Shy Kid Gets Humiliated At School Ft. PewDiePie | Jacksepticeye


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      PewDiePie is that really you

    2. Baluyot Joshua Rodell

      6:09 did anyone elso notice those little green and black lines and thought something happened to your monitor

    3. Taf Toc

      Fuckin western spy

    4. Elanau

      ... the Sony Ericsson w580i Walkman was the sheet bro.. all that customization before it was cool.

    5. Pumpkinz ez

      So they recreated a dhar Mann vid cool



    7. Yealo3

      Lamao! I liked when jack just referred to his wife by "she lives in ur house"

    8. Idiot Noob

      How does rainbow taste like ? 🌈 🧐🤨🤔

    9. Ben Palmieri

      Why is Ainsley the dark ages?

    10. Grant Belanger

      11 years

    11. ILD

      Can anyone explain to me why pewdiepie is so scared of talking about t series and cocomelon??

    12. jaylen owens


    13. Lorraine B

      3:24 I kept buying used Nokias. My Lumia 820 was a good phone... until Whatsapp became non supported on it in early 2020. I have a Samsung now. Nokia has the best predictive text. And the camera on Lumia 920 was amazing.

    14. Sensei Exx

      R.I.P Candice

    15. JuicyGaming

      Now,the intro makes me ry

    16. Gringobrony

      it's nice to see a dad and his son watching videos and having fun together i just typed this seconds before thay actually said dad and son lol

    17. Buttercup playZ

      Susy baka

    18. Marcus Martino Castro

      11:00 im not gonna talk about that dharmann

    19. go kill your self

      5:17 cocomelon

    20. Qeeb San

      silly bakka! 😆😆😆

    21. MIKE R E V I E W S

      Pewdiepie doesn’t really know this but one day he will pass t series

    22. Willa Rothert

      When does the shy kid get humiliated???

    23. thepro gamer

      Dhar mann

    24. Sebi Filip

      petscop2 confirm???

    25. mobmessi

      sooner or later youtube will make an update and remove the subscribe button on these music/nursery rhymes company channels just like vevo channels in 2018.

    26. Amy Altbach


    27. thechannelofasher

      I’m also Shay...

    28. EvasionBOB

      Seen on Open sea NFT PewDiePie punk for 350k $ LOL U history now

    29. Gearoid Browne

      no gfuel cuz i ADHD

    30. Sanjay

      Dhar man's thumbnail

    31. Vikki Moyer

      5:29 LOL LOL

    32. ConjurerSiHi302

      Pewds: “Why do people do these react videos? They’re so pointless and unfunny.” Also Pewds: **reacts to the same thing multiple times** 😂

    33. MyChemRomanceLover X

      Aye. 👁👄👁

    34. uLuRoUw Pentecost

      To be honest when i click on this video i thought dhar Mann would pop up

    35. oesh


    36. the running man

      My favorite duo

    37. Qnaio _

      He didn’t even give credit to Dhar Mann for the content he made, like bruh

    38. just danso family

      Why do you have a problem with fazerug bro you are just a big fool You feel too big cause you have 100m followers such a fool

    39. Edward Kavanagh

      Resident evil village plis

    40. dmng


    41. w

      Subscribe to me for daily memes 🥶

    42. Blackk Dariaa

      I had the Sony as well😂

    43. Koala Gaming

      After seeing the thumbnail I thought pewds is making a video with dhar mann

    44. Us Account

      5:22 t series v pew

    45. Moxxie

      Cocomelon is good because its for kids not for grown ups

      1. Moxxie

        But keep whining about them i love it when you get mad at them🤣🤣🤣

    46. Fake Status


    47. Lokio 94

      Remember kids Being Shay is a Superpower!


      Wait...does he ACTUALLY measure PPs?

    49. WhoEvenCares

      8:16 F

    50. Blast Star YT

      Jack looks more good than that old jack

    51. Kazen-74♡

      subscribe to the bro channel I will give you 999million lives for your mom! 

