Tik Tok is Cringe


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    1. Kaila _girl307

      😂 this is the quality I needed to see today

    2. Georg S.

      „Tiktok is cringe“ „At night it‘s colder than outside“

    3. Sunny Dand

      T - Series

    4. diavolo deserves better


    5. Chaotic

      i can excuse boku no pico but which mfer above the age of 13 gives zankyou no terror a 10

      1. Chaotic

        gave it a 9 but i was 14 when it came out, and the older i got the worse it seems compared to other things

    6. EnzoPlayz YT

      Let’s see how many subs I can get from from this comment Current subs: 46

      1. Skunkman69

        0. A comment won't get you shit

    7. dayumbro

      Since the word cringe has been discovered, he uses it a lot.... Is cringe his favorite word or what? Xd

    8. Edrian Cruz

      Pewdiepie looks a drug addict

    9. •Kawaii Rina•

      I'm female and I have that mole on my arm too 😳

    10. Jessica Draper

      beavers been doin the dam since before the Dam. Damn.

    11. boing boing

      dont be ad ninya

    12. Tirta Bali Official

      Hi Guys Thank You For Support My Channel God Bless You

    13. Slushie

      7:01 is it just me but i also have this. And i am a boy. Does every male have this, please tell me

    14. Skudler

      karl protection here

    15. Carla McGath

      I have the freckle!!!!!!

    16. Octavio Rangel

      The Hoover dam was poured with concrete slowly in small sections

    17. Bla Bla

      SHAW !

    18. Elixstar

      I live in an apartment where my roommates and I All have google homes so when you said “okay google “ my house became possessed by a google demon XD

    19. gianino pattipeilohy

      14:00 this wouldnt work even if time travel existed

    20. J o h n y

      Why didnt the girl just put jojos bizzare adventure in the list maaaan

    21. Shan E Ali

      I went 2 hours......

    22. Book of Rhymes

      ever since i started watching you I am getting chinese ads on youtube and else where. explain that.

    23. sargu mudo


    24. Kiarny Hopkins

      Apple, apple, apple.........Me

    25. ディンダChan

      Hello Pudidi😏

    26. xAmbie N

      I'm a girl and I have a freckle there too wth 😳

    27. Gen 50

      Tik Tok is cancer BTW

    28. Randomly Relatable

      Pewdiepie becoming a weabo with that katana

    29. Randomly Relatable


    30. Avatar Singh

      Keep it up bro and love from India

    31. Dudâymin

      Dog reaction is epic 😂😂

    32. septian gunardi

      indian tiktok would kill you felix,just warn you.

    33. Chicken Bisquit

      K have that freckle too 0:

    34. Mustacheman

      Karl is the best thing ever happened mrbeast

    35. lil'artist

      I dont know why but I love when felix didnt know what $0.45 was😂❤❤ the way he said I dont know what that iss🥺

    36. Reji M. Philip

      Me reads title:u know it now pewds?

    37. Mahfuj Evan

      Apple Apple Apple Cat

    38. By Wariaus

      I love this meme

    39. Swagger nautilus

      The freckle thing is kinda weird tbh

    40. Yasiru Shaashadara


    41. Adrian

      tik tok is cringe .-.

    42. Hairshard

      Ok, but did you know DanTDM has PAprom?

    43. Shahinul Islam

      *always has been*

    44. Aleczander Lee

      Cringe the reason I don’t date white girls or install tik tok

    45. Rando Mando

      7:09- jokes on you, I don’t have a freckle there (This comments is worse than some of the Tik toks in that video)

    46. BoyZ on a Couch

      so you're saying when i drove over the hover dam i was floating... epic

    47. nut nut

      Agree with that title

    48. Bisma Naz

      His bye-bye in the end of the video was kind of innocent lol lol

    49. David Jaison

      This looks like a virtual world 🤣

    50. Metrix099


    51. Jordan

      7:10 got me sus as i have one there too. eh eh

    52. Rizaldi Ichal

      Semangat selalu

    53. Global_loser 1

      This is the I have the freckle button

    54. Reeve Fernandes

      I finally know what to do while I stutter during a fight

    55. hope mabao


    56. Jazz Fall

      Wait till you get rickrolled in tiktok


      Pewdiepie looks like a skinny version of stipe miocic

    58. MRSamiboi

      isn"t pigstep copyrighted?

    59. Maclennon

      Hola hi

    60. Maclennon

      PewDiePie you are the best I am not good at English but I tried hard to write this big comment PewDiePie still yes

    61. Istusei Shirai

      ERASED kinda cringe to me

    62. Nick Bagianic

      This video makes me cringe

    63. - KyōdaiRemix -

      Erased ending f*cked me up for awhile

    64. Miranda Allen


    65. Marvel Now

      Someday it may happen again...... "PAprom vs TikTok"

    66. Straw Berry


    67. Darwin Comment

      the sky is white

    68. Dizzy

      You roasting tik tok creators is my favourite thing

    69. ratopunk

      boku no pico 10/10? call the police on this girl

    70. Andrey Jethro Wattimena

      10:57 Noones talking about this Clip? Pewdiepie decided to be with Karl and said no to TikTok

    71. vinegaer

      русский тт смешнее

    72. margareth marcy b carandang


    73. four muffinteers

      Technically tiktok isnt cringe its people who make it cringe

    74. Ryan Rhoades

      and stop hating on carl!!!!!

    75. Ryan Rhoades

      why do you have a sword next to you?

    76. Ha Reem

      F kilo point??lollllllll

    77. Aurpita Singh

      "The dam is impossible to build" "The dam is not real" CIVIL ENGINEERS and ARCHITECTS watching this like :-👁👄👁

    78. Dillon Carson

      I can't wait for tik tok to just die

    79. kim dubu

      great t-series add in his video


      That streamer ninja :D

    81. L Iam

      We need to talk about this mole on our arms bros

    82. Mr Jomel

      I know you're watching pewdiepie vids So hey sarah marie 😆

    83. Marcy Lackey

      Spicy Felix in this video spicy spicy

    84. Tabitha 420

      Why is PewdiePie so handsome? Damn it. I came here from cinnamontoastken. Lol

    85. big man

      Get tf out of straight tik tok 😭 actual funny tik toks exist you just have to search for them lol

    86. Twister86

      7:15 i dont have one :(

    87. C V

      thank you randomtictocguy, i branded myself with the supreme logo on my head

    88. Sc3les

      I don’t have that freckle doesn’t anyone else not?

    89. ChillPepe

      9:13 people on comutors *sigh*

    90. Ahmed_WH

      Tne fact that tiktok is cringe is true - Change my mind 🙃

    91. • Alexandra •


    92. samuel lalduhawmas

      dafaq i do have that in my left arm

    93. Gian Guatno

      Ayeee Lesss Goo

    94. Vipin gosawami

      4 May 2021

    95. Questionable Spy

      Looking it up, the arm thing is pure coincidence, as moles are so common, if you check most people have like 3-4 moles on their arms.

    96. Butterscotch pie 🥧

      I'm mtf trans, and I don't have that freckle. Doesn't mean shit but made me little bit happy

      1. Butterscotch pie 🥧

        @big man o.o maybe it isn't a coincidence after all

      2. big man

        I'm the exact opposite im ftm and I have that freckle 🤨

    97. Fried Isaw

      Cole Sprouse = Roomie 😭🤣

    98. ᴀɴɪᴍᴀ ᴠᴇsᴛʀᴀ

      I just saw a 10 years old vid , u had 100 subs and now 110m , RESPECT 🤘🏻

    99. GAMING PsyCho

      Yes Brother its business And Politics that's all The Price are real