My Best Impostor Game in Among Us #7


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    1. Cabbage Head

      I would vote xQc at the start of every round because I’m tired of hearing his ass lol

    2. Mekechto. Jim

      I would to like to see another videos with Bobby

    3. Brenda Leticia Zapata Renteria

      Hola ingleses

    4. randomizedmemes Madlad

      that was very epic of you

    5. R B

      Everyone in the comments: roasting xQc on a spit Me: simping for Bobby and liking all the hate comments abt xQc :)

    6. Unicorn Cat

      17:18 xQc: "adept, adept, adept, *ADEPT* I don't want to hear it." Jeez so sassy

    7. UFO Sorcery Engineering

      xQc is fucking annoying, speaking like a spanish old women lol............ Don't invite him again Pewds.

    8. smxkyqvartz on ig

      guys dont be mean to xQc i know yall have a bad impression of him and think hes annoying but its still bad to hate on someone so much (unless yall are sarcastic and i missed the joke)

    9. ItsRubik

      ngl that thumbnail is scary

    10. Marlin Somers

      Sub to pewds

    11. Jairaj Gamer


    12. Big Gu

      I can’t most of the time understand What xQc says and hes talking so fast and i get stress from his voice

    13. Britney Lasiewski

      Xqc tries too hard then ends up wrong 😂😂

    14. Ramdas Pedamkar

      Love from Indian pewedipe

    15. James Melendez

      "Guess i have to remember everything i f'ing do" 11:19 ...... Hahahha damn exactly how I felt

    16. Ebbe Ervasti

      My Friends say at you are Swedish if you’re say that’s word in a video “ hej jag är svensk “ plz

    17. 종종tv

      한국인들 여기여기모여라

    18. George

      Is BobbyBoy the actual rapper logic or another person?

      1. George

        @floof sick shit

      2. floof

        yep he's logic

    19. Tim aa


    20. ArsoleX

      Bobby is very sad 😂😂

    21. Twix

      genuinely don’t understand how people like playing with xQc

    22. Tony Driscoll 2nd

      Yeas I love yeas for eat

    23. Squishy

      The player train sounds like dream but with a deeper voice

    24. Catt. Is.Here.

      the best part about this video is that pewds and a few others are still treating xqc with respect even though he is annoying them. you can tell how done they all are and yet none of them are swearing or yelling at him, they still treat him respectfully and get salty over something so trivial

    25. Sahabat Emas Permata


    26. Sam the Camera Man

      This lobby seems really unfair to play compared to the usual ones he plays, like with Charlie and Toast and all of them.

    27. Neo Chilly

      I was continuasly going back into elet- B E E P summit1g was ejected

    28. X Schubert

      That xQc defeat cam is cold 🤣

    29. Leivnya

      this whole comment section is just xQc

      1. Heidi Schwendinger


    30. ISMPB-Live

      I trolled people as felix it was hilarious

    31. matthias JP

      The dog cam

    32. Jonh Arwenn Borja

      22:52 Close one HAHAHAHAH

    33. Izra E

      xQc was like, mr pewdiepie like he is about to do an interview or some shit

    34. mcsmokey phatrip

      Why does pewds have Pink eye in the thumbnail

    35. maddi mellow

      I turned my volume off and I could still hear xqc

    36. Alton Conard


    37. Melvyn Pomperada

      I laugh so hard at 15:30

    38. Timéo Froidefond

      Les 1% de personnes qui vont voir ce commentaire.dites moi ce que vous avez eu à noel

    39. Rahul Jangid

      2:38 me tooooooooooooooo

    40. Larutanrepus _genocide

      Do you see how Felix likes Bobby because he actually ISNT annoying...

    41. Shipping Trash

      xQc is so rude I just can’t stand him. He goes against everybody and I swear he’s trying to make the game about himself. Like dude SHUT UP.

    42. Shipping Trash

      xQc was wrong so many times yet still went against Felix every time Felix had backups or evidence like dude wtf. He was trying so hard thinking he was so right and was wrong most of the time.

