:22 the new killing stalking 🤣🤣🤣

    17. YpmuJ

      Americans do it because everyone makes them ashamed to be white and american. Obviously they are more proud of their ancestors than themselves

    18. Cresent Noon

      legit one of the funniest vids ive seen

    19. Bridget Foley

      Irish people should make a whole new continent called Aussieland

    20. Ohaiyo Yumidesu

      I really love to watch their collab. Pewd and Jack chemistry is so immaculate

    21. destructoration

      Who tf is Morgan wallen

    22. Jose Dolores Reinoso Nuñez


    23. Elias Sutherland

      get fluted

    24. Edak Droffats

      I live in Melbourne and and I reckon that every town in Australia has pub and a church

    25. Angus Brandhuber

      26:53 your welcome Seán

    26. AceItAll

      Billie Irish

    27. Solarblast

      I would like to say I have put a decent number of hours into the game(cyberpunk) and still haven't encounter any major glitches there's some car glitches were it won't call but that it for me.

    28. Raykhe Jeffer

      The trashy way feasibly expect because sycamore rationally moor worth a noiseless idea. rightful, empty shark

    29. Jeanne Keita

      Where is markiplier lol i want the three back

    30. Jaisal Lakum

      PewDiePie is making cocomelon disstrack rn

    31. 2 Many Ball Faces

      "They looked like they worked at Wendy's" I WORK AT WENDY'S I FEEL SO INCLUDED

    32. Gaming with Techie

      I am harmless!!!!

    33. albin998

      Best meme review i've seen. Sean and Felix please keep making collab videos

    34. albin998

      "do you have a kazooie?"

    35. VaidasJSP

      ♥ Pewdiepie, please play Kenshi. and make videos about it. Its the BEST game. 🙏

    36. Jinx The Kitty

      ~nya nya ❤️ * *Blushes at you brightly and smiles broadly, her warm loving gaze resting upon yours. Wrapping you within the fluffy confines of her loving arms, she kept you held tightly and presses her body closely against yours. Letting loose blissful purrs, she parts her maw and laps her moist tongue against your cheek.* * ~mrrow, if you're reading this. pwease have a purrfect day. I love you ❤️ * *Empties the neighborhood into your booty* *

    37. Paolo_ Gian

      Irish translation for ya laddies iarrfaimid meabhrai gaeilge-we will ask for an Irish memoir mar sin iarr pewdiepie ar-so pewdiepie asked Jacksepticeye aistriu do-Jacksepticeye translated do

    38. Subbby T

      "... and maybe Australia." - Sean 2020

    39. Danna Celis

      I don't speak Irish AHAHAHAHAH

    40. UltraDConline

      pewdiepie be like fidget

    41. mari issa

      i didnt even notice i was watching a 40 min vid

    42. Yasmina

      So wholesome

    43. Bridget Foley

      And he is from offaly when everyone knows Limerick is the best county

    44. Bridget Foley

      Low key Jack's Irish is húfasach

    45. Shawn Williamson

      In french its called a guimbarde

    46. DXrocket

      Vhere did slav accent go?!?!

    47. Tiny Rick

      The educated criminal analogically wave because tea nally screw pace a colorful cymbal. unkempt, eatable windshield

    48. ascending deity

      retired alcoholics are international lol

    49. clarissa j

      pewds imy 😭😪💔

    50. MasterREFL3X

      What does your editor use?

    51. Isabel Abalos

      Happy newyear guys

    52. eeuugn n

      it's russian yoga!!

    53. James Jennings

      when ur american and pewdz tells u to shut up😞

    54. 1ce_s0n1c

      Pewdiepie - Mario Jacksepticeye - Green Mario

    55. Timothy Tobing

      Pewdiepie to celebrities: They dont know i have 100 million subscribers

    56. Aliff Hakim 2

      Wow is are good

    57. LA Dokii

      In love with them! And its so cool with the green wiggles

    58. Peach Tea

      I think the reason Americans (and some canadians) are so proud of being like irish or italian or British is because there is no culture based out of modern day america and canada like people in the country will have their own culture but there is no real culture taught as being canadian or america you know

    59. Lukas Reimer


    60. viking king


    61. Ayden Larabie


    62. Marcus

      Everyone forgot Anthem bricking ps4s

    63. Cak Nouris

      Now pewdiepie and green pewdiepie is Sundanese (6:25)

    64. Kiara Lewis

      “It looked like he worked at wendys” I CRIED

    65. ElexxusPlays

      everyone was in the bathroom at the birthday party i was at so a friend and i sat in the living room throwing a ball at eachother

    66. Da Crazy Willy

      In Australia there are more pubs for captor then Bus stops ... lol

    67. RetroBee

      I chose under wear in the game and it was gone when I looked in the mirror... Worse was that my penis was missing too...

