No. More. Simping.. 🛑🛑🛑 - LWIAY #00133


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    No Simp September HAS BEGUN!
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    1. Mr. Hispanic plays

      the middle is a real dimond cristal and the stuff around is metal

    2. Cherryz

      Nothing ok felix

    3. midmightykawaii


    4. 1ce_s0n1c

      Pewds, you should flex glue your playbutton

    5. donutranger

      4:42 , a promise for a better me this year

    6. Barnabás Vígh

      Papa pewdiepie, i came forth to seek redemption, for that i had commited simpin, cleanse the filth from my mortal body.

    7. Eric Andersson

      0:25 Me: I have been crying in my shower like i always do

    8. Caleb Bunce

      why no more simping

    9. Jeremy Larsen

      i teared up when he said "how's it going bros my name's pewdiepie"

    10. MrOGNightmare -

      UGH: my friend held a door open for a GURL. I can't be friend with him anymore.

    11. Michael Pumphret

      Davie504 on bass

    12. TheGamingDoop

      I never knew how good Sive was at editing until I saw 5:30, those damn legs almost look real

    13. nugget fam

      Has anyone else noticed pweds new profile picture?

    14. jest lego animatoin

      I did ready think you were gonna tell people to buy a pipe

    15. fox master

      I have been playing video games and looking at memes

    16. Reever Jayson Paliza

      Some Demonic Intro. pewds: :)

    17. Avery McD

      When he did the old intro tho🥲

    18. Jada Zars

      . _ .

    19. 冷やしてchilled

      Bro that's not a flute that's a fucking digeredoo

    20. お願いします私が立ち往生するのを助ける

      5:35 instead of Killing you two she didn't give y'all Pasta

    21. joseph stalin

      pewds i checked the never gonna give you up song it is actually october 25 2009 and it is true tell pewds

    22. MarioLord 14




    24. Raghav Patil


    25. Se7enthson

      6:42 is actually a screenshot from the unreleased "video" Pewds and Mark made a while back lmao

    26. MondoVince211

      glue it to gether

    27. Sean Salvador

      10:45 Felix transforms to 2012 Pewds "Bros" A tear has been shed

    28. Bigfoot With WIFI

      poods used za worldo

    29. Joran212

      Pewds:"Everything I have ever said is a joke" Pewds almost a decade ago: "I love you, Marzia"

    30. Hornyinit

    31. Hornyinit


    32. Arcadz

      Belle Daphne looks like my class mate when she gets a haircut

    33. Lâm Nguyễn Khánh

      i just got a ad called never simping

      1. Arcadz


    34. Matthew Hammon

      im supposed to no be a simp? uh-

      1. Arcadz

        Either be a simp or no

      2. Arcadz

        It is ur choice

    35. FOX PHAS3 perfect noob

      Did you know that captain america's a sim

    36. FrozenLava

      Pewdiepie watched prison school before

    37. I have a goldfish obsession • 10 pp ago

      boys: no simp september girls: no suicide september me being a girl: no simp september

      1. Arcadz


      2. mmm shawty

        same here LMAO

    38. DoctorDoggo


    39. 400 milhões sem vídeo -


    40. Rath Disaster


    41. Kleo Zoupani

      well that was a lie 7:10

    42. Madelaine Kiesey-Calding

      Not me watching pewdiepie while eating cake from IKEA

    43. BitterBig

      1:33 are you sure tho?!

    44. crapism

      The intro is a nightmare fuel ngl

    45. ballzsdeep


    46. Evans Christ

      omg felix has legs

    47. Qual comm

      Leave your memes on the marzia im bored

    48. JassyBunny

      3:14 with NateWantsToBattle as the lead singer👀👀👀

    49. jack gamingrs

      Now ksi and pewds are Best friends

    50. Thunderbolt

      Download this video right now so that when pewds hits 140m we will have proof.

    51. MrGrapes

      Idk why he simps Belle.

    52. Birdelicious

      For some reason I thought of making a joke asking if you were Norwegian (I know you're Swedish)

    53. Simon Smith

      Me: sees his subcount for the first time also me: HOLY S-

    54. SpunkMC

      As a french horn player, please please please get an alphorn and try to play it

    55. Chad Buoy445


    56. Heartzz Blue

      Isnt anyone gonna talk about the amazing intro🌝

    57. Xianon Leanox Yandoc

      Ah yes lwiay

    58. Inspector Roy

      Sive your editing skills are incredible at 5:27 I mean how did you even make the legs look so realistic?? Legendary editing

    59. Tyrone

      4:42 “I will not simp” “I will not live” “I will not lfxksaoirbps psnskosocembah!”

