She Showers With Her MOM?! - TLC #14


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    1. B Z

      These are the type of people that made me choose not to identify as a human anymore.

    2. Milja Syreeni

      Showering with your parent is weird, but going to the sauna with your parents is totally normal (saying this a s a Finn :D)

    3. Satisfyer Strong

      "I see why people are afraid of cops in usa" Lold hard

    4. Pickled_Ayla The II

      Yooo i would try to move out ASAP. As soon as i turn 18 😳🧳🏃‍♀️💨

    5. Hussain Maaish

      Me who is the middle child and least loved.😿

    6. Gisell Raygoza

      Hey! Psychology behind the behavior: this is called the “Peter pan syndrome” the caregiver who didn’t want to grow up, raise their children as if they were best friends, and then start to do this kind of things.

    7. livzonx

      Pewds react to Emily and Sasha

    8. Baneous The

      Sweet home


      И этот комень перевернет мир я смогу изменить свою жизнь и вашу вы будете смотреть мои видео и радоватся Я стример иду к своей цели смотри мой канал люблю своего кота больше чем девушек спамлю везде целеустремленный еще я нюхаю трусы

    10. Joseph Joestar

      Pewdiepie: cringe time! Me:*looks at moustache*

    11. Aaron Kleinschmidt

      Her mom is 55 and still bathing her daughter. Her daughter should be washing her and changing her nappies

    12. charlie joyner

      The husband aint thet bad he is just like any ove us

    13. Pyro

      lol im a twin and it's definitely not like that

    14. 187 Media

      Society made it weird, especially USA society. But this mother and daughter are just weird.

    15. FireBeastGaming

      They had a stalker cam lol

    16. Kashish Chander

      Pewds: It's a one man job! Feminists be like : omg pewds is a gender racist lol 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    17. Kashish Chander


    18. Madelyn Summers

      Me and my dad used to shower when I was 4-5 and I still remember we used to wear underwear and I was very disappointed in myself

    19. Saad Syal


    20. petit chou

      The dad seems like a sweetheart

    21. Alma Garcia


    22. mohammed ahmed

      Damn Alabama needs to be stopped



    24. GOD

      Lot of make up

    25. Sarah Collins

      Did Maya loose an eyeball?!

    26. Charlie Wethington

      Did... did Felix just ask if all cops have guns?

    27. Lily Meadowcroft

      I tried showering with my mum when I was like 6 and after she asked me if I wanted to do it tomorrow again and I was like.....ah hell na

    28. Light Yagami

      My mom didn't want to even get close enough to me to take family photos😂. . .😥

    29. Edmond Alexandru

      Is she gets a bf he is going to have a threesome.

    30. minnie tadeo

      aw bendito

    31. Cyan

      Pewdiepie kinda looks like Trevor from GTAV with that mustache and I’m digging it

    32. Miku 6-6

      Bro. The mom looks like an ORANGE

    33. Kimomi Chan

      pewds dogs gonna be disappointed smh lol

    34. Juusto Snagero

      In Finland we do naked saunas with strangers. Nudity is not sexual unless its in that kind of a situation. Lmao

    35. mr james

      i want destroy my eye and remove all my memory of this

    36. Tsuyu Asui UwU

      PEWDS YOUR RIPPED MY MY I wish I was ;-; 😭

    37. Maddy Peck

      The last time I showered with my mom I was 10-

    38. lola marie

      the shower was really one thing but holy shit the mom that licks her daughter???💀💀 stop.

    39. Madison Moore

      I just realized that that u look like Kenny from The Walking Dead lol

    40. The messiah

      Cringe.. cringe and cringe.. Cringe like hell!!

    41. dakz lacrimosa

      Damn i was just thinking back to when pewdiepie was like 2 million subscribers behind SMOSH now look at him at 108M wow I’m actually happy for him he’s a good person he deserves it


      I was freaking eating when she was liking her😭

    43. R a n d o m S o f t i e ビバー


    44. Alyssa Vela

      Also, if someone woke me up by licking me I would throw hands.

    45. Alyssa Vela

      She showers with her mother and she’s the one enforcing laws ugh

    46. aditi nanda

      It’s not weird to shower with your mom,but filming it is really weird

    47. Cooper Forsythe

      When someone ask a 19 year old who do you shower with. Normal person: myself Her: my mom YOUR 19 YOU CANT SHOWER WITH YOUR MOM UNLESS YOUR GAY AND LIKE OLD WOMEN

    48. Kyissa Kone

      LOL what breed is marsha?

    49. Maggie

      their relationship is so weird... lmfao it makes me think that she(daughter) likes the mom *I mean in a romantic way*

    50. TheKidFromTarget

      whenever i watch this, i have to remember that this isnt mmlg and these are actual mums and daughters

    51. Der Seltsame

      I Love the merch but Cant afford it.