    68. Anna Marie

      A naggin is called that because it's enough to drown out your wife's nagging

    69. JomJom Jamboree

      32:28 it’s because america has no culture lmao

    70. A Human

      im american and i am the exact person that brags about being part irish lol

    71. Katie Stephens

      As an Irish person, the Irish meme’s really got me.. I also died at the Naggin one, Seán’s reaction was perfect 🤣🤣🤣

    72. James Morton

      As an Australian I can confirm when we retire we do go to the pub every day

    73. Sunny The Great

      This is what happens to boomers after they watch cyberpunk memes. 7:02

    74. fumber nifteen

      20:55 autotune hahaa

    75. Kylo Ren

      cant wait for them to react to the grubhub ad its so weird hahaha

    76. Average Tsunami1

      i will admit irish accents are sexy as hell

    77. Obito Uchiha

      I always think of mark, pewdiepie, and jack as red, green, and blue

    78. The Man

      Pewds! Try to say the name ‘Niamh’ without searching it u p

    79. Nicola Fenner

      Can't speak his home language but can speak Korean lovely

    80. Milos Davidovic

      Why did you leave Markiplier

    81. i like arts and farts

      my favorite boys together once again

    82. LustFell Crystal

      Sexiest accent for 2020 goes to CORPSE HUSBAND (He doesn't have an accent but ThAt VoIcE MaN)

    83. Penutbuter Mp

      Pewdiepie: history lesson, this is what a Harmonica is

    84. soleman567 khan joyee

      The guiltless lead proportionally back because scallion functionally invent under a paltry egg. imminent, funny sunday

    85. Suhail Al Ameri


    86. HoppyDonut

      Yas 40 minutes

    87. Hunter Roth

      Felix : "They dont even know.. Im just checking out memes with my friends at work."

    88. Hunter Roth

      Was playing a random tune on my ukulele, suddenly Seán and Felix hop in with the mouth harp and recorder

    89. Holly Elaine

      My lineage is from a lot of different places but I’m from America 😂 like you are from where you’re born 😂 your lineage may be from there tho.

    90. MJ69MJ

      Me and my family have game nights we play board games and swicth to ps 3 sing star, guitar hero and buzz😂 And btw Afrikaans got 2nd sexiest according to my google😂

    91. Lennik s

      You know PApromrs finally became boomers when they age like thid and dont get the new memes like shitpost... 😔

    92. Dulcian 32'

      Translation: We will ask for thoughts in Irish. so asked Pewdiepie. Jacksepticeye misplaced it

      1. Cait Ni Chinneide


    93. Milan Kollarčík

      When Jack talked about the "pub culture" in Ireland, I felt that as a Czech person. (I'm pretty sure all the others central-eastern Europeans can relate)

    94. Citris _ Mario

      bro... im 1.7% african, ica say the n word

    95. BrianTheShaggyMoyer

      I own a lot of stuff from Ikea.. clearly more Swedish than Pewds

    96. see.through.these.frames

      honestly, we just want to be anything but american

    97. Logan Breau

      39:00 imagine the Markiplier version. Dark, Wilford, Annus, Mark Fishback, Markiplier, King of Squirrels, the King of FNAF, Actor Mark, Damian (I consider him a different character than Darkiplier since their values are completely different), Ben Trimmer, Jim and many more.

    98. Mc Ronald

      I’ve been watching jack for years, that’s the first time I’ve heard him talk about what the Uk did to the Irish

    99. Johnson B

      so beautiful

    100. changed my name idk y

      Me: Has a great dream I wish was real Me when I wake up: 16:12