This was a mistake.. - LWIAY #00138


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    we alphorn now
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    1. suparna bhattacharyya

      3:40 surgery of alphorn by pewds

    2. Hanady Hs

      انا صالح

      1. Hanady Hs

        و انا صالح

    3. Ellie Skivington

      this made my headphone sound bad

    4. epical e

      Not gonna lie didgeridoos are cooler then alphorns

    5. Catherine Martin


    6. Me Me


    7. Joshua Secena

      All porn or alphorn

    8. Lillytheflower

      what does LWIAY?

    9. Jullian Baraquiel Porciuncula

      Pewds:I'm 30 and I make dad jokes 108msubscribers: you're 30 and we're waiting for u to be a dad,joke.

    10. OrbbKlesk

      Upvote for Feigi theme on trumpet.

    11. Maya Lundquist

      His neighbors just making dinner like... 👁️👄👁️

    12. Jasmine DeGuevara

      11:52 this made me very happy

    13. Enlargened K

      600k likes and Felix has to learn how to play professionally

    14. Charmie Barmie

      Started dying when he started playing the alphorn lmfaooOo

    15. Salihefe Erdinc

      I laughed so hard at 4:14

    16. fawn l2

      I love you video

    17. Devansh Chauhan

      Why is he apologizing to his neighbours so much? Doesn't he have a big house?

    18. How To

      18:33 when you want to fart but you are *talented*

    19. Murder Cloak

      Yo now that KSI and Pewds are friends can we get Pewds to reupload his Nissan car video?!!

    20. Three Kings

      well done great work nice job

    21. Rezul

      is it just me or did he say 21 of oct and then 24 ?

    22. Arfrslee

      This is the truly the biggest history on earth

    23. cristian_ prossg

      No entiendo ni una wea pero da gracia por las weas que hace

    24. Chad Buoy445


    25. CsabaTOn [̲̅Y̲̅σ̲̅υ̲̅т̲̅υ̲̅b̲̅є̲]

      Who is this enber? you are

    26. Mackenzie Parkening

      Omfg the alphorn sounds cancerous dude lmao

    27. Jεε¥☯ñG

      What is that giant horn called?

    28. Aiden Brothers

      Your Foe COCOMELON just got 100M

    29. Lisa Weaver

      Its like music to my ears 17:12

    30. NEZ1X

      Dad: he is gonna be a doctor Mom: no, he is gonna be a policeman Me at my room: 17:19

    31. Kaiah Leatherwood

      I laughed a lot harder than I should have at him playing the horn

    32. CatOnTheStreet

      This is relaxing music to me 17:18

    33. Blossom Corpse

      You didn't even realize

    34. BlazinChris P

      use the old lwaiy intro plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

    35. Bryan Lee Ming Yik

      pp pewdiepie

    36. Dominic Zibuda


    37. VISHAL 1105

      Please continue playing minecarft

    38. ExoticButter s

      17:18 wow thats my favorite cover

    39. Edrik Alvarez-Salazar

      That’s what she said 4:06

    40. Bernice Burleson

      what is it with this mans and tamberines

    41. Lola Cat

      6:51 When u upload a good meme on reddit

    42. YSY YOGI

      India 💪💪 T series 🤘💪💪

      1. ihavethelongusernamewhydonthaveyou


    43. bruh moment

      If LWIAY has 5 digits does it mean it will end at 99,999 or did he say that idk I haven't watched pewds in a whi

    44. Scope Aim

      I almost cried hearing pewdiepie say stephano

    45. Mark Acklin

      I think someone needs to tell pewds flick knives are illegal in the UK

    46. Kuli Gaming 46


    47. Robert Aviles

      Pewdiepie: plays alphorn Me: (hears) "Ricotta"

    48. • M O O N S H I N E •


      1. BananaCatboii


    49. febenezer niyi

      the teachers always do that

    50. Arafath Islam

      felix knows s*x

    51. Tekrimar

      Eheheheheehh 04:04

    52. MSM• Alush

      4:03 it's soo big

    53. Anugrah Mulia

      The real is pudidi :v

    54. Zack Kargel

      After watching him blow the alphorn for about a minute I really questioned what I’m doing with my life

    55. The Creekmen

      Why does he have a random tower of 2 dozen tambourines in his room?

