My Minecraft was HACKED - Minecraft - Part 46


4.9 ਮਿਲੀਅਨ ਦ੍ਰਿਸ਼499

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    ਨੂੰ ਪ੍ਰਕਾਸ਼ਿਤ ਕੀਤਾ ਗਿਆ 4 ਮਹੀਨੇ ਪਹਿਲਾਂ


    1. Ritisha Nagi

      If pewds would've right clicked by mistake while placing those end crystals, this minecraft series would be over

    2. Detective_Cousins 2006

      I love the way he is just calm about the person hacked him He's just like "Please don't change my avatar" *We stan gamer*

    3. Abdullah Marshad

      Does he have 3 iPhone 11s

    4. Sam Powney

      When I saw the title, my first thought was that DillonTheHacker guy from a few years back

    5. Alexander Keokham

      You are cheating

    6. 5sonic

      pewds deadass forgot who DEEP was

    7. mariethesizzler 9492

      Wow that's actually super annoying and disrespectful. That's his job he uses that account for work. If you're a "fan" and think that's funny well it's not and you're not a fan.

    8. Александър Илиев


    9. Seigfred Ajero

      Atleast he doesn't abuse sven the cat anymore...

    10. Seigfred Ajero

      Sven ain't a simp cuz he gay remember....

    11. Chloe Ma

      Omg did pewds forget about DEEEEP?????

    12. cyber punk

      Two part 46

    13. Jonah McD

      Did anyone else not get any of his new Minecraft videos on their recommend?

    14. MrColz

      Felix: **places the end crystals down** Me: 😬😬😬

    15. Jonathan Asher

      BTW, Pewds said he going to use the crystlas to summon back Ender dragon, but he use as decore(dangerous)

    16. Jonathan Asher

      Pewds: dude why does anyone use this as decor! People: because when u touch them they explode! fact: you cant mine a crystal it will explode, so if Sven comes near portal and Pewds touch crystal : end of game

    17. RHP

      Where the hell my comment i just search it like an hour and its 26K Comments My comment is: Pewds is eps 50 you getting old And its 3 month ago bruh youtube

    18. Santos Eliseo Mejia


    19. Spicy Oreos74

      pewds youre on the wrong save bengt is missing?

    20. Xephonine

      Wait... 2 two part 46

    21. Taran Sanger

      im the one hacked pewds pewdiepie if ur watching this im sorry that i hacker ur minecraft.and have a nice day

    22. THE-CAZ-555

      I saw his skin and I thought of carson immediately :(


      *Very impressive, powerful video ... tongue falls in jaw, keep up the good work*

    24. Fana Taddele

      some body haked your minecraft

    25. Alfie Griffiths

      So... the real part 46-49 are not canon?



    27. Dustin Patterson

      What’s the song playing at 11:40

    28. Sing with Cathleene G

      @Wozurd Hacked ur account he make a video

    29. Adam Ogg

      this is actually minecraft part 50...... bruh....

    30. Jake Pyrah

      Felix: No more deaths in this series! Also Felix: *Kills chicken after he says that*


      no one's gonna ask when this episode's continue ?

    32. stone sword original

      poor pewdiepie if i knew ho hacked you i would say stop it hacker if not i call the police

    33. Lara Samson

      I was genuinely scared when pewdiepie once again forgot who Deeep is... 😂

    34. Unwanted

      *this being Part 46 when the last episode was Part 49* **IT'S EVOLVING, JUST BACKWARDS!**

    35. jebohim


    36. NBmelih

      pause 2:27 i just realized pewds put looting on a pickaxe

    37. Zara Hasan


    38. Sai Guvvala

      The title is wrong it’s part 50

    39. Jherrald Angelo

      I hacked PewDiePie's Minecraft....

    40. Freja Pettersson

      He forgot about deep...again

    41. Lucky Blue

      How could he forget ula brita

    42. MINI SMC4

      Who else got anxiety when PewDiePie placed end crystals beside sven

    43. Only For You

      You should add a Watermark. :)

    44. constantash gameing

      Can you please make Samsung phone cases to

    45. EnteBoi

      please feed alabama, im scared he will disappear if you dont

    46. tabitha hewson

      nice vid

    47. Jeremy Nuevo Rivas

      When pewdiepie say he will use it to summon ender dragon and then he use it for design how great pewds Hahahaha

    48. 8mmKyle

      Poor Sven's son (aka DEEEP), Pewds made him procreate with his father and he STILL doesn't remember who he is...

