Running Minecraft on MAX Graphics 16k Ultra RTX 30000x GPU'S


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    crazy minecraft graphics bros
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    1. Dylan prime

      I watching this cos pewds didn't upload after the latest live stream

    2. Ben Palma YT

      my pc when im playing with shaders: 🙂 my pc when im playing with shaders and an ultra texture pack: no.

    3. End One

      That intro gives chills

    4. BANDIT


    5. Badass beastie

      I know

    6. Karen Lucinda

      Guys I think he knows

    7. SAITAMA

      Hay pudidi

    8. top notch

      Hey God bless you and all your family this year 🙏

    9. MeepNugget

      Rich kids using the 3090 while Felix using the 300090

    10. Jaby Chador

      A one month video of this shit has 200k something likes,carry drop a song 1day and it gets millions likes,and views.

    11. Saltiest_Spring

      I never have entirely in my life have ever heard of seen this channel before. Edit: And I'm a Introvert

    12. Anshuman Komirishetty

      Hey guys, I'm a fellow 19-year-old college student from India. I've been watching pewds ever since 2014 and his videos and community have always helped me out in dire situations. I ask for the councils help once again. I've written a blog on medium as a part of an assignment, and I need as many "claps" (which as the liking mechanism on medium) as I can get. Each person can give up to 50 claps per post. Id appreciates all the help I can get from the bros, Thank you. FLOOR GANG OUH! The link to the blog is: @t

    13. Simone Hansen

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    14. Kleeto

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    15. Kleeto

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    16. Elma

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    17. lukaazazi

      Pewdiepie: ima Minecraft veteran *The average amount of blaze rods people get is 9*

    18. Wabut _

      Imagine how funny it would be if you paypal me 300€

    19. stickless

      Türk olan varmı?😁

    20. Budak Burak




    22. Devanarayanan S

      Me watching it in 144 p.... I see no changes

    23. Russel Kurt Morga

      please pweds tomorrow

    24. Russel Kurt Morga

      hey pweds tomorrow start marzia Minecraft full episode?🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

    25. rewind tv

      seru ga sih game ini? pgn coba sih

      1. Immanuel sihombing06


    26. ImBak ._.

      Pewds and Technoblade should be friends, the both of them love to scruggle little children

    27. Jazzy Z

      Look at all the ✨ s p a c e ✨

    28. DAB HORSE

      please support my channel

    29. Wolf BITE

      can i have your number Pewds??

      1. Troy Howell

        lol like that’s gonna happen

    30. BOX MAN

      STRATUM texture + SEUS PTGI shader = BOOM🖥 :v

    31. Adi S

      subtitel indo:(

    32. B E P I S

      that will burn down my house because i cant even load 1080p quality


      Subscribers needed

    34. Broben5

      "Ahh vitamin D" I love this guy.

    35. Irán Priego

      so this has 6.9 million views nice


      Moo moo cows

    37. hshdfhs adsiyfa

      Nvidia graphics cards don’t have an “x” at the end of them lol. You’re thinking of AMD CPU’s.

    38. BigBrainPlays

      Ahh 69m veiws

    39. mahmoud waheed

      There are many mistakes, despite the great interaction, but there are many geniuses who came ... from Mahmoud waheed channel

    40. Anvarynn

      I'm so glad you put the combine falling onto that grass because the first thing I thought of was Source Engine

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    42. Marija


    43. JD

      How many subs can I get of this comment😥🙃 Current : 0

      1. Louis Krauss

        You got one from me

    44. Reubenツ

      Felix, the lion king theme is for sunrise

    45. Michal zur

      Why don't you put the link to the Texture pack?

    46. IM MARKO

      Episode 100

    47. IM MARKO

      You are🐄

    48. Я один русский???

    49. M K

      Abshtäwshchöabhëñ moräbhêwn

    50. KiraCura

      Want to see him play modded

    51. Aldrich Collado


    52. flox mu

      مرت القافلة من هنا 👀🐪

    53. its theonlynoob

      Charli almost bet him :(

    54. HTD7

      Sturdy PC...

    55. Jemel Rivano


    56. Random Guy

      Hate these clickbait titles

    57. A P O L O G Y

      Hello pudidi

    58. Naina Parishwad

      I know

    59. Sall FF

      Hello pudidi

    60. Henri Walter

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    61. Some random guy

      Pewds use the wrapped fungus ( it looks like blue mushroom ) To scare away the hoglins This will make your life a lot easier

    62. LUCY WORLD

      Your Minecraft is more beautiful than real world 😍

    63. Lazy and sleepy Anna

      do a floor made of furnaces

    64. Zina Salman

      Can you make a tree house

    65. Zina Salman

      I love computer

    66. vans المشاهير

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    67. cubing adda

      Father is always father now u see ur subs and t series subs. i agree that u are a good content creator but when u start roasting india and u have gained overconfidence on yourself then u lose. i know there is no competition among u and tersies u are an individual content creator and teries is a big company. But always remember never go to a respect of a country. Sorry for all that but u deserves this. -_-

    68. Manish Banger

      PewDiePie very slow compare to Indian gamer

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    72. Dr. Plagus

      when you get 6.9million views

    73. MantaLol

      I once accidentally made hundreds of furnaces and created a hallway of furnaces. But I was fool for thinking my furnace hallway was cool, for it could never be near as awesome as the furnace house.

    74. IGUANA

      Best way to close a year.

    75. berran345

      You cant have been snusing for long your snusläpp is so obvious

    76. 『 xmali_errør 』

      His furnace house tho

    77. Dakoota

      2:20 neebs gaming reference...?

    78. God Tear

      Use a bottle on the bee hive and you will get honey and it gives you 6 bars of hunger

    79. miss neil!

      alt title for all those people without 1,000,000 dollars worth of gaming setup: *blowing my computer up*

    80. XxBushBabyxX XxBushBabyxX

      pewds ; umm nom nom umm i love pork me; u fool...... its beef!!!

    81. caleb / :

      6.9 million views Nice

    82. Ducky and Chicken Lord

      You may not know this but you can make a whole town of furnace

    83. Aidan Sparer

      Use a glass bottle on bfffft’s bee hive when there’s honey trust me Also as long as bffft has a hive, you don’t need to lock him in he’ll stay in the area regardless

    84. The Sparkling Corner

      pewdipie: Gives People Joy. Fans: Give 1 subs GodBless,2021 is a Blessing

    85. David Burca

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    86. Amna Hadi


    87. Glob Galab

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    88. Charlie Hudson

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    89. Laert Terkuci

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    91. Awsumsauz

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    92. Tactical

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    93. Anas Pro

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    94. Sandeep Malik

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    95. Sudheendra Varma

      Watch ssundee's minecraft harcore series for some exploits

    96. Lungelo Motsa

      pew you to must play bed wars

    97. Sri Guru Datta

      Fun Fact: Watch this video on 1080p 60fps To make gameplay look like running on 40 fps.

    98. Mine Love

      PFFFFTTT impersonated as BFFFTTT!!!!... It can't happen...

    99. Tweaky x-x

      it feels good being a member

    100. Wan Sriah


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