Tik Tok Isnt Funny YLYL (I didnt laugh)


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    1. Small Time YT


    2. foolish kai

      Skrottuh doo flora doo

    3. Call Me Corn

      Tik toks gave me literal brain tumors.

    4. C HE C

      I failed at 4:58

    5. Dr Bladerz

      7:05 just a reminder for me

    6. chubs dubs

      first clip is sad af bro

    7. Ezra Brewer


    8. Kidnoob

      Search nosyoutiktok

    9. Maile Sierra


    10. Corona2020

      PewDiePie saying "(i didnt laugh)" in title but still laughing in thumbnail

    11. suCcpreme memes

      i don’t think that’s jack

    12. I'm A Fan

      For real, *Tiktok isn't funny.*

    13. aimohsin

      Pewdiepies forehead shines like the sun in minecraft with shaders

    14. Bruno Olivaes

      react to a video from the maicon kuster channel

    15. Benjamin Cho

      Pewdiepie removed his audio and smile so that people can't realize he laughed

    16. HASTE YT

      The whole vid was just big forehead pewds

    17. Cold Flames

      I I I wasn't able to hear in middle

    18. Wiliams Adam

      When i see tiktok : Haha.. "funny" (Cringe)

    19. Maria M


    20. Dr. Prism

      9:20 god be like: *STAY DOWN*

    21. Scrubnut The III

      there isn’t a single clip he didn’t laugh at lmao

    22. نداء ربيع


    23. Abegail Quilario


    24. moonz

      plot twist: pewdiepie feels the videos aren't funny cause he's a boomer

    25. Isaac Awad


    26. Troy Walt

      Suscribe for more suscribers to me 😂

    27. Dark

      Кто русский сюда!

    28. fleekas

      Title : I didnt laugh Felix : Laughs at the first video

    29. Duy Pham


    30. Indominus Mode

      Pewds laughs I laugh

    31. r_ramendump

      swear to god someone wants that guy that got hit by lightning twice dead

    32. issa meanbean

      Every reason was completely logical to why he didn’t laugh

    33. Sparkle Specs

      I cringed at the guy faceplanting onto the tv I wouldn’t be surprised if my guy broke his nose or something holy crap

    34. Lil PumpStone

      And they're still not putting the mask over their nose

    35. christian loggins

      It isnt until a man getts bit on the balls by a mosquito that he realizes that violence isn't always the answer.

    36. dr okbeast

      Why the TikToks aren't funny 😂 Y'all following and fyp boring as hell

    37. Inderjeet singh

      thata cringe not funny.

    38. Victoria O.

      Felix is really sending mixed signals by having a thumbnail with him laughing but a title saying he didn’t

    39. Arthur Saldaev Shukla

      bruh im so ate cause i didnt get the noti

    40. Vincent Dayan

      Poor Pewds

    41. Dharc Daniel

      It's amazing how many of those people had masks on them, but decided it wasn't good enough to put them on until violence happened

    42. けい花火

      ha ha funny

    43. Grace SantaMaria

      Pewds kept watching straight basic tiktok hes gotta get those actually funny underground ones

    44. PerseveranceTheGreat

      You can find funny tiktok clips by just searching it on youtube. It's like mining netherite

    45. Chaitanya Gupta

      Well the irony is in india our police do this on a daily basis and its not a prank

      1. Chaitanya Gupta

        I meant the police beating ppl on streets in lockdown or for not wearing masks

      2. Train Train

        What North Korean prison do you live in? In my city the police don’t care if you annihilate an old lady with a truck

    46. Abolsgrind

      4:27 volume go brrr

    47. Andoy Doy

      Jesus Loves all of you

    48. mrsatanknows

      4:31 no sound?

    49. adventuregamingvital

      Revive adventuregamingvital ♥️🥺

    50. intensecart

      He shot in ped

    51. vivianna raina

      bro it’s because ur on straight tiktok. there’s funny chaotic tiktoks but you have to have the right fyp

    52. Franklin Peter

      Summary: Reddit funny Tiktok unfunny But ik y'all gonna watch the whole video anyway

    53. Dart Feld

      Tiktok is the lowest form of humor, I swear.

      1. Train Train

        So are youtube comments but you know

      2. NicholasHSJD

        @Dart Feld no I hate pewds

      3. Dart Feld

        @NicholasHSJD Good satire hahaha

      4. NicholasHSJD

        Tiktok is the best

    54. Areeba

      pewds: *laughs* 5 secs later: i did'nt laugh

    55. gurl BYE-

      I love how he said he didnt laugh to prove that this isnt funny

    56. Lea

      Well I guess my humor part of the brain is broken bcs. NONE of it made me laugh at all. 🤷‍♀️

    57. ade kaisar


    58. Dicky Prasetya

      What happened at 4:40?

