Someone Is Selling My 50 MIL Award On Ebay #77[REDDIT REVIEW]


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    1. James Knorr

      Buying stuff on Craigslist has the same energy as buying things in Animal Crossing

    2. NastyPasty

      London is very expensive to live there

    3. Maximum _Outfits plays Roblox

      terraria intro

    4. Drew Miller

      Holy shit that first post is from my town

    5. Shaun Jones

      That hot dog almost made me throw up it's going to give me bad dreams for the next two weeks

    6. Oliver Esse

      PewDiePie: "how did you meet your mama " Me: 😲😳😬

    7. Andrew Del Genio

      Are we not going to address the coffin made for a child?

    8. Darth Fish

      Cant blame them tbh

    9. Grasshopper K

      My neighbour has a genuinely cute Lobster, he's got his own 1400L aquarium, salt water Turtle and fish friends, with ramp access out xD He used to be 300g... he's almost 5Kg

    10. commentator tot マウンテンバイク

      I wish you could see the review on the tiffany & co products shown in this video.

    11. Bradley McCarty

      Wow a terraria intro

    12. Redlinex GG

      7:10 lmao that just killed me

    13. Srxrvn

      5:45 I had that

    14. Fake Pewdiepie


    15. kikmaster

      У коффи большэ каментов подроликом набираеца хотя у него в 12 раз меньшэ подпишиков :/

    16. kikmaster

      Так я непоняв а где россия :/ и почему у пьюдипая 108 лямов а он набирает лаков и просмотров меньшэ чем а4 ау а4 в 5 раз меньшэ подпишиков какого?

    17. blake is not ok

      love the intro tbh terraria is better than mc

    18. Shimon Carroll

      An actually funny Pewdiepie video, well done, I thought he had lost himself, but this video is really funny!

    19. Mr Reltex


    20. Layarion

      dude, that Teddy "hit me for yo girl" guy is a real bro

    21. Victaso


    22. Commander Grape-Fruit


    23. maciek to ziomal

      Trump to jest z tym nie znam się na tym etapie realizacji zamówienia na pewno się przyda mi na czasie rzeczywistym sumieniem na morze i tak się składa się z nią i nie wiem co to jest próbą to nie ma problemu nie jest w stanie w Polsce i na tym nie znam się na tym nie znam się na tym etapie realizacji zamówienia i nie wiem co ę w dniu jutrzejszym poziomie i w sumie tym razem nie ma problemu z tego nie jest tak źle to co mi chodzi mi o tym jak i na tym eee i inne yyyy i nie wiem czy to jest to możliwe to proszę o kontakt telefoniczny pod koniec roku.

    24. غضب AO

      مين عربي

    25. Limpo

      Search up Tiffany maume

    26. محمد Saied

      وأحسن منك يا فاشل

    27. محمد Saied

      أنا عربى

    28. مصطفى كيمنكx

      انا من العراق

    29. HollowKnight Fan

      0:01 Terraria is back! .... Right?

    30. king of cats 2.0

      hold up listen at 3:20 do you use opera

    31. A Lost Cause

      I can’t even get into a relationship, nvm covid

    32. CsabaTOn [̲̅Y̲̅σ̲̅υ̲̅т̲̅υ̲̅b̲̅є̲]

      Who is this man? you are

    33. Colonel Volgin


    34. Anime Otaku


    35. Melanieʕっ•ᴥ•ʔっ

      Terraria for your intro this time. Do you still play Terraria pewds?

    36. Shezin S abdulla

      keep on getting t series ad on this channel.. lol

    37. Aaron Abbott

      Guarantee that door ram sale will get swiped by the county, and the person that sold it will likely get arrested and fined for selling state property or some shit.

    38. Guy Why

      gta from gta v

    39. Thjinjin

      For anyone who wonders, the last reversed bit is saying "you will never look at your poop the same way again"

    40. ABR_ Nemesis

      اقول كل زق بس

    41. ScantyPhineus

      terraria is good

    42. Osvaldo Perdomo

      Jaun le penio cheetoo 😂

    43. Zhraa Lbydany

      احمم اكـو ؏ـرب؟

    44. Jed Haran

      0:56 then the police/swat steam are hyppocritts

    45. Jonathan Dickerson

      beard game: stronk

    46. Silver Myggan

      11:40 Man why did u sell your sle man why...


