Playing Minecraft until my wife tells me to stop.


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    1. purple won

      Not that you will read this but this is the first time I could hear it you never have it loud enough.!! And I just bought more expensive headphones 🎧. And all those action games I can never hear anybody talking anything and your voice is booming like mad but I'll shut up thanks still love you

    2. Fun with Prajwal

      Please watch my videos

    3. Fun with Prajwal

      Please watch my videos

    4. Fun with Prajwal

      Please watch my videos

    5. Dominic2021 studios


    6. Supreme Deluxe

      8:15:39 guardian moans?!

    7. WaaDoku 【和ァ独】

      Ok, now I wanna know how you say "making out" in Swedish.

    8. Ashen 2006

      Let's see how many subs I can get from this comment Current: 3,394

    9. ElYo.

      8 hours 🥵 😩

    10. tihi tihi


    11. علي الساعدي

      ضيفو حسابي ارجو الدعم

    12. Eymen Oyuncak TV

      Ilove pewdipe

    13. ECO podcast

      What is yr mic

    14. M?sterio YT

      Your old


      Подпишись на мой канал если любишь маму)


      Подпишись на мой канал если любишь маму)


      Подпишись на мой канал если любишь маму)

    18. Itz_AnToYPeaCH_Gaming

      Plot twist: he doenst have a wife

    19. Matej Pelušić


    20. Osama Abed


    21. dikchik Troop


    22. TW박인서

      I’m here cause I already missed him😭

    23. Pets Tube

      We need more of your videos ... who agrees ???

    24. Abby Nahom

      Did y’all watch this WHOLE video?

    25. Francesco Fabbian

      When you were a child and it was Friday in a nutschell:

    26. Mason Pickett

      were not that bad !!! ,man Swedish people have a problem...

    27. MakkacionGamings


    28. Amit G

      He didn’t die

    29. Allen Moon

      How do you play games for 8 hours straight. Wowzers

    30. Vince.T


    31. Nana Amirezashvili

      Its tik tok

    32. Chit Luarca

      Cry baby

    33. senkuu stone

      ilove your 1st mincraft video

    34. senkuu stone

      drink honey if you poisoned..all poison

    35. lo lo

      what resource pack for you ??? link ??>

    36. Rachel’s World

      Wow you’ve been playing it for 8 hours

    37. Amina

      i followed pewds advice and set goals for myself and made a todo list and it really had helped me a lot!!!

    38. ساعة حدث

      The king of PAprom☄️

    39. Savage's Stuff

      daaammmnnnn he has a i9-9900K rtx 2080ti lmao

    40. muhamad ali

      Play a scary game

    41. Ethan from VolvoXC90T8 guy

      Congrats felix kjellberg

    42. Ian Channel

      I need love..

    43. falcon lover

      do u rememeber me ?

    44. MYFCC - Football Card Channel

      omg how can you play that long

    45. Kristine Kim

      pewds where are you

      1. Musa Gaus


    46. The XD Creeper

      3:35:39 wtf your not starting

    47. Luclécia Brito

      Hi 🇧🇷

    48. 会ったばかり〜ランダムな人あなた

      I have been watching this for eight hours *I have been in the bathroom for eight hours?*


      Spent 8 hours watching this then my mom took my cp for a day

    50. Plugoxky Z

      Sub to 5headpixel pls it will help him a lot

    51. braxton

      26:10 life in a nutshell

    52. dIF3rZ Dips

      Who else is waiting for pewds to name his home ikea castle

    53. Yoffani Nofrilia


    54. TeamRAЯshorts


    55. Maria Eduarda

      100 million subscribers more than half watch it subscribers purchased🤪😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    56. Luke Hughes

      The water is so cool and the view

    57. أمة اقرأ

      Please support me

    58. Ryan Hoffman

      Can I get these graphics on my Xbox Series X?

    59. Elle’s Journey

      I’m sorry I’m not trying to be rude but your channel sucks and I will never subscribe sorry know wonder why there is so many dislikes sorry again I really don’t like to be rude but try to be better PAprom makes people feel happy but you channel should die and should of never been created sorry again I really don’t like being rude bye never watching one of your vids ever again

    60. Živa Šeruga

      I just watched a swedish youtuber bulid stuff for 8 Hourss i am not regreting a second

    61. Kim Stanton

      I miss bffffffff

    62. Fazilah Iskandar

      My dad watches dragon's den and shark tank👍

    63. IceyPlayz

      Wait, when Pewds watches marvel movies, does he pronounce it EYE-RUN man?

    64. CIPHERclux

      This is a fake channel🤣🤣

    65. Minecraft

      Look what i built in minecraft

    66. kataszyna

      instead of cheating or finding sponges he could just fill the whole meatball with dirt or sand or wathever and water would be gone, it would work lmao

    67. ZMDE animations

      You Look Like charmix

    68. 카고일장군

      Mr. Pudipi, please promote PAprom X-TAD.

    69. Sunoo’s cuter

      The animations in between is so satisfying

    70. Fran Mandalupe

      Ahh pewdiepie the coco melon

    71. Mortada IQ

      I hope everyone subscribes to my channel. Come on, see the montage, my imagination

    72. Ishak89 Official


    73. Tsolak Sarghsyan


    74. Silent viber

      Next, video playing Minecraft to my wife divorces me

    75. TickleMyGucci

      Me : why df is everyones comments a script. Shit ain't funny. Cringe Every lame ass: Pewdiepie: ah Marzia: eh jeorgen : neh Like it plagues every comment section. I dunno, maybe im just getting old

    76. sneha arde

      I opened the video and skipped to 8 hours 😂

    77. Greenbladeplayz


    78. Aj Bhai 07

      This is the first long youtube video 😃😍


      He is probably streaming now. Just forgot to smash the record button.

    80. Bailey Alva


    81. GanaaPlayz

      Fps has left the chat

    82. Lord Krot

      Интересно,я один смотрю Pew из России?)))

    83. Snoot

      My man did all of this just so he didn't have to dig sand for an hour.

    84. Deanna Thompson

      “CUT MY CHEST into open” 😂😂

    85. Deanna Thompson

      Literal animal abuse to the cows lmao

    86. PowderDust 78


    87. Tommy Lakes


    88. The Beast Gamerz


    89. Niko Batteesツ


    90. GON DUNE

      like time

    91. Luis Hernández


    92. BłacBryň

      Is your wife your mom now xd

    93. Richard Bialen

      Pewdiepie did you find white ender man?

    94. Jackson Hagele

      Hey pewDiePie!

    95. Boroxic Gaming

      3:19:40 hes curious to read the quran

      1. Boroxic Gaming

        @DollarHoot GSF np

      2. DollarHoot GSF

        thanks for the stamp bro

    96. Маврик

      Hello everyone I'm trying my hand and wanted to ask you for a breakthrough for further discoveries thank you all in advance!

    97. Mr. YetToBeThrownOutLemon formally known as Liam

      good morning MORIO!

    98. RAXI

      Tjena pena felix hur är det med dig.

    99. Matthew Hi


    100. Alison Beckstead

      LOL Pewds going rabbid for 5 seconds at chat near the end of the stream about sponges made me laugh harder than it should have xD