The Biggest Liar Cheapstake! - TLC #16


4.2 ਮਿਲੀਅਨ ਦ੍ਰਿਸ਼247

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    1. Jonalee Gan

      If dumpster diving is kinda like Christmas, then it's gonna be a shity Christmas 🤣

    2. Dragon Master

      i do not understand just use coupons

    3. Beeritt S

      I really don’t believe that this is real, because medications are disposed in a specific way.... not just thrown in the trash... specially pharmacy... they wouldn’t just throw meds in a dumpster

    4. • Clara •

      Okay but why does she look EXACTLY like karli morgenthau-

    5. WDP 5589

      Bruh what the heck

    6. mieauw tigreton

      at first i didn't relize she was pragnet , i just taught she was fat. :p

    7. Ian Pacheco


    8. Sophia Shorrocks

      i know know how to say funnel in swedish, thanks x

    9. A Troll4800

      i had a neighbor who dumpster dived he wasn’t like this but he would build cool things out of wood he found cause we had dumpsters all around our neighborhood because people were always building houses

    10. Officer Flat Foot

      Breast Pumperoni

    11. Nastia Yavorski

      i’m sorry what was that about the fish tank felix

    12. Martin Mcbride

      Her: 3 generations of trash people Her mother: bitch nasty

    13. Annelise Vigna

      OMG this is why I flush my expired meds

    14. blidrob

      Definitely dumpster tattoos.

    15. mika pieters

      No leg gang

    16. Cindy Ashley

      Why do these cheap ppl have kids? Too cheap for birth control?

    17. aMaNDa Bennett

      How triggered he got over that breast pump lmao

    18. Mark Braun

      Folic acid is not medication. Its just a folate supplement😂

    19. Ducky G

      Honestly if you ever try dumpster’s super fun lmaoooo. Prepare with gloves and bad clothes tho frfr. One time I found like legit 100 Halloween costumes

      1. Ducky G

        Brand new with everything still on it.

    20. TexasNinjaGaming

      breathing in paint fumes

    21. DaughterofThor1

      The walls are chaos

    22. Charles

      i thought she was 40 bruh she 25

    23. Bionic Deathclaw

      Typical ms

    24. Goal 100k

      Heyy! I'm trying to reach 100k before next year aka 2022. Could some of you help me. If you do, thank you. Why am i doing this? To prove to my bullies I'm not a loser!

    25. AmethystEyes

      I think the worst part about these people is that they basically sacrifice their kids well-being just for their money saving addiction. Which is pretty on point for addicts, but it’s still terrible.

    26. SpaceMaze


    27. BalticMan

      "Maybe he's fucking a genius" - Pewds. That could be how he gets it made.

    28. Sarim Haseeb

      ummmm check 5:18 im pretty sure she has a Playstation Vita in her right hand

    29. mechanoid2k

      Am I crazy or does the husband look almost identical to gucci mane?

    30. Sebastian Walker

      5:18 she had a psp in her hand

    31. FinnWith2Ns

      are we gonna ignore how the title says cheapstake

    32. PIAL iRoNSide

      If you are watching this in 2021 than you are a legend 🐸🤣🤣

    33. TJ K

      why does the look like carl from jimmy neutron

    34. Geoff Saunderson

      I know coz recycling is sooo fucking lame

    35. Conny Burg

      When the mother is waaay hotter then the daughter

    36. Logan James

      Bro you think they just throw medicine away for no reason Jesus Christ man

    37. Tammy Maui

      Can't wait to see the 4th generation cheapscate of this family

    38. ÒwÓ-CERBERUS

      these people are so pitiful. its truly depressing how ill they are

    39. Jemma Coronica

      You know she got pregnant in the first place because the cling film didnt work.

    40. Dumpster Diver

      B*tch is stealing my dumpsters

    41. Nathan Bohlig

      I've definitely found usable stuff in a dumpster before (at my college when people are moving out), but it's pretty dang rare. This looks downright staged. And why you would take meds from the trash is beyond me.

    42. FabYolo

      "Don't try this at home" Sure! Let me just dive into the dumpster that is on my living room.

    43. eventspredetermined

      my parents raised seven kids on a shoestring budget and even in the hardest of times they never stooped as low as to dumpster dive for meds like wtf thats so dangerous??? i can understand furtniture and other little things but for the love of god please pay for proper and safe nedications i know they can be expensve but damn edit- i swear to god if they go dumpster diving for baby food im gonna scream

    44. Van Daendels

      she is not nice

    45. Dewey40k

      "dumpster diving as a sport" who the fck sees that as a sport xDD homeless peoples go eat food in there and they dont see that as sport at all lol (and wtf MEDS ???? if they are in the trash its cause they are expired and lol its juste dangerous for her and her baby like wtf how can she eat expired meds and be pregnant lol wtf)

    46. Naku and Glorpster Meme Corps

      Did they have cheap sex

    47. Fork

      5:18 she holding a psp 3000 bruh.... I think

    48. Lonely Hobbit

      theres saving money and then theres being kinda dumb

    49. Shelby; and that's all really

      I feel really bad for the hardware shop guy He was so nice, and she just straight up lied to him :(

    50. The Building Channel

      TLC: Act like ur cheap People: But why??? TLC (evil voice): JUST Do It!!!

