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    1. Spencer Boyum

      Imagine your 9 yr old kid walking up to you and saying “Pewdiepie said Santa isnt real.”

    2. Stefan Mirev

      >mfw forbidden raisins

    3. Ruby Dark

      Bulgaria does it right too😀🇧🇬

    4. sumitha jobish


    5. mariethesizzler 9492

      "Spoilers he's fucking dead" I fucking screamed

    6. Qwerty

      Pffffft actually fcking drowned

    7. MrColz

      When did he build all this???

    8. Bokhou Yossaf

      واش كين شي واحد مغربي الإخوان 😊😅

    9. Tommy Saindon

      what shaders/resource pack are you using and where can i get it? ive been looking for a hd minecraft resource pack but could never find one

    10. Didlot

      Any ones els hear someone yell atb2:47:35

    11. angel hernandez

      3:25:41 otaku

    12. OrbbKlesk

      /MY/ Pewdiepie doesn't like rhythm game, just like me! Always had zero interest in those.

    13. H gamer

      تو ایرانی هستی

    14. BEVLA _

      1:18:39 don't mind me just marking where i am for when I come back

    15. karen heronstairs

      Pewds: Now that the graphic looks so good, now i can torture cows in HD. Cows: ... moooo...

    16. SovietKenobi69

      3:08:15 I’m dead the creepers were literally camouflaging themselves in with the grass, Reminds me of something familiar

    17. King Bruh

      Boat Pftttt

    18. Hagop Kojayan

      Pewdipie is PAprom’s Charlie Damelio... just sayin... overrated...

    19. jonathan casas


    20. Gabriel Matkovic

      3:17:38 in you place i woud put crying obsidian it looks more cool

    21. Handsome Devil

      I imagined play Minecraft

    22. Handsome Devil

      musicals r good at school because we waste 3 hours

    23. Handsome Devil

      That block at 2:00:40 tho

    24. Blade Eastom

      So why is there a random scream at 41:50?😂😂

    25. Yahia Games

      تبادل اشتراكات/دعم exchange subscriptions / support

    26. Zaku 23

      I think I need a new pc cause my current one can’t run Minecraft, also does anyone know how to install optifine? I have trouble

    27. Nichole Lopez

      wtf felix wtf u been? is every thing ok ? where is marzia? whats going on ... ur gna lose subs

    28. Gamerito yt

      Hello,how are you?

    29. Tea

      i found out santa wasn’t real when i was 5 bc i saw my mom wraping the gifts-:”)

    30. Mohamed Swwi

      nice pic pewds

    31. dIF3rZ Dips

      Pewdiepie: I’m smart man Also pewdie pie: uses pickaxe on dirt

    32. Zeveron

      Does he use SEUS PTGI?

    33. Nando

      the pyramids weren't built by aliens... they were built by Pewds

    34. Lewis Labs

      I just love starting soon 0:04

    35. Óttar Sindri

      plz sir may I have more minecraft

    36. trulyzambesi

      Netflix: Are you still watching? Somebody’s son: 3:19:58

    37. Nat's Inconsistent Music Channel

      The comment about taxi drivers talking too much speaks to me

    38. Swietiko

      I got pewds merch for my friends bd ☺️

    39. Jo Me

      Jokes on you Pewds, where I'm from my weird ass country already celebrates the Christmas holidays as early as September. You think I'm joking? Come here on the 2nd week of September, you'll see some stores already putting up Christmas decors and the occasional Christmas song already playing on the radio.

    40. Groupe Halawa

      Peace be upon you. I am from Algeria and I am a content maker with my friends. I hope that Biodebay subscribers subscribe to my channel. Thank you.

    41. Melissa-William Wood-Searcy

      Wow you are egen starting to sound like Dav. That is not ideal for you!

    42. Không tên Tên không

      Pls sup pewd now

    43. ReeAbraham I


    44. Marlin Somers

      Sub to pewds

    45. Alba Sangabriel

      I had the same trauma as him with the Muppets Movies as a child so I totally get it, got u bro.

    46. j p

      the intro is soo soothing- some hq shit

    47. HelloXrancidkitteh

      1:51:19 SAMEEEE. I have been terrified of the muppets and all puppets that have that human-like features since I was a little kid. I was traumatized by them and never looked at them the same way. I'm 31 now and I still am scared. so you're not alone lol.

    48. Vanessa Quinette

      Pewds is not popping up on my notification.. Should I be worried?

