Never Dig Straight Down... Minecraft Hardcore #2


5 ਮਿਲੀਅਨ ਦ੍ਰਿਸ਼350

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    1. Su Özkan

      I can watch this series forever

    2. Wraglord

      I got this at the top of my recommendation. Thinking it was new

    3. serge_tabZ

      Best edvice just don’t die -pewd

    4. Abhishek Saxena


    5. ツUnRealRabbit

      what you......

    6. Wapfue

      U have Aids? Just don‘t die!

    7. Gaming with Ava

      Pewdiepie. Protection one! That’s the best one in the game. Me at home. Umm no protection five is the best one.

    8. Daeng Faris

      just like 20 second he found diamond

    9. idk

      *Latinoamérica* 5:24

    10. zaniers

      4:32 "Weaklings die, big deal"

    11. Unwanted Outlaw

      I never would have expected to relate to pewdiepie...I have the same anxiety in Minecraft...

    12. Tanjiro Kamado

      Haha the mic is wet oni chan HAHA

    13. Dale Espartero

      Pewdiepie is still luck its a skeleton and not a creeper

    14. MrColz

      The video when I'm alone: "Pfft will always be my friend!" The video when my mom walks in: 4:54


      great video

    16. Ben Arnholt

      10:57 i saw the skelly and the music made me throw my phone.

    17. Lyn’s Little Place

      I love how he forgets he is 30 years old 😂😂 16:35

    18. aly

      "i want them as tormented as possible"

    19. Raof Abdullah

      It's a month already. how

    20. Ice 487

      Everyone is talking about how pewds is being derpy in minecraft. But are we just gonna ignore that the hiccups in the end? (Cause it's lowkey kinda cute.)

    21. Jarred McMerrick

      you should be more careful saying negligible

    22. Greentan Plays

      Pewdiepie: 2 FURNACES Me: 10 furnaces

    23. liltinygotgame

      That was funny ass hell he said this is how you play minecraft then lava spilled he got scared ass hell

    24. Abby Ledbetter

      Pewds: the cows will suffer *everyone who knows the Vegan Teacher* 🤣🤣🤣

    25. Kemari Plummer

      Pewdiepie: i am a minecraft veteran Legit thinks protection one is the best.( I love ur videos!)

    26. TPG_Toxyn

      Why is there no 1080p

    27. Groupe Halawa

      Peace be upon you. I am a content maker with my friends. I hope that Biodebay subscribers subscribe to my channel. Thank you.

    28. Inter-galactic Pizza

      i love how he said “i’m a nice guy... I’m PewDiePie” and then made that face

    29. The Guy By CVS

      Hiccups:*exist* Pewdiepie: 19:56

    30. Milica Milovanovic

      5:31 I thought it was sven for a second...

    31. Kinetix

      “Just don’t die. I’ve done it my entire life” -Felix “PewDiePie” Kjellberg

    32. Amr Fwws

      That's like the first tips I know, you're pretty lame, Pewds!

    33. Nothing here

      PewDiePie inventing veal be like 7:51

    34. Jacob Sills

      Pewds: NEJIJABUL 😂😂😂

    35. zstelznerx

      I legit cried last episode when he left broland lmao

    36. Gacha Mackllie

      and here is ur reminder to cover dat hole at 8:36

    37. Gacha Mackllie

      pewdiepie:i will stop playing minecraft also pewds:plays minecraft dungeons and plays minecraft

    38. Martina Grizelj

      For those who were a bit confised, those "sky demons" were phantoms, they attack you at night when you haven't slept for 3 days. From killing them you can get phatbotom membran that looks like white dye and you can use it to fix an elytra.

    39. Sofia Majano

      Pewds's face when he found diamonds 🤣🤣🤣

    40. Moxi Foxi77

      I'm both surprised & proud of him for getting so far

    41. Blodershade

      Pewdiepie made 720p feel like 4k

    42. Hadith Portal

      God bless all those and their parents who subscribe to my channel 🥰 Amen ♥️

    43. white boi

      big balls big rewards

    44. Jon LarrY

      I miss sven

    45. SSAshton

      Pewds jump and hit for crit

    46. Gumi

      Axes do more damage

    47. Jean Crosby

      ‘I have two sons they are like fathers to me’

    48. Cuality Qontent

      2:06 Pewds called a bunny sexy while trying to kill it. Is Vox on this yet?

