This is absolutely NOT Funny - LWIAY #00141


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    1. Me Me

      I think its 😍

    2. emmir sulaeman

      felix looks like middle age man

    3. Me Me


    4. Zoon


    5. Emmanuel Caisse

      For me he looks like Simon from The walking dead

    6. Austin

      Swedish man living in the UK singing the Turkish variation of a Finnish folk song. Now that's interesting

    7. Weird YouTube F4

      i love cheeessseee

    8. Weird YouTube F4

      i love cheeesseeessse

    9. Weird YouTube F4

      i love cheeesseeeeeeee

    10. GOOD1 GOod One

      i can not join the live , but i will leave my message here , he is so funny

    11. Cyan_killer

      Your new profile pic looks like my uncle

    12. jordan kjallberg

      Nice moustache bro, lift much?¡

    13. Escultura CEC

      Wait...was there toilet paper in the shower?

    14. Kiryu Chan

      Just like your content

    15. imEffort!


    16. Sean Moore

      KSI be simping tho

    17. Beast TV Sk

      ALE ČAU

    18. Vincent Parsons

      this video was on my birthday

    19. bpVicenzo Vendetta

      Does someone knows the 16:35 song?

    20. Stxrryqlxuds


    21. Hans Gerber

      12:00 wait that's Bronson

    22. Three Kings

      well done great work nice job

    23. Sergio Croos

      Yo felix Arthur shelby is a threating person lol he is hardcore

    24. Stupid Monkey

      I didnt know pewdiepie take shit in shower

    25. Fox Vixen

      *awh* *awh* Me : ÁÆ×W&HA

    26. Microrobot Franco Mangiliman

      how did he made that shit in the shower story so intense.

    27. SAITAMA

      Pewdiepie looks like Riley Murdock of Linus Media Group.

    28. Mani ravandi

      I knew pewdiepie watches avatar

    29. Romy Abou Jaoudé

      Felix : I’m an adult Also Felix less than 2 seconds later : IM A SHERIFF *spitting noises*

    30. Tetsu1


    31. FARPUDO YT 999 __

      Salve Br dominado o munto

    32. Moon Walker

      I would be glad if you subscribe to my channel

    33. Gabriela Capcha Ch.


    34. ZumbaDieHard

      well the Simpsons just predicted the future AGAIN

    35. James Darby

      Im lazy, Fat and i watch memes all day ... and now i get called a f*ckin Loser. Feels great to be appreciated.

    36. jojo74nyc

      i have not seen sponsor eagel in a w

    37. Fact King

      6:57 I came here just because of Bilal...😂

    38. Pepco Rampouch

      I would never want to be your neighboor...

    39. Sigo Mannaart

      What kind of millionaire needs such a long ad in his video

    40. Eiji

      not the Emil Nekola brotha- 😭🤚

    41. UmbraDolor

      I'm almost 30.. I had no idea the mustache meant that

    42. Chad Buoy445


    43. Major Mαtt

      Ksi boomer

    44. WateryWater


    45. Flame_WitherHeart

      Everyone with a big PP not wanting to spend money on a membership: Pewds: *S M O L P P*

    46. Catrina Zimmer

      love yha bro keep it going

    47. Elias Bremer

      I have mustache too

    48. Thegr- hood487

      Did you skin the sheep

    49. Abhay Aditya Nagaraj

      I bet a thousand dollars pewdiepie doesn’t even use Nordvpn

    50. RavenR3X

      7:00 me trying to get a song done on my tambourine

    51. Hunter Forsberg


    52. Newbie Birthday

      i just saw the thumbnail and started laughing

    53. jerry sumat

      6:54 12:12 13:06 11:53 (saved clips)

      1. jerry sumat

        Bookmarked clips

    54. Paul Boock

      Pewds ksi drawing be like avaduruh

    55. fun and extreme chemistry with islam k


    56. c

      therapist: Tall Young Dr Phil doesn’t exist, he can’t hurt you Tall Young Dr Phil:

    57. just jay

      He looks like an uncle

    58. Grace Gracy Boo

      the p0rnstash

    59. Ralfs Šūba

      Sub to MrBest

    60. Oakley Clouds

      when you leave a comment:

    61. Night Wolf

      Bilal Göregen 😊😊


      satya goodddo ki jai 777 ki jai

    63. Carbamazepine

      Im starting to hate this guy...idk

    64. Water Sinking Orange

      Im still laughing at ned flanders

    65. 6 - A Venkata Krishna Abhiram Gowripeddi

      Who likes pewdiepie like

      1. Nanny69

        The video? Got it

    66. L E N N Y

      I was today's years old when i found out the falling pug vine is Maya...

    67. Darkside of the Bear

      He protec He attac But most of all Edgar, he blac

    68. Darkside of the Bear

      Fat Pewdiepie straight up looks like Ralph from the Ralph Retort!

    69. Sana Tazmeen


    70. Daniel_ S_R

      Ta imitando o Rik vagabundo?

    71. Marie Antonette Aniag

      what is ur intro now

    72. OBC

      Ievan Polkka Pewdiepie Version

    73. Bryan Perez

      Thought sponsor eagle died of leukemia?

    74. Bobby Hicks


    75. Shadow Scythe

      pewds sayin' i go to the streets and nod my head with people with moustache.... me:no fans there?

    76. LightenUp!

      It so is.

    77. MeganPitt

      Hahaha he does kind of look like Ned Flanders.

    78. melysa olivas

      you’ve gained weight.

    79. Sok rates

      Pewdflanders had me crying by laughing

    80. Matrix Potato

      honestly i'm loving the relationship pewds and KSI have XD

    81. Squishy Fishy gaming


    82. Mehmet Mencir

      13:06 as bayrakları as as 🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷

    83. Mehmet Mencir


    84. Mehmet Mencir


    85. djidji213

      Fat pewdiepie = tim the tat man,

    86. Lindsay B

      That Ksi drawing looks like Tupac

    87. Pocidoler

      I want to die

    88. Sandoll

      Jos hebat deh pokoknya

      1. Alif Nabil

        Wtf ada juga ternyata

    89. Saini Brawl Stars

      Can i get 8% of ur 108M subcribers😂🤣😂

    90. M.H

      0:00 How long has it taken you to this intro

    91. Acker Sotomayor

      The vulgar latex simplistically shade because cord extremely slow a a stupendous burst. courageous, rotten chill

    92. Chocolate Pie1819

      I'm sorry but that does not suit you XD

    93. mr shockgod


    94. Al Gore Rhythm


    95. Master Chef

      The cruel pimple intracellularly bake because radar cephalometrically whistle amidst a flashy saturday. scintillating, fuzzy debtor

    96. WillBrov Gaming

      Pewdiepie watches ksi watching pewdiepie drawing ksi

    97. GIDORI

      Нечего не понял но очень интересно

    98. Unai Juárez Serrano

      "OR women, women can moustache too" well, that puts a smile on my face

    99. Arin Akpinar

      bilal göregen için gelenler +1

    100. Adrien Wilson

      7:21 can we all agree that the nose looks like an eiffel tower