    49. Lovely Sikdar TUNDER XD


    50. Blauer Stein

      36:31 The cobblestone block broke, but it didnt make a sound

    51. Mr. sir

      1:19:11 pewds is an American 😮

    52. Weird Gamer

      Introvert gang

    53. Crazy Diamond

      Isn't all of Europe celebrating Christmas on the 24th

    54. Sparkling Milk

      My mom after giving birth to me: 2:42:40

    55. Ahmed Ebeid

      Pewds stopped poverty in the live stream

    56. Pola & Tiger

      I don't like live. I never watch live.

    57. spiderman

      pewds talking about fireworks is the equivalent to americans talking about how they wont wear masks.


      pewds telling if oxegen is there why cant i see it me-- if your braincells are there why cant i see it

    59. JunMusic

      few die pie is best , my channel is lower best

    60. ŽÆŹ Thé TryHxrd

      People that had to watch it for days since they didn’t want to waste time

    61. Ahnika

      Chocolate covered raisins are from the gods

    62. Loritha Llera

      Wow how do you not know how to do that and why do people subscribe to you. Your videos are boring

    63. bre barrera

      pfft need a mate

    64. joy

      bookmark 26:31


      I hate my older brother because he hates pewdiepie!!!😠😠

    66. Alin Serban


    67. Damian Farrer

      I absolutely LOVED the Dark Crystal, Labyrinth, and The Muppets (all made by Jim Henson) when I was a kid. The Dark Crystal and Labyrinth what's (and still is) my favorite.

    68. dwayne the croc johnson

      Hey pewds as a viewer I'd like you to know I really enjoy your Minecraft content. I just found the series with Jack and I'm so pumped to binge watch it. (Not that I don't like your other content) love you man

    69. Shark puppet Vlogs

      Such a soothing minecraft video

    70. Trudy ann Dixon

      Stertin soon that com up is soon anin

    71. cat roblox01

      Para de copia os PApromrs

    72. Michele Maria

      Brasileiros maquem presença

    73. ZumbaDieHard

      Just wanna let you guys know that I am almost 100% sure the dream face reveal will not happen and is just so the video gains traction

    74. Lizzonia's Lair

      1:50:00 bruh you rite. The ghost of Christmas past is the scariest shit ive ever seen

    75. rei bar

      Don't death or is the end of Hardcore

    76. Froggeh

      I never liked watching livestreams tbh, idk for me it's exhausting to watch. I'd rather watch VODs of a livestream because i could pause and watch it on another time.

    77. Amro Amro

      Merrrrry CHRISMAS!!!!!!FLEX

    78. Rev

      This has been a great stress reliever. I wasnt able to watch it live coz im not a member yet but watching this while doing household chores like doing the dishes or simply wanting to pass the time like waiting to fall asleep at night is just really great and I know most of you find it like this too. Thanks for the entertainment pewds 👊

    79. Ellis Dee


    80. Mario Beltran

      Whats the pack he is using for the shades?

    81. Kitty Pryde

      BPPFFFT machine broke

    82. renisfloorgang

      add a sound to the new bfft to honor the death of bfft 😭😭

    83. Gabriella Joyce

      Ok so I’m new lol. Why is there a guy in the background yelling every 5-10 minutes?!?! I’m confused! 😭 Anyway... love the streams!! 💗

    84. Dimijass

      Put firework in the glass bottle with water in it so it wont fall its better than puting it in gound

    85. aWebtoon reader


    86. Rolf Henning

      This is low-key psychopath behaviour, everything is squared 😂

    87. sad :c

      lmao i love all Jim Henson films and its very common that it scares other ppl, my mom cant watch it.

    88. Odin J.

      NIce 24:27

    89. Samo Samo

      did pdp ever realized that if he would take like 20min and get some iron for tools it would save him like an hour of work... or to do something else with that time... lmao

    90. Valarie May

      Unsubscribe from t series

    91. larry the plumber

      get pfft a family

    92. Sirius Ain

      Alternative title: Swedish man that obsessed to mine dirt and sand

    93. Jasmine Domeneck

      I wish he kept the pond next to his house. It bothered me when he was covering it. It was so pretty.

    94. Abraham James

      He should probably make the second frick chamber down there

    95. Alexander Krause

      I forgot the name of the texture pack he's using.... pls help

    96. NobleFalcon

      Did anyone else hear jacksepticeye scream at 28:18?

    97. Noémie Francoeur

      1:39:49 LMAO WHAT

    98. anil h gujar

      There is a good game Critical ops.multiplayer FPS i think u may like it this is not on play store they banned it so go through google we both can also play my id is RISHABH3216V

    99. Morgan Espich

      “I dead lift like half a ton or something” 1000 pounds ... lololololol

    100. Diego Corral

      Californians watching this: 😐