    49. Rathin Seth

      That was me. Hehe

    50. A Guy

      always aiming on ulabritta

    51. mr. donut

      Pewdiepie dbrand scammed me. I've been waitning for this mask 2 months and it still haven't arrived. Please someone help

    52. Rebica Lim

      The background music is super cool. Does anybody knows the name?

    53. CsabaTOn [̲̅Y̲̅σ̲̅υ̲̅т̲̅υ̲̅b̲̅є̲]

      Who is this enber? you are

    54. Yeet

      Meet lazarbeam

    55. Austin Bautista

      This is supposed to be part 50

    56. Srinidhi Bijjala

      Felix: I’m not gonna kill anymore Also Felix: I killed a youngling so what

    57. ?


    58. DankEZ

      Lol pewds Doesn't even realize that this is the 50th ep

    59. Rudraksha Srivastava


    60. Scepter Draws

      Petition for pewdiepie to join the Dream smp Please say "signed" In the comments

    61. GamingWithCharles

      join the Dream SMP

      1. Scepter Draws


      2. Tom Kao

        I mean.....

    62. James Kelly he doing the second war in The End?

    63. James Kelly

      The king returns

    64. Manuel Garcia.

      Hi like your video

    65. Jonathan Terpanjian

      69/10 intro

    66. dandilo espins

      Hahahah what happened

    67. Kevin Cichocki

      Why are u wearing a mask it makes no sence

    68. Jaron Pidcock

      Lol, I love how he thought this was part 46 rather than 50

    69. Ammar Haider

      If the hacker has a a channel dislike him

    70. Dion Fung

      Deep is Sven’s kid LOOK AT YOUR OLD VID AND YOU WILL SEE

    71. Elias Andrason

      Felix: There will be no more deaths. Also Felix: Proceeds to kill the first chicken he sees.

    72. noel gonong

      Why is the episode 46 but there are 2 episode 46 pewds must have messed up to the episode

    73. Nightclaw579

      People should stop asking for likes. Like if you agree

    74. Lunar Baker

      6:30 “I was in electrical doing wires!” Me “da fuq”

    75. MYSTIC GUY

      9:31 the dark side

    76. Layla Cordova

      Lol pewds calling sven not a simp is hilarious he is mixed emotions for sven lol

    77. Lily Ohanneson

      u should tap the end crystals

    78. Foogy_

      him:places down cristols me:its not silk touch

    79. Crazy shooter


    80. alina poenaru

      Dream hacked your world

    81. KianGaming 9827

      what title the ender dragon beat

    82. Billy Hsu

      Peers needs to play the new update Minecraft caves and shafts. Like so peeps can see

    83. Ethan Boucher

      this was posted on my b day 🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺

    84. Felix Bernsmann

      "Pewds Back in Minecraft" The return of the King

    85. Emarse Mariano

      SVEN CAT 💀💀💀

    86. Pdiddy Dog

      Y don’t he remember deep😭

    87. Shafi Ullah Khan

      You are not lucky with the drops you are the king of minecraft the minecraft world obeys you

    88. Hail Playz

      Pewdiepie doesn't pay the taxes for 4 MONTHS and Alabama turns the whole nether against him

    89. LUiz


    90. Louis Atterberry

      please build penguin

    91. Gang Gang

      Does pewdiepie still not know that the cats scare the creepers?

    92. Amal Reddy Allampati

      Pewds: stay safe ulla brita Also Pewds - pointing one of the most powerful bow in the game at ulla brita

    93. Color Queen

      You already have a part 46? Would this be part 50?

    94. Ali Tahir

      pleas use a silk touch when you brake thos end crystals or els you gonna die and a lot of the terrain to, it explods

    95. GavinCrafter

      Pewds : goes to nether to get iron nuggets Everyone: just craft them with iron *facepalm*

    96. Alyssa Valino

      that will not end well

    97. Some Child

      This is part 50 tf?

    98. KittKat Playz

      When Svenson gets forgotten a second time

    99. Sam Baragwanath

      Why did he put down the nether Stars you can't pick him back up

    100. Hype Beast

      why does he have 3 identical iphones what