      Who's watching 2018

    48. Ryan Miner

      6:00 the hero we all need


      yo got stickers in comm REEE face torso Leg rip edgar2 wat sexybrad slippy SIMP Sven Ricardo Notvegan smolpp angry yes jojo Tambo pewd FloorGang Hand1 String1 YoYo1 Duck Elon GOLD1 Brofist OUH Boosh FloorGang2 Wave zerodeaths Cocopewds reee Perry JojoNO JojoYES GOLD Barrel uh1 FRIP Melon Brofist2 Head2 Torso2 Leg2 Jörgen

    50. roblox world

      How do you have that much subs tho

    51. Joseph

      Don't get a lobster pet, they're better off eaten.

    52. Good boy jk

      the intro

    53. Ken Oath

      11:36 I actually downloaded and reversed the audio... what a waste of my time... I was hoping for some sort of awesome hidden secret code, but it's just an advertisement, Damn you PoopdiePie! Spoiler ahead . . . . "You will never look at PAprom the same way again"...

    54. Timur Aliev

      East village is Manhattan nyc

    55. Abunda boy

      Its gta from gta5

    56. Nebulax

      the intro tho yessirr

    57. frozesprinkles unicorn

      That’s so much

    58. Laiba's art

      you should watch mr. nightmare videos to know that craigslist is one hella creepy site mayn.

    59. Bilal Özçınar

      ben daha 25 aboneyim adam 107 milyon dağlar kadar fark var hatta denizler kadar

    60. Bit Stream

      I went on Craigslist UK once to look for retro consoles... ended up getting a titwank

    61. Basse

      East Village New York

    62. Christian Clason

      Pewds is so upset. But this isn’t even the truly weird shit Craigslist has.

    63. goku idk

      you never showed the play button

    64. Scotland Rhainds

      I want a terraria playthrough

    65. حمودي العراقي

      هو بلاك ليش عاف الاوم

    66. Zoro

      hai guys saya soloz, so harini saya nak terus terang dengan korang yg saya dah mula syok main wildrift. so rasanya enak rasa sting aku

    67. Saladbar 96

      TSV 16.4ft/5M 300LED Waterproof RGB Muliticolor Changing Flexible LED Rope Lights TV Backlight Tape Strip Light Kit with 44Key IR Remote Control, 8-Brightness Level, Memory Function, 12V Power Supply

    68. Death Wish

      "I can't afford to pay my electric bill but I can afford to buy a fake hornet's nest off craigslist."

    69. Mat MacQuarrie

      Its actually the old George McFly

    70. ttvgreenemech

      10:10 y does he wanna fight me and my country tho

      1. Texas Tailow

        Why is the minion cofin bad I don’t get it

    71. :p idk

      WTF IS THAT !! 7:15

    72. Majo Hrivnak

      Me : sing Johnny cash son Goose : *angry noises*

    73. Zak 10

      stratford is north east london

    74. Orlando ROFE

      Next, looking at Aussie gumtree

    75. Venxms

      Reads about funeral. “What a time to be alive”

    76. Noodle Train

      r/CrackheadCraigslist. A classic

    77. Kaizer DxD

      Poopdie doesn't let me play in my vivoy11 ;-;

    78. roblox gamer XD


    79. HiddenTechGames

      epicly epic intro

    80. baqir Al hakem


    81. Vilmer Johansson Ekman

      10 march gang :3

    82. Sulfi KJ

      Sulfi kj ❤

    83. mangoe the bunny

      i was literally on craigslist a few minutes ago

    84. Msaas

      10:15 MARZIA!?

    85. William Smith

      East Village is in NYC thats why its $1,000

    86. Aaden Wright

      Why was this video funny

    87. Aliah al-shabib

      yankee with no brim

    88. Its-A-Me-Bryan

      what was the music playing around 3:40? It sounds so familiar

    89. John Garcia

      FUN FACT THEY COOKED THE LOBSTER fun fact: 1 wasp part costs for about 1 usd and you failed to check the currency

    90. N. J.

      That’s East Village NYC my dude. $1000 for that shithole seems about right....

    91. kazmir

      7:15 auto screenshot and instantly send to marzia and tell felix was in to it.

    92. Charles Arriaga

      Pewdiepie just unintentionally flexed

    93. Friendly Salad

      3:51 looks like the Craig brute from the new halo

    94. christian palses

      This is after pewds before he evolved to Italian-swedish man

    95. Agung Hayatullah


    96. Mihai Cristian


    97. l Love BTS

      I want you to be with me like you

    98. Usher Louisma

      pewdie play fortnite and rage

    99. AKA_Chooch

      my sister tiffany was in the room. and she left with a concerned face...

    100. Procenciak

      8:13 Why is this dark? I don’t get it