The World Strongest Family...


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    1. The Jamoncito Gaming

      creo que me falta hacer ejercicio

    2. John Bruder

      To strong know get the fuck out

    3. Victoria Hirtz

      everytime pewds found these girls cute were my favourite parts of the video 😂🥰

    4. Aly

      The description of lining up energy drink cans is literally every boys pad decorations in existence.

    5. hamodi. exe

      I did more than 400 push ups And I'm still not strong

    6. Kolton Rankins

      16:21 top right 0=

    7. Pepsy

      The normal is about 2000 calories a day

      1. Cubby Masuda

        The dad eats like 7.5 times the regular calories

    8. the legendary master potato god .e


    9. the legendary master potato god .e

      im stronger that an ant

    10. Camryn Bysfield

      Fist time waching

    11. burning Kabutops

      It's actually not good to do this as kids those kids gonna be 4'6

    12. gustav carlqvist

      Love your videos but why you always have hi sound on your voice and really low on the video your reacting to?? Feels like un easy Thing for sive to Edit the same sound loudness??

    13. James Shelton

      I’m weak

    14. Holly Grier

      What? Pewds can do a push up with one arm and no legs?!?!?

    15. Jax Desi

      Don’t Say bad wards

    16. SkeleGamer

      5:58 Gyms: You're too stronk, get the f@#$ out.

    17. eli berhane


    18. Blaze James


    19. Teymar Gaming

      I'm a Mr Beast fan 😂😂😂😂😂😂

    20. Hezekiah Rodriguez

      This sure was interesting, especially the second story.

    21. Hezekiah Rodriguez

      8:12 - No, you didn't. 😂😂

    22. Hezekiah Rodriguez

      15000 calories a day!? That's crazy! But those gyms are crazier.

    23. Hezekiah Rodriguez

      Mad respect for this family.

    24. DANG3R_SPID3R

      That little girl doesn't even need to say my dad can beat up your dad, she'll just do it herself

    25. Rockster Fooxy

      There’s not even 240 hours in a week

    26. Matt Pinkham

      Pewds you need a baby

    27. BaconNation88

      Something tells me Dylan’s gonna go up to a 15 years old and act all tough then get beat up Ik hes 18 now but I’m saying when he was 11

    28. Catching Them

      I’m not tryna flex but I flipped a 500 pound tire at 10 and now I’m 13 and can deadlift 275 pounds and I’m not joking

    29. Erich Schiller

      Most kids drink like milk or whatever but I drink coffee. By the gallon. -The kid probably

    30. Aleksandar Ibrahimovic

      same about the energy drinks. BIggest flex as a 11 yr old

    31. Ethan Wilborn

      I deadlifted 170 his age

    32. Andrew -

      Pewds: works out in a crack den, still wins the most handsome man award Family: spends 80k on a home gym and gets looked at weird on tv

    33. Tim Brenyo

      Quality over quantity Felix...

    34. Tim Brenyo

      The dad is 1 punch man

    35. Raiden

      Life after 30 1:22

    36. Plasma Fear

      I ALSO collected and still have pokémon cards

    37. Mr.turtle

      6:06 this made me laugh so hard

    38. Teee Emmm

      I collect MTN dew cans and then they stay in my bedroom for like a week

    39. Brantley Houchins


    40. Mrcarrot

      i wanna die

    41. Pat Smash

      That moment when you don't have a driving license so you just straight up pull your car

    42. loverboy arshad

      Now thats not good..too much lift involved You dont need to be a doctor to know this You can just do simple exercises everyday to be in good shape..

    43. Kyo Kun

      pewds this isn't even wholesome, this is scary.

    44. Manasi

      These vids are so wholesome 😭😭😭

    45. Yassin Ahmed

      11:02 man this is saitama from one punch man...

    46. Rap City


    47. Col

      1:36 exaggerating the family already? There are 168 hours in a week...

