Reacting to Our Child... - LWIAY #00134


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    Reacting to child not epic
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      nice entro

    2. Gurkirat singh

      Saale 30 saal ke bacche

    3. Gurkirat singh

      Yeh toh tatti hai

    4. Gurkirat singh

      You are still a kid

    5. Kenny Fauvie

      "Cat girls I'm in it"

    6. Hindustan gamer Aarnav

      You are big big legend

    7. lucas gaming 4

      You ruined your channel intro so that's why tseries won

    8. Beefy Pasta

      Imagine beinge yelled before u were born

    9. Ayediti

      I feel so bad for Edgar, let him just sleep if he is tired

    10. Jay L.

      You lost your coolness, Felix. How disappointing. You were cool once. Now you are just a Old Joker. Shame.

    11. Jared Wolfdick

      Tape gang: "Ah yes, victory."

    12. Zoe Polender

      My sister with me... it used to be cocomelon 😅

    13. Travader

      Edgar looks so dead and then pewds just starts screaming and his eyes go so wide with fear

    14. theglassyrabbit clan


    15. Red Bandit

      4:47 5:00 5:03 and a 100% reason to remember the name

    16. Ashliana Dragomir

      Seeing a Carson meme after what we know now Me: *greatest of cringes*

    17. Luong Phantom

      why marzia looks like a boy?

    18. I am amazing


    19. Melissa-William Wood-Searcy

      0 I know about the secret organization behind Among us.


      felix favours edgar way to much

    21. omar atsigah

      Indonesia gang like if you there

    22. The Gamer

      Is it me or was the brofeast designed after a teenager called Thor, haha XD

    23. Posejdon GreatLordOfWater

      Maybe i watch too much netflix but pewdiepie looks like ragnar lodbrok from vikings

    24. Hannah Hazel

      Gurren Lagann is honestly 10/10, especially if you really get yourself into an anime like ahhhh it’s so good I rewatch whenever I get the chance (: 👍

    25. Magnus Stroier

      Wait if I was born in no not simptember then I can’t be a simp

    26. MA4K

      can you pleaseeeee please. use your 2014 intro in one of your videos

    27. Nakata ö

      Why is the box still at the bottom left in the intro 🗿

    28. Punfish

      rename this channel edgardpie

    29. Jordan Smith

      lol I remember seeing that skin and didn't know what it was


      What part of Sweden are you from/Du kan svara på svenska

    31. Beefy Pasta

      Me:*wearing headphones* Also after hearing it on full blast Me:O My BEEFY PASTA

    32. JacobSlushyHero

      14:52 my mom walked in...

    33. Tilakdhari Prasad

      Name your kid pews

    34. mapsu gt

      Knäkebröd och ost är god som fan

    35. Liam Miller

      14:54 edgar scarred!

    36. Fank Castle

      I like to picture sive, brad1, or brad2 sings the intro

    37. Marian Dumitru


    38. piercethehans

      Wanna make some new friends in this comment section :c

      1. Fank Castle

        Your good the likely hood that anybody would care is probably low, cut is down the middle and any convo just talk about pewds. I'm not saying you have to just adding my opinion. And if anybody really cared I'd distracted them with the fact I have dentures . Idk bored have a good day tho

      2. piercethehans

        @Fank Castle : ( fine.....I'll find another comment section

      3. Fank Castle

        Hey remember this is why he turned comments off.. idrc just ironic as all hell

    39. Mary Rose Obligado

      Pwedepie i dont want to watch your minecraft made me craying and peepeepoopoo RIP

    40. hafsa

      someone remind me the timestamp 6:23 if i ever want to make a pewds edit i'll use that as the voiceover

    41. Glamrock Chica

      Felix and Maria are the King and Queen Mr. Beast and the gang are the lords the nine year olds are the Knights the rest are peasents.

    42. monsta gaming

      i really love pewdiepie cocomelon intros

    43. Elsie Stoelting

      Hey lemme just say I have to disagree with you this once pewdiepie. Tbh if you have a kid that looks like that, he'd be rly cute lol 😏

    44. MIGHTY bond

      I think make your child name pewzia

    45. Coolmate

      5:15 it’s a song remember the name

    46. Adde V

      Hej dat sing in the beginning is from matinbum or have matinbum copy u

    47. Lillian Morris

      7:09 can someone pls tell me what song that is? I’ve heard it lots but I can’t remember if it’s the intro to (probably) an anime or just a song 😂

      1. Lillian Morris

        @Party Go thanks!

