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      that couple is so lucky

    2. spiral out keep going

      Mr beast gives $$$100,000,000,000$$$ to everyone he kills in among us$$$

    3. Diana A

      I legit thought that was my brother in the thumbnail...

    4. Half REACTED

      Any one Seeing this while PEWDIEPIE change profile pic into this thumbnail

    5. Gustav Valentin

      Him : 55 Pounds thats all i got me: OMFG IM RIIICH

    6. Me Me


    7. Jackson Rudderforth

      Little does he know he just saw his profile pic

    8. Dʝ

      Origin of the new profile pic

    9. Geyl Kaila


    10. Alyssa Vela

      I am no longer 19 in February. I will lose my title as a 19yr old 🤨

    11. BickyBik

      lmao the thumbnail is Swedish Tom Segura

    12. sasla raz

      So u wanna know where is the profile pic come from?

      1. XXmoonwolfieXD

        yes this

    13. M. Ray

      The fact that the thumbnail is now his profile pic.......lol

    14. simone pantano

      Happy birthday bros

    15. Ruben

      Pewdiepie wouldnt have ever guessed that american pewdiepie would be his profile picture 2 months later

    16. Ishan Sherif

      Anyone here after he changed his DP to American pewdiepie?

    17. hewo

      I was so fricken confused by the thumbnail lol

    18. Alex is out

      It's sweet a really creepy way. Felix chopping up barbies so Marzia can sow them into Frankenstein monsters

    19. Siddhartha Singh

      Well the thumbnail is his pfp now.



    21. ChetTehBetLol1234

      Profile Picture

    22. David Adewumi

      Who is here after Pewds made this video’s thumbnail his channel logo

    23. MeMeMy

      Birth of the iconic profile picture in youtube history.

      1. Filippo Pecorari


    24. Tenzin Choedhar

      The thumbnail

    25. SuperBacon

      So this is what he changed his logo to..

    26. JosephJX

      came here because of the profile picture

    27. Puspita Jaya

      come here because pewds Profil Pict similar to this video thumbnile

    28. Jhiro Lopez

      Bro the thumbnail is PewDiePie's new profile pic, just with glasses😎😎😎

      1. XXmoonwolfieXD


    29. tyrus baltero

      chubby pewds look so much like courage

    30. หมาข้างบ้านชื่อหมู

      This video thumbnails will be his next profile picture 😂

    31. Joseph Gonzales

      God I HATE that thumbnail. It looks like his beard should be where his hair is!

      1. XXmoonwolfieXD

        @Resmi Unnikrishnan lol

      2. Resmi Unnikrishnan

        Well,you must be triggered after seeing pewdiepie's new pfp lmao

    32. Ravelluck

      15:08 me trying to convince my dad to adopt a dog

    33. Shah Shehzad Ahmed Student

      Happy birthday pewds we love you and thanks for making us laugh

    34. 森林ヴィンセント

      I cried at Dick thunder blur XD

    35. Mensajes Motivacionales

      *PewDiePie* good

    36. Three Kings

      well done great work nice job

    37. RIDIN’ HIGH 5150

      4:03 it looks like some brunette chick is hugging pewdiepie

    38. EyHoWyoUdOin

      That thumbnail look like action bronson

    39. Chad Buoy445


    40. Joke

      The thumbnail kinda looks like notch ngl

    41. CsabaTOn [̲̅Y̲̅σ̲̅υ̲̅т̲̅υ̲̅b̲̅є̲]

      Who is this man? oké

    42. Sponser eagle

      I have an underwear which says bros forever

    43. Eric TheGreat

      Why do you look more Scandinavian in the thumbnail than in real life

    44. Amine Iajouri

      came back here just to see this 7:48

    45. Jason Zern

      Most Americans dont look like that but lol

    46. Akhona Buhali

      Please stop using Gods name in vain❤❤❤❤❤

    47. Sandeep Adhikari

      Fuck he looks like ragnar!

