The Ultimate Among Us Impostor Duo - Among Us #10


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    1. DevSports and Gaming

      My crewmate strategy is to go to admin and check a room with 2 ppl and catch someone killing,venting,or running My imposter strategy is to go to admin, find a deserted area, get there fast then get a vent kill

    2. Random NPC

      The wallet links in the description are switched XD. The one that says android takes you to Apple and the one that says IOS takes you to the play store. Lmfao

    3. AnimePeEps

      Plot twist: He never got the Iphone 12 he won

    4. Sangita Kamde

      Wow Love all Of Your Videos Specially the Among Us Ones I would be Really Happy If you watch My Video of Me Making Among us Character Out Of Newspaper @

    5. Sangita Kamde

      Wow Love all Of Your Videos Specially the Among Us Ones I would be Really Happy If you watch My Video of Me Making Among us Character Out Of Newspaper @

    6. Katie Wright

      Mrbeast simping for pewds is a wonderful thing

    7. Givson Purba Tambak

      I've been reply 12:26 a lot of times, a lottt offf timesss

    8. lucas epic gamer

      Lol 0:02

    9. Rajni jain


    10. Veljko Pro

      Invite cocomelon 😂😂

    11. Cat with the Pink hoodie

      I cant get it :(

    12. Andrew The Kid

      Funny... Mr. Beast has the same video... Just with him...

    13. Idk Studios

      Me belike ITS CORPSE AND BEasT i feel its always them yuh know ???????????????????????

    14. Vuxytux

      “Feilx and jimmy sitting in a tree, K-I-S-S-I-N-G.” Almost everyone knows the rest of this song: “First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes the baby in the baby carriage.” For most of my life, I've hated this rhyme. I wanna die after writing this Corpse love your song " E-GIRLS ARE RUINING MY LIFE" and the name Randall!

    15. Lynn Cacciatore


      1. Lynn Cacciatore


      2. Lynn Cacciatore

        O RIGHT

    16. Jordan’s Universe

      We’re on the way to 10010M everyone subscribe to pewdiepie!

    17. Andrew Grantham

      jimmy cares alot about you so do i he shoutsouts you in his vidios and im a big fan 2

    18. guess me

      I love it how jimmy really wants to impress felix

    19. Hailey Higgins

      Everybody unsubscribe from T-Siries and sub to pewdiepie

    20. Dark Expert

      Who noticed Felix swapping links of android and apple store in description

    21. Julian Tazzeo

      Pewds ads are TOP TIER

    22. Noel John

      Fun Fact- I have more likes on this comment and less subscribers 😂

    23. Amanda’s World

      12:21 the face though xDDD

    24. Me Me


    25. Logan McLaughlin

      12:18 is when the moment happens

    26. Ayush Ravi

      Guys I am Indian and I saw a movie with a guy who has a deeper voice than corpse It’s pretty even I suppose His name is Arjun Das The first line in Wikipedia is he is known for his bassy voice

    27. Daniel Griffiths

      keep up the good work

    28. 3THANOSS

      0:27 It’s raining in my Minecraft server as well....

    29. Erin Gabriel

      MONTAGES !!!!! Best of 2020 game clips !!!!!!! Pleaseeeeee

    30. JohnSnowPokemonShow

      Smash like for pewdiepie

    31. Nabel Odera

      Hey thats for cocomelon

    32. riototz eeztnuyty


      1. Luxid 413


    33. Alex Lyman

      oof it makes me sad that pewds reps the apple life still

    34. • M I L K S H A K E •

      Guys is it weird that I just came across this guy but he’s the most famous person on YT??? 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    35. NaTaLiE343

      12:28 he said everyone be quiet EVERYONE be quiet lmao

    36. NaTaLiE343

      11:38 sykkunooooo

    37. SNAKE


    38. Rocket WARR1OR

      I am from sweden pewdipie


      Ok we all can agree that mrbeast and pewds are the best among us duo😍😘😘😎😎😎

    40. Amish abdussalam

      We need another lobby with Mrbeast with proximity chat

    41. H i


    42. H i


    43. OfficialGD Thunder


    44. Latha - Shashidar Reddy Pakkeeru

      triggered insaan is better then you pewdepie

      1. Poorvika

        1) then why are you watching this? 2) can't you watch both of them?

