Reacting To My Deepfakes..


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    Ireact to many of the epic deepfakes out there
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    1. Will McCabe

      Felix is a child in a grown mans body and I LOVE IT!

    2. Reezy Beats


    3. Funny Jacks secret channel


    4. Itswild II

      God knows what’s it’s gonna be like in 2040 with memes and Technology so much power lmao 😂

    5. Krishna Thacker

      it would have been so funny if at 5:42 it would have been " don't I can do this....Ahoo"😂😂

    6. emerson goddard

      Everything hurts

    7. Juan Lopez


    8. sughay enjoy

      Laughing so hard xD

    9. Mimka

      что-то не видно комментариев на русском водка, медведи, балалайка, шапка-ушанка, сука блять

    10. Ahmad Maulana

      Jackseptictank LOL

    11. Rebeca Cruz

      Whaaaat??? Hahaha

    12. R R

      10:33 When someone says you look like your dad... and you're a girl..

    13. Ya boi Aang

      3:32 The way he said “Barca” 😂

    14. Yuuki Takase

      *T-Series Pewdiepie doesnt exist he can't hurt you* *Also T-Series Pewdiepie:* 0:46

    15. Pearson Maxwell

      "Me and Chris Evans kind of look similar" weird flex but ok

    16. Joshua Ermitano

      Sean as Marzia looks like David spade

    17. Psyso - Clean Edits

      Pewdiepie alladin looks like dantdm

    18. Kzero

      Dude I couldn’t even tell the James Corden one was deepfaked, they basically look the same lmao

    19. DogPaste

      plot twist: the face cam was a deepfake the whole time

    20. Arvinder Singh

      I gO JumP OFf BUiLDing now

    21. Mohammed Ali the g

      Deep fake is kinda dangerous because criminals could use it to frame someone else

    22. Cody Olsen

      You still look good bro dont worry about it.

    23. Beanie Boo

      Yes!!! I love the shirt Phineas and Ferb reference

    24. Charlie Eshay

      Okay but why did the Aladdin one looks so real?

    25. Dhruv SN

      anyone watching in 2020???😅😅

    26. superjester1234

      Hey pewds you were right my poo doesn't look the same anymore

    27. Zarek Zador


    28. Limonlexi Lolo

      9:25 what’s the name of this movie ?

    29. Noyon Shamsuzzoha

      We need theareapy

    30. Umer

      Lets be honest we all love deepfakes and you know what I am taking about😈😈😈

    31. Australian person called Amelie

      he big ed now

    32. Vampy_Rhombus5006

      yo guys, wats that song called at 7:15? Thanks in advance!

    33. SLFB Z

      Ahhh yes my fav singer, Billie Elliot

    34. Nicole Amy

      BILLIE ELLIOTT?! 😂😂😂

    35. Linus Rektus

      I need pew news

    36. Gabriela Capcha Ch.

      1:37 true love power activated

    37. clobutterfly

      0:18 Eye and pyramid??? I smell minion of illuminati. No wonder why you are/were you have many subscribers!!!

    38. Jathin S

      What if some deep faked felix face for a illegal case. Man, deep fake is really dangerous.

    39. Doge bread

      "Cringe TUESDAY'S on whatever the day of the week it is" Tuesday...

    40. Sameer Iyer

      T series couldn't win against pewds so they hired him 👀

    41. Nick Dusto

      Bruhhh haha

    42. Isaac Dynys

      If you can’t afford to hire your favorite actor...

    43. simona s


    44. Joran212

      10:32 sorry, but Felix Marzia do be kinda cute 😳

    45. Max Payne

      Damn that Big Ed deepfake lasted longer than his relationship

    46. EVPOP

      Is it weird that I actually enjoy this

    47. Charlie Wilson

      Billie Elliott ?! Felix certainly must be an alien.

    48. Mr Tukiman

      This is so disturbing... How do i unsee it?

    49. Luna Luna

      This technology should be illegal.

