Things we all have done - #85[REDDIT REVIEW]


4.9 ਮਿਲੀਅਨ ਦ੍ਰਿਸ਼469

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    1. Mason Damron

      7:38 true

    2. Waddles Bell

      M O N K E

    3. Absentpopcorn

      Why is the sound quality so bad

    4. Me Me


    5. JoshuaD Coates

      His intro is golden

    6. chocoplayz

      Wait what u are PewDiePie omg eww idk y people watch you Soo much and subs bruhhh

    7. Cameron Doerksen

      yall saw a dude jumpin over shit in crazy parkour-style while staring out the car window too? what did yours look like? mine was just a stick dude

    8. Ian McAllister

      I remember always sliding my fingers in the grooves and when there were the bumps from paint that got under my nails I was in pain for the rest of the day.

    9. Mr. Original

      2:49 Thank goodness, so I wasn't weird for doing that all the time.

    10. Zoe Brunner


    11. Unbroken fate

      9:19 they forgot tiktok

    12. Totally Random.

      when you use your wrapping paper your left with pipe unsubscribe to tseries

    13. Omomofe Ikomi

      cocomelon intro 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣


      И этот комень перевернет мир я смогу изменить свою жизнь и вашу вы будете смотреть мои видео и радоватся Я стример иду к своей цели смотри мой канал люблю своего кота больше чем девушек спамлю везде целеустремленный еще я нюхаю трусы

    15. Darion Arretrea

      Tfw you're almost 30 and still do most of the 13:07 stuff

    16. Charlie Wethington

      I was very reasuured at 10:17 as someone born in 1999 that I relate to literally every single one

    17. The Nostalgia Of Tomorrow

      Those woodshoes, the dutch inventors call them “klompen”

    18. Fire Fox

      Felix looks like the commander from thw film the siege of jadotville

    19. lidzk

      8:28 someone on reddit said my english was good one time. that day was cool

    20. Air Vent

      who the frick considers icee second best?

    21. Lumberjake 8857

      0:15 just remove the slash 😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏

    22. Malcolm Muhammad

      when the fist disappears before you can bro it T_T


      2:27 at that time my dad always be like : don’t close the door it’s not your house and then when im told him “if you wanna watch me be alone with my thoughts and having a mental breakdown so sure, left is open He doesn’t even care

    24. some dude

      13:25 yoo that's when you put glue on ur hands and let it dry. I just had a little nostalgia trip

    25. Mimi Iordache

      I like how he said cum bucket

    26. hot pizza rolls

      11:52 I just got an ad for Square space

    27. Det0x cc


    28. Ilzheven

      The word 'website' has lost all meaning...

    29. RaccoonsLeek


    30. Animation- Tube

      Maugli was better in soviet cartoons

    31. Rishab .B

      Pewds laughing is adorable and ominous

    32. StraySM _

      7:40 never before have I been so offended by something I 100% agree with.

    33. itsyaboidomi

      The 1998-2003 kids starterpack is so fucking accurate

    34. 1JOE4U

      11:58 f

    35. Brayden Kelley

      pewds said trans rights

    36. Main, The Democrats Cheated, A

      JK Rowling predicament is the perfect example of everything wrong with The modern-day left, If you play with fire, you get burned .

    37. Blue Yoshi

      I wanted memes. Not history class.

    38. Dr. Shrak

      What’s h**ny mean???? 🤔🤭

    39. crazy Tricks


    40. Three Kings

      well done great work nice job

    41. Robert Hughes


    42. Joseph Hurley

      6:22 Literally frickin dying.

    43. c0rnelia

      Video sounds like earrape

    44. MrRosefield

      the hell is wrong with pewds mic?

    45. codydunkley

      he said cum bucket

    46. The DaddyKojima

      10:56 I feel personally attacked by that. I am in marching band and I do not resemble that. (I’m being very sarcastic. I am not offended)

    47. Garbage

      15:30 the outfit had me laughing.

    48. Miko_ LovesU

      Felix throwing shade at J.K rolling is my life now.

    49. Yeti

      fortnite isnt a bad game its just the shit ass community of 8 year olds that cant take any criticism

    50. Fadhel ALHAWAJ

      fun fact about pewdiepie:the amount of times pewdoepie said fuck is the amount of subscribers he has

    51. Palepetua Plays

      12:48 GUYS THAT SONG PEWDS MENTIONED IS Trance - 009 Sound System Dreamscape. Thank me later.

    52. DEATH breach21


    53. Limerence

      The dutch invented the wooden shoes! They are called: Klompen.