    45. Trustfrated Army

      Sykkuno was so scared to say that it was Felix who killed Rae, it was really sad he clearly has a hard time and is shy. I like how Pewds was trying to make him comfortable by telling him that it was okay to say who he thinks it was. :)))))))

    46. AndyGamerBoy

      I subscribed for you pewds

    47. C C

      LOL Karl when Jimmy and Felix got imposter 😂😂😂

    48. Armet1

      Why did Karl have a nerf gun

    49. Amy Cotton



      What the one kid starts yelling in class when the teacher is talking about math 12:29

    51. NotOscar

      look at his face haha 12:21

    52. sykkelfamilie sommer 2020

      Hallo jeg er faktisk Norsk

    53. Abdullah Blah

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    54. Abdullah Blah

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    55. Abdullah Blah

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    56. Slyngemor


    57. Cyrus Chan

      MrBeast was filming during the time you we’re playing among us in this video

    58. Nightmarish Duality

      Look at the app links in the description 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 ......... app store link for android and google play store link for IOS .....😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    59. RayJhaun Cudjoe

      Sup pEWds I love your vidos

    60. Don't read my channel icon

      Don't read my channel name!

    61. Bloody

      Wjy people subscribe to him?

    62. Reesha Thomas

      Pewdiepie is the best player ever

    63. Regner Sinconiegue

      12:38 for Mr beast and pweds

    64. Angel Anns

      Mrbeast karl and chris was fangirling lol😂😂

    65. Viktor Jerkert

      Are you swedish???

    66. Faze Choked eye

      Pewdiepie u make a really big mistake you type iOS on google play and on android apple store


      Play a game called freefire

    68. Man Bahadur

      Pewdie pie is so funny

    69. reaction galaxy

      Why are you putting the creepy dog picture in the video

    70. Uullii1122

      Im gay

    71. Arthur Hayward

      You were recording on Halloween


      Jason Dolley from Good Luck Charlie streams on twitch pls play among us with him

    73. Brittany Maynard

      Do you actually have 1 billion subscribers reply if you do I'm just wondering

    74. Isaac Roman

      Pew Die pie 🥧

    75. Avianna Phillips

      Sorry sub pls

    76. Avianna Phillips

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    77. HowardTheFish

      Someone has a high pitch voice and it sounds like one of those audio book narrators

    78. Soviet Comrade

      American pewdiepie on ur profile

    79. Deepti Chawla

      To Pewdiepie

    80. Deepti Chawla

      Dont SUB

      1. Farhan Ahmed


    81. Slick playz

      Pewdiepie swears hes naughty

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    84. 0BearBaby0

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    87. lieutenant bruhify

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    89. smooth Piggo

      Thank god ray mak is not here

    90. Julia Mahmoud

      Wtf whats that scary doggo photo at the bottom its pissin me off

    91. It's funneh fan Don't forget it

      Coco melon to PEW DIE PIE!

    92. Ultronhuman shorts

      THE IPHONE 12 is MINE. MiNi

    93. BoomBoom

      how dare you steel lazarbeam

      1. zero psycho

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    94. ABdullah FF Player

      I hope u to get 200 M subscribers bro🥰🥰🥰

    95. SophisLoomtique

      12:30 KARL: OHOHOHOHOHOOHOHOH 😲😲🙀😱 AHH karl looks cute in bckrounf tho

    96. iStrxwberriix


    97. ʎpɐɹq ʞɔǝʎɐoɥ

      Karl just holding the nerf gun :]]]

    98. Reema Sharma

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    99. Reema Sharma

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    100. Yitan Zhang