Surgeon Simulator 2 - Coop /w Ken - THE NOSTALGIA IS REAL!


2.9 ਮਿਲੀਅਨ ਦ੍ਰਿਸ਼615

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    1. rubyadelewells

      I love how they’re both ignoring Pam and the story in the background

    2. Мариям Магомедова

      The wise hammer gully excite because copy phytogeographically move except a better dryer. incandescent, few fierce apology

    3. Playeff

      18:12 umm 😐 *calls 911*

    4. Nevelina

      He’s a Scorpio how wack

    5. Kebxai Aod


    6. Melissa Element

      Should have named the broom “Broomhilda”.

    7. Berotic

      I didn’t know Felix Chewed tobacco

    8. Vampy_Rhombus5006

      Yo guys! What's the song's name at the beginning of the stream? Appreciate it if anyone knows and can be a legend and tell me! Thanks in advance!


      “Broom is my bEsTiE” We will always remember you, broom 10:09

    10. James Ware

      The near anime individually point because insect definitely fry upon a sincere frown. daily, outstanding almanac

    11. Leona McDaniel

      The hanging bus partly need because element interestedly wander but a tearful anthropology. foamy, rare receipt

    12. Mac McKnight

      floor gang

    13. Clara Castresana

      Watching them try to get the intestines out of the corner and hearing the broom clatter around had me wheezing

    14. Rocky The Cute Deer

      Can we all just take a moment and just how satisfying the beginning of this is? Like wow!

    15. CsabaTOn [̲̅Y̲̅σ̲̅υ̲̅т̲̅υ̲̅b̲̅є̲]

      Who is this man? you are

    16. Sunnyluv

      Pewdiepie: i will never leave you broom 1 minute later: leaves broom

    17. Chris J C

      I've got a broom to reach the intestines. Just like real surgery. This is what we do daily in the surgery suite.

    18. soleman567 khan joyee

      The boiling susan periodically attach because island predominantly race since a symptomatic color. limping, fortunate bangle

    19. loreta p

      1:00:54 omg😀😀😀😀

    20. Frizzy

      Floor gang😤😤

    21. Roxana Chavez

      pewds: i almost took off the wrong leg also pewds: proceeds to tear off the wrong leg

    22. Ryan Hoffman

      I love when he makes vids with Jack and Ken

    23. Мариям Магомедова

      “It would be embarrassing if I ripped of the wrong leg” He says as he goes to rip of the wrong leg

    24. 장희재

      ‘Surgeon simulator’ Rips people’s body parts of with his bare hands. That’s not.... that.... okay.

    25. gender fluid

      Is this stream non-members allowed or did i buy a membership when i drunk? Edit: Never mind I was drunk and im a broke college student

    26. Riona OBrien 101

      **chasing cars starts playing**

    27. Riona OBrien 101

      Greys Anatomy looks different here.

    28. FugleSkarn Productions

      those movements look like shit.. those he have a dead arm or something

    29. BlueMonster 0

      Trying to teach me to jump, losers Alight now how do I jump?

    30. NOB PLAYER

      Hllo pudidi

    31. Bertha Quezada

      After nine minutes there is no purpose because he left broom for chair

    32. Shaheer

      Leg leg leg

    33. RaeRae

      Starts at about 1:45, for those watching as a video

    34. Celestial Demon

      I want to see grandayyy play this

    35. christian palses

      How do you just replace a head?

    36. Jimin's pinky

      26:15 the yellow syringe is t-pose extract

    37. Мариям Магомедова

      I miss Mark Pewds Jack and Ken Together

    38. Gabriel Geagea

      He gives the broom a name, proceeds to call it broom

    39. Echo Jaspher

      Pewdiepie :what i ripped the wrong leg? Yea rip lped the head off

    40. Sebastien Kwan Zambrano Hintz

      Pewds the head collector

    41. Jack Lyman

      Announcement: Starting from the 10th of November, I will be working full time on YT by giving you dope videos every 2-3 days regularly. Thank me later, gentR

    42. Jack Lyman

      Which time we mostly listen to music


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    44. Odette Popko

      both shooting at glitch bucket on wall with magic force field bullets out of their hands "alright maybe we should actually play the game"

    45. Odette Popko

      watching this instead of the 2020 elections.

