THIS is the MOST INSANE couple.. TLC #12


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    1. Aleko117

      As a Hispanic myself. People from the DR are really difficult people to get along.

    2. B Z

      These are the immigration laws that are driving wages down. An immigrant can marry an American, and bring his entire family to live and work in the USA, just like that. Coming from a Mexican perspective. But hey, Biden is president now, I'm sure he will import millions of people who came from shithole countries. Mexico is a shithole, trust me, I'm from there.

    3. Tode

      It’s an anti-aircraft tactical flashlight

    4. Jaden Shankar

      4:57 Felix sounds like the mafia boss in zootopia

    5. Jasmine Miletti

      pedro is my favorite. do more on them . family chantel



    7. N2

      Summary of the fight: “WHAT YOU SAY” “AYE” “AYE” “AYE” “AYE”

    8. Omar Pozos

      So the parents just woke up and brushed their teeth(hopefully) and the first thing they drink is juice with a shit load of sugar before water? Not good

    9. S. R.

      All Chantel’s parents do is interrogate Pedro on whether he has ulterior motives or not, shid I wouldn’t want to be around them either!

    10. Nina Patel

      the intro😍

    11. Ayush Tiwari

      Chantel is thick Bonita 🍑

    12. Jackson Reyna

      and i mean both of the mothers

    13. Jackson Reyna

      the mother shows no mercy

    14. Tommy Ace

      She’s kinda fine though 🤫👀

    15. Cassie ._.

      she speaks so slow they literally cut out some of her pauses while she speaks 😂

    16. Sandybrown JR.

      Mom: *pulls out tazer* Pewds: complete gibberish

      1. INSANE 2.0

        Motu patlu wtf is that even suppose to mean

    17. Mario uneputty

      So, that's keren form D.R Keren is everywhere

    18. Nathaniel Ockenden

      Pewds: They smooth in those Spanish speaking countries. Also Pewds: BREAKS OUT ITALIAN ACCENT

    19. nuladvajedan

      2:30 that face yo😂

    20. Zach Godshalk

      Lmao pewds u crazy. IF AnYoNe eVer SlApS IKEA Lamp In FrOnt OF mE!!!!

    21. sumin수민

      7:44 Plot twist: the IKEA Lamp is a paid actor.

    22. Evie Lin

      When Chanel’s brother looks like Kwebblekop

    23. mrxlo _

      8:08 I thought vikings were extinct

    24. Megan Humphrey


    25. Dhruv Sharma

      Wait is this intro inspired from THE MISFIT OF DEMON KING ACADEMY😂😂LOL nice modification

    26. Gustavo Monzalvo

      Chantel bad asf

    27. Johan Christensen

      Chantele's family has BIG personalities

    28. ismail achmed


    29. Faisal Aman

      It looked like the intro was someone who were dissatisfied with their baby. Like in real life.

    30. Adeo xoxo

      these intros are so good

    31. bruna

      You are always confusing spanish with Italian, and I think that's beautiful

    32. Oscar Huerta

      “WorldStar!” Had me dying 😂😂

    33. Lisbeth DC

      Im from Dominican Republic. Like if you are too.

    34. Barendra Moharana


    35. Anjith Prakash

      Just look at PewDiePie when the fight is going on

    36. Albert Spice

      i kinda think chantels mothers a bit insane. A karen, but black. Baren

    37. Jasmina Diaz

      Jävlar! Never slap a Ikea lamp!!

    38. Νίκος Μπουτσιούκης

      2:29 still laughing 🤗

    39. Tims

      Chantele's mother was the owner of the household "tom and jerry"

    40. It’s Clarissa

      He looks like a Great Value brand Romeo Santos..

    41. Bella Mantia

      Intros are still bomb 💣😝

    42. Ryan Hernandez

      Can someone translate this for me? 12:24

      1. Ryan Hernandez

        @Restu Nadya I forget which, so both!

      2. Restu Nadya

        which one? the “mom stop” or “wtf am i watching”

    43. Shadow Shogun

      Chantel brother looks like Lil Pump but with normal hair

    44. MR HD GAMER

      2:30 when I fuck up things and try to move on pewds is a legend😂😂

    45. maria

      okay but chantele´s brother kinda cute tho

    46. Pirateking Blackbeard

      Pedro is tweaking bruh, chantel is absolutely gorgous and from these clips she looks like a genuine sweetheart too....

