Tambourine Tower to the Moon.


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    Building the biggest tambourine ever seen
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    1. Days Gone By

      You should donate to the local churches...The Bible says that the enemy is defeated to the sound of the tambourine. So I play the tambourine, ribbons streaming out behind, the colours symbolising all things Biblical.

    2. Pasorena Parso

      مرضیه ایرانی هست

    3. Santiago Salgado

      Thank you marzia

    4. Adelina Oprea

      how has life come to watching a 30 yr old man build a tower out of tambourines

    5. Diego Correa

      Original content 💯

    6. EnzoSlayer 4272

      Tape gang

    7. emma

      Dis boi really spent $2000 on tqmborin3s

    8. Kristof Toth

      ty marzia

    9. Piyush Verma

      neighbour's kid be like 8:57

    10. FreeFree

      i just realized that this was posted on my birthday. lol

    11. Jeff_Wolf

      Pewds parents, sister and nephew: 🙃

    12. א ש

      felix should punish marzia cause she is a bad wife ....i dont think he hit her enough....he should leash her or something she is trying to disrespect her master and saying shit jokes ....if i am her husband i will slap her until she cry so she know who is her god....wtf felix controle her

    13. Animated V

      Idk what happened to tambourines now we have flutes

    14. Faramir

      Diamond hands baby

    15. Epic memes

      50 tambourines plus 19 which is us is 69

    16. Lynx

      Tambourine lives matter too

    17. Lynx

      Report for tambourine abuse

    18. The Leviathan

      Is Marzia talking about inches because if she is that a good estimate

    19. Aishwarya Naik

      RIP to d dogs ears

    20. Aishwarya Naik


    21. Crèu Cat クル猫

      tambarine tower of surprise

    22. Kate Bonasia

      Pewdiepies decent into madness

    23. JohnX

      Your neighbor is glad to have you

    24. Angel's Wrd.

      People in math problems be like:

    25. Mochizi G

      He is like 30 and ım over here 18 but when ı see him with marzia ı feel like a proud mom

    26. That Guy

      Piwdiepie:Exists Tambourine company:stonks

    27. That Guy

      Glue gang

    28. it's JB

      That's what rish people would do

    29. Fathiah Saleha

      PewDiePie is rich omg!!

    30. Maksymilian Polink

      Mr beast if ur reading this help pewdiepie get the biggest tambourine tower EVER

    31. 07Ída María Finnbogadóttir

      Felix: Marsia? If YOU wold be an insturment, what insturment would YOU be ?, Marsia: I would be a violin. Felix: ThAt is the MOST anoying insturment of all time !, Marsia: If you say so......😂

    32. Ayla Chazotte

      thanks marzia!!!!

    33. Brianne S

      15:17 i though there was something crawling out of my ears

    34. Yathish Manivannan

      pewds should start making the tambourine tower from burj khalifa That way it is easier lmao

    35. Gabriela Capcha Ch.

      It's 3 a.m.

    36. Wesley Stueber

      marzia im sorry but how you hold the camra it sucks

    37. Beena Beena

      when u want to buy some tambourine and u see out of stock and u become mad or sad. but when u see that pewdiepie brought all of the tambourines u be like "NANI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! "

    38. Joseph Stalin

      Pewds: Tambourine Tower Twoset: Triangle pyramid Hotel: Trivago

    39. ha apydnx

      Glue gang better 'cause i dunno

    40. Martu Mavric



      mom can we have druming jacksepticeye. we have druming jacksepticeye at home druming jacksepticeye at home: 22:55

    42. Gracie

      20:09 how does that makes sense?🙈🙉🙈🙉

    43. Animatics By yours truly

      Y’all I did some counting and Pewds would approximately need 12 813,3333 tambourines to reach the moon (if my math is correct)

