Try Not Laugh, But Loser has to Sing *ft Jackepticeye


4.5 ਮਿਲੀਅਨ ਦ੍ਰਿਸ਼234

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    1. Rainbow Note

      7:50 *its the worm*

    2. JayDaPug Pug

      I never knew pewdiepie was worse at try not to laugh then jack and he makes meme time!!!

    3. Suryansh thakur

      Pewds just upload a separate video of you singing and Jack vibin please

    4. FrankNsteinGtr

      Pewdiepie I am here to write a review of this video. The video was enticing it was mesmerizing and seeing you and jack's energy was amazing. Sive and his editing really tied it together. I was disappointed to see you cut out the ending of audio. So I shall leave this a bad review on yelp. Say good bye to your high yelp score.

    5. Sharfin Islam

      I felt like I was watching a party from the window when Felix started singing

    6. no

      Why are his lips as red as mars?

    7. YaboiAngel

      They really got copyrighted that’s why it’s silent at the end xD

    8. Sara Ganim

      Good PewDiePie 👍👍👍👍😍😍🌹

    9. Creation Specialist

      thats how you make americans proud nothing like flames and a shit ton of gas ,

    10. Prinempal

      cant hear music? whaaaaaaat?!

    11. Lady Dimitrescu

      Hi Felix and jack

    12. Alex Robinson

      i feel scammed i better see you singing that with sound somewhere soon buddy, or mark my words i shall break a spoon

    13. Mckayla Ball

      Basically one of the two reasons I watched this was to ✨ H E A R✨ one sing welp-

    14. Hree

      Play dont starve together with jack or ken :D

    15. Shreyas Suresh Kadaiah

      Pewds did us dirty 😭

    16. Ian Combs

      1998 Mummy is dope

    17. Joog_blue _god

      Best youtubers/friends

    18. LayzMan

      Türk yokmu qu

    19. Danilo F.

      13:04 I've never though that a video from my country would appear in a video of pewds.

    20. Forget

      What's the name of the track at 16:17 ?

    21. KING Vincent Arch Craven XIII

      Since when did they start muting Never gonna give you up? That’s messed up, I get copywriter rules but the internet is responsible for bringing that song back. I have been noticing the song being used more in mainstream media. So I wonder if that why? And if it’s the singer or the company that owns the song.

    22. Seren Loves cats

      I would've had him sing bitch lasonia

    23. B W

      16:48 that’s just how them woodpeckers be, Jack

    24. yadda yadda yadda

      The Mummy is a good movie

    25. Death KillR091

      Jack be like: IM chopin' wood baby chopin' wood

    26. Datch7035

      110 million subs: barely 5% watch the videos

    27. Nat Wanna Play

      21:12 " Ask to be copyright fr--- " Good job

    28. Arihanth Sivakumar

      Muted the copyright part

    29. jemen jover

      Perfectly cut scream lyly please with jacky

    30. Judgernaut

      Could have replaced the audio in the song with like nails on chalkboard or a kid crying

    31. Vaimoana Smith

      full on muted the whole song...i feel cheated

    32. Arkay Swami

      I just noticed PewDiePie chins sooooo big

    33. Nicki Jackson

      what was the name of the song? it looks like fun to listen to.

    34. Erin Yell

      The cat at 17:30 looks kinda like Jennifer Lawrence!!

    35. Kiribaku nsfwandsfw

      Why did I just watch this video waiting for the ending but I couldn’t here them sing... this sucks

    36. jbug

      see i would just wish to be deadpool or at least have his powers and abilities.

    37. Emma Jackson

      all i want to know is if sive got the raise

    38. Cunning Fox

      Fuck youtube. We actually need to get youtube to fix their shit. They go after Felix for everything it’s so annoying. Screw youtube for this. It was fine a few days ago and now they copystriked it. Freaking imbeciles.

    39. estefany louie

      *mutely twerks*

    40. Pro Conrad

      Did you give sive a raise

    41. S C

      Woodpeckers peck metal objects mainly to attract mates and claim territory, they aren’t just being idiots looking for food.

    42. Not Story Time

      Watch pewds singing on jacks channel

    43. UN1QU3YT


    44. lillylove austin

      A wood pecker would peck at my window and woke me up every morning

    45. kid

      19:34 this was a turkish language joke if you read elonmask in turkish you sound like "æ lon musk" (æ is basically the "a" in the word "that" if you dont know)

    46. Dot

      F for the people who dont get to hear pewds sing never gonna give you up

      1. QuailFare

        thank u

    47. Sunnie Yan

      21:12 :(

    48. Dorota Figura

      Kex Kex Kex Kex Kex!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    49. EvasionBOB

      Seen on Open sea NFT PewDiePie punk for 350k $ LOL U history now

    50. MyanmarGamer 64

      Pewdiepie and jack Singing Have a good time.

