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    Arkade Blaster
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    1. Jairus paul Vergel de dios

      I love the gun thing but im from philipines

    2. Me Me


    3. Georgi1068

      This video will have the same likes as the year 2021

    4. thea loves

      whoever made this game is GENIUS!

    5. Bella Knight

      anyone else genuinely impressed by how quickly he blew past these puzzles

    6. Haleigh White

      He has played before when the first version came it! I felt like I was having deja vu watching hahaha

    7. Sam Gaming

      Pewds: I recognize the title The game with the same name thats about glitches:

    8. BarzDown 14

      he did play the old version of this

    9. Tomes of Awesome

      PLEASE DO MORE !!!

    10. A.O. Video Productions

      What did the watercourse say to the caller? Water are you up?

    11. ASALI Online Tv

      Minecraft forever for a living

    12. the accordion dude

      he said it. he finally said "pewdiepie" intro like in the old days lol.

    13. Mark Khoussid

      You have played it, older one though this one seems different, I was there when you released it though

    14. HALF A Studios

      When Mr game screams No the NO in the title falls down Huh, didn't notice that

    15. Mariana Nieto

      y'all remember this in Cool Math games?😂😂😂

    16. sharmila sayeth

      This is Not A comment on A video as its Not a video and this is not a Comment.

    17. Lq1

      1. Lq1

        There is no comment

    18. Granchy Polo

      Funny Story so im watching this video and there a ad pop up and it has a skip but the rhumbnail of tyhis video is in the skip button so what did i do i watches the whole ad and i remembered that the thumbnail of the video is that XD

    19. Three Kings

      well done great work nice job

    20. Kyle BRUHflovski

      Plot twist: There's also no plot twist

    21. moises2000_fb

      There is no part 2

    22. Romy Abou Jaoudé

      Not the virus sounding like corps :3

    23. Peter Brazeal

      Rochambeau takes me back to my skating days

    24. Malia Shuler

      HE WAS using a video *GASP*

    25. Aikotitilai

      16:55 "Shoot the glitch!" "With what?"

    26. Whisky Whims

      Never knew Corpse was in this game "shake my head!!!"

    27. Naveen Karaka

      There are No dislikes But all the other dislikes are from the glitch........

    28. BaconGuy

      Pewdiepie has the biggest brain I could ever IMAGINE

    29. SUB ZERO

      Wow this comment reach 20k

    30. CsabaTOn [̲̅Y̲̅σ̲̅υ̲̅т̲̅υ̲̅b̲̅є̲]

      Who is this man?

    31. Itz Dan YT

      HECK YEA

    32. Alfonzo Garbonzo

      Roshambo is rock paper scissors but for skaters

    33. Andreea Moșescu

      21:13 "it's Romanian!!" My Romanian self is so happy

    34. matieking

      23:35 fiiinally he gets it

    35. WarriorPlayz Main

      Pewds: uses zinwip youtube: adverts the real zinwip me: WHAT THE FUCK?!

    36. Tzuyu Codm

      Pewds mic is so loud

    37. Zaryxle

      Is everyone gonna pass the fact that pewdiepies mic was unplugged

    38. Jai Singh

      This is content

    39. Swarup Mishra

      There is no second video!?

    40. Hellraiser

      Literally every youtuber who has played this game has made the SAME thumbnail and SAME title

    41. Cole Peffer




    43. Ari Jade

      but the intro

    44. 1-NIME

      I love that russian narrator🤣🤣

    45. Elze Zdan

      i dont know why but i remeber how john cena says his lines YOU CANT SEE ME

    46. PhantomLegend

      Babajoey lol

    47. TVVISTIK

      Здесь вообще русские есть

    48. Pook

      I remember playing this on the dodgy computers in primary school

    49. Tyuiojh Ahgdfsg

      The pumped quail locally offer because product reciprocally fax at a abiding arithmetic. well-off, available radiator

    50. Zarin Beva


    51. Rubelh Hossai

      The descriptive notify monthly start because fruit connolly yawn alongside a squalid turn. workable, onerous sandra

    52. Tranquil Asmr

      Is this on cool math ???

