Mr Beast... I am SO SORRY! - LWIAY #00152


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    this is so sad bros
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      Who won't he get old 🤨🤨

    2. ahmad muhamad

      tiktok kskeldz721

    3. Pheem At Freddy

      Common you got this beat t series!

    4. EvilAmbrator

      MEANING OF RIP Rest In Peace R.i.p

    5. EvilAmbrator

      MEANING OF LWIAY Last Week I Asked You

    6. aayush srinivasan

      I'm surprised that Mrbeast dsnt comment

    7. desire_playzz

      and pewdiepies comment is still there in 2021

    8. Mr Beast

      U suck

      1. Posted Slime505

        Fake Mrbeast channel

    9. Mr Beast

      Un subscriber

    10. Mr Beast


    11. Spectrum Nebuk

      I found the coco music video on dailymotion

    12. Venom

      If you see this you should play geometry dash

    13. FBD GAMERZ

      I am the biggest fan of yours and I am from india

    14. Samiur Rahman

      He didn't deleted the comment. It was probably a PAprom bug

    15. threezavitar threezavitar2

      bad nap bad nap bad nap bad nap

    16. احمد به رواري


    17. Sahil HX

      The thumbnail makes me laugh ur mrbeast king

    18. Case too


    19. Jerico Wells

      You betreyed him

    20. Pratik Shinde

      Collab with saiman says


      React triggered insaan he is Indian PApromr with 10m subscribers and he has second channel name live insaan

      1. Code with Chinmay

        He sucks

    22. Nathaniel Bonney

      I saw your comment.

    23. Tristan Lambert

      PAprom is such a joke

    24. Shri Suriya.S


    25. Milo Lund 4Sl Slottsvångsskolan

      hej felix

    26. electro

      Nice I will tell tommyinnit about this

    27. theAxgel

      🍏 🍎 🍐 🍊 🍋 🍌 🍉 🍇 🍓 here some food yessir

    28. Kartik Rawat

      One day Mr beast pass pwedipie in term of sub

    29. 9up


    30. Duran Thiyam

      Am new to your channel :D


      You m's aaas

    32. Mickey Mouse Fan1234

      Hey don’t swear!

    33. Sun Sun

      9:54 I think I hear Swearing

    34. Nemesis Ackerman

      Luckily I downloaded coco melon disstrack video


      This part was funny 13:50

    36. Aiko Ozumi

      2.5M views actually says 2.8 million big difference

    37. Abdullah Jamal

      Breaking news cocmelon reached 109 million everybody subscribe to pewdepie

    38. Mas Au

      You'll be #1 again

    39. REX

      For those who here looking for saiman says 3:20

    40. Jocelyn Gonzalez

      Jesus is coming soon repent and turn to Jesus before it’s too late

    41. AryanPeram

      I don't know why I don't watch pewdiepie freshes

    42. Paul Gill

      Sub to pewdiepie

    43. Wretched

      I feel bad for the guy who edits your vids that has to block all the S words

    44. PRAJWAL N K 8 E

      Waiting for beast comment

    45. Hussein JIL

      Whyyyy did you betray mr beast whyyyyyy

    46. Abhinav Rawat

      T series is best

    47. MATH


    48. Ozωi

      1million away from pewds F in the cchat bois

    49. Ava Dupuis

      should i sub to pewDiepie ?

    50. Stefan Lim Santoso 1827031

      Pwed i love yor videos:)😃

    51. رضاوي الخزاعي


    52. Ana-Maria

      How heavy is the 10 kilo? Um...ten kilo

    53. saad audall

      pewdiepie you are the best youtuber but why did you betrayed mrbeast he is my favourite youtuber but your first

    54. Levi Andrea Ciccone

      lets all put likes to ALL PEWDIEPIE VIDEOS so he can be more famous

    55. Aston Trevor Pedraja

      Hey bro mr beast is making ads and billboard that says subcribe to pewdiepie ans unsubcribe to t series

      1. YS ; KingsGamer

        It was 2 years ago

    56. DANTE


    57. Night Panther Minecraft

      8:11 Release date for the Mr Beast Diss Track?

    58. Trxustz1


    59. Andrew Jones

      3:30 minutes in asks if he can keep glasses the guy asks for them back its called indian giving its a thing

    60. Jayraj Jadhav

      Who are you ?

    61. Mr Beast


    62. Arnavpreet Sandhu

      12:35 aight ima take it home.

    63. Keri Evans

      I wonder how heavy a 10 kilo water bottle is???

    64. Le Tien

      I like your videos pewdiepie

    65. Simon Williams

      hey bros my names simon... can... can i get those glasses???

    66. Mateo Gomez De Los Rios

      you cant wear a no legs gang tshirt in colombia unless you have steped on a antipersonal mine planted bi the guerrillas

    67. Isabella Gerling

      Bad words 😭

    68. Karate Gaming

      I watched coco


      PewDiePie u are my lasagna

    70. ARYAN J

      1st song was better

    71. ImperiaL Bruh ꪜ


    72. The Gaming Lord

      Cocomelon will prevail

    73. Hashir Qamar

      Hate from mr beast

      1. The Ninja bird

        Shut up

    74. jiujames cortes

      Hmmm...... Mr.PewDiePie is similar to Gura_Chan how they talk except for Gura_Chan she didn't say F**k U know what I mean.

      1. jiujames cortes

        Don't Worry You're Cool.

    75. Blink x Army

      I saw the video anyone wants the link?

    76. Young Sheldon

      Still looking for mr beast comment

    77. NobbeadJC Plays


    78. BlazeCraft

      Well coco was cancelled but there is one more coco one from Dr. R4ms

    79. Barb Named Ben

      *pewds talking about a mrbeast short video* Me in the middle of that: *gets a honey ad from mrbeast*

    80. Ariful Islam

      I request pewdiepie to donate 200k subs to saiman so that he can make it to 1million ...🥲

    81. Hezekiah Rodriguez

      That last video is exactly how it went. 🤣🤣

    82. Hezekiah Rodriguez

      11:50 - I love that part. 😂😂

    83. Hezekiah Rodriguez

      Ricardo is looking better than ever!

    84. Hezekiah Rodriguez

      This 6ix9ine guy looks absolutely terrible, before and after. PewDiePie automatically wins.

    85. Hezekiah Rodriguez

      480p? What is this!?

    86. Hezekiah Rodriguez

      Woah... that's a pretty cool figure! Well, medium-sized statue... anyway, great collaboration! Congrats! 👏🏼🥳

    87. Alafrid S


    88. NoobGamer - YB


    89. kashif manzoor

      7:24 after the ksi colab pewdiepie has turned british

    90. Mr.Goldman Gold

      Hmu on Instagram @Theofficialvmode 🤳👀

    91. Mr.Goldman Gold


    92. Alrick Samuel


    93. The Klaws

      3:24 saiman one

    94. TheAdvertisement

      3:05 It's entirely possible it got auto removed for... some reason.

    95. Ryan Aji

      I just realized. Before MrBeast would put Pewds in his thumbnail to get views and now Pewds is putting MrBeast in his thumbnail to get views.

    96. iimiilkywavesii


    97. black raven

      Pewds: How heavy is the 10kilo one. Me: As heavy as a 10kilo balls.

    98. BEN Ji

      Bi** lasgna

    99. Pigii

      I don't care if T-series is above you I still think your better

    100. Ghost Gaming

      I am Indian and I say that you are legend