My Face Reveal 2.0 - LWIAY #00149


4.6 ਮਿਲੀਅਨ ਦ੍ਰਿਸ਼490

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    1. André Meléndez Bernal

      Pewdelia comeback

    2. TheLostUsers

      My mom: do you have a girlfriend? Me: No Also me: girl around me 1:11

    3. Zac Norman

      Why does he look like a young version of my mom😅

    4. Felix Yupa

      To the Guys Who Crushing on PewDiePie: Why are You G@y? 🌚

    5. kailash chand yadav

      How is he a girl now ?

    6. Apurva Surve

      What software did you use to get that girl face ,

      1. default cupoutersy

        it looks like snapchat to me

    7. Bailey

      Came to this from r/confusedboners fits.

    8. Nero Quorra

      should have used morphvox as well hahaha

    9. Dark Wolf

      Mariza's creatures are too powerful.

    10. anime alien

      He looks more beautiful than me lol

    11. ElwoodFenris

      I have one of those frogs

    12. milo 156

      He’s too pretty I got distracted the whole video

    13. Mr.GiantPanda

      1:10 imagine a women doing it irl

    14. Flynn Elings

      Maybe jake pauls song qualified because it was more than 3min or something. And fish lasagna not long enough to be called a song. But anyway idc i vote b**** lasagna

    15. DlarDevy

      This girl got a Adam’s apple wtf!!!!

    16. Ayaan Ansari

      Love from india

    17. Barthdry Gamer

      This is quite bad

    18. Git Man

      I don't like it

    19. Alpha Ghost

      Chanel name should be beatypie

    20. Alpha Ghost

      i cant stop looking at felix

    21. Ívarr Sigurðr Micahsson

      What the?

    22. Ida W

      Is the LWIAY song original from pewdiepie? I heard it on another channel but covered as: YIAY

    23. Clara Powell

      Omg she is so pretty!!!

    24. Financial Mistake

      1:09 Woman noises

    25. Ali Anthony

      Thats the dumbest intro ive ever seen -Ali Anthony

    26. Gaming With Pat

      Hey me in the future it's 2040

    27. Hritika Dutta


    28. Adam Nunya

      I just scrolled far enough down to make this comment but i shall not otherwise be participating in this particular comment section. I have a feeling i already know...

    29. sᴛᴇʟʟᴀシ


    30. Conner Mclovin

      Cocomelon Disstrack Not Soon TwT

    31. • vilina social •

      in this video i am seeing marzia

    32. Liusila

      The face is way too distracting

    33. Liusila

      I’m a woman but I need this filter. What is it?

    34. BV Beebe


    35. LO LI

      Lmafo 0:23

    36. Bluescale - Soothing Sounds and Relaxing Music


    37. 니들연구소

      형 나는 2년동안 미친듯이 노력했는데 구독자 10만도 못들었어.. 나도 골드버튼 받고싶어 ㅠ ㅠ

    38. D_ni

      "Now that the woman." Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg, 2021

    39. Jazween A

      looks like PewDiePie's twin sister

    40. Jack Mrsich

      4:58 why does this meme Felix look like high school history teacher with a PAprom channel.

    41. Fresh Son

      I think I’m a simp for Felix Jk jk

    42. Electric J0e


    43. الارنب الماكر

      😂Beauty Bay 106

    44. Jazween A

      Exactly cuz it's matching lol

    45. Varsha Shelke

      I thinker his sister in thumbnail 😂😅

    46. Alex Strider

      SOlaR FrEAkInG RoADwAyS

    47. Lirof Lir

      how he did that what program did he used to change hes firtual face into woman ?

      1. default cupoutersy

        use snapchat filter

    48. Azerbaijan Ball


    49. Milla Vanilla

      So apparently I'm gay now

    50. Crazy Pikachu

      Never gonna give you up Has more than both songs combined I find that funny

    51. Linda Johnson

      But ... but ... but you're so pretty!

