Responding To My Minecraft Crimes...


4.1 ਮਿਲੀਅਨ ਦ੍ਰਿਸ਼226

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    1. Demonslayer 69

      U know there is a way without mods to put water in the nether

    2. Nabila Bukhari

      "plant the leg" -Pewdiepie

    3. skills har vi fgdfg

      felix i have an great idea for your minecraft hardcore seriessleep in the end for an achievement

    4. Marshyplayz Minecraft

      I played minecraft for 700 hours bruh I’m better than you kinda

    5. Jehan PH Chikoy

      5:26 hahaahhaahhhahah funny 1:57 funny 😂 6:50 hahahah

    6. Kkinsey ‘

      You can drown in Minecraft? *UNREALISTIC*

    7. Kim Gabriel

      1:27 a mistake

    8. mavin boonnantakul

      Now you know how we feel

    9. Michelle LL

      Love from 🇵🇭🇵🇭🇵🇭🇵🇭🇵🇭🇵🇭🇵🇭

    10. Dakisha

      nice video

    11. Kurt Paolo

      More Like Reacting how he Brings Back Minecraft To Life? Haha


      I love you PewDiePie Pew tang ina mo I love you

    13. William Jackson

      I remember when he realised he was mining gravel with a diamond pickaxe "GRUS! I've been mining GRUS??"

    14. HW - 04CC 891462 Whiteoaks PS

      I dont need kids telling me how to play minecraft! 00000.2 seconds later: how do you craft a twig

    15. Gregory Gedz

      Lol the moment pewdiepie tried to light tnt with a torch

    16. Dylan Short

      This brings me back

    17. 2FoolsinOne

      this just a compilation of r/confidentlyincorrect

    18. Halvard Thoen Vedå

      7:31 PieDiePew: yess!!!

    19. WitherBrine Gamerz


    20. WitherBrine Gamerz


    21. Pondazyeahboi_offical

      Edgar converted into a box of coke


      I love PewDiePie

    23. Hyper Mcpe

      Big Brain To Save Joergen

    24. Shazney Joyce Barbado


    25. team orange

      i kept bugging my friends at school for saying pewdiepie for 3 days straight

    26. Saif Al Araf

      Hello pewdiepie what is your real name

      1. Naresh Kumar

        His real name is felix kjelberg

    27. ال قرد المستهتر

      لماذا لا يوجد ترجمة عربية ترجم هاذا في جوجل

    28. Bruno Olivaes

      react to a video from the maicon kuster channel

    29. etseave

      Be honest, we all thought we needed to feed horses to tame them.

    30. Marko Mladenovski

      Diamond pickaxe its not a diamond axe

    31. Bhawik the pro


    32. EVERYTHING !!!!

      Old minecraft noob

    33. props


    34. SquareBadge4952

      This Felix guy is so bad at Minecraft, Pewdiepie is so much better

    35. Hey I’m Jake

      “What’s wrong with the C O M E P A S S.”

    36. defaz

      this makes me want to rewatch pewdiepie's first Minecraft series

    37. قناة الذكر الحكيم


    38. The JAMPLE

      "How do I build a twig" 😂

    39. Cremdem


    40. Wanted200 761

      My cat died today 😢😞😔😪💔

      1. Gaming World


    41. Aaron Staton

      Pewdiepie's law -Accidentally make every Mistake possible

    42. Aaron Staton

      fe- godammit

    43. Jay Rex Salva

      hey pewds, u should try playing genshin impact it's pretty fun!

    44. YharonJD

      I like how he acts like that's not himself he's reacting to lol

    45. rayer 100

      pewdiepie:its easy to forget things me who has not forgotten a thing you sure about that right hand veteran pewdiepie?

    46. Nostalgic gamer

      Actually it's dangerous to give the horse apple in real life it's make him go crazy

    47. what’s your name1968


    48. I am a POTATO

      Remeber when you actually need to feed an animal to tame it

    49. oliveboard


    50. Fathul Bary Fuady


    51. Muffin King

      Felix: "Maybe it has to be night" Notch: "Write that down, write that down!"

    52. Real Fabsgames

      9:36 weird smile

    53. M0K LDZ

      yamate kudasai, iaahhh🤤croott😈

    54. Nick 2.0


    55. Maooz Abdullah

      Drinking water stops hiccups.