    50. Bintang r


    51. Malikmus xaum

      When bellies Delphine part comes My disappointed is in measurable and my day is ruined

    52. Spaghetti O's

      I dunno why but some deep fakes look a lot better, like theres one where everything looks like super real, look up ksi Ainsley Harrot

    53. CsabaTOn [̲̅Y̲̅σ̲̅υ̲̅т̲̅υ̲̅b̲̅є̲]

      Who is this man? you are

    54. Nodner Rendon

      this is total nightmare fuel

    55. Kajsa Werlestål Khanye

      i don´t feel so good

    56. Kyle Kyleson

      The one with pewdiepie as bell delphine is so funny😂😂

    57. Kyle Kyleson

      I can't help laughing at the 2nd one😂

    58. M Schmoutz

      is there a deepfake of marzia's face on brad-marzia?

    59. Bhardwaaj

      Getting t series ad on this vid.. *epic*

    60. Aussie Gamer123

      8:00 “Jack is so cursed as Billie Elliot” lmao😂

      1. Hunter a.k.


    61. J1mmy Ba11s

      "billy elliot" - pewdiepie 2020

    62. Seth Macgowan

      Dang the room deepfake proved that pewds would look really good with long hair

    63. JJ

      You should do a part 2

    64. Slenderforest

      Did you guys see the video where big ed reacts to pewds and tries to insult him and fails

    65. Daniel Emmanuel


    66. Astro poonam Sharma

      8:17 look at captions

    67. HisToLorde

      deepfake are useless if it implemented on slederman

    68. foreverderelict

      His face kind of fits necklace ed

    69. URHO

      I was eating a sumptuous meal then I saw/heard that 90-day fiance vid again esp the Mayo part. I honestly lost my appetite. I try to love people but they're disgusting.

    70. Mzosquare

      The ending to Aladdin reminds me of star wars lol

    71. Vortexx

      "in nightcity you can become"....;)

    72. ゴゴゴゴゴ ゴ Yare yare daze ゴ ゴ

      Please prevent Sive from simping to belle delphine deepfake

    73. Austin Drown

      sooo whats with the coco melon intro

    74. TriTri Parpar

      At 7:40 Indian reverse kkk

    75. Jasmin Gan

      Billie Irish

    76. MyStupid_ _OldAccount

      To think we’re doing this instead of finding cures to cancer We sure do got our priorities

    77. Yes indeed

      Holy shit they can bring a dead actor back to life now

    78. Anonymous

      3:34 It's pronounced Bar-sa, from Barcelona 😂😂

    79. The PilotX1

      Wait a second, if Jasmine was the Sultan, and as a women back in those times, wasn't the marriage technically just the sign-off of her power to Aladdin? That's really saying something about Jasmine, wanting Aladdin that much that she gives up what power(that she probably didn't even have in the first place) off to a man. And this movie is supposed to be progressive? Strong women my ass, she ain't no Catherine the Great or Elizabeth the I.

    80. G G

      Lmfao omg this is hilarious 😂

    81. Nidhi S.

      Everytime Marzia is in one of these: Felix: IT'S MARZIA

      1. Great King

        Look at what was written in his shirt! It should explain it.

      2. Thaw


    82. RonRon 2671

      Love the video

    83. Polar

      pewds wearing the simp shirt and captin amarica is a simp cowisidens?

    84. a a

      The way he pronounced Barca 😂

    85. Garrkiji san

      maybe marzia is secretly belle delphine

    86. shizukagozen777

      Bid Ed Pewdiepie made me die. Omg I can't. 😂😂🤣

    87. Yun No iZ


    88. TheHandz DaHandz

      Beldefelix is my favourite.

    89. Sweet Salt

      billie elia XD

    90. Rodrey 330g

      My eyes, I need to get drunk, FAST.

    91. Fusion Master

      That’s not Billie eilish that’s Billie irish

    92. Draxagon

      2:20 Pewds when he hits the wall in two years.

    93. Chad Frozt

      6:10 “All juiced up babey!!!” Hahahha

    94. DedStriker

      10:46 :D

    95. Naturally_Rosemarie

      Why does Pewd's fit so well on Marzia's 🤣 Bone structure goals

    96. Barnaby

      The girl doing Orange Justice with Jack just standing there observing is so cursed

    97. Barnaby

      “I love the music, it’s so good!” *is his own music

    98. Rami Hegleh

      3:25 pewds looks like he really wanted jack to be his wife

    99. Bobby G


    100. elizabeth ashley

      did my man just say billie elliot