Responding To The VTuber Controversy (omg)


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    ਨੂੰ ਪ੍ਰਕਾਸ਼ਿਤ ਕੀਤਾ ਗਿਆ 3 ਮਹੀਨੇ ਪਹਿਲਾਂ


    1. Emersen

      "All PewDiePie fans are white supremacist" Me an Asian: *Confused Asian noises* Also me: :^

    2. Ikhwan-san EQ-01

      "All Pewdiepie fans are white supremacist" Me, a Malaysian: *cries in ketupat and rendang*

    3. Mephistopheles

      I like this critical side of pewds that has a spine.

    4. Smeguy Eevee

      “All pewdiepie fans are white supremacists” Me a Malaysian: okay*what is happening*

    5. Tomix Void

      "Whitesupremacists?" me a filipino : confused tinapa noises

    6. Francis Sauve

      "All pewdiepie fans are white supremacists" Me an Inuit, **literally 0.000016% of the entire population**

    7. Anshu

      "All pewdiepie fans are white supremacists” Me a Colombian: *screams in sancocho*

    8. Nancy Highfield

      The people who think all 19 year olds are white supremacists are child haters

    9. jester

      Notice that all of them have a atupid flag on their bio, like anime, are sensitive, dont take jokes, cry if you say ching chong, are woman, are 13-19 and use dots Hey thats a nice stereotype

    10. jester

      "Pewdiepie fans are white supremacists" Me, a brazillian teen: me monke... me bad! me live in forest!

    11. Aiman Marzuqi

      White Supremacist? Never knew I was a Malayan White Supremacist

    12. Toaster fire

      Ebil yt gonna keel da vtubahz

    13. FungeBob

      I'm 2 month late *bruh*

    14. La Li Luniya

      It's ridiculous how literally everything people do is now either considered racist or homophobe, wth? XD

    15. Julian Sanchez Harris

      "All pewdiepie fans are white surpremacists!" Me as a southamerican, anti-postcolonial swede: ....wut?

    16. Prinempal

      pewds is the best vtuber.

    17. Gamerboy rohan

      He looks like a kid who got famous and messing with everyone (and I like that)

    18. King of Hell

      "All PewDiePie fans are white supremacists" Me, who identifies as a pro wrestler: *Are you sure about that?*

    19. Khánh Đinh Nam

      Is this what happen when you don't use tottri for Sa bui tri cap do 4 ?

    20. Aoi

      Is it just me or I really like Pewdiepie being an anime character.

    21. Corey Me

      Isnt that a filter not a-

    22. No Scope Gaming aka Jonny the Wolf Boy

      Too many PewDiePie fans are white supremacists

    23. Emmy Serna

      (A little late but whatever) "all pewdiepie's fans are white supremacists!" Me A Mexican: cries in enchiladas

    24. roberto fraustro

      "All pewdiepie fans are white supremacists" Me a mexican: *confused spicy taco noises*

    25. Dark Wolf

      That intro was amazing.

    26. giga chad

      "I need to find more ways to piss of idiots." - Pewdiepie

    27. m labo

      Please never stop pissing off idiots

    28. chunky boi

      Is that a jojo reference

    29. Amilkratos Romero

      “All PewDiePie fans are white supremacists” Me, a Salvadorean: Cries in Pupusas.

    30. Morgan Lightning{vampire}


    31. Don Jandro

      All of Pewds audience are white supremacist? [Ponders in Spanish]

    32. Apø11ö~

      "All Pewdiepie fans are all white supremacists" Me: *Gets confused in filipino*

    33. Ruth

      "All Pewdiepie fans are white supremacists" Me a Mexican: confused taco noises

    34. Michał Łupiński

      PAprom: War on VTube! Me: What the check is VTube?

