This Is Bad....


4.3 ਮਿਲੀਅਨ ਦ੍ਰਿਸ਼350

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    1. Galan hainig

      jeanie: ask me any question me: if chainmail is uncraftable how does it get their in the first place? jeanie: any other question

    2. KazigKaasje

      At 28:25 you could actually see his face :0

    3. Dycovalk

      Pewdiepie, you can use the equipment on the off hand so that it’ll get the exp for mending it

    4. Lanny the Great

      Did you know that you can put chests on the anvil and name them instead of putting frames on them?

    5. Jagrut Bakrania

      Abe sale

    6. Jagrut Bakrania

      Abe sale

    7. Jagrut Bakrania

      Abe sale

    8. Ushcold

      Русские есть?

    9. MeowMyr


    10. PAINTnPONG

      Nightmare. This is nightmare. F this F this F this F this ahhhhhhhh

    11. Midnightmoron

      Minecart bonkey is nitpicking and biased bye bye

    12. Khian james Albeso

      13:45 that voice crack

    13. EjFromMC

      What is your shaders pls?

    14. Taylor Moore

      the invisible spider was really cut ngl

    15. Nathan Quimby

      When are you going to finish Doom 3

    16. charliedrawsbadly

      yes it is pronounced kaljrin

    17. Jeremo Moore

      Why did his level reset?

    18. Nature photography

      Stop swearing or unsub

    19. Alva Scott

      Ullabama best cat

    20. Shaun SB06

      cant wait for face reveal

    21. nina

      so uh who else fistbumps him back....

    22. CrimsonLolz

      If Pewds doesn’t do that enclosed biome ideas I’ll cry

    23. ANGGA

      135 432 787

    24. HejManden

      The way he says "cowldron" instead of cauldron

    25. Poppy Foyster

      *blames water cat for making the whole he made in his pool*

    26. Doris

      why isn´t this in the series?

    27. Andre Charpentier

      what is that intro song

    28. Katie Miler

      imagine his fire resistance ran out when he was fighting all those magma cubs in lava

    29. Remixes For Life

      I learned potions to yesterday and I said the same thing about coldorans Ik I said it's name wrong but I didn't bother saving it

    30. Pascale Jungwirth

      0:15 IS PEWDIEIE WEARING SAPNAP MERCH?!?!?!?!?! thats sooo coool

    31. SpectrumSlain

      22:34 Japanese hot springs but in Minecraft.

    32. ALPHA

      Jaccuzi is unli in minecraft dont worry PP!

    33. Trinity Gilligan


    34. big cat Nation

      Subscribe to big cat nation please

    35. big cat Nation

      Subscribe to big cat nation please

    36. big cat Nation

      Subscribe to big cat nation please

    37. big cat Nation

      Subscribe to big cat nation please

    38. big cat Nation

      Subscribe to big cat nation please

    39. big cat Nation

      Subscribe to big cat nation please

    40. Keira Nelson

      when you find a village its sometimes rare but if you find a villager house with 3 FURNACES! go inside to the chests and there can sometimes be DIAMONDS!!!!!!!

    41. jani magdič


    42. Terence

      Bfffff and pewdiepie relationship is changing from Sven and pewds to water sheep and pewds...

    43. Јанко Јовановић

      why kitten

    44. Wen5682 ???

      My weapons : sword of bane, dead shot, scooper Pewds: pee pee

    45. NewPeiBoy

      Wow why you did with your face 😉 Bro , are going to change 🤩

    46. رقه العيون Albaaj


      1. رقه العيون Albaaj

        تراني عراقيه

    47. Philip Elasigue

      Channeling strikes lightning when its raining

    48. مجهولہٰ الہٰهويٰة

      اول تعليق عربي 😊😊

    49. Александр Валитов

      Guys pls tell which version of Minecraft’s pewds playing

    50. Fae ღ

      listening to Felix mispronouncing cauldron for 29:55 minutes straight

    51. 1D_Inc

      Failcore Hard

    52. WaterSheep


    53. Marius Tubac

      If you liked this video, I have similar videos.


