Playing Minecraft Until My Wife Tells Me to Stop..


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    1. Super whatever gamin'

      Swedish man respects his marriage and his fans by quitting when his wife says so, and changing his profile pic to exactly as the people have spoken.

    2. • HERO2YUH •

      Dad is coming


      I know pewds on break but missing him already bois

    4. CheesieChess

      Break for 3 weeks+ 4:02:20

    5. M Rezky Nur Rasidin

      Warga +62 kumpul

    6. Athos Benjamin

      came to war of comments and Minecraft sucks

    7. Andrew Dickmeyer


    8. Athos Benjamin

      Ligue para guerra de comentários Minecraft é uma bosta

    9. Jasmine

      I just came here to comment that I used to watch PewDiePie in the 2014 ish era days and.. well. It's disappointing to say the least, i haven't watched one of Felix's videos in a really long time cos they all look the same Clickbait stupid boring content. Whoever your fans are now must be under the age of 13 and wear Minecraft t shirts.

      1. TheBagelBoy Jr


    10. Anish Bhanushali


    11. FelixGaming HD

      Rip Pewds' old pfp. He was like father to me

    12. Francini Perez


    13. Nattis

      What the fuck is that profile picture Felix ?

    14. Ulysses ivan Ivan

      Where is he now

      1. Nytedrift BS

        He's on a break

    15. Juan Gil Ortiz de la Renta

      You shpuld play qhit mods

    16. adam bre

      Kenapa kamu tidak banyak mengeluarkan aktifitas mu lagi

    17. Long Lead

      Waiting to long? CLick this number 4:24 now i save your 4 minute

    18. Gator Tot

      Wait Pewds has a wife

      1. Will

        Yes boomer

      2. safinhh

        bruh marzia is his wife

      3. ItzCrxdles


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    20. oussama pro

      Is pewdiepie dead, he didn't upload this whole week

      1. Nytedrift BS

        He's on a break

    21. Anthony Sammaro

      Wait why is he still 108 million?

    22. Fun with Prajwal

      Please watch my videos

    23. Fun with Prajwal

      Please watch my videos

      1. TheBagelBoy Jr


    24. Fun with Prajwal

      Please watch my videos

      1. TheBagelBoy Jr


      2. ItzCrxdles

        Stop begging for views

    25. Birk Stolt

      Poods cone bak

    26. NickName 27

      Check my songs take a look

    27. سبحان ربي العظيم

      Here is Allah almighty who brought me here to tell you it is an irreplaceable opportunity to run to your Lord before it is too late let what is worshipped without God you will find him Merciful Rahim Ghafoor

    28. Joan Rana

      Pls i will sub and like

    29. سبحان ربي العظيم

      Before you pass my comment, think carefully, go back to your senses, a Muslim nest, go back to God, go back to your Creator, stop inciting and disobedience.

    30. Joan Rana

      Watch this youtube pewdiepie found white enderman

    31. a 9 year old that watches you through your window

      Meanwhile in the future Latest upload from Pewdiepie: "Playing Minecraft Until My Wife Tells Me To Stop..." *7 years ago*

    32. Joan Rana

      Because of you

    33. Joan Rana

      Is coming all over as

      1. Joan Rana

        Watch this youtube channel

    34. Joan Rana

      But a white enderman i saw in your youtube channel

    35. Joan Rana

      You need to quit mincraft now plsss am like your biggest fan

    36. Joan Rana


    37. • Aesthetic Eclipse •

      Petition to get all of pewdiepies videos all to 10million views so he can make bank.

    38. Demonetised Shit

      Charlie d🤮 is goin over you!


      dude coco melon is trying to beat you

    40. Scholar Anderson

      FGTeeV is the best PApromr EVER!

    41. Rayerxxx YT Gaming

      man he has another chain that will overtake you and I believe that t series is also Cocomelon, please put it in the c for half of the children

    42. Ashen 2006

      Let's see how many subs I can get from this comment Current: 3,394

    43. Remaas Alzubady

      الفيديو طويل مره ليش كذا 🥲

    44. Kefalonia Through our Eyes

      run when the wife comes to the room 😂😂this guy is funny✌️!!

    45. Matas

      Noooo pewdiepies videos are dying:(

      1. Nytedrift BS

        Bruh wdym

    46. Peyton Madison

      New profile pic WHATTTTT

    47. Maxwell Sidibeh

      Pls pls pls upload the annual bottle flip competition for 2021 I know I is getting old but you hav to do it because it is literally tradition now so what I'm trying to say here I pls pls pls make it

    48. Evil Glitch


    49. Ch4mba

      pewds should do a modded survival

    50. Rafandra Rafa

      Sis, please upload again PewDiePie please

    51. alp doremon tv orijinal

      When you run out of ideas:

    52. Boba Ouma

      Please make mr chair in minecraft.

    53. Cyphon

      Did your wife tell you to stop uploading too?

      1. Johnny Sins


    54. ItsFloss

      PewDiePie will not pin this comment

      1. AtTaKeRz

        How sad

      2. Hyper Kazmii134

        It’s true he will not

    55. boneless pizza

      PewDiePie’s pfp has made me confused and scared

    56. Erick Monroy

      Btw what pewds building with all the glass??


      bruh, this was like 1 week ago, i don't mean to say this but, IS PEWDIEPIE'S CHANNEL DEAD? All of you long-time subs tell me if he's done this before.I kinda miss seing a video in my notifications


        did he tell you guys why?