    56. Andreas!

      12:31 hello my name is Andreas.

    57. MsPennylane15


    58. Rob Rio

      LWIAY = Last Week I Ate You

    59. Jade Greay


    60. united states of america 23

      Nice intro 🙂👍👍

    61. Jocie Lynn

      16:37 This is the content I came here for.

    62. Jennesa Darling

      And also this is the best mistake you have ever made

    63. Sofia Palombini

      Why do I keed watching pewdiepie's videos without a headphone (Had to edit cuz I'm dumb)

    64. SoulDark 01


    65. I've fallen and I can't get up

      The pewdiepie yell in the intro sounds more like PewDoopieKai

    66. get die

      you live in the same building as pewDiePie: ok nice

    67. نور الشمس


    68. Luis Medrano

      The horn was the last thing I heard before bed

    69. Atharva Shinde

      I skip sponsors at the end but not on PewDiePie's videos..

    70. DogBoy2268

      16:17 is were he plays alphorn

    71. Grace _thorns45

      Pewdiepie:*its so big* Me:*that's what she said*😏

    72. ilovetunapasta

      i wonder where marzia was

    73. carlos adrián gonzález guzmán

      My cats were passionatetly biting each other throats (both are neutralized) and they stop as soon as pewds started playing his longhorn.

    74. anima099

      We're really calling it c*m? Would be HELLA awkward if someone sees me searching "Pewdiepie c*m toy"

    75. Kane Twgs

      Now maybe you could learn to play it Edit: sorry

    76. Junior Mendoza

      *pewds plays alphorn* my ears:please, kill me now

    77. Gabes

      this was a mistake me: ElEpHaNt FaRtS aRe WoRtH iT

    78. Wesley Przybyłowicz

      I live in Switzerland and I have a neighbor that plays the Alphorn all the time, it sounds beautiful you should legitimately learn, it would be well worth it and you would earn the respect of me and your swiss brothers.

    79. Daddy Shinobi

      17:46 omfg i think my ear is bleeding

    80. Lucas Dee

      Man sive had fun with this one

    81. Allen1544 Garcia

      Where does pewdiepie get his music from? Like I always vibe to what ever he is listening to

    82. Kb Subliminals

      Pewds looking 10 years in the future must have been like. I don't like it, I NEED IT.

    83. Daddy Daniel the Secret Admirer

      *My parents be like:*

    84. kelly hunt

      It looks like he is literally recording on Omegle it’s so bad

    85. mohammad hijazi

      1:40 😂😂😂

    86. Atta Asif

      I was in music class and my teacher asked about brass instruments and of course i had to say 𝐀𝐥𝐡-𝐩𝐨𝐫𝐧

    87. Mridul Khanna

      The proof of a great PAprom lies in his video’s comments

    88. Antonio Emanuele Addis-Pilo

      The real question, where will he alphorn rest?

    89. bruh

      Porque le copias a Moai Gr?

    90. Tyler Conley

      RIIIIICOOLAAAA Yes I remember Sweedish cough drop commercials from 20 years ago lol

    91. Dynatic

      16:43 - getting Far Cry Primal vibes.

    92. Dynatic

      10:51 - it's like eating a s**t, that has been dumped 4 times.

    93. DAT BOI

      "I know secs" - Pewds 2020

    94. Bjarni Bogason

      everyone who has bass-boosted their headphones felt pain when they heard the alphorn... good pain, but pain nonetheless

    95. Sweetes Live


    96. G H O S T


      1. G H O S T


      2. G H O S T


    97. RaVid

      Commenting on every pewdiepie video until he notices

    98. Jalapeño and Banana Productions

      10:26 reacting to the reaction of the reaction of ksi reacting to pewdiepie

    99. Felix Manyonde

      PEWDS: its so heavy and big now ME: das what she said

    100. Mr_ TopHat

      16:49 San Andreas made its way