    48. IceChoc Dyk

      feliks has ocd when it comes to dogs

    49. Barb Kimes

      If you see the ps5 in background here's the clip 2:13

    50. Youssef Wassim

      im 10.5 turing 11 very soon but i still think im stronger than the 11 year old

    51. Consuelo Ruiz

      Lol so fake naw the 5 year old could beat you up

    52. Įţş_mə_şhąđøw

      Imagine saying "My younger sister can beat up your dad" I dont think thats a sentance that has ever been said before

    53. Cheez Bugga

      "the world strongest family"...... yes

    54. Katie Putman

      I love your videos pretty pie thank you for posting

    55. The Hellwalker

      Them:We are the strongest family Me:*loads a mini gun and a rifle* Me: y'all were saying?

    56. StevenTCR

      TLC: This 11 year old boy can lift 130 pound dead-lift the bar: 5KG on each side which is 22 pounds total and about a 15 pound bar, so thats literally 37 pounds and I didnt know 130=37. Yes I did the research.

    57. FF DEMON forever

      pewd's you make fun of others but you dont look at your self

    58. The Big Man

      Holy shit, I collect energy drink cans too. Now I don’t feel like a total psychopath.

    59. System_Runner41

      When I was 11 I could lift over 100 pounds, and I was over 200 lbs

    60. Bruno Olivaes

      react to a video from the maicon kuster channel

    61. Richard Mowad

      There isn’t even 240 hours in a week...

    62. Sergio Enrique

      the dad is hulk

    63. eleazar999_

      You are sow cringe all your subs are all old

    64. kayden holmes


    65. kayden holmes

      You look way diffrent

    66. toy bonnie

      how can a 5 year old girl can be stronger than me???

    67. Doggo Daily

      Dylan like to my little sister can beat you up

    68. Ben Homer


    69. Nevermind

      0:09 why is he shaking

    70. Mixl

      why is that little girl so cutee

    71. Ashton Dewitt

      I am stover than the mom and I am 11

    72. CARLOS Martinez

      Nick Best is wholesome af. OG Strongman

    73. XCALIBƏR

      In india every 90s kids play thing was tyre

    74. Mikey hockey 8

      PApromrs failing the 10k calorie challenge this man eat 15k on a normal day

    75. Apple_pippin

      Felix the stronk boi

    76. siva#uchiha

      Dude react to attack on titan in 9 minutes. Damn freeking funny. Plźzzzzz

    77. tina perry

      them puggoes so cute

    78. BenGamesDK_YT

      Reminds me of Camp Green Lake from the novel "Holes"

    79. Divya Garg

      We're keeping the imposter

    80. Isaac Eugene

      Dude is eleven and so small and talks about coffee,I hope this was fake.

    81. cola boy

      8:08 the girl is jakked

    82. Mugiwára_ Boy

      imagine the dad beat the kid

    83. hat dog man

      i bet their dad already has abs when he was born

    84. AboutIt

      Yo the kid with the fishing lures still holds the world record after 5 years! Congrats to him

    85. Jester 950

      All hale PewDiePie!!!

    86. Baban Vunny

      im 50% stronger than cat

    87. I_is_Panda

      her bicep at 8:09 tho

    88. I_is_Panda

      Random comment: I can make myself passout by holding my finger to my... uh ball in my thhroat

    89. Amber Ottey

      Stop saying bad words or I will unsubscribe

    90. Koi Sockey

      RPG I choose you

    91. Victor Luna

      The sister one Uped her brother by just being more wholesome lol

    92. most shortest name

      Nostalgia bru

    93. Elijah Gaming

      I am 5'7 and I'm 11 is that normal?

    94. Elijah Gaming

      5'7 and I am 11 is

    95. romdomplayer[ZR]

      bet i can beat that dad to a bloody pulp

    96. Michael Batiste

      I like how in the second video how many times the girl said “ there all pink”😂

    97. CadeplayzTV

      mmm i could go for some bwaffles


      bruh this guy is so dumb and so mean how does he have this much subscribers

    99. Adam Diaz

      I’m 10 and I play with astrophysics

    100. Defaulty Galaxy

      This is like the Parr family in the incredibles but everyone is mr.incredible