#THANKSMAS Cyberpunk Part 4 / Among Us End


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    we play the new cyberpunk 2070 game
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    playthrough of the cyberpunk 2070 epic sries epic
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    1. Wiktor Migaszewski

      game may be buggy, but i like this world more and more; i will play more in few months from now (i played 15 hrs up to now); beautyful city, cars, clothing; i hope there will be better ai for cars, etc, but overall, this seems to be a good piece of gaming history (still ahead, though...)

    2. Josh Partap

      I am from India

    3. DiegOOO 2303theonlyone

      107.2 people that didnt click the video

    4. Derawja

      Let more cyberpunk come

    5. CyberPonz 2077

      Plot twist: the glitches are just Johnny Silverhand messing with you.!

    6. Todd Howard


    7. MoaBe5

      I don’t know what the heck those people are complaining about... I love when you play games in your own silly way, that’s what makes it funny and that’s the whole point of watching your videos. Keep at it, Pewds :)


      STRANGER 😎


      Hey, PewDiePie. Play spec ops the line, it was very underrated game in his time but it's different as you say, it have a story.

    10. Ron Jasper

      I like that cyberpunk keep going bro

    11. BIGjuicyYT

      This game is incredible I feel like crying now it’s finished, I got the ending when you ride off into the sunset with panam, I just wish you had a new life and could just roam everywhere it would be so much better than what actually happens

    12. Abby Swain


    13. Lm7147

      I'm watching this as a pewds let's play not a tryhard cyberpunk let's play, let the man do what he wants. Let him play how he wants

    14. Marlin Somers

      Sub to pewds

    15. Matthew Seth

      1:01:00 to hear jack simping for Valkyrie

    16. Albert bibin jose


    17. Paper Chasers

      Freak those other guys who complain. We are here for YOU not cyberpunk XD Those people are just haters; you will always have haters if you are doing something right.

    18. Pola & Tiger

      The girls are mean killers!

    19. How To Easy

      Cyberpunk, it's a masterpiece, who thinks it's not?

    20. Smikles

      Smikles is everywhere!

    21. Max Hine

      im glad pewds is not playing with pokimane anymore, cuz shes fk annoying and toxic

    22. Yad

      Where Cyberpunk at bro :(

    23. Pumitri II

      1:07:16 when this is the moment you randomly skip to when u first click the video


      То 4 часть, то 5, то опять 4))) бухаем?)

    25. SkyTzy!!!

      God is good all the time Jesus is king amen!!!

    26. ODIL MEDIA

      Uzbeklar 1ta like🇺🇿

    27. せいりゅせいや

      Pewds just keep doing your own thing man, I love that ur being yourself in this playthrough 💕💕

    28. Yosemite Baxter


    29. urenot tacocat

      I actually like everyone when I watch on their POV, but when I watch em in pewds' POV, some of them sounds really annoying, especially Rae. I think that some of em dont like pewds that much coz he's not on their level..like, pewds' success is over the top and it's kinda difficult for other people to reach him. He seemed uncomfortable playing with them, but he tries to get along with them, he's being friendly.

    30. Take A Coffee

      Please reaction rewind Indonesia 2020

    31. Sinkwater


    32. Coblex

      T post man :D

    33. Pranster Bovice

      I would Love to find out what's in your box valkyrae ;P

    34. Cito Gonzalez

      Play it the way you want to play it

    35. egroeG

      Nice bro

    36. Symon Starzyński

      Kto z polandi😁

    37. John Fitzgerald


    38. Elisabeth Andreassen

      2:06:40 *Goes through walls* “Wait, does that mean I’m dead?”

    39. rahul singh

      Witcher 3>cyberpubk 2077

    40. Lara Sariyildiz

      where is part 6???!?!??!?!??!?!?!??!?!??!!?!

    41. Gelo Channel

      Pewds should play NieR: Automata. I feel like that's the game for him.

    42. Ker Loz

      The past toothbrush exceptionally spoil because geography focally apologise amid a annoying help. boiling, soggy swiss

    43. Danny Macotaj

      SuB to theratkings 456

    44. Samy Samy Salvatierra

      Part 4?