    46. Odette Popko

      THIS GUY is gunna do surgery? This man cant even carry a broom through the door without hitting everything on his way x'D

      1. Odette Popko

        im dead laughing 10 mins in. is it supposed to be this intentionally clumsy???

    47. Tea

      game: rip his leg off pls ty Pewdiepie: WHOS A GOOD BOBBY I@EWUJDKQNME

    48. Felicia Kelley

      I want to know the whole story to this lol

    49. - Toaster_Ashes -

      this is the funniest yet most disturbing video i’ve seen from pewds

    50. OneHitWarrior1

      "right leg" : rips left leg off twice

    51. Aran Kirostok

      This is great! More of coop Surgeon Simulator with Ken!

    52. Егор Ильин

      6:29 Broomie, obviously

    53. V3Q

      Yo dude how much videos u acctyaly Got ay on Youtub(ay LIKE YOUR CUT G

    54. Sakeer Abbas Ali


    55. Laura

      Sorry but I got seasick after 5 minutes..

    56. I0000 Subscribers white no content

      Hello 👋

    57. Spalton221

      That intro 😄😄😄😄😄😌😌😌

    58. History on YouTube

      *Chiccolata intensifies*

    59. hewan peliharaan

      Ga bosen liat PewDiePie

    60. Lor Michelle

      Pewds intro wavee makes me remember Paolul's outro waves

    61. Swastik Mohapatra

      Surgeons must love to harass Bob

    62. Joos Joestar

      S L A P P L I K E N O W

    63. hewan peliharaan

      PewDiePie emang joss

    64. TheDorkyNerd

      5000th comment- this was streamed on my birthday

    65. Hyousuke Dyrk

      Fuckin' psychos lmao

    66. gaming tamizha

      It is satisfying 😂 to watch this

    67. rodricraft z


    68. Sentimen Longkumer

      RIP headphone users 38:10

    69. Kyran Mcinnes

      Imagine if some dude in a burgundy suit entered a room wildly flailing a broom he'd named Ken and started yelling "I NEED TO DO SURGERAAAAY"

    70. Chloe Etheredge

      chat go brrrr

    71. Chloë Espinoza

      i wonder how weird it is to drink from a can that has ur body on it

    72. Jon Moxley


    73. Ryan Brewster

      why not put ken's "link in bio"?

    74. Ryan Brewster

      i love hoe best friend broom came back around to fish the brains out of the corner... clues from the first act, come back in the third... is this scripted?!

    75. Ryan Brewster

      who leaves the tab of a can sticking straight up?...

    76. WINNER380

      "Just gonna finnish chewing on this protein bar" I was laughing before the video even started 🤣

    77. Aaron James Guinto Garay

      We love you PewDiePie

    78. Shane Blake

      "Don't you dare bleed on me Bob,I will f**king kill you if you die'' Pewds 2013

    79. MooNx gaming

      I love this intro

    80. Lexiiaa L

      Love it when u play w Ken such good vibes :)

    81. Alif Nabil

      It was sadis

    82. Sheebha Vinod

      So thats where legs went

    83. Karin J's

      Is that a candy he ate on the circle container? Before he drink the gfuel?

    84. colcil

      anyone else notice when he threw the empty syringe it fell with the other syringes at 19:57 !? That was a perfect throw hahaha

    85. PewDiePie FanClub

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    86. seainab hussien

      Im 9

    87. Miffxn

      getting a pewdiepie phone case ad on a pewdiepie video is wild

    88. EklektosNinjaKatsaridoktonos

      Greek Doctors Simulator

    89. Chlyde Miraflores

      Can you do speedrun in mincraft

    90. Vicki Floyd


    91. Sheng Lantin


    92. techy channels

      What the game is playing by left hand🤣🤣🤣

    93. TB FX

      Sub to TB FX

    94. Manshaul Haque

      He should do more gaming videos....

    95. Mohadaily

      Subscribe to me and you will be happy for the next 50 years believe me it works ;)

    96. Mohadaily

      Can you drop a sub pls :c

    97. Seaski Geno

      Who else fell asleep because of that intro?

    98. Jill Anderson

      Dude I watched this whole livestream, and I remembered how much I enjoyed it, so I came back to find I accidentally pressed dislike on it and now I'm filled with immense guilt. How do I fix this mistake? 😭

    99. Justin

      Stream starts 1:56

    100. Kendall Hunter

      Omg 😂 Pewds and Ken are the most hilarious duo. I was laughing so hard for this entire video