    51. YummyCore

      KKona healthcare

    52. Helena Elma

      I hope happiness for the baby 😢

    53. icenvy

      they think there gonna find a tatoo in the trash saying dumpster divers for life. lamo

    54. Waver_ Nook

      Yo if someone who didn’t know pewdiepie looked at his search history would think bro is crazy 😂

    55. Waver_ Nook

      Wait did they turn a Cadillac into a pickup truck🤣

    56. RulzdudesGames

      Funnel. Don’t know what the word for funnel is in English (btw I am NOT hating) I just thought it was funny bc my dad is from Sweden and he can never remember the word funnel lol

    57. Chiara


    58. Higypoo

      This man reminds me of my cousin

    59. sammeo

      We need to start crowdfunding project to reimburse the hardware owner. 😆

    60. Respectful Rowland Arel Master

      Congratulations to everyone who is early and found this Comment”🏆

    61. keeper4berea

      pew bos

    62. Constantina Kosiavelou

      I am glad that she didn't find the needles that the tattoo artist used for her tattoos in the dumpster. This is not ok.She needs to be under supervision, she might feed her baby with expired milk 🥛 🤮

    63. Aiden Ramen

      You know she's toxic when she raises her hand like that as she slowly grabs the trash

    64. Alan Vasquez

      I work at Home Depot and we have things called “oops paint” and it’s reduced by at least 25%. She could easily use that 😂

    65. linc

      Pretty sure this is actually TLC #17 or 18 at this point...

    66. Marco Belisario Tomazela


    67. Ma Clover

      Omg she owns a house that's so expensive y not just live in a dumpster with all u neex

    68. Angel Contreras

      One day she is going to take the wrong meds and she is gonna take some molly or some thing then just pass out

    69. Jazz8223

      How the fuck did house and a car

    70. Javon Cannon

      Can’t she just get a job

    71. Simon B

      Petition to bring back floor gang! FLÖÖR GANG OUH!

    72. Superman_123_

      To a point like my family saw a pool table on the slide of the road and fixed it. But never with meds or anything you eat

    73. Drecksackblase

      Everyone who actually needs to be careful with their money or had to be careful in the past knows that you can get stuff like furniture, decorations and literally everything else second hand or even barely used/practically new on ebay and other flea market apps, rich people who spend money on shit they don't need but then go dumpster diving because they refuse to buy actual safe medicine just proof how stupid they are

    74. Riley Peiritsch

      Anyone talking about how its just nice she found a real man, who geniiuely loves her dumpster diving ass... he said tattoo "dumpster diver for life".. and if that aint love then i dont know what love is

    75. Daryl Dixon

      1:40 PewDiePie: "Last name Durr gives mr flashbacks"

    76. Christopher Cortez

      I’m not sure if the typo on the title of the video is on purpose or not but it confused the fudge outa me 😂

    77. Daniel P.

      They shouldn't be allowed to have a baby

    78. Mr Blue

      She’s pregnant what is wrong with her

    79. Florian Weber

      The painted wall looks like shit. It looked way better before even though it was just yellow. Why did they even paint it if they're just gonna quarter-ass it?

    80. Sting_Ray 57

      She said don’t try this at home

    81. ׂ ׂ

      For the love of all that is holy, never take pills from a dumpster behind a pharmacy. Why? because those were thrown out for a reason.

    82. itsFinee

      she says generations of her family have been dumpster diving but then her mom says that's too extreme for me..🤦‍♂️ She is a liar!

    83. Tahar Touati

      @pewdiepie Paying a house mortgage in the US can be cheaper than rent

    84. I'm legit subing to everyone who subzz to me

      Congrats to everyone who is early and who found this comment🏆

    85. C _c

      I wonder why they need the meds

    86. The Gaming Lord

      Cocomelon will prevail

    87. kimmie

      Can u plz react to kitchen nightmares

    88. LEGO bro Time

      Why does he pause the vid so much

    89. Alexander Delgadillo

      If she kills him at she will find a Lawyer in the garbage

    90. ro t

      she needs honey not dumster

    91. Sara Al Jaberi

      Does she cheakstake in QUARANTINE?!!

    92. Jacob Kyser

      They also have tattoos

    93. Hezekiah Rodriguez

      What a simple, yet sad way to live. It's honestly impressive. 😂

    94. TheLegend27

      I’m sorry. But what exactly is a “cheapstake”? A wooden stake that is sold at a low price?

    95. Alena Hasbrouck

      Most pharmacies have to completely destroy drugs, they can’t just throw full bottles out.

    96. AwhxL4v3nd3r

      I don,t understand why cheapskate do what they do it is discussing

    97. k&J Fam

      I do feel bad for the paint man he was so sweet

    98. Samantha Escott

      If you took those meds u could die

    99. Gisele Marchese Giret

      I think the painting wall looks good lol

    100. Sophia Lopez

      Actually the room is not that bad...considering you're on a ''budget''