Uh oh...


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    1. Arsala Hassan

      What did he say before, "She's probably busy making pasta."?

    2. Beth

      The musical was cringe af. Just not my scene I guess.

    3. Rafe Lee

      i sang that song congratulations to my cousin bridget and she loved it thanks pewds

    4. Raxhan Gervacio

      We're is pewdiepie ???????

    5. Ronny3st

      12:55 I rarely laugh at youtube videos but this really cracked me up lmao.

    6. Andrew Groesbeck

      any one elce think oompaville looks like felix

    7. Katie〈3

      please make another skrattar du förlorar du i miss them

    8. Bobby Mcgee

      The phobic chicory overwhelmingly match because sort assembly improve near a hungry fiber. medical, erratic cattle

    9. cole smith

      pewdiepie says fuck you edwerd looses 69% of subs

    10. Elma

      Ben elma

    11. Kevolo

      how did he know i was sitting like that

    12. Radiant Shadow

      12:18 I honestly can't understand what the hell he just said.

    13. Beefy Pasta

      PewDiePie: Edgar always looks sad Me : maybe i am Edgar

    14. Ștefârca Raul

      Salut Romania

    15. Cookie is a qt


    16. Gwen Alvarado

      One dislike from Edward

    17. Dana Harrowven


    18. Wonky Beans

      the chiari malformation bit made ME SO HAPPY i was born w it and so many doctors just dont know about it/have never even heard of it so growing up there was barely anything about it online and i get so excited every time i see anyone talk about it 😭😭 sorry i really needed to get that out. hope they have an amazing recovery 🥺 chiari can fuckin suck and it still affects my day to day life personally

    19. Aseel Majed

      Can you do a lwiay video with marzia plzz

    20. Di4na

      Amazing Pew die pie :3 I speak Spanish but I adore your videos :) thanks for existing

    21. ART3_ mis

      Whats the song at first

    22. omegaspace

      Can you please continue the Terraria series again? because you haven’t beat the game yet.

    23. Andrew Alexander

      Eh-Eh, Eh bihgeh bihgeh behhhh. 😂🙃

    24. RANDOM

      pffft died....

    25. MrThiccBone


    26. Holy Smug Cats

      Felix: plays flute Edgar: who has summoned me

    27. lexi shutts

      lol edgar is dying because felix wont bring him into minecraft and he has a freakin bee called ppfft

    28. Jose Mari Macabidang

      it us better

    29. Deadpool

      Pewdiepie so funny dude

    30. Cameron Doerksen

      why... the FRICK! is that child TOUCHING THE ELF ON THE SHELF!!?

    31. Cameron Doerksen

      proposes ITS YOUR BIG DAY!

    32. Sunday De Dios

      haha you noob

    33. Emily Midkiff15

      Edward watching this 👁💧👄💧👁


      could @PewDiePie shout out @Noorie Productions ?

    35. Vishakharajan C

      I was just seeing the felix vids 2 years back and man was he savage ABSOLUTE MADLADDDD

    36. VB

      The dog is like :- "Why are we still here, just to suffer"

    37. Rithvik N R

      PewDiePie's kid will grow up to see cocomelon. The cycle has been complete

    38. Gwen rosita Isidro

      Past:bich lasaña Future:bich melon

    39. Priyo Joty

      who's here after pfft commit death?

    40. SD.


    41. lazy onigiri

      pewds, you are still the biggest on youtube ;)

    42. Bromatick

      that intro is cursed

    43. marilou senoro


    44. Kenzo • THRONE

      Bruh 😎


      Chutiya PewDiePie

    46. Izuku Mydoria

      This not cocomelon :( Pewds:Its Better!

    47. Tepixl

      1:10-1:41 i vibed to music lol

    48. Vova’s Trident

      who do you add your own lawaiy?

    49. Tiny Rick

      The likeable garlic explicitly sprout because bull scully blot until a macho cormorant. squealing, disgusted birch

    50. Arry Opes

      Nice work mate!

    51. Brooke Clayton

      I have 11 furnaces try me

    52. Red Bandit

      We found the one true big brain

    53. Kyra Li

      The fact that he's dog has its own camera, love it!

    54. Brendan Crow

      It disturbs me how much mark looks like metroman

    55. Brekken N/A

      Felix did you get any pasta?

    56. Eminem

      7:50 pewds this is smart not dumb also pewds: makes enchanting table before making bed

      1. Eminem

        btw no hate i sub to him

    57. Hameed Niazi

      16:09 WTH you are the biggest You Tuber What the heck is wrong with that ??

    58. ЗЕЛЕКС

      Edgar brawl stars

    59. excel berin

      Happy new year everyone

    60. Edward I

      PewDiePie : Fuck you Edward ! Me : I feel my heart crack.....

    61. Morra Di

      no pasta for you

    62. IGUANA


    63. Nevaeh Jade


    64. Thatduck11

      should someone tell him its a recorder

    65. Smaltymuffins

      I feel so bad for edgar

    66. The Man Of Sticks

      Felix please play the communist theme on ur recorder

    67. Russel Collado

      Why can i see pweds vid on the homepage?

    68. Leah Mansoor

      12:30 you're welcome :)

    69. ilhan _

      6:00 find a pee nis

    70. YemoDoesYT

      Can Anyone support my channel? Through subscribing? If you could spare me some time I would love that! Thank y'all! Love you pewdiepie!

    71. Ch4mba

      i didnt know pewds has a wall maria of furnaces

    72. Edward Reyes

      god dammit my name is Edward

    73. Pyr0gaming

      I have Chiari malformation as well, damn I didn’t think something like that would pop up on the channel

    74. Akbar Ajaz

      Why TF Is Pewds Not Posting For Two Days ???

    75. yes yes

      is this the famuos episode of the pasta?

    76. Rz Steez

      7:12 it doesn't get much cuter than that

    77. Dabber 101

      Holy shit! Did anyone notice this at 6:23 ? It looks like the security guy was holding Felix hand

    78. Spuffy

      did he really rate pffff over sven...

    79. Marta Kawaii


    80. Ryan TV_Dipolog

      IS THAT EDGAR!???

    81. Jaydon Hodgkins

      Line rider that’s the sleigh game 😂

    82. Sidar Tasdelen

      Who ever reads this you are beautiful and I love you and believe in yourself and it will get better

    83. Kirby fan908

      Wait... I thought it was aspitpiay

    84. Bruno Ismael Fauci Ferron

      Pecho 'e fierro )Uruguay(

    85. Hailey_ lienta_


      1. Hailey_ lienta_

        Equals sled

    86. lonely syibaya


    87. Raven Claw

      cringe level over 9000!!! 13:08

    88. Retrix Asebamu

      i have 38 furnaces

    89. Lukas Reimer


    90. SoupiBoiMan


    91. Jonah Rangel

      “Why is edgar so sad??“ *disrupts his sleep like 20 times** 😳😳😳

    92. Cody Mercer

      The sled game was called Line Rider and its an amazing game!

    93. shok

      What’s with all the tf2 music?

    94. Natalia Ramirez

      his flute looks really similar to a recorder 😳

    95. Bruce Ice

      Pewdiepie: I have 10 furnaces babyyyyyyyyyyy People in the Hermitcraft server: pathetic

    96. Bruce Ice

      More Edgar colabs


      It unsubscribe me from you

    98. Alexander Gutierrez

      It's time for a mii Felix

    99. SeanieGVids

      You can literally hear her laughing in the background when they're messaging on WhatsApp, they're so fucking adorable

    100. Valor

      2:19 im 100% gonna do that to my 2 yo sis edit: i did it... she got really mad at me saying “its not cocomelon!”