Rescuing Villagers in Minecraft - Minecraft Hardcore #9


4.1 ਮਿਲੀਅਨ ਦ੍ਰਿਸ਼441

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    1. Josue Cifuentes

      nooooo mannnn, pobre chiquita bonita

    2. casey chambers

      Don't get the green shirts! They're the village idiots!!!!

    3. Kaylee Oxner


    4. Lanny the Great

      11:10- hmmmmmm

    5. 125new 125

      Please, Minecraft we want horse cart Kidnapped villagers, I mean rescuing the villagers is difficult

    6. Nando

      Pewds to a horse: “we’re fricking tonight” Pewds to a sheep: “I will f*ck you” I guess Beastars really did change you...

    7. Diamond.Armour.08

      16:36 sheep: it’s modern Pewds: hits sheep with bed

    8. Kyle Esslinger

      9:34 Is he not gonna acknowledge how that dolphin launched into the stratosphere 🤨

    9. Augusto Palmero

      You do know that "Chiquita bonita" means pretty girl, right?

    10. Spars Sounds

      I be in my girls ear like: 16:17

    11. Mukesh Balasubramanian

      16:22 why does it say day 9

    12. colaramma book

      did anyone else see that dolphin just YEET itself out of the water??? lmaooo 9:31

    13. Nathan Quimby

      Are you going to finish Doom 3

    14. Talkative Yellow Toad

      Angry Swedish man raids village, kidnaps villagers in boats and forces them into a frick chamber

    15. tofu_theiler

      beastars, *hmm*


      "Why can't I sleep with my horse?" "Kamasutra intensifies"

    17. Furry Trash

      Pewdiepie: I’ve been watching beastars on Netflix Furries: 0:

    18. nicotine_potato

      6:37 Why does it say he's on day 4? Am I missing something obvious here and I'm stupid?

    19. TelluricDeepDown

      Sive, that skyrim edit sent me 😂👌

    20. Katie Miler

      Are we gonna ignore the fact that when he was rowing in that one villager a dolphin flew right of the water into the air.

    21. Just Dj

      Do a video showing all your tattos and what would you like to do more (comment 40) (right Rescuing "wink wink")

    22. Lamołoś143

      ktos polska?

    23. Mickey Baby


    24. Lukas Reimer


    25. SMASH

      Hey my kids just made a channel can you guys help out with a Sub, Thanks ;)

    26. Shawn Smith

      You are a professional you have editors and everything just get rid of the box were your face cam would normally go like come on man.

    27. Colleen Adams

      I was today years old when I learned that fricking villagers together with potatoes makes babies😂😂

    28. Masahiro Sakurai

      What shader does pewds use?

    29. llama

      2:25 why cant i sleep with my horse lmao

    30. uchka uchral

      he kidnapped a nittttttttwwwwwwiiiiiittttt


      I want you beating mr beast

    32. Hezekiah Rodriguez

      Woah... that fist, though. 😅

    33. Hezekiah Rodriguez

      18:51 - Who is that supposed to be? 🤔

    34. Hezekiah Rodriguez

      Poor villagers... I wish them luck. 😂

    35. Hezekiah Rodriguez

      Crap... I should've seen the livestreams when I had the chance. Now I can't find them anymore! 😩

    36. Hezekiah Rodriguez

      I'm looking forward to seeing who this PewDiePie guy is.

    37. Sydnee Harris

      wait is there a new pfft!?

    38. Your Friendly Neighbour Hood Lean Dealer

      What’s the name of the intro music?

    39. Pico

      Did Sven die

      1. Hakimi- Leo


    40. Dinnertunes 846

      Well maybe just an idea, you know just saying MAYBE just you know make a map when you get to the village and have one of your home to get back? Just an idea.

    41. Sully Gaming

      wheres water sheep?

    42. John Kearney

      9:35 Dolphin has taken off to a different plain

    43. Νικος Αναγνωστοπουλος

      i am from greece and i asked for xmas pewdipie headphones but they dont have in greece the headphones and i cried a month

    44. GamingTime

      Chikita munita?

    45. Random chicken nugget

      Damn, imagine how good his face must look, pls face reveal 500k

    46. lewis castleden

      the dolphin at 9:36

    47. Ohtakent

      how God created me 14:14

    48. Ira Finkelston

      As soon as I saw this, I knew he was eventually gonna go back to a face cam.

