Stardew Valley - Part 1 - Cope Stream


3.4 ਮਿਲੀਅਨ ਦ੍ਰਿਸ਼466

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    1. Cara Burns


    2. Froggy boi

      Pewdiepie is really boring now

    3. Mason Hartzell

      Where’s part 2?

    4. roberta

      im extremely annoyed by this gameplay yet i cant stop watching it

    5. Arya Wankhede

      You pronounce scythe as c-ethe

      1. Arya Wankhede

        Or something like that

    6. Well Shit

      3:59:38 can someone tell me what the question was about? he said it so fast i couldnt tell :((

    7. Gigi Reddit

      pewdiepie please play omori

    8. Veajako Robearej

      3c chad is ultimate stand!

    9. TheShadow

      Wheres part 2?

    10. BloodyMaryLPS1112

      I play the wilderness farm and I've never seen a single monster on It. I'm year 2 now.

    11. adventuregamingvital

      Revive adventuregamingvital ♥️

    12. Alicia New

      Why is Clint Pewds Stardew twin xD

    13. Brendan Callahan

      Around 4:25 or so, mans spent 200 dollar/pound things just to have Felix say no😂

    14. Grelrik Wolf

      When will we see more Stardew Valley?

    15. caelyn

      I spent my whole work day listening to this, and it just made these 6 hours fly by

    16. Gaming Goat

      i was playing stardew and had it in this playing in the backround and as pewds was talking bad about shane, shane in my game gave me a pizza

    17. Mr Goatfounder

      Wow. Can we just appreciate the CG in the intro

    18. kxix. xrt

      Can someone please tell this man to breathe away from the goddamn microphone

    19. JUST FOR FUN

      Will there be a part 2

    20. Kaitlyn Baker


    21. Kaitlyn Baker


    22. Levi Andrea Ciccone

      lets all put likes to ALL PEWDIEPIE VIDEOS so he can be more famous

    23. JUST FOR FUN

      Long Live Eric Barone!!

    24. Devin Tirtanady

      The game it's like harvestmoon

    25. Tasha Gween

      Did anyone else think this was a terraria video

    26. Alex Kyte

      i am so far into my farm and dont want make a new one lol the problem is when i made it i didnt read the description of the beach farm so now i dont have sprinklers haha

    27. Sam_hammershark

      The mundane spring namely load because edge natively bow amidst a outstanding closet. able, mellow text

    28. Y B

      I think you don’t actually get more selling at the box at home. I think you get the same, but you have to wait till the next day in the box. But when you sell to the vendors, you get the money immediately.

    29. FeralFlapjack

      Ahh, this was so great. Thank you!


      go for treasure hunting pewdiepie

    31. Branda Vasconcelos

      Play again pewooods

    32. The Gaming Lord

      Cocomelon will prevail

    33. Waffle Road와플로드

      a video of spam cooking on a waffle machine

    34. Naomi S.

      Shane finally likes me, it took about a year (in stardew valley time) BUT IT WAS WORTH IT!

    35. XenoAndro

      The emo dude by the dock remind me of that tall emo guy from South Park

    36. XenoAndro

      I think we can agree penny best girl and we all marry her

    37. Mehmet Baraz

      whaaat he plays stardew valley without me whaat

    38. Natasha Spark

      More stardew valley content please

    39. Emma Hundley

      Part 2?

    40. Nishchay Bhivgade

      Love from India💜💜

    41. 《Cro》

      this game is so shit why do people love it so much

    42. Think파이썬

      나는 한국인이다 알아서 번역하도록

    43. Celena Trialsana

      You're so.funny. the way u comment.

    44. Amanda Nannette

      favorite streamer playing my fave game for 5 hours? ok yes

    45. Ambi

      Elliott: welcome to the f- pewdiepie: and I was personally attacked by that.

    46. Abby Yellow

      When’s the next Stardew Valley


      The game dev of stardew valley is humble i remember him asking for players with their corrupted save files for him to fix it

    48. Wilbert Batosay

      Eric borone the legend

    49. Epic


    50. 겜튜브

      I enjoyed your video today.Please continue to upload more fun videos!Fighting!

    51. Valyona

      Marzia must've watched this stream like: Angry spaghetti noises

    52. Duhan Demir

      Abi Pandadan mı gördün ? Panda adamdır.

    53. electrobob992

      I personally would have loved to see these guys playing this game with some mods. So many could make the game even more fun, like Automate for example and combine machines, Transplant Crops, so many options they could add! Even a mod that give BARRELS as a storage option. Barrels would be essential.

      1. AtomicMeatball

        Mods ruin the game

    54. Hadzrul Hakim

      *Shait.. Sait.. Sykkuno now* glad that Pewds remember OTV

    55. Artemis Amory

      You gotta do the cut scenes!! You choose how to answer and it advances the story and relationships with characters! For instance you skipped Linus cut scene but if you become good friends with Linus he'll give you Wild Bait recipe and you can catch two fish at a time!!

