Mr Beast, It pains me to do this - LWIAY #00132


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    Sorry Mr Beast
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    1. Fabio Montrond

      How are you losing to T series

    2. Teagan White

      U have 108M subs BETTER CAL MARKIPLIER haha😂 BUT........... 4 REAL IV BEEN WHATING

    3. xX4LERXx Boom

      So they are using the thor movie camera for a small portion of the video.

    4. Elvira Borg


    5. Poorvika

      Felix: I will cause damage *holds up his own phone * Sure... It's your phone 😂😂

    6. Cyborg Gaming

      108 mil

    7. M a r i s s a

      Dude its been 4 months, i just got the notification that this video was uploaded. PAprom is broken.

    8. Juocy Jay

      14:26 legit worked

    9. Mr Beast


    10. BEATZ WIZ

      Pewds few months ago being very sad over one tambourine broken Pewds now:

    11. ivana

      ur at 107mil yk what you gotta do

    12. Rx Ninja

      Doesn't he looks like slowking

    13. Security Shark

      And I’m the tambourine g

    14. Jayanth.V Jambaldinni

      0:35 is this bbs ??

    15. JohnSnowPokemonShow

      You win pewdiepie

    16. Alexis Hilde

      If everything you said it is a joke then does that mean when you said it was a joke that was a joke

    17. Alexis Hilde

      PewDiePie saying 19-year-olds me I'm totally not 12

    18. Fluffycat5000 Reacts

      My ocd was triggered when I saw you put the tambourines on their side then I was like floor gang

    19. Toby Hall


    20. TFON maiden

      Wtf ur 100millen😂😂 but u and mrbeast are kings of PAprom

    21. abhay jindal

      PewDiePie :- I spend $2000 in this trumps Mr.beast :- are u comedy me

    22. PirateGamin

      4:50 ok...

    23. Red Bandit

      Pewds its over 107 mil watchu gon do

    24. Vikks

      Add a public reply...

    25. Joey Hudson

      108 m subscribers.... call up markiplier

    26. Dabber 101

      uhmm pewds? where is the porn with mark?

    27. STEPs ستيبس

      Tfk man this stupid ide to think about -(have sex with markiplier)

    28. BlaDrager

      So did pewds have sex with markiplier?

    29. AwesomeBoysJPTV

      Who also thought that MrBeast pose on the thumbnail looks like JaidenAnimation on her Face Reveal?

    30. Hector Soci

      I will do the video if o reach 107 mil and now he is at 108 mil I am still waiting

    31. Linda Manriquez

      You have 108 million subs now so.....

    32. Haihai Gaming

      Change the camera back

    33. Haihai Gaming

      Ahh it’s stuck in my hair- pewdiepie

    34. Adrian Sanchez

      We like it tilted

    35. Cait Ni Chinneide

      *I will fight any Irish person* Me: *BrInG iT oN!*

    36. wide plays

      imagine being in vr at 5:01

    37. Shirazrudeen kamrudeen

      i look at pewds as my big brother

    38. Legendary Matthew

      Omg guys pewds plays ps4 lets all friend request him

    39. U. D. D. Sensei

      When did you get blue eyes!?!

    40. Emily folly

      a 108?

    41. Pixar

      It must pain sive to edit this video

    42. Aditya Garasiya

      2:15 hahhahaha

    43. Alex is out

      Felix while sitting with 40 tambourines on his head: "I don't like having things."

    44. [bla nk]

      I mean i dont have feet this video is over now bye

    45. Isaih mont E S

      Keep your memes on the redit 19 year olds, now measure your pp--p's on the next episode of L.W.I.A.Y.

    46. Rodger Mayhew

      Pewds says give it to a 19 year old me sitting heRe as a twelve year old

    47. Milosz Golko

      Where the vid bro

    48. Muhammad Ayan`

      I don't what you did or said in the video but i do know that after this mr..beast will be with the t-series in his next video

      1. Muhammad Ayan`

        i also dont know

    49. Jay Arya

      what happened to that pilot and you whatever happened to you flying with him

      1. Jay Arya

        @Drug_ Dealer aw man that's so shitty

      2. Drug_ Dealer

        Pweds probably forgot lol, in the reddit the poor dude was trying to get to lwaiy to remind pweds but instead got bullied and no longer works as a pilot cause of Corona


      4:44 well when is it then

    51. joe mama

      "Everything I've ever said is a joke" Pewds wedding vowels:

