The LOUDEST Sound in the World.. w/ Jacksepticeye


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    1. Isabella Huergo

      Imagine Marzia coming home and seeing this

    2. sara tiganus


    3. Kaela Britton

      I love when they colab cause it’s just 2 lads messing around

    4. •Katsuki Bakugo•

      When you see your favorite cousin at the family bbq:

    5. Ryan’s plazxz Roblox

      Good grief

    6. Jean Elwell

      Just two good ol' buddies having fun.

    7. The Greatest Clips


    8. Freya Does Art

      Looks So Better With The Masks

    9. Jada Brown

      Pewdiepie and jacksepticeye:DAMN COVID 19 COVID 19:Heheheheheheheheheheheehheheheheeheheheehheeheheheheh

    10. Crèu Cat クル猫

      danger awaits ;)

    11. ItsKarim

      I lost a million brain cells watching this

    12. Spoon

      Why did I suddenly get re-recommend this 4 months later

    13. DM3X

      When marzia is not home :

    14. Totally Real Name

      Jack:"Marzia is gunna be so happy with this video" Felix: "Pizza Pasta"

    15. MapleBit Studio

      Pewdiepie & Jacksepticeye does Dope or Nope

    16. Meme GOD

      When the neighbors kids meet for the first time:

    17. Meme GOD

      Alternate title: A Swedish Mario and a Irish Luigi try different ways to kill each other

    18. Meme GOD

      Here’s something for you to think about Whenever Pewds does a Italian accent it’s always high pitched right? What if it’s because the Italian accent he is always around is Marzia’s

    19. Charlotte Alderson

      adult men everyone

    20. Jain Deau

      They are so cute together. Honestly my favorite couple.

    21. potatopouf


    22. Sadie Mae

      So where does pewds live and where does Jack live?

    23. Zx1'ce

      They now have 3 things from cool not cool but its cool

    24. Aire Potter

      For those of you who aren’t old fans, this is a taste of 2016

    25. Ross Boss

      Jack should try metal vocals

    26. Jessapusomo


    27. Victoria Angelene Publico

      Chaotic energy

    28. nobbutシ

      can we appreciate the fact they are both wearing masks?

    29. someone_on_the internet

      3 year later, they are back again lmao

    30. Ari Macias

      This is why we are gamers

    31. Igor Karpiuk

      6:33 it's cringe, brooooo

    32. Igor Karpiuk

      bros getting high

    33. Alpha qwq

      The intro 😂😂😂😂 pEwDiPiE HAHAHA

    34. Limonlexi Lolo

      0:41 yare yare daze ( I LOVE JOTARO SO FUCKING MUCH )

    35. Ghoul Liz

      I’m going to make a racist joke so don’t disown me jack senpi jack got Luigi because he is a leprechaun which is green

    36. CsabaTOn [̲̅Y̲̅σ̲̅υ̲̅т̲̅υ̲̅b̲̅є̲]

      Who is this man? you are

    37. KJ Armstrong

      just two grown men dressed as mario and luigi in antlers playing with toys

    38. KJ Armstrong

      imagine just skipping to 8:37 and just seeing that for 2 minutes straight

    39. Ziba Ibrahim

      12:34 Pure chaos

    40. The Galactic Raptor

      This is 5 weird stuff online but there’s 6 items

    41. Cat_909

      They're so chaotic when they're together 🤣🤣🤣

    42. mccnx marini

      Jack is absolutely so adorablee when he jumps...


      Great its the 35th anniversary and they did this

    44. DEROXYDE 324

      Nothing can separate these 2

    45. That One Kid People Call Emo


    46. Grace Wang

      11:31 13:32

    47. Jibreel Alnahhal

      ITS wholesome in a way.

    48. NothingImportant

      I can totally imagine Marzia cringing at their italian impressions

    49. Snaily Goodall

      I love when Jack says yata

    50. Albert E

      Everyone gangster until an actual spider comes out of the box

    51. Baki Hanma

      wtf you guys bought the same thing 3 years ago tf is this

    52. Blessed Bubble

      I would love to get the toilet paper gun ,shoot my husband with it the moment he steps through the front door when comes home from work, and laugh my ass off.