    54. Jsweizston

      Quicksand was a government lie in the 90's to distract from the real killer...Peat bogs.

    55. Thijmen Nijland

      Felix: shows the wooden shoes Dutch people: 😳😱

    56. Fat Boi


    57. Pepco Rampouch

      dumbass you can not actually die from quicksand unless you bring it upon yourself :D

    58. Ghost Buster

      “This video is sponsered by” starter pack Me: RAID SHADOW LEGANDS

    59. LiterallyArthur

      Who remembers putting sticks or long objects pretending it was a sword in the back of your shirt as a sword holder.

    60. Tyson the Wacky Toucan

      Pewdiepie: I have prefect English. Pewdiepie Few months ago: negligable.

    61. Tyson the Wacky Toucan

      I mean in the 30s the U.S sold clogs they were wooden

    62. CsabaTOn [̲̅Y̲̅σ̲̅υ̲̅т̲̅υ̲̅b̲̅є̲]

      Who is this man?

    63. Fungo Slungo

      JK Rowling is good.

    64. Clumsy Cloud

      13:25 is putting glue on your hands an peeling it off lol

    65. Rabie Zougab

      He's high 😏

    66. Elle H

      What is the name of the company that sponsored him with the magnetic picture that are hanging up behind him??? I can't find it!!

    67. im_a_potato ಠωಠ

      Those clogs are klompen in the dutch we used to wear then in the 19ths

    68. Narwha1e !

      I have an issue I neither love nor hate PewDiePie I am in between So... Am I an ALIEN!!?

    69. Dinoman The Builder

      10:15 I was born in 2008 and remember liking them somehow.

    70. Mukasyafah Suaid

      Can't believe I found your channel again. I was here 5 or 6 years ago.

    71. Kennedy

      I’m kind of an early genz even if I was born in 2006

    72. lizium

      I used to blink whenever the car would line up with stuff, too. Is that not normal?

    73. Orrin Rosebrook

      I live in America and not all of America's like that just some big cities

    74. Prince Roward Borsigue

      13:26 its glue that like became solid or....ok just try to put glue on your hand and spread it then wait for a couple seconds

    75. wood. exe

      for the things we did as kids i had like half

    76. lazybanana11

      Me: bends penciel fuc I don't know how to spell pen: brakes me: looks at it also me: continue's to put the broken penciel thingy in my mouth

    77. Isabellee Alyssaa

      I’d always imagine Kim Possible jumping onto different objectives while driving

    78. baxxerst


    79. Chick Astley

      When I was a little kid I did the anime late with toast in mouth but it was before I knew what anime was and it was a pancake and I did it naturally unlike alot of weebs I know

    80. Ivo Thoen

      In the netherlands are wooden shoos =klompen we are populair with that

    81. yerboi J

      Bro where tf is Ohio going

    82. Razor_sam2

      every time he says starerpack he laghs

    83. Johann Alyosha Van Tassel

      *mmm, m o n k e*

    84. dVaGaymer

      im so glad he uses opera

    85. Casual Pessimist

      why is the audio complete garbage?

    86. toast_carno

      He’s a millionaire but has really bad mic quality

    87. Moka

      Pewds: I hate children The nine year olds: (; - ;) *Thumbs up*

    88. Max Adrover Redondo Aré

      "i don't drink, but im not an asshole about it" ----Two years earlier---- "this premium japanese whisky that i ordered online is soo great"

    89. Daniel Collins

      Literally that Marching band girl thing is so true I know a girl who basically has the entire starter pack.

    90. Jade Yeeet

      Not woodshoes that zijn klompennnn

    91. AN. ORPHAN

      Who else got that "little Miss fortune" am I right. Anybody. Nope! Alright.

    92. nuggetmakers rblx

      Pewdiepie looks like dr egg man from them live action version

    93. na-no.

      (I know I'm almost a month late) 11:51 They forgot the Raycon earbuds

    94. Yeeter

      Dude there is like sooo many verified comments or bots 69

    95. Hippna Gaming

      Fuk it i was still thinking that quicksand is dangerous 😂

    96. RajKumar Shrestha

      pewdiepie is lagend

    97. Keira

      The ‘dad checking in when you’re having a depressive episode’ starter pack hit hard, don’t think I’ve ever had a parent do that with me

      1. Fungo Slungo

        Being depressed is pathetic. Get over it

      2. Alphhs

        Hang in there bro

    98. Afonso Lopes


    99. crispy chicken

      Sort your mic out

    100. Cotton Candy

      Jag gjorde det igår