    56. Gianna Linares

      Bruh him putting bait on one at a time was so funny 😂

    57. Ja Crispy


    58. Marcus Howell


    59. Frosty 72

      I love how half the people here have never played Stardew but they comment to get likes

    60. MysticQuartz

      You found a stardrop! It's strange,but the taste reminds you of alpha males. Your maximum energy level has increased.

    61. John Irish Gripalda

      If someone's reading this i played this for 3 weeks and gain the galactic thing, plant starfruit on summer and use keg or the darker one keg to make wine, it's worth it you can make 6 figures in 1 week or 2 weeks in game

    62. Victoria Laine

      Sees Jodi multiple times: I’ve never seen this woman in my entire life

    63. XeroX

      Hey Felix, can u do gaming commentary VIDEOS instead of livestreams cuz I don’t have time to watch ur full livestream even tho I rlly want to. I got school and exams comin up so pls so gaming commentary videos instead.

    64. Jynn

      Pewds is that one guy in my team who breathes through mic.

    65. Eboooz


    66. Farel Aprilio

      Ada orang indinesia di sini?

    67. cheeto beeto

      i rlly just watched this whole stream

    68. Adrian Tanujaya

      I freakin love this game dude

    69. حسين محمد

      3مليون ضيعو وقتهم هلى البت🤣🤣🤣🤣

    70. Fromzerotoohero

      totally the beginning is rough but get progressively better more advanced foods gotta love the bonus's from them

    71. Fromzerotoohero

      Ehooooo i did a stardew series last year! wooot glad you saw it's potential Maybe you'll see mine next :P

    72. Hans Miranda

      The white flame quickly frame because gong bilaterally beam after a understood element. bumpy, silly saw

    73. Eternal Sunshine

      1:52:37 that's life

    74. Hannah Stocksdale

      When he picks the exact same location for his farm as Crankgameplays did on his stream not too long ago 🥺

    75. J ._. J

      Okay but the starting soon screen is fucking SICK!? I could watch that all day

    76. Someone body

      My favorite part was the lore from 1:27:07 to 1:44:13. The chair is amazing at commentating.

    77. -Ohokk0-

      "i think i'll keep gray ones over here." \*sets down brown item*

    78. Natasha Mackenzie

      Whn felix said: "I'm stuck in a time loop"; .... I felt tht 😯

      1. Natasha Mackenzie

        @Joe like constantly running around my own lyfe 4 24/7 doing the same ol' boring thing 😵

      2. Joe

        How did you feel tho 😳

    79. TVGAME96

      موفق باشی و عالی بود👌👌🌷🌼🌻🏵️🌸🌺 A good player always wins 🎶🎶🎵🎵🎵 🌹💐💐💐💯💝 مًآشُآء آلَلَهّ 💯💝 💯💝💝🥰👌 💞🤝🤗💞💞🌻सावधानीपूर्वक, नियमित र सुन्दरताका साथ🌻🙏🙏🙏 👌👌👍 Удачі, і це було чудовоNice sharing 🤝🥰

      1. twinjzz ?


    80. kassandra quintero

      I love this game

    81. Descriptionist

      If his character had blonde hair he'd literally be that dude from Phineas & Ferb that their sister crushed on

      1. zeroofarrows


    82. Hannah Sears

      Holy shit. In that one go he got 56 fish (included the ones he ate and got from chests too)

    83. Otto Ploch


    84. Rose Sanders

      You are so good and the best PAprombes

    85. Daan van Honschoten


    86. Hannah Sears

      Whoever said completion in year one wasn't that hard is a massive liar wtf

    87. Amanda MALCOLM

      The fallacious crayfish nomenclaturally attract because playroom distinctively balance minus a insidious vegetarian. rebel, macabre force

      1. CrazyGaming

        Does this sentence contain meaning?

    88. Owen Comfort

      Want to get rich in Stardew Vallew easily NO HACKING?!?! You need a. A chest b. A full inventory c. One expensive item 1.When in the chest menu, move the expensive item to the organize option 2. Spam the select button 3. Put other items into the chest 4. Sell the expensive items and get RICH

    89. Ruthful Mamba

      i mean if we wanna be technical with it they never said you couldnt make another song dissing cocomelon

    90. Callum Hatch

      I watched it and been waiting for part two. Actually really enjoyed it. Hope he continues it

    91. PanDreHut

      This makes me wanna play stardew again

    92. Денис Чигридов

      Why was the beginning so long? 🤣

    93. Martin Wayne


    94. Marcelo Furtado YT


    95. Inge

      pewds is way too close to his mic the whole time, he is constantly breathing into it D:

    96. Megan Sanchez

      I frikken love Stardew valley streams. Thanks bro 👊

    97. Robi Jakus

      ngl it took me more than 2 weeks to fully watch this stream but i did

    98. Anurag Lodhi


    99. EWAN Coghlin


    100. Tobia Fabregues

      We want more of this