Tik Tok Is Cringe, but some are good


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    1. ᗪεɱσηɨςΔηgει

      I wish I had samsung folds

    2. Taf Toc

      Fuckin western spy

    3. DeadByDaylight_Gameplays

      7:10 to 7:30 is straight up facts I couldn’t help but laugh and that’s coming from a generation Z member crazy to think that me being 20 and someone like 8 are classified as the same generation

    4. Biyu

      Can anyone explain the context for the tik tok at 5:00, I didn't get it

    5. Baris Turkmen

      floom is real though lol

    6. Emmanuel

      Minecraft hardcore pls


      With the glasses, Felix looks like Thomas Shelby 🥳🥳😂😂

    8. Alisa Tchernigova

      That game made me cry! Before your eyes is great.

    9. Serious Guy

      At 5:33 it's a dub of the original, he didn't actually say that Pewds br

    10. Kirill Danilov

      I wanna briish PjuDeaPay

    11. Andrei De Regla

      may i know the tiktok link for the one at 3:42, i really need it for my friend to ease her anxiety

    12. British

      but what if it spins tho?

    13. ChrisJBT

      0:10 Do you think the roomba will save you? Fool! The roomba will not save you from me!

    14. Ü

      вау! это же Шведский Олёша

    15. Juli Perputhen

      its really impresive how much people like Pewds he have 347k Likes and just 3K Dislikes woow

    16. ЕНОТИК NEW

      Привет я русский

    17. Carl

      Bro the fucking waterpark listings are 100% trafficking people.

    18. ThanosGaming


    19. Unhealthy Music

      All that shit a year or so ago about how this is the last brofist and how this is the last tik tok but now i come back and see him still the same

    20. Mayur Kamble

      4:57 GOLD😂😂😂😂🏃🏃🏃

    21. Thilageshwaran S C

      PewDiePie should react to indian tiktoks

    22. Deviant

      On pewds video t series ad us coming

    23. OverRatedProgrammer

      Disavow using chinese data collecting

    24. Hilary koh


    25. ritvik gadikota


    26. ritvik gadikota


    27. sunshineandlollipopz

      Ugh yes the people adding their pointless reaction 😫 is so damn cringey

    28. Nitin Da Jat

      Fun fact: tik tok is banned in India

    29. Cesar Anaya

      “Its not the olive, its what it represents for the future”

    30. • Antonator •

      Some one tell him to play balisong

    31. mariannmixxx

      Floom exists! But it’s a website apparently

    32. ImAnOGPlayer YT

      The floom is in google its not an app

    33. olivier cote

      2:38 Pewd, stop making fun of Canadians, this is a serious crime, he went to jail.

    34. Tele cast

      5:34 lul so funny but you might get demonitized..

    35. Papa Stalin

      8:48 Me in a family reunion

    36. Andreas Gill

      Can u search up awesomeguy92238 on tiktok

    37. Questionable Spy

      Samsung Flip FINALLY made portrait mode obsolete, because every side is near equally lengthened

    38. The Rambo Man


    39. Pius Motai

      7:38 OG meets OG

    40. MirulNerd


    41. Dan NotaMan

      2:50 talk about respecting your surroundings.

    42. Butter

      garlic bread

    43. nieooj gotoy

      The other day, my wife asked me to pass her lipstick but I accidentally passed her a glue stick. She still isn't talking to me.

    44. Swarovski Rose

      1. I have a favorite song that is used in Tiktok. 2. People think I like tiktok. 3. It's not a favorite song anymore.

    45. HALA XH

      هاي اعمل تحدي ضحك واذا ضحكت تخسر رح تخسر 🙂😆

    46. Zegmaar semc

      Petition for pewdiepie to start a waterpark

    47. Gabe Smith

      I love it when pewds shits on David dobrik

    48. Kaiin Hathaway

      floom is actually a web app. you won't find it on app stores it's on a website

    49. Anthony Paldino


    50. Marcc

      2:36 As a Canadian i can confirm that hes dead now

      1. ionix

        Lmao I'm also a Canadian and yep he's definitely down lmao toronto is worse tho😂😂😂

    51. Maumz and Family - Bawdacat

      Do you think Tick tock will help your youtube channel to grow???

    52. Mouse Grave

      How tf am I supposed to spin my fist, so I just flipped my laptop over and cracked the screen

    53. Sybato

      Wait.. you have to pay to use shopping carts in the UK? Why do grocery stores have microtransactions?

    54. Sybato

      That red square video is a red square upon my life

    55. Joe MKII

      China & India are on the brink of war with each other lol

    56. Artemis

      tbh this just made me hate tiktok more... tiktok better than twitter??? nope

      1. Squidward on a Chair

        It is much better than Twitter.