    52. Thijs Hendriksen

      what... the mom likes her one daughter more than the others

    53. Thijs Hendriksen

      imagine you're just like: jeah im ready to have a family so lets have a child and then your child just steals your wife and pretends like you're a gross monster

    54. Thijs Hendriksen

      i would rather shower with someone that share a F*CKING COFFE CUP

    55. Beatrice Lugli

      i couldnt watch it

    56. Alex is out

      Maybe it's because I don't have the best relationship with my own mother, but if your best friend is your mum as an adult there's something not quite right

    57. Not_Mythical

      Mate there is absolutely nothing wrong with a mother -daughter bond whats wrong is the fact that the parents making their children extremely dependent on them. Imagine have that kind of bond with you mum LEGENDARY just the dependency is off and weird

    58. Boy Boy

      One Word... Pornhub

    59. Mrx the goat

      Franks needs to take a shower with them two. If you can't beat them join them

    60. F In the chat

      POV: Casually just removes this from your watch history

    61. Chelder who hates spiders

      Best friends more like Alabama

    62. aqvoraii


    63. holycat tab

      Felix pls make more tlc videos

    64. Mountains

      Me watching Felix watching a mother and daughter watching a mother daugther feels oddly peepy.

    65. Fatty Meow

      It's normal in my country we have public showers called hamam Nothing special about this others than the cultural diversity

    66. Emmanuel GEOFFREY Yu

      6:48 as an asian... 84 IS ALREADY FAILURE XDD

    67. Dylan Smead

      “Dependent on yourself “ uh independent hehe

    68. Pierce

      Pewdiepie's next game will be shower with mom simulator confirmed?

    69. Disrespect Me

      Lmao none of them have the right to judge each other

    70. Bell Claudia

      love these tlc seriesss

    71. dermetaller15

      10:56 "That's a ten"

    72. Faisal Aman

      It's like a LGBTQ group now.

    73. Shayan Mbabaei

      my girlfriend and her mom , jesuss

    74. Ани Димитрова

      I was showering with my mom until i was like... 5-6 smth like that

    75. buhramyou

      I don't like your mustache

      1. momento mori

        Dont disrespect the mustache

    76. սպարտան

      10:40 she is licking her like a dog

    77. Malmequer

      From a euro-centric perspective, it is very weird to see them shower together as adults (it's pretty typical to shower with your kids when they are younger), but the weirdest part was seeing them film it and the high up angle :/ I guess in some asian cultures you do have public showers where you end up showering with your family, but this just didnt feel on par with that.

    78. Adarsh Mishra

      i think all people in this video are super crazy.

    79. Dev Soni

      🙏 namaste ..If i have family like this, i will blew up my self😂.........👍,.

    80. Jake Starbuck

      Of these relationships, the last one seems the least dysfunctional and harmful. A little weird, but probably not unhealthy. The others are just insane.

    81. Charlie Cappel

      that mustache has grown on you

    82. GrahamCracker

      For real this is called Covert Emotional Incest.

    83. likaboss7654

      “Dependent on their own” you mean independent

    84. Ben Smith

      I stopped eating my food after the shower part

    85. Jackson Wilson

      I used to shower with my dad and I’m a dude but i showered with my dad until I was 4 because I had no clue how to shower myself lol😂😂😂😂

    86. emma

      If I was him I’d just leave, she’s literally crazy

    87. Georvon Tyler

      5:25 make sure its paused

    88. Sam Sparks

      Pewds: is it weird or has society made it weird Me: no it’s weird

      1. Fatty Meow

        Nah just your society it's very common where I live we have public showers

    89. landen Conard

      What about the guy filming

    90. Dakshith Ragupathi

      This was just too cringe for me to watch! I taped out in the middle!!

    91. Brianna McCoy

      I KNEW THE GIRL WHOS MOM LICKED HER AWAKE she was really nice but her mom was really fuckin weird (obviously)

    92. Deli

      Why is the mum looking younger than her daughter? Wtf

    93. your daily dose of knowledge

      felix isnt dependent on his parents. his parents are dependent on him

    94. Aaron Brown

      Wish I was the bro, hell yea

    95. Noob

      That woman still look young tho

    96. IceyHaze

      it is official. I need bleach. god I need help after watching this... my Psychologist is gonna have to see another Psychologist and it's gonna be a endless cycle after giving me therapy because of this video (not shaming you pewd or the pewds) just this video definitely hit different and I don't like it. GOD HELP US ALL

    97. TheDarkShadow TDS

      That smile on the daughter when her mom's washing her she looks overly happy showering with her mom

    98. Michael Kelchner

      "Be dependent on your own"-Pewdiepie

    99. Western Slav

      A little bit too tight. one would say

    100. Sprite Cranberry

      Have a BroFist. 👊🏼