    44. CsabaTOn [̲̅Y̲̅σ̲̅υ̲̅т̲̅υ̲̅b̲̅є̲]

      Who is this man? you are

    45. Cassie Wolff

      "How many tambourines would you like to order?" Pewdiepie: yes

    46. haru's_water

      rip your dogs ears

    47. Rommel Nillasca

      1:28 the face of regret

    48. I Hate Kids

      glue gang all the way

    49. FirstName Germomium

      Hear me out, christmas tree made of tambourines

    50. Bnayahu Stern

      Tape gang

    51. Bnayahu Stern

      Glue gang

    52. El Genjawya

      Please help me connect a large number of subscribers so that I can download fun videos and I am sure that my videos will appeal to you ♥ ️

    53. Fathimath Rasheedha

      Why is the camera more hd when martzia holds it

    54. Julie Daniels

      g l u e

    55. Julie Daniels

      hes tambourine spaghetti pizza man

    56. Cringe Comicals

      Imagine genuinely wanting to buy a tambourine from Amazon, then you get a notification saying "Sorry, some crazy Swedish PApromr bought out our entire stocks"

    57. Sam?

      Friend : "How tall are you?" Me : "I'm 35 Tambourine tall"

    58. Sam?

      I wonder if their neighbors knows that they'll be written in history for helping a man building a Tambourine Tower, just like Ireland helping a man to go to the moon

    59. Edwin Garcia

      I'm surprised Mr. Beast didn't comment on this and other videos so it makes me wonder if Jimmy watches Pewdipie videos

    60. Grayson Robbins

      Glue Gang, Tape Gang, Drill Gang, Flor Gang, Ceiling Gang, Wall Gang

    61. kool play'z

      Clickbait it didn't reach the moon 😂😂😂

    62. Burak

      You ruined your body with disgusting tattoos!

    63. ARD862

      no 14:55

    64. Assassin San

      Imagine being the delivery guy.

    65. oscar myles

      Tape gang poop glue gang rules

    66. Arthur Sinberg

      King of youtube and tambourine

    67. Colton Sparrow


    68. Meowscles

      I think he is insane

    69. j0rgen95

      Why not flex tape? :(

    70. Clay

      pewdiepie broke tamburen 5:19

    71. cole_cole


    72. Hillary Diegel

      Tape gang

    73. Pratyush Jain

      breaking news by gloria borger pewds leaves floor gang and joins tambourine gang and builds a tambourine tower to the moon

    74. MelonWater

      its not gonna hold

    75. Idiotic Imagination

      i play violin and apperantly i now suck at it

    76. Vidina Hdez

      Retailer: "How many tambourines do you want?" Pewdiepie: Yes

    77. Vaishnavi Mishra

      I don't fucking care if I sound like a simp but this guy's eyes are EVERYTHING

    78. Jin-x x

      Absolutely love sinergy

    79. Callum Prendergast

      thank you marzia

    80. Gantugs Vlogs

      glue gang

    81. anime

      Tape gang

    82. GM Studios

      Glue gang

    83. meghostrider55 ,

      Sometimes all i need is to watch a grown man play with 50 tambourines, feels good man

    84. meghostrider55 ,

      Me lookin at pewds house :o

    85. Jackson Riley

      the ASMR is immaculate

    86. The Greatest Clips


    87. Daniel Yono

      2:34 look at the destruction in his eyes

    88. my symdrome is down but my hopes are up

      Who needs charity when you have tambourine tower

    89. Alissa Springfield

      "Hey neighbors can I borrow a ladder in hanging curtians?" "Sure!" *yelling and extremely loud crashing and tambourine noise*

    90. lenka

      new title: felix steals his own credit card and makes a tambourine version of a lego tower to the moon and lays on the tambourines like a 10 yr old lol

    91. Kyra Walker

      The energy is seperated in the room, I can feel it😂 Marzia, calm and collected (with very cute giggles🌸) While Felix be like 🌪⚡️☄️💫🌩

    92. MOHAMMAD 5022

      Amazing video

    93. Maxelino


    94. Hexa

      you didnt try sement gang :(

    95. Hexa

      glue gang

    96. Ivan Miguel

      Supplier: sells tambourines Pewds: hippity hoppity your stock is my property

    97. Tinky_winky 448

      I’m paste gang

    98. Guest A


    99. Rose Cheeks

      when you have too much money....buy tambourine

    100. Kathryn Johnson

      Tape gang