    57. Lea Lausen

      "Don't trick me into feeling good about myself" -Pewds 2021

      1. Howard Cooper's - Rapid ChangeWorks

        Lol... I'm the red square guy... that was my tiktok... I guess I shouldn't make people feel good with their consent... oops!

    58. Ali Asghar

      I feel Ashamed Seeing Pakistan At Top Of The Chart....

    59. dcoog anml

      sorry really shows how horrible some people can be. I am truly disappointed 😔 👎

    60. Siam

      pewdiepie makes videos?? i havent seen him in my recommendations in month. had to search for him if he was still alive lol

    61. Oscar Guevara

      you dont grow up

      1. dcoog anml

        At 11:00 I thought he said American hairlines because of the passengers’ beautiful hair

    62. Wesley Booth

      Lmao you making fun of tiktok is the funniest shit. Its cringe. Made my day. I'd rather stay on yt. Fuck tiktok, the funny is here

    63. Bharath Kuppusamy

      Hey Felix, you're saying that people shouldn't add their videos to other tiktok. But isn't that's what you are doing in the name of reacting videos???? *hmMmMmMmMmMMmMmMmmMmMmm MmMmmMmMmmMmMmMmmMmMM*

    64. I choose to be Free

      Felix has a fake nose.

    65. Kelsey Goldsmith

      Funny funny funny oof racist funny funny funny. That Chinese bat joke had me cringing.

    66. Matan

      That Twitter roast

    67. nauris62

      7:10 excuse me but what are you doing?

    68. Michael & Friends

      'but some are good' . no.

      1. Squidward on a Chair


    69. SkyCas525


      when pewds mouth opens you know its true

    71. Justin

      5:48 the meme was made with madlips apps, where people are able to do voiceover for videos for memes, and yes there is beef between india and china, but rather not talk about it here, its militaries patrolling activities related

    72. Jsir

      Woah nice knife dude holy shit..

    73. محمد

      Let's go 200 million subscribers

    74. Dennis Rager

      Pewds, time to diversify your portfolio by buying a water park. Get on it.

    75. The lagerst dude Ever

      Gang of tik tok cringe

    76. Cad

      7:08 why do you have to add your reaction to it its fine on its own ain't it?

    77. Lionel Yin

      At 11:00 I thought he said American hairlines because of the passengers’ beautiful hair

    78. ダビデ王

      I like how pewds was obviously about to make comment about that ass then remembered, I am married and love my wife

    79. punita khandagale

      pew looks like theon greyjoy idk why

    80. Gamer Lady

      cornwall 😫

    81. SquishyDonuts

      7:59 did he really just say millanows

    82. kiboorg 123

      It's like you validate my thoughts, so I feel fine. Thank you.

    83. Z Dono

      That red square vid actually helped me a lot... Thanks for including that one, Pewds 👍👍

      1. Howard Cooper's - Rapid ChangeWorks

        Ah thank you! I really appreciate that! By the way... that was my tiktok ❤️

    84. rayer 100

      guys watch Twitter Is Terrible

    85. Sam Dabboi

      2:09 live footage of person going to Brazil

    86. *:Ƀⱥꞥⱥꞥⱥ_ƀᵾꞥꞥɏ ᵯīꞥⱦɏ_ᵯīꞥ:*

      Fun fact: I used to live in Cornwall, hayle

    87. Khan Hamaysh

      Lumber 1 country 🇵🇰 ranking first in most ticktok use....i don't know why the people here use this cringe app that much...feeling embarrassed

    88. Alyssa Noronha

      yoo I'd love to see pewdiepie react to shark tank episodes

    89. Cynthiap

      HAHA the Violence in Canada really is funny.... cause i'm Canadian ... ok sorry bye

    90. Asad Ullah

      Im embarrassed to see pakistan is top in tik tok 🙃

    91. Gale

      6:55 that was something that I did not expect

    92. AK Tech-Lite

      My country Myanmar is on the second. LMAO

    93. Hosstek FF

      Br Mas Tou Assistindo Mesmo Assim :) 🇧🇷

    94. Pepe the frog plays mc

      He kinda not getting many views? No offense

    95. cian Carey

      The look when he said I bought 2 of them was so funny 😂😂

    96. my doggy call me bitch

      The thumbnail looks like indian " chay pilo"aunty😂

    97. Taryn Cloud

      Jesus I haven't watched Pewds in forever, it's crazy to see how much his accent has diminished.

    98. Vocanimeify

      I just looked at pewdiepies channel header logo picture and remembered how fucking good devil man crybaby is

    99. Wolf Bong

      I'm glad money hasn't changed Felix yet 🥰 *Somewhat lol* Stay real, wholesome, selfless and earnest man love ya. Been here since 2011!!! *just turned 20 years old bros*

    100. Senior Whoopy IRL

      Cringe bro