Top Airline Passenger Freakout Cringe


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    1. Rasmus Lindström

      Yes the Airport is very fast teking tour money but you can get a massiv cheak of your airplane is late

    2. Megan Hopper

      I’ve been on a plane one time. That one time, we arrived 2 hours early. Went through check in, security, everything with no issues. Get to the door to get on the plane just for them to say we didn’t have tickets because they had been refunded after we got there, even though we used them to get through everything and had no issues. We ended up being there for almost 6 hours before getting a new flight.

    3. Scottish fish channel

      To funny 😆

    4. Aki Lucy

      If u are late for a flight just buy a plane , problem solve

    5. Jana

      I work in a call center and I'm so sorry for that guy working at the airport! He's so nice trying to help, poor him :((

    6. Finn Davison

      I love u press but leave will and James alone

    7. Karine Lafetiere

      I think it's hilarious how some women think that saying they're pregnant, will fix anything!! Its not a desease it a choice!! 🤣

    8. Miriam Halpern

      I’m just imagining a flight taking off without my luggage... bruh all my medication is packed in there. When my heart fails, is the airline gonna pay for my funeral?


      И этот комень перевернет мир я смогу изменить свою жизнь и вашу вы будете смотреть мои видео и радоватся Я стример иду к своей цели смотри мой канал люблю своего кота больше чем девушек спамлю везде целеустремленный еще я нюхаю трусы

    10. Shirako Takamoto

      5:35 lmao yeeees!

    11. Rueben Kauffman

      hi are you the wourbs most fams you tubetr

      1. Sladana Wex

        Yes he is the world's biggest youtuber

    12. Rueben Kauffman


    13. Jairus Joseph

      they should just buy a private jet

    14. Sash :0


    15. Sash :0


    16. GG-MV

      i had to wait 6 hours for a late flight buuuut i didn't really care, kind of enjoyed my time at the airport

      1. GG-MV

        you just explore the airport and you find new things at the airport , fuuuun

    17. NeutralGuyDoubleZero

      I get being upset buts its really immature and rude to just throw all that onto the guy at the counter. A lot of this is just people getting screwed over by a shitty situation/company and yelling at a person who cant help them much and isnt their fault. At least some of em are funny to watch

    18. Soham Kakade

      Imagine being the student of that Lady lmao !!!!!

    19. Hussain Maaish

      The baby : "All according to plan".

    20. krish prajapati

      tiktok wasnt enough now these people

      1. Pinhead

        ? What do you mean

    21. Kieran Bayhack

      damn thank god for PewDiePie. never change my man :)

    22. Warda

      guys can we appreciate the fact that her wife is an engineer

    23. Γεράσιμος Γιαννιώτης

      7:45 that's how mafia works

    24. golden spoon gaming yt

      my parents wake me up at like 1 am and then spend the next 6 hours at the airport

    25. Gabriel N

      When you live luton😳😳

    26. Roen ¿¿¿

      One time I had to wake up at 4 am to get to british airways

    27. Meteor

      Commenting just because

    28. xd lonely hobbit

      Your no missing much by not goin to Inverness tbh mate

    29. Yaseru XD

      Her: Getting mad for waiting a flight for 1 hour coz her baby stroller broke stroller broke. Me: *waited for 27 hours and didn't have a sleep coz I'm watching over our stuff and the dogs. This is fine...

    30. Blazzer BLASTER

      i cant stop laughing

    31. Blazzer BLASTER

      the sound ahahahh

    32. Original Username

      they get annoyed at the guy at the desk as though its his fault for anything

    33. im not supposed to say that, but

      Weird story: Once my flight was delayed to the next day, so they book me a five star hotel and the next day i got the vip seat for the flight.

    34. Patrice Dhanis

      Love the tie.

    35. Patrice Dhanis

      That poor second baby.

    36. m k

      I think what happened with the 1st man was that the flight left early without him being notified so he technically arrived on time but it was too late.

    37. John Martin

      i want to say chupapi munyanyo

    38. Elizabeth McNamara

      He’s not Jesus Christ. If there is no seats there is no seats!!! simple!!!! Check for cancellations or go to a different airport like everyone else!

    39. No Face

      One of the flights I was supposed to be on was 2.5 hours late but never had the urge to be rude or shout at airport staff- losing your shit isn't going to make the plane come earlier.

    40. M.Rasoul Ghafouri

      who is filming this

    41. The code Gamers

      While the mafia boss shakes the paper the guy on the side just comes and says discriminating Barcelona

    42. hip g

      11:50 pewdipie is evil

    43. Paloma Mora

      I can relate a lot to the woman having a panic attack, like I once bursted in tears just because I took the wrong bus to go see my grandparents and they were expecting me at one hour and I thought they were going to be so disappointed... And it was a bus, I can't imagine a flight. I think she cares very much for this teachers or thinks they expect so much from her. Man, anxiety is rough

    44. DenNation

      15:35 Anyone who plays Squad get PTSD as well or what

    45. Rose Ladkin

      I literally leave 6 hours before a flight!!

    46. abid017

      image being the lady in 11:28 and u watch this vid

    47. ŘÀÏŃ

      Never skipped intro😁

    48. Baldeagle NOR

      I always arrive to the airport 2-3 hours before my flight. A lot of these people's problems would be solved if they did the same. Jesus, people.

    49. TediTodorova101

      Which airport is this?