    51. Balázs Kiss


    52. Sausage Sanga

      red and black are my schools colours have i been recruited?

    53. Laser Panda

      14:51 :O my family

    54. Casey Masey

      6:33 the first thing that came to mind when the kid was looking at the guy on his phone was ‘you got games on yo phone’

    55. king kazma

      I am a ginni I don't come knocking u come rubbing😏

    56. Last Breath

      1st silent Rick roll. You son of a biscuit.

    57. Disabs

      why they gotta do that to us

    58. Alliyah dove

      Pewds,jack,ken = Four year olds wow 😌

    59. Steven Dennison

      Haha Felix think Ikea so funny haha

    60. Dedrick Nafarrati

      That was cheatiiiiiiiiing

    61. Sira Skovgaard

      The ikea furniture one had me so hard 😳 i guess its just funny for smart people? 😂 Like... I dont understand whats so hard? Ive put together a lot of furniture that needed 3 people... Theyre easy to do alone? 🤷🏻‍♀️

    62. Aaron Richards

      Sive please edit yourself in more i loved that 😅

    63. FoxyDaIdiot Series XD

      A person: 😴 A dog:👀

    64. Sebastian Yanes

      Un saludo pa Sive.

    65. the running man

      I can't believe we got sive-rolled

    66. Eman


    67. Hareketli Kanal

      Why the fuck I waited for 22 mins for silence. I like it

    68. James Casey

      21:11 Dissapointment; Sadness or displeasure caused by the unfulfillement of one’s hopes or expectations

    69. Mandy Pinck

      I need to see a video of Edgar reacting to Shark Tank

    70. Explore World with Huzaifa

      Pakistani subscriber from uae

    71. TIPoK

      Мне почему-то пьюдипай напоминает Стива Джобса

    72. Baycoolbanana

      Jack:heh Pewdiepie:that’s ok Pewdiepie:heh Jack:that’s a laugh

    73. Biden sucks

      How can you this about your dog?

    74. Philipp

      Seeing how those pandas behaved I can see why some people thought "Let's get them fuckers extinct!"

    75. Captain Shellyderp

      we can't even hear pewds sing? screw youtube

      1. Mr.piggy tree

        He had to mute that part I think in the first day it was not muted

    76. Aaron Mathew Alas

      i dot hear the seng

    77. Emma L


    78. lemonMan

      you can tell they thought of the but was a lil to embarrassed to let us hear it so felix cut the audio

    79. Märta Berlips

      Ägg ägg mera ägg ägg i morfars skägg

    80. rima

      Jack is so handsome

    81. Jetskii S.

      I feel robbed

    82. ЕНОТИК NEW

      Привет я русский

    83. w

      Subscribe to me for daily memes 🥶

    84. This Yellow Face

      4:26 if that was Jacksepticeye then I guess you can say he really WAS *top of the morning*

    85. Nikola Tovar

      17:30 "I'm shitting on your face while you sleep tonight, Karen. Consider yourself advised."

    86. Chrz P.

      first they click bait then.... youtube mutes.

    87. StoneMan

      I'm so upset I didn't get to hear that majestic Swedish viking sing

    88. Scorchday

      Thank PAprom

    89. JRM GAMING

      Cocomelon on 110 Million subscribers rip felix

    90. Like Button

      Animals don't suck like people do

    91. Tanjiro Doge

      Why shave doe

    92. Oof Bruh

      8:34 the fact that they kept zooming in its hilarious yknow the news people want something fun to discuss for a few minutes rather than world news

    93. annascooking today

      me listening to the silenced version: ._. this is fine. its fine. this is fine. its fine.

      1. the random gamer

        I have the video of them singing on my channel

    94. DakhosFate

      PAprom and copyright crap XD

    95. Ashwin S

      F for those who didn't hear him Rick roll everyone

    96. Rocío Dolores Narea Zapata

      I loved how they laughed at the chilean video of the dog stealing the empanada 🇨🇱 ♥️

    97. Selena Smith

      "I dont eat because I'm hungry, I eat because yum yum taste good" Yes. That is why i have chub chubs

    98. Imamah Hanif

      i sooooooooooooo wanna hear ittttttttttt

    99. Zeris

      instead of having lives how bout just count who laughs more so you guys dont have to hold your laugh XD

    100. Nathan Sebastian

      It's not the cigarette... its lighting the cigarette in most cases...