    59. Faiyad Omer

      Alternate Title you cute you lose.

    60. Mr. Cheese

      Tiktok isn't funny, just a bunch of idiots trying to copy others supidity 😑

      1. Player 1

        No it’s just people moving their face slightly for a minute speeding up the footage then get a lot of money

    61. Space To Breathe

      Tik tok compilations are the absolute worst way to find funny ones

    62. амонгась

      МАСКА ГДЕ?!?

    63. Mazza

      animals = laugh

    64. PewDiePie Junior


    65. ColdDoughnut353

      Bruh I thought he was really tired or drunk the entire video but I was on ×0.75 and didn't realise😩

    66. Zayan Kalam

      Are we gonna ignore that the guy in the cat videos called the lady a silly sausage.

    67. Parody Club

      Маска где? :)

      1. andrea k

        nema maske 😔

      2. Mr. Pxiel_Guyz

        It's the mask meme lol

      3. gurl BYE-


    68. Vitapantern

      The lightning clip is fake you could edit 9 years ago too

    69. Young b and Cjamm drinks to much

      The lady dropping her teeth didn’t help the British teeth stereotype.

    70. Jeevan Gurung

      What happened to the sound midway?

      1. Abbie

        Lol thought it was just me

    71. Desmond Rogers

      Guy gets up after getting struck by lightning: God: I said stay down ⚡️

    72. Sad Charles

      The dog one is sad

    73. Victor de wit

      @Ryanhdlombard has some funny tik toks.

    74. Rishabh Sharma

      F*k that simulator game, lmfao 🤣🤣

    75. Rishabh Sharma

      PewDiePie: Animals are too cute. PewDiePie after making the video: let's have a 🐔 chicken dinner

      1. kawaii chan

        shut up

    76. BlackBerry

      Imagine your tik tok showing up and him not laughing.😭

      1. Apex Fenix

        Then be funny

    77. Ana

      that’s was the boringest ylyl ever😒 tiktok fucks everything up😕 pewds is hilarious tho😂

    78. Oopzhi


    79. itspeyday

      felix def on basic tik tok bc wtf were those videos

    80. Sadiaaa !!!

      Jacks video was hilarious lmfao what even was that 😭

    81. Daniela

      The reason they aren’t funny is cause your stuck on straight tik tok 💀😭

    82. Laiba Jamal

      i thought i went deaf half way through the video LOL

    83. aniruddha sreekantham

      pewds forgot this was a ylyl challenge lol

    84. Jontegame Game

      Can i be famous of the comments lets se

    85. The Topcu

      Tiktok is shit, best regards from 9gag

    86. Minh Tuấn Nguyễn

      Pewdiepie from a funny man became a funny old man wtf :))

    87. Rodolfo Rodriguez

      Tik tok has great videos but this for you page is shit

    88. Mohamed Kaffel

      He should make a reaction on the tic tocs on coco

    89. GippyHappy

      0:17 The sad thing is how quickly they all pull out a mask, meaning they had one on hand but weren't wearing them -_-

    90. Quack 69

      I’m getting KSI vibes from this... once you start, it never ends...

    91. Kyzooo_.

      Pewd looking at tiktok for 1hour* Also pewd:i cant find the joke

    92. Daven Martin

      God bless you pewds. Finally i found one more person how thinks that TikTok is traaaaaaash

      1. Lillian Best

        it’s very rare that i find a video that actually makes me laugh, but it’s good if you like gardening, art, or some sort of hobby. good for some sports or video game stuff too, but funny videos? you’ll be hard pressed to find a few gems

    93. Bede Nandos

      There seems to be an overwhelming theme of dogs in this video 🤣

    94. N K wolf India

      He actually laughing and saying it was cute

    95. Komoni Cruz

      The reddit come back 🔙🔙🔙🔙🔙🔙🔙🔙

    96. Ty. S.

      I understand the tiktok thing. I actually love tiktok when I'm ON the app. But if I ever look up compilations I'm always let down & find them extremely unfunny

    97. Vocational View

      I appreciate pewds showing millions of people that tick tok isn’t funny

    98. Therealbash

      Pewdiepie logic: It was funny, so it doesnt count if I laugh

    99. rhys aston

      Me finally seeing another ylyl : you're as beautiful as the day I lost you

    100. Polar

      They nex video un spanish pls