    52. Uncooked Dio

      Dr Phil does not exist

    53. 下中野雅弘

      who else thought this was a collab with dhar mann?? coz i did

    54. Daniello PH

      Did anyone notice at 11:12 Pewds and Jack said "what" at the exact timing? It does remember me and my bestfriend sometimes we did speak at the same time I miss my bestfriend

    55. Gacha Helen


    56. Franklin Clarady

      this is my channel now

    57. andrew yang

      Dhar man

    58. veerannapeta venkatesham

      shay hahahahaahahahahahahahahah

    59. Unicorn Cat

      hi i luv ur vids

    60. Jes Mat

      Anyone watch dhar


      ᴵ'ᵐ ˢᵘᵇˢᶜʳᶦᵇᶦⁿᵍ ᵗᵒ ᵉᵛᵉʳʸᵒⁿᵉ ʷʰᵒ ˢᵘᵇˢᶜʳᶦᵇᵉˢ ᵗᵒ ᵐᵉ!!!

    62. Avi’s Daily Story Time

      Vote niko for London’s mayor

    63. Vengat Pavann Krishna

      Click bait

    64. Super jojo Nursery Rhymes and Kids Songs

      Bullshit content

    65. 아이리스

      ahh i miss sony ericsson phone!

    66. Headphone_ Girl

      Boffy boffy boffy

    67. Doris Chou

      opps the person who made that video on the screen is fake

    68. Doris Chou


    69. Verihim The Red


    70. Augustin Gervasio

      Wait I expected it to say Friday with pewdiepie

    71. Jon

      Truly powerful message

    72. Erick martin

      did you know when the people who watch cocomelon will get older and then they will unsubscribe to cocomelon and subscribe to pewdiepie

    73. Afzhal Sabry

      Did Pewds actually stop using the sword after this video?

    74. CloakyDokiBit

      Yo I love Gfuel too, Gfuel gang

    75. dražesni mačor

      "That was our wedding." And that sentence made my day

    76. Scott Edwards

      Ainsley was great

    77. farhad aa

      is it me or does felix slowly turn into felix on crack from New Zealand

    78. Itz Hyperr

      say hi to me or i go support t- series

    79. Maria VillA

      That was messed up

    80. FH

      That was a really cool video, Felix was so cute and giddy ^^ I mean he exitedly showed his friends is sorting system hahaha and he seemed genuinely happy that Jack complimented it :)

    81. FH

      I had a Nokia AND a Sony Ericsson once. Not at the same time, but both ^^ I am pretty unhappy with phones nowadays tho. All too big, uselessly op screens (like not even my TV is that good, I don't need an oled phone screen wtf), even the processors are often overkill. And no headphonejack ..... ffs. That's why I am getting a Sony again. Nice Zeiss lenses, headphonejack and SD card slot. Still big, but there is nothing below 16cm....

    82. Neo Höglander

      I'm also tjej...

    83. Ali Abdul Kadhim

      منو من العراق يضغطلي لايك ويشترك بقناتي 🇮🇶🇮🇶❤️😘😘

    84. Vaishnavi S

      I got Darr Mann vibe from the thumbnail.

    85. The Asian Beast


    86. Laflechette ?


    87. Megan Molkentine

      I had the sony ericsson and it was fucking dope!

    88. Whofan06

      You know Gfuel must be good when Pewds probably buys more from them than they actually pay him

    89. Hritik mazumdar

      I wish to see more collaboration with Jack it's very wholesome to watch them together

    90. Eclipse Flower

      Dharr mann

    91. Don't forget


    92. Mr Corona

      Jack: You see.....i,m shay Felix: You see..... i,ve already got beaten by coco the hell melon.

    93. PIVOTgaming

      You lost your voice at the end lol 😆 that's the funniest part 🤣

    94. Abdur-Rehman Shahzad

      do not subscribed cocomelone but subscribed Jacksepticeye and PewDiePie make sure dont watch and subcribed cocomelone if you do how dare you

    95. MAX_ AvGoebel

      I used to like to watch Pew die Pie but now he just makes fun on kids and shit who is with me

    96. Srijan Kunwar

      bruh i also had sony erecsion

    97. Ava

      Pewdiepie is still the no 1 non musical youtube channel

    98. Piñakol

      we need bottle flip

    99. Tiktoks ETrends Video

      Following at my canal, Funny TikTok Compilation😂😂😂 good luck..

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