      2. Party Go

        Giorno Steam from JoJo's Bizzare Adventure

    48. Daniel Lewis

      Get a child felix

    49. Noob uncle

      He changed his name from PewDiePie to pewdipchai

    50. your daily dose of knowledge


    51. Ivan Vivero

      Why edgar look sad

    52. Matthew Maestri

      I think PAprom purposely screwed pewdiepie where are the views

    53. Rojushka LIT

      Happy new year

    54. Joshua Hurston

      Imagine having the facecam box still present during the LWIAY theme lol

    55. Isabela Moreira

      wErE nEvEr HaViNg KiDs

    56. משה משה

      U are here for this thank me later 9:40

    57. Carter Hughes

      This video isn’t at 1 billion likes yet

    58. SaDe Griffin

      Don't say that word using Gods name in came.. you kiss you mama with that mouth

    59. DanteTheGamer


    60. Kodi Rix

      Sive leaving the webcam outline in the bottom left of the intro

    61. SK- R8K

      08:38 Giorno's Theme Pewdiepie Version

    62. Inferno gaming

      69 Noice

    63. Kent Recla

      There "child" lowkey looks like JB

    64. Mana

      Watched this when it came out but PAprom wants me to watch it again? Okay 🤗

    65. Dislexic Toe

      my dad is 38 and me and him build gundums

    66. Эрдэнэбилэг Ж

      Edgar is cute

    67. Kimnii Mation

      Simping for pewds child

    68. Cats In Space


    69. Gacha_KayloYT

      The subtitles are so funny lol

    70. George


    71. Musfira Munawar

      I love how he says “pewdiepie”😂

    72. Bruny xx

      react to yarichin bitch club ;)

    73. Abe vd Laan


    74. LenoxPL

      Dumb December

    75. Bassa Sababa Rebel Beans

      I feel bad for the guy that made the video of pewd's intro he didn't like...his disapproval is deadly. 🤯

    76. alan medrano

      When LAWAI says I will measure your pp s has there ever bin a lawai ghat doesn’t have an intro. Then will you measure our pps

    77. 5ANA


    78. PragnanPlayz

      wht happend to maya????????

    79. ThatOne Kris

      Pewds in another video-''grown ups dont play with slime'' Him in this video-''yes im building toys,gotta problem with that?!''

    80. spain but the s is silent

      ︎ ︎ ︎ ︎ ︎ ︎ ︎ ︎ ︎ ︎ ︎ ︎ ︎ ︎ ︎ ︎ ︎ ︎ ︎ ︎ ︎ ︎ ︎ ︎ ︎ ︎ ︎ ︎ ︎ ︎ ︎ ︎ ︎ ︎ ︎ ︎ ︎ ︎ ︎ ︎ ︎ ︎ ︎

    81. ParvazXKhan

      Into Cat Girls Cause Watching Monogatari Series🤣🤣

    82. Daily Dose Of Nyra

      Bruh his cake day is my birthday


      Leave Your memes on the reddit 19 years old , And I'll measure Your PPs in the next episode of LWIAY - This thing never gets old 👍

    84. Ala Flowers

      I type p to see what would come up and first thing is pewdiepie

    85. Alpha qwq

      Pewdieppie :D 😂😂

    86. SKG

      Edgar looks like he is high

    87. Jamie McNeilly

      Someone do a fan art of maya as Marzia and marzia as maya and pewds as Edgar and Edgar as pewds

    88. Bekiteru

      Pewds child 9:39

      1. toastie was here

        sorry bro it’s already been done

    89. Jennifer Lemus

      People: Me: skipping the whole video to see Felix reaction to how his kid would look like 😂

    90. Emmanuel chavez

      16:49 SIMPPPP!!!!!!!

    91. Chad Buoy445


    92. Jesbin Jose

      I am not 19 years old but I am 9 years but I use sub-reddit

    93. Mackenzie Parkening

      Eggy such a good boy though! Awe

    94. Kenny Ponce


    95. Lina

      Pewds: 17:13 the likes: i wheezed*

    96. roy maalat

      0:25 when PewDiePie edits

    97. Kreftin Zoggy Dazzan

      13:27 Edgar do be Vibin tho

    98. mccnx marini

      Pewds cam quality has evolved...

    99. Mcbluerze P.

      0:24 the front camera border is still at the bottom left corner 🤣😂

    100. Tyson the Wacky Toucan

      Pewdiepie: grumble loudly Edgar: Why