Minecraft Is Easy


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    1. Sarita Dawadi

      5 minute craft are catching up

    2. Kit Brooks

      When he almost died at the raid farm I was getting deja vu from Dan's death

    3. Aaden McGuire

      7:49 Tis but a scratch

    4. Isaiah Turner

      Pewdiepie if you don't have a riptide 3 trident then you should get one they're pretty cool hope you read this and this helps

    5. Nat D

      Pewdiepie: gets chest full of Emerald blocks Ranboo: allow me to introduce myself

    6. OGAN _BG

      7:46 not iven close Baby pewdiepie never dies

    7. Audrey Brown

      PLZ use yurgan

    8. RalseiPlayz DE

      Can't wait till U try mods 😃

    9. ZethanoS

      please dont use shader it makes the video 10 fps

    10. Sabriel

      the battle music is epic mah gawd

    11. MegaLithX

      This is how dantdm died

    12. Elliot Vanbaar

      someone animate his battle at his base

    13. xXGamerGuyXx

      imagine being Pewdiepie's donkey.

    14. Elliot Vanbaar


    15. Aurelius Marcus Diaz

      me: minecraft hardcore is really hard, even seeing enderman or creeper gives you anxiety me after watching: minecraft is easy

    16. Sonia Montano


    17. Below Average Gamer

      10:21 He got all philosolophical on us for a second there.

    18. Ayaan Bharucha

      3:47 - an American president

    19. Lorenzo Musique


    20. LiPL Steven

      Lol so many people got more subs then you your not number 1 anymore lol hahaha

    21. Goku Kakorot

      I can tell when I stopped after council of beet ended and came back today I was late.

    22. scystep

      18:27 the song syncs perfectly with his eating

    23. Sodbaatar Sodoo

      Dude i just love this man

    24. Albie Targett

      his voice is annoying

    25. SquareBadge4952

      Yes Felix, I know what a shulker box is

    26. Joshua Mussasa

      Could you please make a tutorial for the automated sorting machine 🙏

    27. Rahul Padmanabhan

      Pewdiepie I subbed even though u suck

    28. ivanbest gjokeski

      u are my favorite youtuber likeeee the videooooooooos and subscribe to PewDiePie plssssssssss

    29. Boniface Pereira

      fix the fpsss pls

    30. Lívanečník

      Turn off shaders it will be smoother

    31. golu singh

      So cool

    32. Harrison Rankin

      Bro coco melon has more subs

    33. Bruno Olivaes

      react to a video from the maicon kuster channel

    34. akrezew gaming


    35. Mantas Kliucinskas

      Map donwlaud ?

    36. Nicholas McLaughlin

      OMG half a heart

    37. Greapy

      you can use bells to see raids btw owo

    38. Logeshmadhav

      eat golden carrots felix it has more saturation.

    39. Yuu1701

      hey try making a firework crossbow and also a trident

    40. Juan Martinez

      1 v 1 dream if its to easy

    41. TheFireCatt

      9:30 if u would have told that to Dantdm

    42. Gavin Edwards

      5 minutes in the vid and he shows how danTDM died in his minecraft hardcore world

    43. Streetz

      Next minecraft enchant for axe pushback

    44. Arnav Nim

      just get a new pc with RTX 3090 or 2x rtx 3090

    45. 7D-17 Damien R. Hmangte

      has anyone noticed that there isn't a single wolf on pewd's seed

    46. Алексей Михуткин

      Привет из России детка

    47. huh?

      pewdiepie: *plays with shaders* computer: WHYYYYYYYYYYY

    48. Top Fan


      1. Алексей Михуткин

        Привет из России детка

    49. Sanjay Pasupatheeswaran

      He has literally turned into a kid


      Pewds can u fix the lag pls? Ty :)

    51. Ulfhednar

      Might be time to upgrade your pc if it isn't already chaded out

    52. xNanprodc Minecraft Youtuber

      ender chest is way better than shulker bow if you have silk touch pickaxe

    53. bojo Natada

      This is supposed to be pewdiepie intro :trying killing vex but killed the evoker

    54. IRON MAN gaming

      Hello i speak French :,)

    55. Nathan G

      The same generator that killed Dan rip hardcore world


      this video was made on my birthday

    57. Thenewbeano

      Pwediepie talks about dantdm

    58. MovableLlama5

      Rip raid cats he or she was very brave by standing infront of a god

    59. DarkLink

      4 horsemen of disappearing minecraft edition Ur house, ur secret chests, ur battery while playing minecraft, the last pillager in the raid

    60. CaztCandi

      There is a datapack that adds 800 new advancements! So if you are bored you can download it. It is called Bac Advancements and it should be the first or second link :D

    61. jugando con chanel

      Because you don't drink milk to get your curse taken away.

    62. jugando con chanel

      That's super nice that ball that's got the christmas tree that's super super super pretty

    63. jugando con chanel

      hey My dream is to be PApromr but I know I'm not going to make it I'm not going to have a youtube badge and nothing 😭

    64. Sushama Devi

      Tell me is there a better gaming channel than PewDiePie

    65. Devendra Singh


    66. Devendra Singh


    67. Edward Hulten

      pewds: this is badASS! me: no pun intended?

    68. HerNameWasKarl

      Make an emerald building 😩!!!

    69. Esteban

      Xd felicidades encontraste un comentario en español ;D

    70. Raindom Animations

      How to make a better and epic raid: make an iron golem army


      dantdm died cuz of it

    72. DrizzyBoyX ;-;

      Who came from dantdm’s video?

    73. Nikhil Verma


    74. Nikhil Verma


    75. Nikhil Verma

      Rip dantdm

    76. Nikhil Verma

      Rip dan

    77. Nikhil Verma

      Rip dan

    78. Nikhil Verma

      Rip dan

    79. Ava Rose

      6:39 Pardon? Hardcore?

    80. Jesse Lobsinger

      Is this the same world as with jeorgen and Sven?

      1. It's_Xtreme ツ

        I think so

    81. Javier Nunez

      Who did he shoot his cat 2 times

    82. Cyrus

      Hope one day my gameplay will be recognised

    83. Sahaj

      His Minecraft addiction is this much that his PC is lagging

    84. MrDelete

      You thought I was done with Minecraft? NO, I thought you were going to say Good morning gamers

    85. Kaitlynn Hughes

      yo, why is this so amazing with the automatic sorting system xD I need like a tutorial or something because this is so cool

    86. Sami

      why did you even kill the cats while they are not even part of the raid lol

    87. PogStuff


    88. PogStuff


    89. Mehndiratta Sandeep

      you should change your beacon to a emrald beacon

    90. Aim rblx

      Minecraft is medium😡

    91. ?

      Korea is good

    92. Trish Cholidawati

      The ravager weaknes is bunnies

    93. Trish Cholidawati

      The ravager weaknes is bunnies

    94. familia star


    95. NickFixed

      Stop doing youtube!

    96. Burak Ozsahin

      Bı Türk yokmu beee

    97. Kritish Shah

      he did 3 raids and the last one was epic it was raining like a pewds anime

    98. TomatoZombie135

      17:02 technically if he kills you he kills bonky because its hardcore

    99. TomatoZombie135


    100. adventuregamingvital

      Revive adventuregamingvital