      Pweds: trades with cartographer for 1 emerald for the price of 11 glass panes Fletcher: Am I a joke to you?

    55. mr. jarnee

      28:25 😳😳😳😳😳😳 FACE REVEAL

    56. PrimarchEldarAutarch

      cauldron - 'au' sound like caught (as in caught a ball)

    57. JJ_PlaysAgain

      What shader is he using??

    58. Nicholas McLaughlin

      28:24 mini face reveal

    59. Isaiah’s GamePlay

      Which texture pack does he use?

    60. Chimp

      little do people know... that you can be doing something in a cave and then a creeper drops down and kills you in hardcore

    61. Chain BG


    62. Lam4ThePlan

      How did he enchant his shield?

      1. Azra Iqbal

        U can in java

    63. syed jamal shah

      this dude is not playing hardcore he is fooling yall dumdums when he slept in the bed it said respawn point set you cannot respawn in hardcore

      1. Azra Iqbal


    64. Armeen Fatima

      Pewds: That's so dumb! Minecraft: I feel my heart crack.

    65. DragonX

      saving my spot 6:56

    66. Rowena Mangahas

      Make an xp farm

    67. Leo M. K-H

      You just gotta love that "Cældrun"

    68. Logan Ripper

      Why does he cover his face up?

    69. Theo Feint

      if you crouch and attack it does a ton more damage

    70. Iakona Sisler

      When it zoomed in on his potion running out I had major anxiety watching him play

    71. Jude Wars

      i thought he died

    72. Rose Cucu


    73. Thanay

      Can anyone tell me that why does he hate that cat wich always drowns in the water , idk cuz I'm watching his minecraft series from just a week

    74. Distance Delph

      why would you zoom in on ur health bar don’t play with me like that man 😂

    75. Wonderful Walrus

      Pewdiepie: how do you spell vial? Also Pewdiepie: Bottle? Minecraft learn english

    76. lil Paulers


    77. Asian Peepo

      Can someone tell me how to use that kind of effect/filter Pewds is using? I need this for my stream :(

    78. Adriel Ortiz

      U should make an Xp Farm its A LOT more ez to get Xp

    79. :3 ;3


    80. Tristan Wolf Gustavsen

      pause at 24:00: the piglins where looking at the cooked porkchop they like "bruh"

    81. RapiddoodS

      PEWDIEPIE IS MY INSPIRATION!! my mom said that if I got 10K subscribers!! She definitely buy me a professional mic!! begging you GUYS please!

    82. KronoShimitae

      Its been a long time since i've seen pewds face. Hmm i wonder what his face looks like. Maybe he will look a lot like felix.

    83. flivk

      Hey pewdiepie i know this is just a normal comment but please heart this comment im a fan since 100 subscriber but this acc was made a mounth ago

    84. R, hero 영웅

      NH Core why am i famous /.,;

    85. Capital Coffee

      You fool! You fell victim for the classic lava+gravel blunder!

    86. Ben Dover

      Isn’t Bonkey the one in the mine cart

    87. JavHolmes

      I think after the recent Pewdiepie video, we all know why he covered his face...

    88. Suxxess Music

      25:00 he sounds like an exasperated western man

    89. Suxxess Music

      Fun fact: the cat is just seeking fish from the pool

    90. Princes lewis

      I loved it when you said "I'd wish you'd drown" to a bee.

    91. Galactica

      whats the shaders that he uses

    92. Yaboi 666

      Felix: caldrun. everyone: Its cauldron not “caldron” Also felix: I need more eye-ron.

    93. R, hero 영웅

      Now this a video

    94. E S

      here you literally told Bffft to drown... and then he did

    95. Bobbi Berry

      That final showdown tho... the historic Magma Block Standoff... stressful af.

    96. Aryan Arora


    97. Hunger Games

      If u splash tht healing potion it will heal others if tht splashes on them too so..... If u splash then by mistake they can heal too lol

    98. PAPA NWND

      god this series is so good nearly caught up

    99. Dipper Dan

      The nappy stew substantially strengthen because domain superfamily rot at a rustic clover. homeless, squalid pigeon

    100. Suxxess Music

      I like your eyebrows today