Nooooooooooooooooo - Minecraft Hardcore #6


5 ਮਿਲੀਅਨ ਦ੍ਰਿਸ਼448

    Full Minecraft Hardcore Playlist: minecraft hardcore part 5
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    1. Kakator Kakator

      Finally he said he is veteran coward

    2. snapie boi

      'shame about the "vilage" ' 'it really was a beautiful "town" -PewDiePie 2021

    3. Richmond Gonzales


    4. Hesus

      what is it with you and killing kids lmao

    5. John R.

      i have a bigger furnace room and the roof is also furnaces

    6. x15kDreams_

      ep 138 pewdiepie: a lot of people don't know this but u can use a whole world full of furnaces

    7. Aaron Acuna

      Pewdiepie: I'm out Continues to burn the whole village

    8. Michael Perry

      What did he do to make Minecraft look like this?

    9. Pearlyn Lau

      Does anyone know which resource pack he used for this vid?

      1. Michael Perry

        BSL shader pack

    10. Chip Carve


    11. ItsNotCrucial

      How do I use those textures??

      1. Michael Perry

        BSL shader pack

    12. Doker54

      i dont have a room full of furnesces, but i have a HOUSE made out of furneces

    13. d d dooman

      idk y but i dont like the graphs

    14. JZ tiger

      Pewds:alota you don't know this but you can have a whole HOUSE of furnaces

    15. Bradley Temes

      Put Fulbright on

    16. Eka Ebralidze

      When he killed the cat it trigerd me please dont do it again...

    17. Tyler Protell

      PewDiePie when killing cows-The “steaks” are high Badum chh

    18. Matt 23

      S D F D

    19. Matt 23

      Knees are dead and ranger is max ranger park in arsenal Montage park in arsenal and ranger park in arsenal and the rangers in arsenal and ranger park in arsenal and ranger rangers rangers arsenal rangers rangers and ranger park in arsenal and ranger park in front of the dragon and park on max park in park and park on max park in park and ranger park in arsenal and ranger park in the trapdoor and ranger park in park and ranger park in arsenal and ranger park in front of the dragon 🐉 in arsenal Montage

    20. marcel majewski


    21. Spiderbigtime

      Pffffft in 4k

    22. Serey Oudom


    23. I’am Kuly

      Pfffffptff...... "noooooooooooooooooooo!" 17:45 oopsie

    24. I’am Kuly

      Great shot from far 12:08💯🌟

    25. axel galfo

      I knew that pfff is stuck Not simp

    26. Phony Kamala

    27. Pàndá

      Ehhh dislikes are more than the likes lmfao

    28. CanuckGuyEh

      What shader/mod is Felix using?

      1. Michael Perry

        BSL shader pack

    29. Max Venning

      Does anyone else ever laugh at the way he says iron and furnace

    30. Dark Wolf

      We need to get that on a t-shirt or sweater.

    31. GhostXP

      You know the phrase "If you can't beat join them" so what Felix did was 200 IQ

    32. Mary Bray

      17:18 y does this man sound like corpse?!?!?

    33. Emanuel Scutaru

      The bee is full of honey, it's deppresed and doesn't have a home.

    34. Jacob Cushman

      So why is furnace room legit one of the coolest places in pewds house??

    35. Uw Wizard

      Lol pewds forgot about ceiling gang they tried to kill him

    36. Holly Jones

      Anyone still watching in 2021?

    37. Little Shoe

      He says he good have he seen fucking dream he's a normal minecraft player

    38. BH

      What shader was he using?

      1. Michael Perry

        BSL shader pack

    39. ne Alex303

      Сколько времени прошло а все ещё нет перевода (субтитры) =(

      1. Hunter a.k.


    40. MarkToast

      Pfft should be named BeeBeeBooBoo

    41. Leo Jackson

      A lot of people don’t know this but you can actually make a whole house out of furnaces.

    42. Leo Jackson

      When he ran away from the raid, I was just waiting for him to say ‘that’s what a coward would say’

    43. Regin Smiður

      waaaaait at the end he opens his menu and it's "opened to LAN" that's the thing that I do when I cheat..... that's kinda sus

    44. Regin Smiður

      this chapter was the most epic so far (from what I've seen until now)

    45. ItZmee !

      8:22 10:37 11:04 11:27 12:29 13:32 13:40 15:25 16:25

    46. RAMTEN AB


    47. Reymerl PH Official

      I think Phffft is stuck in the chest?