    48. SilverKid Gaming.


    49. Kaiah Leatherwood

      Finally, someone who is worse than me at speaking English

      1. XXmoonwolfieXD

        yess lmao

    50. Eduardo Santiago

      The thankful cherries extragingivally touch because propane joly scribble apropos a garrulous utensil. relieved, fine share

    51. Bloody Assault

      PAprom recommended this to me 69 years later

    52. BreadBoi

      Thumbnail looked lol notch lol

    53. Zakron

      Luba gordo na thumb, foda dms😎🤙

    54. that meme teacher

      That thumbnail was priceless tho

    55. Audri Garvin

      Pewds talking to Marzia like she’s not married and living in the house with him

    56. A_mango 2

      Pewds lookin like Notch in the thumbnail

    57. doreori

      at 6:08 she really looks like the female version of michael reeves

    58. DJ FiveThirtyFive

      jesus your fan base is ugly

    59. Владимир Печерский

      О, так это же Вилсаком на аве

    60. Utkarsh Verma X-B

      Thought he had eaten 250 chocolate bars over halloween and became bloated sausage

    61. SquareBadge4952

      I love how everyone that’s not American thinks Americans are like YEEHAW or just portrays them as that as a joke


      Like si se parece a Ibai

    63. Heavell


    64. Nishchal Kumar 36

      You look like valtterri bottas 😂😂😂

    65. TEODOR B.Ø

    66. Nation Stewart

      Everybody go buy the limited edition pewdiepie Gfuel I have one right next to me and it is SO GOOD

    67. BeanKid

      Cursed thumbnail

    68. John Zoits

      thicc pewdiepie

      1. XXmoonwolfieXD


    69. Blue Collar Men Productions

      I was like did Pewdiepie turn into Jake The Viking?

    70. IVlxneGrxxnz 2K

      Subscribe, like and share my videos for a giveaway and for more content

      1. XXmoonwolfieXD


    71. II SmileyBun28 II

      The THUMBNAIL 🤣🤣🤣

    72. Victoria Roberts

      He looks kinda like true geordie in the thumbnail

    73. Lily

      Can I purchase a tambourine kissed by pewds.

    74. TheBoiAngle Bruh

      3:59 Yep Pewdiepie is the real life Polnareff from JoJo bizarre adventure part 3

    75. Cuttlefish N.W.

      I feel like that person wrote a python script to scrape his channel page for video titles and generate a list... or loaded the entire page and edited the HTML source like a madman... maybe he's one of the printer guys and knows how to use grep and awk/cut/sed/etc.. inb4 *it's just* Overthinking things is fun for me ok?! Leaf me alone! I'm bushed!

    76. Mia Buonadonna

      Cries in american

    77. JFF SolJa's

      Why does the thumbnail look like HIKO

    78. Ninja Pikachu

      In the thumbnail I thought pewds was evolving to fat Thor :(

    79. YUDI ncl

      The is luba

    80. pyrobot


    81. Musician Dudes

      Hello everyone , we make music with different musical instruments in our channel please come and listen our masterpieces and subscribe to us for good and quality music

    82. Ultronhack

      American Pewdipie? Nah; He looks like Muslim version of Pewdipie

    83. Ok Then_

      Thumbnail looks like my dad ngl

    84. Gayen Gaming

      Sir plz

    85. Alessachu

      "American Pewdiepie" literally looks like an ex boyfriend I had as a teenager. Makes me uncomfortable lol

    86. Huh ?

      Who do you look fat in the thumbnail

    87. Lukas Reimer


    88. Unknown Plebeian

      The fact that Pewds might’ve effected the economy around the world by suggesting people buy billboards memeing😂 Not hating just saying🤷🏻

    89. Gökdeniz Koçak

      Cocomelon intro

    90. BrookeElizabeth


    91. TAN

      На превью Игорь Войтенко)))

    92. Sem

      Hi from Russia

    93. angus charles

      ur halloween costume looks like a middle aged lesbian woman named barb

    94. Cartoon Mar

      You are 108 million and I am 105 people😎

    95. frankhardy123

      He looks like Count Dankula.

    96. yuri's yt

      9 year old wear u guys @

    97. Mike Pawlik

      I must say you look exquisitely American In the thumbnail

    98. Morgan C.M

      16:10 Um...that goes for girls too...we don't hate everything 😂..at least I don't

    99. Morgan C.M

      Should of been "Pewdicey"

    100. autumn **

      why does he look like my dad in the thumbnail...