    52. Mr.Butter

      This unironically feels weird I cant even stare at him like i always used to

    53. emanuel

      The voice changer is what really sells it.

    54. Priyanka Ray

      who is this woman? she reminds me of felix

    55. Canofeggs 5410


    56. ROZAK Hacker The Cryper night

      Te fa"ak

    57. Salma Mahdar

      Look how excited he was about coco....

    58. Michelle Tilbury

      Screams in man: UUUUUGHHHH “I feel like a woman” 😂

    59. Adalberto Cardoso

      People do Pewdiepie related crafts because your fans who follow them ask for it. It is a good thing too, because even though you have a lot of subscribers, a lot of people don't know who you are, so this way your fans are spreading your brand. The people doing it also get something out of it because seeing something Pewdiepie related in a thumbnail might be the reason many people click their video.

    60. Sophie 1818

      Felicia looks like a supermodel

    61. Google Shared


    62. Torius Woods

      My baby brother would cry if he saw the beginning

    63. reezlaw

      How I want to do it too

    64. David Yodo

      Sometimes it takes a Real Man to become Best Girl - GiggUK 2020

    65. Tes Akun


    66. Liew hung Ming


    67. Yami Fenix

      Ugh Felix looks disturbingly cute as a girl 🤣

    68. Grezel Pacante

      Hey Pewdiepie Your a Boy? Or Girl?

    69. bella schiano

      why is he so pretty though

    70. Tmr. Lapen

      Pewdiepie girls man??😱

    71. Hezekiah Rodriguez

      Nice video! 😂👌🏼

    72. Hezekiah Rodriguez

      Felix's sister is taking over the channel? Interesting.

    73. Hezekiah Rodriguez

      Now THAT'S a handsome woman.

    74. Justin Arnold

      Trans Tori Vega?

    75. Can’t Play Minecraft

      Felix actually looks good as a woman

    76. Lukas Reimer


    77. E m i l y

      Why are you so pretty

    78. Eryk Fear

      On the internet you can be whoever you want, a few programs and you are someone else.

    79. Kirabo

      What does -he- use?? TO change

    80. Greg Saldierna

      Are u a boy

    81. Little Lapin


    82. JayNstein

      PewDiePie is nice

    83. Elky plays


    84. Marcellus Leong


    85. TheAdvertisement

      Guys I have reason to believe this youtuber isn't actually a girl! Look at 5:20, when the sword passes over _his_ face, whatever ai thing they're using glitches out and shows his real face! Omg it's so fake we gotta cancel him now!!!!111!!1!!!1!

    86. ConCureYT

      Damn...he homo

    87. Amby

      Love how pewdiepie just removed my 3.2k liked comment :(

    88. Leon Youm

      This is...... disturbing

    89. Luis Gustavo

      lubatv parece com o pewdiepei

    90. NEETpride

      Kind of looks like the political commentator Krystal Ball (yes that's her real name)

    91. Bl00dy lollypop5

      Christ I completly forgot about him for months until I saw this video, now I just can't decide whether to leave forever bc I'm so lost, or try and catch up

    92. Jeff Goober

      You should make a separate channel just for your woman self lol

    93. Sarah McRae

      Why does pewds as a girl feel like it’s confusing my sexuality even though I know I’m bisexual I’m saying he looks pretty

    94. D E V A N

      Tuhan menciptakan adam dan hawa bukan kevin dan yanto

    95. LAHZ LARZ

      I think U look Very pretty as a woman style :) rad.

    96. Arcade Game Room

      do somebody knows which app he use????

    97. Someone Weird

      I still haven’t gotten over bitch lasagna



    99. Cartoon Hangout

      Some vtubers don't really put on a voice. One specific raccoon vtuber ended up revealing their actual voice and just going with that after a higher voiced one (to which she said is how she would talk to her pets)

    100. Krail

      Is it gay if... sht...