      1. Nancy Singh Maurya

        @donutranger same, watched this video a fuck load of time for this

      2. donutranger

        i fucking cracked everytime

    60. MONSTA legend

      Yes im a freaking simp S - uper I - ntense M - inecraft P - layer

    61. The Galactic Raptor

      It’s weird how sometimes Sive blurs out his swearing and sometimes not

    62. Not Bnb

      wow i could not, i just had to clap yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes

    63. The LegenLarry 111

      But can we ask you to sign our shirts😎?

    64. howdoideletemyself

      No simp

    65. Hugo Garner - Elev Lyckeby kunskapscentrum 4

      pewds jag är svensk jag älskar dinaa videos

    66. CaptainRex36

      I can imagine the same title with pewds just taking off his wedding ring in the thumbnail.

    67. Spirit Stardust

      loose the mirror your light is blinding everyone

    68. KRØNIC

      well i looked it up and never gonna give you up WAS released on pewds birthday

    69. MartinZ

      i just got an ad on this video about stopping simping

    70. Monkey .D. Deku

      Tell me why whenever I’m watching pewdiepie my brother comes running to me (I think it’s the intro lol 😂)

    71. fruitycorn

      What does simp mean does it mean like likeing someone or something to much ??

      1. fruitycorn

        @CT-7568 Wrecker so what does it mean when people simp for corpses voice can women do that too men do you know corpses

      2. CT-7568 Wrecker

        Simp is a slang insult for men who are seen as too attentive and submissive to women, especially out of a failed hope of winning some entitled sexual attention or activity from them.

    72. Anthony Lank

      6:41. pewds dose not know its from souleater. o ma ga

    73. KUEI YIN

      Good Lord thanks you for no simping bro now stop that triant belle delphine

    74. Idk Anymore

      So when u said you got 100 million subscribers means that was a joke?

    75. SoleFNCLO

      9:12 And thus, the meme was born

    76. TBNR Fishy

      Your beard looks like a saber tooth tiger tooth

    77. Carlos Castaneda

      Your annoying af. Probably why the sheeple love you so much. Lol no hate here tho your doing your thing and I admire that. But me... your annoying af. Idk why PAprom suggested this video to me tbh. I equally don't know why I clicked. I know who you are tho, your a PAprom celeb, but goddammit your annoying af. Love you bro

    78. Sombra

      were is the porn video again???

      1. Inspector Roy

        Now we’re asking the real questions

    79. UniKornFlakes

      4:41 Felix be saying "I WILL NOT SIMP" and then starts talking in minecraft enchanting table

    80. Val Kyle

      5:57 ayyyyyy its kenshin himura he uses his ultimate technique " AMAKAKERU RYU NO HIRAMEKI"

    81. Mr. Meows Bakery

      I got a tuber simulator right before this video lmao

    82. RaymondFan234

      I’m glad I was born September thank god.

    83. Aukkhor Mujahid

      Big PP

    84. arandomduckdog

      6:02 *war flashbacks*

    85. oddly irrelevant

      it all makes sense now. he said everything he ever said was a joke, that means the congratulations music video he made for t-series was a disstrack in disguise. genius.


      Can’t wait still I watch an old man in the future

    87. Brock Nate

      Pewdipie needs a button that says big pp when he hits it

    88. MrRataMutante

      So he really doesnt take pictures with a fan if he is in the street?

    89. Michael Jalaluddin

      Michael Jalaluddin subscribe

    90. Light K

      8:11 this is legendary

    91. rasmus heal

      Felix are u my secret brother because I make silly noices

    92. Roblox Pro

      Boy Dum

    93. Haktan

      Pewdiepie intros getting scarier every day

    94. June Cash

      So is none gonna talk about Mark's Unus Annus merch ok...

    95. Max Change

      We have the same SIMPIN birthday!

    96. romanreigns2023 gaming

      LWIAY?? What does it mean

      1. CT-7568 Wrecker

        Last Week I Asked You

    97. ⌖⟒⋏⍜⌇

      Plas make pron with marzia and pews make a trillion dollars buy alien spaceship then colonize and exoplanet with superior seed.

    98. ⌖⟒⋏⍜⌇

      Did ya African pp bigger than pewds pp....

    99. Raising Star

      11:46 Marzia: ;-;

    100. Jett main

      The start of the Alporn Saga