    48. xxA08

      Felix: All child must die Me: (chuckles) im in danger

    49. Thunder cow

      Listen gamers you need to fucking kill the creeper before they blow up chunks

    50. ishan gupta

      17:49 ah shit here we go again

    51. Adam Láznička

      14:29 he had normal sticks

    52. Red Kinda Sus

      Staaawwwpppp killing the cats

    53. Tato Zuloaga

      what are his shaders

      1. Michael Perry

        BSL shader pack

    54. gchcom

      What graphics mod is this?

      1. Michael Perry

        BSL shader pack

    55. Otaku

      I hope there's no holes Bfft: Hehe

    56. Gabriel, Aldrin D.

      Hey Pewds, did you know that Spectral Arrows give you the ability to see the mob that you hit with it?? Much more like a wallhack but legal..

    57. BodilyFunctions

      I didn’t know you could make a furnace out of black stone

    58. Doctor Scumbus


    59. Fh djd

      Open lan was selected at 17:55. Does that mean that he died and then opened lan to make it seem like he never died?

    60. muyar soe Celine

      Pewdiepie you can never pewdiedie to strong

    61. Tom G

      12:02 Fean is the equivalent to fuck in english. Idk the rest, thats the norwegian and swedish is simelar

    62. PixelSalad

      10:22 I literally died lmao

      1. Hunter a.k.


    63. ARIK4

      does anyone know what texture pack or shader pewds is using

      1. Michael Perry

        BSL shader pack

      2. Sisu

        I'm trying to find out too. Someone help.

    64. MustacheMan

      how do you get your quality like that

    65. Manav Sharma

      Stop killing cats

    66. tivrusky

      how did he make the game look like that?

    67. Nigel Nowak

      Talks about his furnace room doesn’t build blast furnace orsmoker

    68. johann engelhardt

      his glasses make him look like Erens father from aot

    69. Lluc Xargay

      1:11 that sounds like Wii Sports Resort music

    70. House of Entertainment

      Cocomelon got 108M almost cross Pewdiepie.. Bro Army let's start again Sub Pewdiepie.✌️. Our next big anime more than cocomelon is Set India.. cocomelon is child But Set India is mature. be ready for this big anime.. let's Fu**k Set India. Sub Pewdiepie.

    71. no one

      At 13:53, my mom literally asked me what the hell are you watching

    72. Brightbein

      Im pretty sure he let Brvvvv escape on prupose to get some suspense lol

    73. Christoffer Pedersen

      13:50= cursed

    74. i Haroun

      how to get this shaders pack? im noob help me

    75. Cherryblossom 0

      Haha pudipa make cringe portal haha lol

    76. Golgiro 67

      Can someone please tell me how pewds makes his graphics like this?

    77. Hyatine


    78. THIS GUY HD

      Made that on purpose....

    79. Yash Dhopawkar

      Alright bros, does anybody know the name of the track that plays at around 15:10 ? And please dont do the darude sandstorm bs

    80. THIS GUY HD

      wait. so what is that texturepack called ?

    81. Pol Hendrix Ramirez

      how did the graphics looks good i wanna do that too can someone help me?

    82. Alketa Avari

      bro where does prrrrrrrr find these holes

    83. Prathmesh Sonar

      Which texture pack is this please tell

    84. DeM

      Please someone make a compilation of every time Pfft escaped.

    85. Eezo The Chezo

      10:04 Nonono... the same biome! *Always has been*

    86. Electro Chemistry


    87. Aidan Wu

      Well I am but I bet you don’t know you could get 13 rooms of furnaces because I’m a veteran

    88. 承太郎九条

      What shader did he used?

    89. Abberistired

      I swear I stopped paying attention for five minutes and he got a nice house???

    90. GHOST_ 007_12

      What shader is he using ???

    91. Abdelkarim Nofal

      I have a furnace room bigger then u

    92. Saleh Hashemi 6A Arenaskolen

      why hasnt he noticed that when he uses spectral arrows there are lines on the mobs?

    93. Eggiebabbie

      PewDiePie: "the stakes are high" Me: *violently chokes on water*

    94. Marshmallow Covers

      You should also capture some of those black men and put them as guards on your farm

    95. Marshmallow Covers

      I like the bats better than the bee. You should capture some bats and bunnies. Stop hurting the bunnies.

    96. Krishnaa S

      15:00-end Is it the same theme music sive put for pewdiepie's reaction to bad history's turn in the camera?(when he gets emotional)

    97. hee hee hee hee

      i literally cried at the ending

      1. Hunter a.k.

        no fucking way felix

    98. dolly abanes

      WTF u go creative😂😂

    99. Dana Paponette

      What resource pack is this?? Does anyone know?

    100. BM Gaming07

      What’s the texture pack called?

      1. Lara

        Apparently it's called BSL shaders