My Minecraft Addiction Needs to be STOPPED


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    1. Banx99

      Pewds in 2021 last monts and 2022 middle monts will do another series

      1. Banx99

        If we be cool if he play in Game mode adventure

    2. ASma ar

      i just remember pewds from 2years ago playing minecraft and i just can't believe how time goes fast

    3. Felipe Medeiros Resende Dutra

      Why felix recording is 20 fps?

    4. AMalanca1

      Pewdiepie know one thinks this is cool Me what was it called again?

    5. Dulfii

      I wish I could play Minecraft with those shaders ;-;

    6. SimpleKing.

      Minecraft is fun

    7. Safari Boy

      Mr Pewdiepie can you please play kenshi. DOING A NO SAVE RUN. Plz...

    8. M1cr0

      "My Minecraft addiction needs to be stopped" Me: Call Dr. Phil

    9. Life Suck

      Sven Is Still Waiting

    10. Priyanshu

      Subscribe to t series

    11. Fs 17

      Hej jag är från Sverige jag bor utanför Göteborg

    12. Smack

      How did he get the bedrock for the wither

    13. Manuel C,III

      "i fed him 8 fishes, love me bich" lMao

    14. Jaidev Kini

      Atleast he earns real money by playing minecraft!

    15. Rajdeep Sahu

      RIP cat

    16. LandFlood

      The Wither has more health than the Ender Dragon, it weird but true

    17. Dream Wolf Gaming FTW YTB?!ツ


    18. Dakisha

      PewDiePie vs cocomelon

    19. touya todoroki

      I want to know about giga furnace

    20. Seongwon Yoo


    21. しんE

      If you have problems with the mobs spawning on the soul sand around your compound just put slabs over it as soul speed is still triggered if a slab is above the soul sand or soil.

    22. AJAY YADAV


    23. Pickle Juice Gaming

      WHY DID YOU KILL CATS i dont and never wanna see you kill cats and do you hate the glow squid ?

    24. Mikey Patino

      u guys remember when he was playing ironically?

    25. SLeepy Head

      Is it just or felix building a factory is a thing I never believe when I was watching his old minecraft series it's a new felix

    26. Zach Fox

      you should build the moon from majoras mask over your house

    27. Olajide William Olatunji

      giga furnace sounds a bit like ni...

    28. FilmoraGo

      Alguien habla español??

    29. Lil Biggyy

      When he said eat bish🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    30. John_deer222

      You can make a ghaust farm using magma and the wither roses and slabs


      dude almost ended his years long minecraft world because of a iron golem which u can 4 block clutch lol

    32. Nuffixx

      Well that's one way to start a video

    33. Universal Falls


    34. Артём Овчинников

      PweDiePie hello

    35. Svnvvv


    36. Alex 0123


    37. Mango The trash pile

      At this point we're all just slowly watching Felix turn into dr doofenshmirtz

    38. Zapper Nator

      If you did in hardcore you will die in real life lol

    39. Javier Marigomen

      i can build a base with 4 blocks

    40. eepledee

      Where's my brofist felix 😡

    41. OLLEE Nips

      Everything changed when the Fire Nation built their mega furnace

    42. Likse 2010

      Prata bara svenska i en video

    43. Nico Julian Patenio

      do you post another episode of minecraft hard pls filex

    44. вαd dυѕт тιмe тrιoッ


    45. Bruno Olivaes

      react to a video from the maicon kuster channel

    46. pidgedough

      Dude take a break

    47. RobThe EpicLegend

      Keep up the good work! Please upload more often please?

    48. Tcg 2

      Dan said thanks to you saying rip

    49. Dayzer TV


    50. Iason Papaioannou

      sub to thinkarma get more thicc

    51. zentro

      Esp hack he found the cat

    52. Mantas Kliucinskas

      Map donwlod?

    53. Piggi

      WER HIS MINCHIARFT!!!1!!1!

    54. Varutzu

      Did anyone remember that pewds had a map with marzia?

    55. Jadenggoh13 TwT

      He just killed the cat “Piwdiepie 2021”

    56. Elite KMAC

      0:11 NnOooOooOo

    57. ahmad fauzan

      Mata panda :v

    58. अंबाराम हलेडिया

      Why she his so lagging

    59. The Radical Den!

      Modded minecraft next!!!!

    60. PHAZER6 Gaming


    61. Ivan Reyna

      There’s no way Felix dug all that out and built something AND make a sorting system, that’d take hella long

    62. Cong ty F I B I

      pewdiepie kill cat

    63. A kid Clay

      Gaming week poggersawag

    64. ??? ¿¿¿

      His house is more cool than my house in creative mode and when i played survival mode my house is made from dirt

    65. Ultra instinct Goku

      Pewds chasing a cat for 2 minutes is the funniest thing ever

    66. 51jo_

      Best intro to video.

    67. Akshaan Mehra

      Wait is this all built in the span of 5 months 😱

    68. s s

      0:10 rest in peace She is happy now in heaven because pewds was torturing her

    69. Zeveron

      This gives me an idea for an anime im thinking of...

    70. Sanat Kamat

      Missed Sven greatly, please bring him back

    71. Jeff

      Pewdiepie made a mistake pause here 3:38

      1. Jeff

        Orange name f

    72. Elisha Doris

      Felix I know you are like what's happened to me but actually this is so cool and it's madness that you can do this in Minecraft haha

    73. Hahh Hahha

      Felix saying "kitty go home" is the equivalent of "diogee go home" from Milo Murphy's Law

    74. KoreaGamer

      Let's see how many subscribers I can gain with this comment

    75. _xAbrar BG


    76. dream jackson

      Brothers, put your tears on the public screen

    77. Keileb Santiago

      How to gain subscrbers? Can you guys help me?

      1. Keileb Santiago

        @Paulo96 Thanks a lot bro!

      2. Paulo96

        Trying to have an interesting content and hoping one of your videos will blow up in views. Also recommendations. If people like your content they will recommend it to their friends etc.

    78. Haden Holt

      Literally the coolest minecraft smelter sorter system props to you bro

    79. Tremerlin

      my name got a orange wool names "FUCK" 3:39 true gamer

    80. Sunflower Sunshine

      I love pewdiepie

    81. Zanio

      why are the frames so bad

    82. kuukaarme

      I unsubcribe because i love cats

    83. Sydney Ulrick


    84. Полиция Скримеров

      Я одна руссская? 🗿✌

    85. BoT

      Your automatic look cool I like it but your video it so lag

    86. Rajeswari Kathiresan

      I'm ur big fan bro.........

    87. maple sally


    88. Gigi Reddit

      please play omori!!

    89. chuckle man and Mason

      Make more videos of it then

    90. Enes Uçar

      You are very good, I am watching your videos with a laugh

    91. Jason

      TLC new episode: Minecraft addiction

    92. Noureddine JANA


    93. Taher Huzefa

      nah fam, i watched minecraft when i was unemployed and i am still watching minecraft. I am still unemployed thanks for asking!

    94. Oscar Villalobos

      ShE dIsAPeReD

    95. Bob Mall


    96. Bob Mall

      PEW DIE PiE

    97. Famthomas MC

      It's so cool to see how he Is slowly turning in to a more advanced minecraft player, and is really excited over automatic farm he build just like me and a lot of other people, I'm enjoying this very much

    98. Lepus D

      anyone else remember when he just had a small hole inside a mountain? he has come a long way. I salute to you Felix.

    99. Haru Gaskill

      You should make a raid farm

    100. Tickle me Chucklenuts

      Hmmmm, I don’t think minecraft is 37 years old as your attempting to state:/