    52. Evan Demoiny

      17:30 its from the anime The Misfit of Demon King Academy

    53. CherryTM

      The start be like: PewDiePie mocking his fans for 4 minutes straight

    54. TheEmperor


    55. Leah Cura

      Why do people have karl

    56. gameknightLukas

      It pains me that pewds has a flip phone

    57. The K1NGgamer

      change it back!!!!!!!! 5:02

    58. Nakata ö

      9:32 nice try but no

    59. Z Fisher


    60. Matthew Hotaling

      Pewds im still waiting for it man your at 108 million stop delaying

      1. Drug_ Dealer

        I don't think u watched the other lwaiy made after this that debunked the markiplier tweet so he will no longer do it

    61. EMKG

      you now have 108 million subscribers when will you do the thing

      1. Drug_ Dealer

        In another lwaiy the markiplier tweet was debunked so he's not doing it

    62. it's rae

      we prefer it tilted :(

    63. GAMERR

      Felix: No I need 107 mil subs. Everyone: “Don’t worry I got your back.

      1. Chuck's Stuff


    64. Layla

      I mean I don’t work at NASA but I am accelerated in all my classes and study for college courses early and am trying to get into NASA so if that counts as something? 🤷‍♀️😂

    65. Wolfmecker

      your are ad 108 mil

    66. ganpat suthar

      I think he is bbs

    67. Reesespieces

      Pewds: everything i say or have ever said is a joke me: so was that a joke?

      1. Juocy Jay


    68. Troy509

      That gay pewdiepie guy looks kinda like Felix Kjellberg.

    69. My Cats

      2:16 my new wallpaper

    70. Kako Family

      Mrbeast has got u 2 or more mil ppl to sub to u by spending millions of his money then u do this tsk tsk tsk

    71. Pug Zone

      I work at nasa (I call my house nasa)

    72. Kaye Alison Dana

      18:35 he looks like a Villain plotting something evil with those tambourines...

    73. Chase 5g

      Nagarsir acta nake muke acta bari mari dibo ? -- sylheti funga

    74. Polarexian YT

      i realised alot of memes came from here...

    75. Fisher and Hunter Do Stuff

      5:01 make this a meme image

    76. Mark0M

      Pewds you now have 108 million subs, where is the tape?

      1. Drug_ Dealer

        Tweet was fake so he ain't doing it

    77. Ahmed

      LMAO i actually have OCD and that was hilarious xD

    78. William Jonsson

      Try to say Carl knäcker knäckebröd

    79. IsaacMan101

      When PewDiePie says PewDiePie in his intro, he says PewDipKie

    80. Croo

      You are now at 108 million subscribers and you haven't made a porn video with markiplier yet

      1. Drug_ Dealer

        In another lwaiy he said he wasn't gonna do it cause someone debunked the tweet so therefore he tweet was fake

      2. IsaacMan101

        Da heck

    81. Andrew

      I hate this video It messes with my OCD

    82. You're awesome

      *I Am Not The Neighbors Kid I Will not Go Through This Slander*

    83. iQuTzi Z

      What about the sex ? Huh 108M

    84. Christopher Peters

      Docking the switch improperly isn’t a joke it can get scratched

      1. Drug_ Dealer

        And the joycons will get drift

    85. iamdrarrystan

      Your at 108 million now, WHERE'S THE FP0RN FELIX

      1. Drug_ Dealer

        The tweet was faked in another lwaiy it said so, so he ain't gonna do it mate

    86. Lil lost

      Felix where dat p video with mark

    87. Coyote Gamer

      well he did it

    88. Jason Lav

      108....where is the video with mark

    89. PANDA

      Pewdiepie I SPENT TWO THPUSAND ON A VIDEO MrBeast are you challenging me

    90. Jacob Reising

      "i just need a 107" He has 108! lmao

    91. Jacob Reising

      My laptop was tilted, so he just fixed it when he tilted the camera.

    92. Dragonwrath Gamer

      Video Beginnings these days: 2:10 2016 Video Beginnings: 2:16

    93. Peter Summit

      "I will have sex with Markiplier at 107 million." hes at 108 million now ... where is it?

    94. YATØ 01

      2:15 I'm dying help me HAHAHAHAHAAHAH

    95. Lawn Pineapple

      Im watching this before 2021 so i can proudly say that this channel is the last good thing that happend in 2020

    96. Jose the pikachu

      has anyone watch aspitpiay from mandjtv?

    97. K S

      3:40 Stop dude stop you’ve crossed the line

    98. mariam eldigwy

      14:00 HISOKA???

    99. Mine Craft

      Imagine that nasa contacted PewDiePie and send the tambourine in the moon and taking pics on it 😂

    100. 5213RD BSS

      Sorry to say this but, MrBeast video is so wayyyy more interesting.