      2. safinhh

        hes left for a month before but usually he tells us when he’s leaving

    58. Emmet Shaner

      this is how long I play

    59. ethan girard

      This is why your channel is dead.

      1. Nytedrift BS

        Bruh what do you mean

    60. tihi tihi


    61. WeeganCODM

      why Felix not uploading ._.

    62. Jason Markos

      Pewdiepie has shot pew he is now in the hospital and going to die who wants to have pie

    63. Davi Blanco

      me dá adm ae otári*

    64. SuzoNH

      Not gonna lie, his content is ass

      1. Nytedrift BS

        Then why are you watching it

    65. Osian Hughes

      PewDiePie is trash and gay I don't like him

      1. Nytedrift BS

        Then why are u watching this

    66. george_farma06

      Where are you Pewds

    67. Ogge

      is PewDiePie dead!??!? Jag kan dra ett Göteborg skämt kanske?

    68. Qimodis

      24:06 what's wrong with it being disgutsing pewds?

    69. podgamezz

      keep pewds ahead of cocomelon

    70. emmi

      Play erzurum

    71. Beverly McLean

      cocomelon crap abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwyxyz now ur the most hated channel on yt

    72. help me reach 4k with no video

      Yo I miss this😣

    73. oskar oskar-VLAKY a MHD


    74. LTR


    75. Eduardo Luis

      iyu its fakin

    76. TYson123

      For y’all he stops fishing at 48:51

    77. Aleksa Stojanović

      This is a fake Mudja



    79. Niks

      Ugh. Dont y'all miss him? Just me? :(

      1. BAT / بات

        Me too


      Videoları gerçekten harika yapıyorsun abi helal

    81. n

      Just a warning; last time he left in january 2020 happened so be prepared gamers

      1. Sealgamer 9

        I've been preparing since last January

    82. Mamadu Kh

      Old pewdiepie youuuuu are you I'm cool comic nat yau

    83. Lennard-Productions

      Warning: unpopular opinion but I think Felix's Videos aren't that interesting there isn't even that much effort in it

      1. Lennard-Productions

        @Sealgamer 9 and that's okay its just my opinion

      2. Sealgamer 9

        @Lennard-Productions so? i just enjoy watching him play Minecraft while I do stuff

      3. Lennard-Productions

        @Señor Koza ikr? His old Videos were wayyy better

      4. Señor Koza

        they have gotten a bit....stale..

    84. Semmm

      Hi im Sem

    85. Of the yug

      Go check PewDiePie vs cocomelon pls see your subs

    86. Narancs109


    87. Narancs109

      Can u get goats

    88. I Am The Marble

      Profile pic doe 🥵😈

    89. AlphaZero

      why am I feeling a Deja Vu. like a year in which pewdiepie doesn't do youtube for a month the whole world goes into lockdown.

    90. Bradiskill

      Hi felix I know you probably wont see this but I'm at my lowest point in my life right now. I am currently 18 years old about to be 19 and I am studying in a collage in Singapore particularly in the course of Game Design And Development. Before going to collage, in grade and high school I was always a kid with high grades and was always put in high regard especially when it came to my future and overall was a cheerful person. However, I was one of the loneliest people in my school and I always felt that I never fit in. This made me to not really think about anything else about school but knew that I would have to choose my future some day, when the time came to put up my courses, I was given a list where I could put the top 5 choices I wanted. Needless to say I did not know what I wanted to put and after all the studying I never once considered what I enjoyed and wanted to do. Coding is something I do not enjoy to the point where I can say that I resent coding to my core and I've always had the feeling of dropping out. I now have a lot of projects due and worse of all they are all cramped together. This caused me to have multiple anxiety attacks which worsen the situation as I cannot do my work properly as I would lie on my bed alone and just watch youtube for the whole day doing nothing but that. I honestly feel like dropping out of my course but at the same time I feel as though I would ruin my future otherwise. While most of the people in my class genuinely enjoy coding and they are getting high grades while I'm here struggling to even keep up and barely getting B's on my report card, I am far from that and I want to just end it all on some days but knowing that it would hurt my family at the cost of me ending my suffering. I choose not to do it everytime but it just keeps getting more tempting the more I do this. I always wanted to make youtube videos but my anxiety, lack of self confidence and inferiority complex keeps holding me back. Sorry to whoever is annoyed by my comment but I'm on my breaking point and I don't know what to do. (EDIT: If anybody was wondering Game design was my last choice as a place holder, while I do enjoy playing games I was never interested in making them)

      1. CheesieChess

        Tell your family all this if you haven't already. I think they can help you. But I can relate to really hating what you study... idk really what to do either...

    91. Scar-G


    92. Rambo

      My boy is getting a muslim 😎

    93. Max Megahey

      Alright, are we gonna talk about the fact that t series is at 168 mil subs almost 200 million

      1. Sealgamer 9

        nah man t series used bots and is a company, pewdiepie is the most subbed real youtuber

    94. Shorpho

      the reason why pewdiepie isn't uploading anymore is that his body was found in the kitchen he was cooking Swedish meatballs IDIOT, HE IS STILL ALIVE

    95. Denver Kaskie

      Where’s pewds

      1. Cionca Mark


    96. EMILE


    97. A piece Of lettuce

      Its been a week I’m slowly losing my sanity

    98. jm tags

      FE-👏LIX👏 WHERE 👏 ARE 👏 YOU 👏

      1. Sealgamer 9


    99. _ LowcusTheYellowGuy_

      Has it been 2 weeks yet?


      Подпишись на мой канал если любишь маму)