Pewdiepie without context


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    1. V3J0TA

      americanos: asp americanos também: asp USHDUASHDUASHDUASHDUASHD

    2. Ferry Muhammad Nur

      PewDiePie: "I've shot a lot of videos" The media: "write that down,write that down"

    3. Deepak Sharma

      2:50 damn......... that sync

    4. my husband is big marvel

      We love edgar cam

    5. Vansh Bhardwaj

      When you realise the outro has no audio

    6. Me Me

      Babe your always so adorable 😍 💝💘

    7. Smooth smoothie 68 419

      Neg Lij able

    8. Swany gaming

      This was a pewdiepie nostalgia compilation

    9. lalen gg


    10. Historry

      i hadn't seen pewds in a while and when I saw the KSI vid the mustache kinda shocked me but I gotta be honest, with a light beard I can kinda dig the full mustache vibes

    11. Fid TGS

      Edgar during this whole video: why am I here

    12. Bachrain


    13. Millie McIntyre


    14. Sydney Addison-Rudat

      Neg-li-JAble (hope this helps lol)

    15. Andrew Van Buren

      Pewds has the absolute best dad stache

    16. Carlos Pallete

      this was, HILARIOUS

    17. Haylee Bragg

      I can't say negligible after watching this video.

    18. ryan 707

      عربي ما في

    19. Ashwin


    20. yrrem sirhc

      petition to have part 2

    21. dezz


    22. Yemmi

      omfg is anyone going to talk abt how the ad break is muted

    23. TheScribe

      Still not saying it right 'Neg-lick-bubble' lol

    24. Maximum813

      He got it right though here 1:21

      1. TheScribe

        Neg-Lick-Bubble and sometimes he says Neg-Lick-Buggle. haha

    25. Prabal Singh

      Yes Abu dhabi Is in india!

    26. Umeed Bandu

      Anyone else legitimately laugh at what edgar said 0:22 got me so off guard🤣🤣😂

    27. Abrar Tomlinson

      Can we have a book review pls

    28. İdil Karaali

      i wonder if felix ever met ken’s kid

    29. I_Oof 84

      The neighbor's neighbor's kid is the predator of the neighbor's kid.

    30. Ur Mom

      pewdiepie: i shot alot of weird videos me : ya think

    31. kasra kakaee

      i love the neighbors kid


      И этот комень перевернет мир я смогу изменить свою жизнь и вашу вы будете смотреть мои видео и радоватся Я стример иду к своей цели смотри мой канал люблю своего кота больше чем девушек спамлю везде целеустремленный еще я нюхаю трусы

    33. Riley Anderson

      Hey how’s it goin bros it’s TOP OF THE MORNING TO YA 17:31

    34. Art/singing Love

      Felix: I am NOT the neighbour's kid Also Felix: Looks like Dobby the house elf in a beard

    35. Jobie Tench

      18:52 me when bottom text

    36. ITSKA

      I love it when I watch one of pewdipies videos and don't hear any swearing. Then I just watch 1 Markiplier video and the first word he says is F**k

    37. Abdullah Kashiff


    38. BK-201

      Actually You Are The Best PApromrs I Ever Seen

    39. Werwoolf Seedan

      Yo it's so weird. Like a retrospective or seeng youure kid's photos.

    40. r a r a j e a n

      bcos u are a scorpio hahaha

    41. kawa

      now i understand why my girlfriend doesn't understand pewdiepie

    42. Isabella Lannoo

      13:11 You will thank me, look at edgar

    43. Nongendertoast3 yep

      I rlly wanna hear pewds say pneumonoultramicroscopicsciliconevolcanoconiosis.

    44. D. Estrella

      2:46 Neji nigga balls

    45. Dimitris Skenderas

      Pew die pies first greek word in reddit perimene

    46. Atari The Shiba

      17:23 when you thought pewds was tall but see the difference between him and CinnamonToastKen

    47. Leonidas1520 YT

      Guys it’s ok, he was trying to say negligible when he was on the bridge

    48. Bit Frost

      A S P : As Speed Possible

    49. Todd Howard


    50. Todd Howard


    51. Ethan Pedro

      the moustache quite alpha

    52. Faith El

      But there is context because the context is no context right?