    35. Eccentric Ninny

      Pewdiepie Fans are White Supremacists... My Filipino Bum making PiNoises

    36. Bruhman the Sith

      Vtubers are being butthurt

      1. Mandar Garud

        Majority of them weren't even vtubers lmao

    37. John Wick

      "All PewDiePie fans are white supremacists" Me a Puerto rican: *Cries in loud taco music*

    38. YOUniversal BeYOUtifull

      “All pewdiepie fans are white supremacists” *confused twerking*

    39. Count Julius

      Honestly I am just confused why everyone got mad at pewdipie I don’t associate with the peeps who got angry

    40. TheCurs3r

      random kids: vtubers dumb me: listen kid stop calling a human being "it" random kids: [literally any bullshit] me: aigh imma head out

    41. x Emirxllu x

      I don't even understand why people are being so over dramatic over him vtubing , I mean, let the man be lol

    42. sandpaper the snake guy

      "All PewDiePie fans are white supremacists" I think both Pewds fans and white supremacists would be offended lmao

    43. Alejandro Pavia

      “All pewdiepie fans are white supremacists” Me a Mexican intelectual: cries in guacamole

    44. I’am Kuly

      PURE TROLLING VIDEO .... YE MAN. 🤣😁😎🤟👍

    45. TobyDoesStuff

      I'm a vtuber fan and I still respect Pewdiepie for staying active, Almost all controversy that surrounded him are all a reasonable action so I see no problem with this.

    46. raymond haley

      The ad for this video was called Lonely woman

    47. MiiCreativeStudio

      Wait wait what filter is he using for the anime face I legitimately want to try it for fun

    48. ChrisJBT

      8:24 Ikr? Literally any time I see a headline like that or headlines like "Fan OUTRAGE..." if you compare the articles you'll realise that they're all just referring to the same 2-5 tweets, it's ridiculous.

    49. Idk ?

      "All pewdiepie fans are white supremacists Me a Rwandan : Cries in Gorilla

    50. Rui Cabrita

      All pewdiepie fans are white supremacists” me a Portuguese crys in bacalhau

    51. Treyskee

      Saddened to find out that I'm a white supremacist time to change my skin color smh

    52. CharismaSTICC

      "I need to figure out more ways to piss off idiots" Damn, Pewds has no chill

    53. •Pastel Donutz•

      They are acting like its so bad that he is putting a literal anime character of his face ✌😂

    54. IGUANA

      The first 3 tweets are the equivalent of someone killing you on a game, calling you trash, and then leaving the game leaving you no chance to get back at them. Roblox comes to mind a lot...

    55. Alukallo

      “All pewdiepie fans are white supremacists” and are “bad for LGBTQ+” *Cries in bisexual*

    56. Fatty McButterpants

      Now THIS VIDEO is classic f'n PEWDIEPIE!!! This response video is the best content Pewds has put out since B*tch Lasagna! we need more "EdgeLord" Pewds!!!

    57. Pixcel011

      Whiners on twitter : Pewdiepie is a Millionaire why wouldn't he just buy a proper Vtuber Avatar ? Me : Proper ? lol Pewds Vtuber Avatar even if its for trolling purposes Looks Already awesome and dope to me!

    58. Spot Light Studios

      All pewdiepie fans are white supremacist Me an dark indian: confused telugu noises

    59. Ayrton Peralta

      the fact that his face looks like tohru adachi makes it even better

    60. Ratona Gótica

      “All Pewdipie’s fans are white supremacists” Me, a Peruvian: Cries while hugging llama

    61. Andre Nual

      "All pewdiepie fans are white supremacists" People from different country who watch him: "visible confusion"

    62. I feel blue

      At this point i think the internet is just a replacement of masquerade parties

    63. PJ Q

      The way people love to hate Felix for no real reason is kinda hilarious. You can take anyone with as many videos as him and use clips out of context

    64. Ahood Tariq

      What the fuck laughing out loud

    65. rahman530

      “All pewdiepie fans are white supremacists” Me as a half-indian half-malay: cries in whatever who cares

    66. Eben Haezer Tanuwijaya

      Your head is bigger

    67. Losi Loso

      Meanwhile i didn’t even know what vtuber means... getting off of most of my social media is the best decision i ever made.