    50. ARichCapitalist

      I had to wait 1 hour I've had to wait 5 but I'm not complaining

    51. LoveYourselfAsMuchAsJinLovesHimself GodLovesYou

      I feel bad for the workers it’s not their fault but they get blacked and yelled at

    52. Spicy Oreos74

      i once saw a guy stand on his luggage to fit into the carry on package measuring thing, while the attendant was telling him he couldn’t take it on, and it got stuck so he tried to pull it out, while he was still standing on it

    53. Allison Welker

      0:45 RUNESCAPE?? In a pewdiepie video?? I’m shooketh

    54. Carla

      Did anyone see the kid doing cartwheels in the back at 9:40? Someone get your kid 😭

    55. ANOOBis

      All of these people should have gone to the ranch

    56. Hard DonkeyKong

      This is the most terrifying video I've ever seen

    57. Mathew Davies

      Person: *Is late for flight* Also person: *Why you no wait for me, I pay you wait, why have plane if no fly me? if I late you wait* time is a simple concept, im sure everyone ends up getting ushered to the airport 7 hours early "just in case"

    58. bengali weeb

      This is why I've never been on a plane

    59. creeper hunter


    60. Know11

      This is reminding me of an afternoon fight I was booked for that kept on getting delayed by 1-2 hour increments until it was 2 in the morning and they decided to cancel it.

    61. RubberDuckArmy2 Gaming

      I like how for the join sponsor he’s on the floor for floor gang but in the vid he in a chair hmmmmmmmmm

    62. Lorinamae Gaming

      I understand the pregnant women situation.. a push chair does cost alot of money, and it broke on their flight.. But when they brought on3 of just for them they should have at least been greatful at the very least..

    63. The Chewie Channel 01

      That one teacher whimpering freaking pisses me off

      1. Boop

        At first I felt bad but seeing her get over it, seemingly right away, is strange to me

    64. Rykr Lapointe

      Bruh this guy

    65. EMMAN TV

      Who the hell mispelled their last name!!??? what what?? AAHAHH

    66. Edward Meagher

      i am going

    67. Akemi Allsopp

      lol like the chair is obviously the airlines responsibility....

    68. mr potato

      i always come to the airport before there is anyone in the line to get tickets

    69. Shallisa Avis

      Tomba teacher seems like she got panic attack, as someone with panic disorder I feel with her but it´s funny as hell :D

    70. Ricardo Perez Mendez

      Jaaa Pero para cobrar si son buenos

    71. Shaya Milli

      That lady though!!!🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    72. Shaya Milli


    73. Eilan Alvarez

      How was it the person at the desk fault like what the f**k They do go steal a stroller or throw people off the plane for the mobster every seat was taken there’s nothing they can do

    74. Yankee Delta20

      8:48 Sergio Perez with RedBul be like: Any F1 fans here

    75. DannyRooper

      when marzia gets pregnant they gonna name him pewdieboy


      stop talking dweeb and let the videos play....

    77. Charmander Thebest

      How do you misspell your name 😂

    78. Ahel Zalmaj

      Damn his acent is like a acent from Sundsvall in sweden

    79. Damon

      Apparently the teacher wasn't teaching how to tell time.

    80. Muhammad Daruiesh Ahnaf

      Dude those people really cant chill

    81. Fredrik Ylönen

      The worst thing nowadays about being late to airport is the memes about u

    82. Zoid Gamerx1

      Boo T SERIES 👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻

    83. Oliver v

      The bri'ish

    84. Boomer 15

      my family be like when we book a flight flight 4pm my mom at 12 pm: AIGHT KIDS GET READY WERE GOING TO THE AIRPORT

    85. TopROTFL

      You are my god

    86. TopROTFL

      Read the fine print to refunds

    87. manna

      I go to airport 3hrs earlier before the flight since airport is a nice place to relax too... Just me maybe

    88. phineas colby

      There’s PewDiePie making fun of the lady, then there is me feeling bad?

    89. Anna Zhuravitsky

      That woman is faking crying lol

    90. hally foster

      I was 5 mouths old when I cud walk so that 1year old should walk

    91. Jessica Thomas

      Bwahahaha - on my first ever trip overseas the cheap flight left my baggage on the tarmac. It arrived 2 days later. You know what I did? It was a an inconvenience for sure as I had nothing but I was staying in a backpackers...I went to the local markets to get some temporary clothes and washed my clothes in the sink for two days until my stuff arrived. I had a great time regardless and had my camera gear and some provisions in my carry on. You don't scream at airport staff. It was not their fault. Shit happens. I know from experience that you must have a lot of extra cash beyond what you think in case shit goes down and have travel insurance. Something always happens that costs more and you need to be prepared.

    92. hyper Sonico

      Man that women breakdown tho🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 I am DEAD☠️

    93. JJS

      Man, they really pissed off ronald Weasley's long lost muggel mobster uncle.

    94. YoUr WoRsT nIgHtMaRe


    95. EventfulTable20

      My parents when we’re going on holiday: wakes me up at 4:30 am Me: mum the flights at 3:00pm Mum: THERE MIGHT BE TRAFFIC Me, half-asleep: no there wooooooooont Me when there’s traffic and we’re almost late: touché

    96. Izal Playz_1

      the guy in red shouting in Spanish called him a c*nt

    97. Izal Playz_1

      The second person had to wait an hour boohoo I had to wait 3 hours because they were was a storm in the country we were going to and it was a 2 hour flight, 5 hours total

    98. Alexander Adams

      How do you misspell your last name Felix? It’s Pie

    99. Lilah D

      I feel I bit bad for the man because everyone is yelling at him and mad while he was trying to stay as calm as possible.

    100. mrpaul tolonen

      So dumb people 🤦