    49. Nicole Kopchak

      i like how his webcam overlay is just randomly chillin on this video lol

    50. was was

      At the end of the series pewds did u know u can have a furnace as a mansion

    51. LUNA

      Was this , was this colonization?? 😂

    52. isabella gw

      I need to know if he is watching beastars sub or dub lmao

    53. Uomo Universale

      haha bonita/ bonito means beautiful in spanish

    54. Mr BM Android Gameplay

      Guy!His voice is so good i wonder how he looks 🥰🥰😘😘

    55. Callum Johnstone

      What happened to the dolfin at 9:35

    56. Klojoost

      09:36 that dolphin just yeeted outta there

    57. Yudi Ardiyanata

      Nice pudidi

    58. Markus Rongved

      2:24 why cant i sleep with horse


      No cap watching pewdiepie play Minecraft has helped me learn lol

    60. M L

      "I dont fuck around"😂

    61. TG DarkClaw

      Slave owners in the 1800's be like: 14:14

    62. Durugy Andrea

      God, just the moving Minecraft Felix is so entertaining lol

    63. c3m 0nur

      9:02 chickita bounita

    64. Bimo Raden S

      3:52 " BFFFFfffftt "

    65. Giancarlo Vetrano

      Poor Marzia

    66. minkie

      i think pewds is losing it

    67. Liam Boyce

      how does he make villagers like that? I swear I did the same thing put enough beds down. Is it because I have three villagers atm? and they won’t have a three way. Do I just need to have two alone or something

    68. Mr Kookashi

      that dolphin tho 9:35

    69. ArmaKarma

      Felix gets thorns ll Also Felix: *this is so shit*

    70. Midget13

      9:36 Is it a bird, is it a plane, no its a dolphin.

    71. Drew Ball

      Who else is playing Minecraft along with him?

    72. Arjun Griffiths

      Pewdiepie maps are helpful

    73. Maeva GC

      Pewdiepie: Tchikita ! Tchikitabonita Jul is typing...

    74. Mimi the dragon

      "Awww look at that little sh*t"

    75. Thatguy Pablo

      9:35 is it just me or did that dolphin *YEET* itself to China

    76. Jude Hill

      How's prot 3 and thorns 2 on a chest plate bad

    77. FİKRET

      what is your game seed ?

    78. Radu Bugai

      What's the effect that pewds uses on his avatar to move it?

    79. 준열

      Comming to my youtube channel ~!!

    80. Mr.mistake

      I misss ur face

    81. Hailey Clark

      "6:31" Yea i've been getting paid with 𝗣𝗣𝗢𝗡𝗟𝗖𝗔𝗦𝗛.𝗖 𝗢 𝗠 i'm making over $2575 a week with them! ਹਰ ਜੰਤਰ ਤੇ ਉਪਲਬਧ ਹੈ

    82. Kiler Unknown

      How come he doesn't know Minecraft much but i already know everything about Minecraft. Im younger then him 😂

    83. Assclapper69

      0:16 "I played a little in my own time" *has a fucking gigantic glass bubble in the ocean*

    84. Geggilishes

      remember when people werent little bitches and pewdiepie could cuss whenever?

      1. Adwans


    85. Eli Channel

      1:52 я гей?

    86. John Marston


    87. Tangerina

      Felix: basically being a colonialist in Minecraft The media: nice

    88. hadi benshahbal

      Wtf my man really watched beastars

    89. Sweet and Funny Animals

      I have dogs videos. Can you look to my channel. Have a good watching. 🐶🐶🐶

    90. Eddie Ostapenko

      Felix, pewdiepie makes better content

    91. Hustle Huskie

      Shoketa bounita

    92. Hustle Huskie

      “Jorgan we’re gonna frick tonight

    93. Hairy TacoPants

      Did anyone else see the fish fly at 9:36 or was it just me?

    94. Josh Blancharx

      F3 isn't cheating

    95. SlimeMan

      imagine kidnapping the nitwit of the village

    96. Odin Simic

      did anyone see the doliphin fly away at 9:35

    97. 1989FAF

      Villager: Hey, potato man, I'll give you emerald for your pota... Pewdiepie: Throwing potatoes

    98. Dansambro gaming


    99. komix

      Shoutout to sive for making the Minecraft skin move up and down for 20 minutes

    100. mani nembang

      ive seen pewds so much i dont need face cam i can just imagine what he looks like