    56. John cena

      Next part like

      1. Hero Brine

        Why you so late !!

    57. Leon BP

      What does pewds expect the game is swedish he is swedish

    58. Archie Luna

      Fun fact: in the old. Dayys of minecraft you can punch a tnt to. Activate it

    59. Preeti D’Souza

      I didn’t hear him mention a veteran’s discount once in the entire series

    60. Julien Boyce

      7:30 I like how past and present Felix say "no" exactly the same. Lol

    61. GhostLee

      Miss that world

    62. Amar Osmanagić

      10:35 my friend and I played some survival and he found that pyramid. He was confused when it blew up lol

    63. Sissel Jilken

      snus? har ingen aning nu om han snusar eller inte (spelar ingen roll såklart han gör vad han vill lixom) ser verkligen ut som det på denna videon eller är det ba jag hahah???

    64. zono Hasan

      This is pain watching this

    65. Ali Anthony

      My tip: when you cant walk or mine or build or make a farm press all buttons

    66. Ali Anthony

      Pewdiepie video quality graph 2021: \ \ \ \__________ \

    67. Ali Anthony

      You know to play minecraft but dont know gow to craft and lite a nether portal...

      1. Ali Anthony

        Im almost a veteran

      2. Ali Anthony

        Btw im a minecraft veteran but started 7 months ago...

    68. Svilena Leon

      Master PAprom I take it from Fortnite was destroyed i quess your sooner than expected! in the name of the galactic youtuber you are under arrest pewdipie for not playing minecraft right

    69. Vivz Playz

      Petition for Pewdipie to be in dream smp

    70. Keiron Knapp

      After re watching your old minecraft videos i want to see sven again in your new series

    71. DEVIL MAXX Gamer


    72. DEVIL MAXX Gamer


    73. Yuv Singhal

      We need a part 2 of this

    74. Kanana

      I switched from controller to keyboard and mouse and actually didn’t know you can shift click to instantly do that thank you Felix you have cured my loosing streak on sky wars ;-;

    75. Cristian Salas


    76. Sage isthenameprocrastinatingsthegame

      “ to lit a tnt” I love how he still messes up his grammar🥺

    77. Victor Pacheco

      Felix kjellberg! You're under arrest for multiple minecraft crimes!

    78. Flying Pasta-kat

      Yup we out here planting legs

    79. {Alien Gacha}

      aAacitvate it

    80. Raymond Dwipa

      Now Felix understands our pain when we watched him play for the first time

    81. EndVipers

      He's talking to himself.

    82. •-Emma-•


    83. Sparta Remixer

      7:52 you should name Ender-Melon Melonjesus is here: Melon?

    84. tech gamer

      "I did it with my diamond axe" R u kidding me

    85. adventuregamingvital


    86. l???? w#h#o#

      He is like acting like that isn't him

    87. MMEPlayz 3447

      pewdiepie u are lucky u know nothing about minecraft cause me i know most of the things and its just boring for me and u, u have things to explore and make

    88. MMEPlayz 3447

      like when pewdiepie was mining obsidian hes wearng the same t-shirt as the pewdiepie now

    89. MMEPlayz 3447

      hes wearing the same shirt as in the past vid, like

    90. Midnight

      You really SHOULD be able to feed apples to horses in Minecraft.

    91. Aaron Velasquez

      I was mining with my axe Can I call you your real name It's a pickaxe Felix!!!🤗🧐🙄 Sorry Felix I called my cat in minecraft Felix I didn't know😅until my brother told me a youtuber named roomie said your name in his video is he your friend???🧐

    92. Caleb Neighbors

      Me who became a Minecraft pro in 10 minutes after watching one mr.beast video: 🧐

    93. Krab

      8:07 WoW iTs A rEd bEd

    94. Bert Karlsson

      I love you pevdepow!

    95. alsharai alsharai


    96. Daniel Schlegel

      Subscribe for the "Subscribe to pewdiepie achievement"

    97. MM

      I remember watching this series from day one. What a good day to be a 9 year old.

    98. New Warehouse

      RIP pewdiepie

    99. Seth Thomas

      Please don’t use the lords name in vain