    45. V H

      Love how wholesum

    46. albelnoxroxursox

      "Books ruined videogames for me" wow lol

    47. Aydan Baker

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    48. MaMerric

      "cyberpunk 2070 game" LOL


      New Channel

    50. Sahej Sodhi

      pewdiepie's chat being hella toxic as usual


      Seu merda

    52. Agung R

      "SUPPORT ME" Please 💖

    53. Silly i

      1:28:52 Tina is cute

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    57. Renan Vlogs

      Hey guys, I'm here to ask for your help, whoever can help me by subscribing to the channel I would be very happy

    58. Laroling

      Lol pewds having an existential crisis when he gets one option to answer to 'would you like to see it' and wanting to read a book again (honestly I agree that is such fake dumb lazy interactivity and all you can do is answer with a halfass disregarding typical alpha male boring answer like 'maybe suppose so dunno'). You know pewds. Just make that a series again? Book club with pewds.

    59. Luke Ryba

      did you guys know Pewdiepie reads Philosophy?

    60. Mia Sabathy白彌兒

      Shut up we love u pewdssss

    61. Мариям Магомедова

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    62. Ruairidh McMillan

      'They're IN the road!!' - mate, THEY ARE ON THE PAVEMENT! :D

    63. DeadBeat

      is it possible to get 1000 subscribers with no videos?.

      1. BarryDennen12

        it's possible to get 100 million with no talent

    64. M.Hakami

      I’m not sure Felix understands how to play among us

    65. Yousof101 crack

      why is this called part 4? wheres part 6?

    66. RiteshDotTv

      Wow Amazing Mindblowing I love it What a game

    67. Relax Music Style

      😻 You know what's beautiful? Read the first word. Have a nice day 😻 🎵🎹🎶

    68. Three Kings

      nice well done good job


      wait so this is the last episode for pewdipie cyberpunk play thorugh?

    70. Niklas Wendel


    71. Silly i

      1:50:08 “They are sh*t talking us over there”

    72. YouTube channel


    73. YouTube channel


    74. lostcreativity

      This is boring. Nothing appealing about this game

    75. Enzo YT

      Sub to me

    76. nekos owner

      ur not annoying pewds shh

    77. Michael Jackson


    78. kate m

      It’s so fun watching you guys play among us

    79. ASALI Online Tv

      2020 year to remember

    80. Jaihro Paulo Z. Jaicten

      I want a 10 hrs video of the intro

    81. Julia Militello

      in lwiay #80 pewds said he would play cyberpunk 2077 with keanu reeves

    82. Jeff Bezos Michael Jackson MJ Bill Gates

      Jeff Bezos Michael Jackson Michael Jordan T-Series subscribe

    83. ساحة الألعاب Gaming Arena

      folow me

    84. Another AvatarLover

      End of Among us? _2021 is gonna be _*_just as depressing_*_ as 2020_

    85. Plippy :p

      i dont need to play cyberpunk to see chaotic city place. I will just go outside my house lol

    86. abcd efg

      Proximity chat is so fun I forgot how it was without it

    87. Readysalted80 Has cancer

      Yo pewdipie you have cancer😂😂😂😂

    88. k dave E

      This is the 2020th comment in this video

    89. MarlikHD

      Hey guys I just stayed you please go check me out much love ❤️ I’ll appreciate it

    90. John Galt

      People need to get over this lol, the game was supposed to come out in 2077, and this is how you treat the devs for releasing it early.

    91. Jhudde Antonio

      Cyberpunk part 6 bruhh

    92. Georgethegeorg 12

      Sung to me plz

    93. Danylo Diabin

      32:22 wtf

    94. SAC Ducky

      Day 1 of getting famous dog of comments. To live the dream


      1:09:09 1:54:01

    96. Riya Gupta

      Can the imposter close this door please

    97. Vahe Vardanyan


    98. Marc Dahan

      shouldnt that be part 6??????

      1. Gaming Fielder

        It's a re upload

    99. Hi There

      fuck this game is baaaad

    100. LTS Nick - xbox

      Someone ping all the glitches ill be back