    49. Jurre w v w

      This is negligible

    50. David Elston

      Why did you name your world negligible

    51. Bang Radit

      Hallo bro me from is indonesia

    52. Smurf Blue

      7:06 Iskall disapproves

    53. Dampoe Doe

      14:33 i actually jumped

    54. Mirza Baig

      Wow I am not a pro like pewdiepie. As he once said in this video "I don't understand how you can die in hardcore. Just don't die". Now I will be a minecraft PROOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

    55. Energyguy

      Pewds: minecraft is the scarriest game on the planet Five nights at freddies: am i a joke to u? Phasmophobia (idk if i wrote it right): dude look at me how am i not scary!? any other scary horror game: WHAT ABOUT US U PIECE OF SH*T

    56. Erick Leon

      I came here to remind pweds to cover that up

    57. Ethan Burgess

      18:10 I think that’s the lyrics

    58. Maria

      idk how to feel about being able to pronounce negligible without any problem but being unable to pronounce pbFfFTTTTTTT

    59. Frank Lepik

      You can die the wool and make a bed

    60. Matthew Denny

      Skeleton Jumpscare counter please.

    61. Charles Shorb

      The phantoms scared the shit out of me too just because of horrible memories

    62. game bang world

      You are a killer in minecraft

    63. xKuurumii

      I actually had hiccups but when Pewds got hiccups mine went away XD

    64. Shoaid Shamim

      use ur shield!!!!!!

    65. 09 GalaxyDiamond

      Pewds: Alright, u sixier The bunny, who is a child: ?!?!??!?!?!? FBI: >8I

    66. DailyDoseOfNothing

      like my recent video hehe

    67. Logic PlayzYT

      we need to bring back water sheep

    68. teego the green birb

      Poor bunniesssssss😭😭who kills bunnies

    69. Em Velasquez

      Fuck man you make my day so much better 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    70. Trishnagni's sweet magic world

      Drink one full glass of water, and hickeps will go away !!!

    71. Trishnagni's sweet magic world

      I don't hate bhsssssssvvvvvv I love bhsssssssssssvvvvvvvvvvv ; )

    72. Trishnagni's sweet magic world

      Bees help you grow crops, you had see bees back contain something white it is the bonemeal they throw it at your crops and then your crops grow in a sec babe!!!!!

      1. Freya Smith

        Actually it's pollen-

    73. the truth

      I love this

    74. Hyperion calisthenics

      10:30 big brain time

    75. Noob_On_ YouTube

      *gets efficiency II Literally happy

    76. Splitz

      does anyone else have really bad quality

    77. Afonso Aleixo Falcão

      I bet this vídeo is 4k

    78. Jose Flores

      12:38 😂😂😂

    79. Bob


    80. SilentDungeoneer

      Everyone : Never dig straight down PewDiePie : Digs straight down Also PewDiePie : Finds diamonds instantly

    81. MapleStory Evan GMS

      hiccups are the most powerful being in the universe

    82. Gucci bannana

      When pewds had hiccups I started having too

    83. just another account

      Pewdiepie got famous for playing horror games... and now he can't even play minecraft without 50 panic attacks

    84. Geminus

      1:52 What is the song title?

    85. We are currently changing name please be patient!

      we have the sword we have the shield i was hoping he would say we have a new pokemon game

    86. The Mossy Cobble

      I feel like pewds will die by episode 9

    87. guy


    88. かまどたんじろう

      “I get hiccups, one of you have to die” 4 cows die

    89. Wooshe

      Pewdiepie. I’m not afraid Him 5 sec ago. scared pewdiepie noise

    90. Wooshe

      Pewdiepie I’m not afraid of anything Also him except hitting my head on the stairs

      1. Wooshe


    91. 3rror

      20:51 maybe cut that salute out?

    92. Elder Elijah

      I honestly forgot he doesn't do 1080

    93. Wayne

      Minecraft vete-

    94. ASALI Online Tv

      You always playing minecraft horror game for a living

    95. Angela Maria Fuentes

      Who plays minecraft and at the same time watch felix play minecraft

    96. some weeb

      if you put on a seatbelt in a car aren’t you wearing the car

      1. LeoGBA

        Yes, duh

    97. Halloweenborn chee

      Pewdiepie the hick up baby 😂😂😂😂

    98. Rynthetical

      Pewds: I’m not a coward Also Pewds: 12:38

    99. TSV eftapsixos

      When you have hiccups just drink water and it will stop

    100. JakeTheWolf

      17:24 The new bad bleep.