    47. ravenburrd

      Those McJuggies are bigger than my future. Lol

    48. JJS

      Chantal, you're too hot sweetheart. Just up and outie sweet pea sweety pie lovey boo.

    49. JJS

      That mom is a genious. When I heard her say "harvest the American dollar" she immediately gained Cerse status.

    50. sumin수민


    51. Suga is everything :3

      That intro kinda reminds me of saiki k

    52. The Chewie Channel 01

      Th9s entire freaking video was beautiful. (Dont touch IKEA lamp!!!!!)

    53. Marcus Gabriel

      How come pedro sounds like his addicted to slapassing on a baseball team?

    54. Hugo LUCAS


    55. My pfp Is better than your potato-

      The intro is the best thing ever I have ever seen

    56. Juan Carlos Rivera

      Ok but Chantel is bad as f*ck tho

    57. Luke Bartek

      I was here.

    58. Marcus 007

      Rest In Peace Ikea Lamp.

    59. HTVgamerxox 🦆

      I laughed so hard that I spat my water in to my bed 🥲

    60. Jean Pretorius

      I love you pewds 13 years a bro and you never disappoint

    61. Lana Ventus

      When are u and Marcia having a baby

    62. Austin Drawbaugh

      8:14, got that double cam action

    63. Shania Zimmerman

      Do Darcy and Jesse!

    64. William Soojian

      Of course her name is Karen 😂

    65. hanif rafli

      2:30 Man he continued the vid with an obliterated light

    66. Jolene Sparkes

      at 15:13 the interview with the parents the background looks like modern family scene

    67. Manny Oommen

      2:30 - Pewdiepie became the hulk

    68. Matthew Sunderland

      That kid didn't actually want to fight Pedro 😂

    69. Ride the Gamer

      K bro

    70. Lucas Retmier

      *Slams the desk and lights turn off* *me literally dies*

    71. Jame Andy

      The remarkable legal unexpectedly jail because scorpion physically prepare off a boorish popcorn. blue, juicy leek

    72. Itzel Neptune

      I’m sorry but the game at the end has gotta be a joke.. I was eating .

    73. Francisco J Costa

      Latino Gang

    74. Joe Carr

      And that freaking farting noise damn bro you are so annoying

    75. Joe Carr

      Pewweee could you please stop pausing the videos so much

    76. Andrew Buchanan

      She's fine as hell man woof

    77. [M-H] Enterprise

      Thanks my good so 10000 subscribe please sir

      1. Peach


    78. RIZA Online

      My first upload on youtube! Hope you enjoy! @ShWY

    79. L S

      "Define TLC couples" pewdiepie :"This is just a recipe for disaster" me :"HELL YAA!!!"

    80. Leon Neerman

      chantele's mom has the same voice and acts the same like the wife of the president in the serie 24

    81. jamie smith

      An apple a day keels the dominican rebuplic away

    82. Mr. LoneWolf

      They should let the moms fight, whoever wins, get to say if they continue with the marriage or not!!!

    83. PatsaRules

      Ιs she plastic or what?

    84. Yioguna

      R.I.P L a m p

    85. i need ppsh

      The girl a kp

    86. lil bo peep

      11:54 omg she’s SO pretty

    87. Abdur Rahman

      This Pedro looks to like a Dominican Casemiro, like a hybrid of Casemiro and Mariano BTW what an intro

    88. GABUSH

      2:16 DAYUMM 😹😹


      Anos be like bruh

    90. oost 0182

      hello, you name is poidibie?

    91. Stefan B.

      Pedro's mom said her family is "pura raza", literally pure race, pureblood in her argument against Chantel's family. Now, I don't know much about racial identities and relations in the USA and its territories they have a "it's complicated" relationship status with, but I think that bitch is racist.

    92. Sierra Carbajal

      The fact she said that was borderline body trafficking

    93. Ilaana Weerasinghe

      I want him to do a tlc parody with him and marzia

    94. John Camp Humphryes

      Pedro beat that man's ass

    95. Alexander Kruse

      Hows someone that attractive, online finding guys interrested in a greencard. I get if she had another 100-200 pounds on her, but dang like she good looking

    96. Foxx Child

      Pewds should be on 90 day fiancé narrating or doing commentary I’d watch it

    97. Laval The Builder

      Flex should work as an guard in IKEA

    98. Netra Hendre

      I'm a simple person , I saw the intro and I liked the video immediately.

    99. Bonzai tr

      i like the intro tho XD

    100. Christian Stormtrooper

      Chantel's mum is actually a total badass.