    53. Daryl Gray

      Me and my favourite cousin having a sleepover

    54. die Klub

      I feel like I'm in a Slipknot concert with so many gutural growls from these two 😂🤘🏻

    55. Jenna Parsons

      These two are: " THE LOUD BUDDIES"

    56. Megan Garza

      I haven’t laughed this hard in a long time 😂💙

    57. Mr. Onion

      this would be offensive at the begging of covid

    58. Nandika S

      Why does this video have soo less views it’s literally a masterpiece ✨

    59. anoushka


    60. KoopTheKing

      they are two 30 year olds playing with toys dressed up as mario and luigi.....mmmmmmmmmmm....let that sink in

    61. Raphty

      We need more fridays with pewdiepie

    62. Nobody

      Its interesting that when americans try to say things in spanish they do it really bad, but when they do it with an Italian accent they actually do sound like a Hispanic person lmaooo

    63. Diana Maioru

      They have the best friendship!

    64. MrFrost21_

      Dude this is so funny because Pewds got 83 decimal of noise Jack got 101 and the whistle got 116 so than means Jack was 15 decimals of noise behind the whistle

    65. Giovanni

      im getting major idubbbz vibes

    66. Timothy Cada

      finaly bring 5 weird stuff online is back

    67. whosian

      me: mom can we have super trash bros 2? mom: no we have super trash bros 2 at home super trash bros 2 at home:

    68. Mathew Angel

      Why am I watching two grown men playing with toys

    69. ASIAN MAN

      So this is who would voice Mario and Luigi in all those console jojo artwork memes

    70. red jaybird

      Grown men everybody lmaoo

    71. BosnaManiac

      when you and best friend go crazy from all that hand sanitazer

    72. Tannie

      they are still kids inside

    73. Noobmaster69

      I fucking love it when they film together, they act like chaotic children

    74. Mara Mackenzie-Mann

      Of all people I did not expect Jack and Pewds to find the toilet paper gun that Vanoss, Delirious, and Terroriser discussed in GTAV.

    75. loser in a diamond sky

      there was an ad about how high your IQ is right after this video lmao

    76. Rachel

      If unus annus was hosted by seán and felix

    77. Fari'ah

      Jack looked so cute in that costume hahaha

    78. Kat


    79. r i l e y

      i want this friendship..

    80. de_pixel

      The poor doggos

    81. Bhrigu Parashar

      Felix playing pranks with Jack brings back minecraft memories ❤

    82. Roof Tile memes

      Intro is good

    83. googly eye cat

      After this video: Jack: "sees kid in green shirt" Also jack: LUIGI!

    84. Ava Hastings

      Just a reminder that these are grown men 😂

    85. Sarah Houle

      This feels like 2016 and I'm LIVING FOR IT


      I love how they are basically just 12 year olds playing with their mom's camera and all of the new toys that they got

    87. Super Mario Master

      Mario. Thank you for playing as my favorite character

    88. Galactical Animator

      Me watching this at 4 am My brain: two loudass PApromrs in Mario costumes funny.

    89. Tori Guerrero

      “it kinda feels like when the water touches the- ... yea.”

    90. esfjjk fifhgi


    91. Grey Rankin

      This is what "boys being boys" means


      Quick reminder, they are both 30 🤣

    93. Skyrim 96

      invite toby to do this with you guys that’d be hilarious

    94. Anthony Barajas

      Y’all should hang out with mark more

    95. i_dont_no _why

      There something so funny about two man children in Mario and Luigi costumes with raindeer antlers on playing with toilet paper guns

    96. LillyDilly

      Its so cute when they get to the whistle. It's like asking ur friend to time how long you can hold your breath underwater lmao


      *Is that a jojo reference..?* ゴゴゴゴ

    98. Kuhn Toby

      Liugis revenge is complited

    99. cheonsanim

      im surprised that the views is kinda low

    100. Alexander Christanto

      bro, vanossgaming and h2odelirious's toilet paper gun actually got produced and was bought by pewds, wow HAHAHA