    53. Petar Retard

      pewds: i beat the game in 10 min the video: 33:26 min me: confused screaming

    54. David Lashkoski

      2:00 BABABOOEY !!!! I see u pewds

    55. Adam Vi Frye

      i'll be sad if this doesnt get finished.

    56. Lukas Reimer


    57. Serena

      WHERE’S PART 2????

    58. Rin Xx

      I like the fact pewds is just roasting mark throughout the game play and just clicking anything despite what the game says🤣🤣

    59. Natree Penwolf

      u played this game wit same title years ago and thats how i found your channel

    60. Christoffer Pettersen

      after seeing this video. opens steam.... ;D

    61. Litam

      18:07 "Back in the day." Okay boomer lol

    62. Human

      Guys I think the title is wrong. I think there's a video there.

    63. Brady Lange

      Very creative game!

    64. Mr. Laugh

      There is no jue


      Porque robas intros

    66. hinemoa tapsell

      he looks like michael jackson

    67. Victoria Dimitrova


    68. S h R o O M y


    69. Raul Gross

      there is no comment


      Tem algum br por aqui?

    71. Mikado 95

      He doesnt will continue this game !?

    72. Make Money Now

      Reliable and humurous, the kind of resource I'm looking for!

    73. Potato bob

      Yo wtf wheres the bandicam

    74. Eduardo Román

      Took me 19 days to watch this vid, I read the title and I was like "Ok" and kept scrolling

    75. Ethan Guy

      Haha, if you didn’t look up a tutorial why so many little skips and jumps throughout the film? Stop every now then to flick back to the video you’re watching? Hmm I’m just kidding pewds.

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    77. qatoxd

      You can help me reach 100 chic subs. I would like my content that I like to do to be seen by more people ..... If you want, take it as spam, but I don't see another way to reach more people 😧

    78. Trollerok

      How about Rusty Lake?

    79. zehra alptekin

      These intros are traumatic

    80. Anasyub


    81. Taylor

      Do you like Cocomelon?

    82. Musician Dudes

      Hello everyone , we make music with different musical instruments in our channel please come and listen our masterpieces and subscribe to us for good and quality music

    83. 100k subs with no videos challenge!

      There are no captions

    84. Zero 47

      Disk *made in India* Indian guy *talks about Bollywood programs Me:Pewds watch out T series is after you for figuring out about the sub bots

    85. ItsIsaac1008

      There is no comment

    86. Villain Spider


    87. YusufT19


    88. MidSleepMeister

      Pewds commenting on other peoples pronunciations :')

    89. Little Cruisy

      Wow the description says that the game is "PewDiePie's Pixelings - Idle RPG Collection Game" But I thought there was NO GAME

    90. marianamor

      I shit you not, when Felix said "it took me ten minutes to do that" I accidentally hit a button and my video went back to exactly 10 minutes in the video

    91. Julio Vanegas

      te odio we, no quiero ser tu amigo de hecho es más pero sin embargo ya no somos amigos.

    92. Aleksandra Stecel

      @2:13 Why did he say puzzle like that, my gran says it that way and its the finniest thing

    93. Mario le M

      The voice from the game has a French accent

    94. Oddivia

      Man, for a russian game, this is pretty good!

    95. Vineet

      Clickbait PewDiePie - art I have developed

    96. Cash McAlester

    97. Dog Music

      I have dog musics on my channel

    98. Cartoon Mar

      You are 108 million and I am 105 people😂

    99. ColinnF

      Yesss another of this one!!

    100. MoonShottAlchem3ist

      Pewds: Couldn't care less about a man's sick wife and 12 kids Marzia and their 108M 9/19 year olds: O_O