    43. thatrainbowquickie

      xqc's voice sounds like the last five minutes of a math test

    44. Gonzalo Rojas Bernard

      whats the name of the happy music at 23:19 D;;;;;

    45. Caveman Caveman

      Xqc is so annoying

    46. Sandra Wiatr

      if I played with xQc Id hit the emergency button as fast as possible just to vote him out bc I dont wanna hear him talking

    47. Wonderful Timeline

      The imp who killed xQc first in the first game was a hero, not a villain

    48. dara dalla

      i just love how Pewds imitated xqc's gibbberish voice haahahhaha

    49. Angela Hill-Shinsky

      Gotta love that intro! ;D

    50. Heather

      Everyone is talking about XQC but can we talk about the shock on Pewds face when Bobby killed him. While Bobby is just having an evil grin 😂🤣🤣

    51. Mia T

      xQc is the eperson i wuld want to punch through out the whole game. talking like he knows everything and than gets it wrong

    52. Max Minichiello

      This impostor game wasnt good lol he just got lucky

    53. Sarah

      xQc makes me *uncomfy*

    54. Cletus VI


    55. Ashley Zappe

      29:49 is the true definition of top 10 anime betrayals

    56. gargles

      dying to see charlie’s pov when xqc is being obnoxious

    57. Jack Lyman

      The poised spike perioperatively explode because piccolo rarely scrub amongst a idiotic low. absent, jolly back

    58. Abha Gupta


    59. Abha Gupta

      I just subscribed to you and i did not also watched your videos

    60. Abha Gupta

      well I like dude perfect

    61. Abha Gupta

      wow so many subscribers

    62. Shaheen Ismail

      XQC is like the kid in primary who goes gangsta when there’s a supply teacher

    63. CsabaTOn [̲̅Y̲̅σ̲̅υ̲̅т̲̅υ̲̅b̲̅є̲]

      Who is this enber? you are

    64. Werefox32

      xQc is the dude you eventually have to block on xbox live..

    65. XxSuperiorxX Avakin Squad

      xQc please stop talking

    66. absolutely no one

      Bro xQc kinda toxic

    67. NikoliaYT

      Рашен бойз энд рашен гёрлз вы хде?

    68. Jared Piper

      Let’s play: Bully Bobby

    69. X_ BROT YT

      hola porfa te puedes suscribir a mk canal es solo si tu quieres

    70. yamen baaj

      Holyy shit this guy never fkn shut up. I wish pewd edit his voice off... Fuuuck that was sooo fkn annoying 🤮

    71. Emma Pasher

      xQc is mad fucking annoying

    72. Akirakki

      It saddens me that the impostors never tried to kill xQc first just to make him stop talking lol

    73. jy4741


    74. tzsful

      DON'T COPY!!!🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮

    75. Hello Hello

      Vad rött äpple

    76. Arav Shelat

      Cool intro

    77. my tube

      im still waiting for the ONE TRAIN disstrack..........

    78. alperen ulutaş

      İ am turkey

    79. Valerie Gaughan

      chill w the xQc comments i cant like them all

    80. Ena Ferrer

      look so funny

    81. zeenath sameer

      4:14 the first time i heard pewds swear and im living for it ✊

    82. Oofy

      If mr beast went to pew die pies server that means mrbeast watches too much pew die pie

    83. Mbravo 10

      xQc is annoying

    84. Chris the duck

      does xQc have ADHD

    85. Ilyes Adam

      poor bobby

    86. Helmut Krüger

      Felix watching Jubilee: They are asking so dumb straight forward questions who would fall for that Felix himself: Bobby did u click the kill button

    87. Kiyokochanable

      .I'm rewatching all of the Among Us and this is one of the reasons I stopped playing, people taking it TOO serious. As I have no friends to play with I enter in any open game and majority of those people are disgusting. Is a damn game, when u start taking it serious, as other matters in life, things stop being entertaining.

      1. Supercaliwinner

        "As I have no friends to play with" That usually explains Among Us hate

    88. MrDta416

      Xqc so annoying lol

    89. YKLR

      xqc is one of the best players in among us yet, his ultra competitiveness and the annoying speedrunning talk makes him a perfect definition of a piece of shit

    90. Tourque

      xQc isn’t annoying He’s just very passionate

    91. Filip Fløtaker

      who else hates XQC

    92. Honest abe

      Could people just shut the hell up about xQc at this point you guys are talking more than xQc combined

    93. Tyler Preston

      xQc:enters the chat entertainment and fun:has left the chat

    94. Holly Munnoch

      xQc ever shut up?..

    95. Real FalafelGuy

      xQc acts like he’s smart, but he’s actually a big dumbass

    96. Double


    97. Neeneysha Ashley Anne


    98. Neeneysha Ashley Anne


    99. ralsei cat

      i love it when the crew just collectively ignores xqc