    53. Rose

      Plot twist: Felix never said the n -word, he was just trying to pronounce negligible

    54. Tanner Nelson

      ( ͠° ͟ʖ ͡°)


      edgar still alive? WHAAA

    56. Karan Gupta

      after seeing this I can't spell negligible

    57. Faisal Aman

      Wow...... He is reacting to his weirdness in this *era* What we suffered for 10years with him.

    58. Ko Haku


    59. Mizuki Airi

      I just realized that he made the same mistake at the same time with the word negligible on the minute 2:50

    60. nauticalarc

      why did i think pewds actually made sive make a compilation of pewdiepie out of context

    61. My Tech Helper

      Old videos are really op🙂

    62. Jok Snow

      "I have a theory that all kids are babies" (c) PewDiePie in a video I can't find

    63. Ben Anasarias

      Jokes on them, Among Us has proximity voice chat now.

    64. Osamah Albanna

      7:37 had me man 💀

    65. Rubelh Hossai

      The wide geography indirectly imagine because dogsled timely gaze after a upbeat flesh. befitting, subsequent mice

    66. keyokei

      man seeing marzia pop up with felix's last name was the icing on the cake *chefs kiss* 10/10, much satisfy. edit: felix you're dangerously close to saying something else whenever you say "negligible" lmao

    67. snithy

      pewds makes a mistake saying negligible at the same time as the video hes watching at 2:50 loll

    68. Your Info Guy

      Alright fellas let’s get cocomelon to #1 on netflix

    69. meme god

      Ne glij ab le

    70. IAmBored


    71. Exanthe

      I live for edgar cam

    72. Baejin Bae


    73. Paolo Hill

      2:20 he is wearing sesh bruv thats tight asf

    74. Lynyl Sueno

      Pewds, just tf.

      1. Chara Dreemurr


    75. Lieutenant Wasabi

      And now we wait until his grownup son sees this.

    76. Nae Does Things


    77. Raykhe Jeffer

      The purring discussion simultaneously imagine because second subjectively claim astride a endurable kitty. glossy, second success

    78. scott pilgrim


    79. Jackson Berrigan

      I’m forgetting how to say negligible thank to you

    80. water sheep

      Now i knew that felix is kinda wierd......

    81. Green day Z

      and apparently i need to speak to my pedeatricicion, check with my doctor and anaylyze my health to see if i can drink g fuel..

    82. RoseWolf 32

      2:51 damn synchronised

    83. Fellow Ikitsuka

      I love those vids because it feels like sitting down with a friends watching funny vids

    84. Astrid Valdes

      i love the edgar cam

    85. G1 Sunstreaker

      love me that silent outro

    86. viridi xx

      so basically a toned down xQc

    87. Constellations

      7:38 you’re welcome

      1. Constellations

        @Tushaar Verma I know. (Empire Strikes Back reference if you didn’t catch on)

      2. Tushaar Verma

        Love u

    88. tawfik khetib

      19:20 wow i can really tell what is this ad about now i want the thing that the ad is talking about

    89. Luca Parreira

      Mano se esse cara peida e grava da tipo 10M de views?

    90. vidit

      and now i can't pronounce "negligible" too

    91. moh hmd

      google:. negligible felix : saying he's last name

    92. Hayden Brooks

      Wait. how can a euorpean know what an ar15 is?

    93. Harpreet Nanglu

      This has to be one of the most funny videos I've seen in a while😂,thank you pewds

    94. DailyDoseOfNothing

      like my recent video hehe

    95. Josie Bessant

      i’m a simple girl, i see marzia in the thumbnail: i click

    96. I sing in my sleep

      Poor Edgar. His father cannot say Negligable.

    97. Lucurous

      14:57 it's kinda sad really.

    98. feras ghallab

      the best thing i have seen in my entire life 7:39

    99. angel hernandez

      Well mad lads never lie so ofc he is at a disadvantage

    100. GlitchPiggy

      the thumbnail stealen