    68. Everything Burrito

      This anime face is killing me 🤣

    69. Adam El-Morsy

      “All PewDiePie fans are white supremacists” Me a black guy: Bruh

    70. Mamaexus

      Man can't get over the reactions 😂

    71. Marginal Duck

      4:19 BRUH htf has LGBTQ+ something related to Pewdiepie O_O???

    72. Lucky Ducky


    73. Danzos

      "All of PewDiePies fans are white suptemecists" Me a Kenyan: *cries in corruption*

    74. Rinzzue Asturias

      “All pwedepie fans are white supremacists “ Me a Filipino: cries in rice fields

    75. b33tle b0y

      all the comments are the fucking same omg

    76. Odio Todo

      “All PewDiePie fans are white supremacists" Me, as a Mexican: cries in tacos

    77. Mark Firman

      “All pewdiepie fans are white supremacists” Me, from war-torn Ukraine: дідько, чого ж ти так

    78. Bob Joe

      Wtf happened here

    79. CM21

      This comment section's top comments: 99% "All pewdiepie fans are white supremacists" jokes 1% "All pewdiepie fans are white supremacists" jokes

    80. Saanvi karkra

      "All Pewdiepie fans are white supremacists and bad for the LGBT+ community" me, an indian pansexual- well, you learn new things everyday..

    81. bentley

      "All PewDiePie fans are white supremacits" Me: African American and protests black equality


      “All PewDiePie fans are white supremacists” Meanwhile me an indian enjoying some rice and curry: wah bete wah mauj kar di!

    83. gyrne

      I’ve seen lots of wholesome people in the community but jesus christ people on Twitter are something else

    84. EDC


    85. Axl Galicia

      109 million white supremacist where made that way

      1. Jhõrnéllè Pamplonæ

        Me who is a Asian (Filipino): ah shit

      2. Axl Galicia


    86. EKG Gaming

      “All pewdiepie fans are white supremacists” Me a Mexican: Cries while eating tacos

    87. gob gob

      pews link for your vtuber guy

    88. Mailboo

      hi pewds

    89. Elàted Sorcerer

      "All PewDiePie fans are white supermacists" *Me an Indian: Playing Bitch Lasagna on Loop*

    90. Josh Lander Ferrera

      all pewds are white supremacists: me being an asian.

    91. yushiera !

      “All PewDiePie fans are white supremacists” Me, who hasn’t watch Pewds in a year and just wanted to catch up with his uploads: Nice update

    92. Seraphina Guerrero

      "All Pewdiepie fans are white supremacists" Me, a dominican: *cries in plantains*

    93. Kay L

      “All pewdiepie fans are white supremacists” me, a korean enby panromantic asexual: what

    94. degenerate homosexual

      “all pewdiepie fans are white supremacists” “bad for lgbtq+ community” me: **cutely hatecrimes myself cause im a mixed race bisexual**

    95. my head hurts

      politically correct people wouldn't bother me if they actually acted as they preach.

    96. _hiy0ri_ san_

      "All pewdiepie fans are white supremacist" Me an algerian: *cries in couscous*

    97. Janet Helen

      What the fuck is a Vtuber?

    98. Vinyl Flash

      “All PewDiePie fans are white supremacists” Me a Mexican: *sad taco noises*

    99. Migue Lopez

      “All PewDiePie fans are white supremacists” - - Me: a latino man living in The Caribean. Ok then.

    100. Hasta

      i support pewdiepie but saying that the internet is a mistake and thats what he literally thrives kinda dumb

      1. Hasta

        @my head hurts their was no humor in site lmfao

      2. my head hurts

        Do you know the definition of humor and sarcasm?